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You work on optimizing theorganic search of your website and you wonder what its position is in Google when a user searches.

Or are you tired of scrolling through the search results all the pages of Google to find out the positioning of your website?

There are a number of SEO tools – free or paid – that can help you find out how your website ranks on Google for the keywords you are targeting.

Despite different characteristics, all these tracking tools provide one thing:a clearer understanding of exactly where your site stands in relation to its SEO ranking.

Thanks to these strategic tools, you can effectively monitor your SEO strategy.

Let’s talk about it in more detail later in this guide.

Chapter 1: How important are SEO rank tracking tools?

Too often bloggers and website owners overlook the importance ofselect the right keywords when writing their content. Yet it is essential to improve your ranking in search engines like Google.

If you prioritize targeting these terms in your blogs and articles, you will likely improve your visibility and overall site performance. 

Every blogger should think about using the keywords that users search for the most, especially the keywords that will help your site appear on one of the first pages of search results.

If you do the on-page SEO right, there’s a good chance you’ll appear in the top 50 search results.

If you want to maximize your SEO, a thorough understanding of keyword management is essential to determine which keywords and phrases are relevant or not to succeed in your industry.

Using these terms correctly will give you an edge when it comes to ranking in search engines on Google and other platforms.

After writing an SEO-friendly article containing the keywords you want, it’s time tomonitor your search engine rankings and create backlinks using the correctanchor text.

If you want to achieve your goal, you need a tool that can indicate the position of a certain keyword in Google’s search results without having to manually sift through hundreds of search results.

To make your life easier, we’ve compiled an impressive list of online resources to effortlessly check your keyword on search engines like Google.

It only takes 10-15 minutes to usekeyword research tools in order to know which keywords to use. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to use these invaluable tools to achieve your goals.

Chapter 2: Google Keyword Position Tracker SEO Tool

2.1. Google Search Console, in your Google account

It’s so simple that we almost tend to forget it! Google Search Console must be installed on all websites seeking to be visible on Google.

Once logged in, you have access to a wide range of data such as the list of keywords your site ranks for, which pages on your site have gained popularity and more.

If you are looking for a free Google geolocation solution, this is the perfect tool!

Among these features, we can mention in particular:

  • The evolution of your website’s position for different keywords;
  • The evolution of the number of clicks on the SERPS;
  • The evolution of the display number;
  • The evolution of your CTR (click-through rate on number of posters).

However,Google Search Console is not a complete tool, it is only natural references.

2.2. Google Analytics

To track your site traffic on your important keywords,Google Analytics is an indispensable tool. It doesn’t give you your exact ranking on Google, but if you want to analyze your traffic, it’s the best free tool. It helps you improve your SEO on Google.

2.3. Semrush : For SEO professionals

If you’ve ever wondered “What keywords am I ranking for?” Semrush has you covered. Just type any domain name in the Semrush URL field to get an instant report.

This professional software is convenient to use and offers a free trial for those who wish to test it before subscribing.

To take advantage of this Semrush tracker, here are the steps you should follow:

  • Access your Semrush account;
  • Click on the new position tracker (upper right corner) and enter your domain name and give it a meaningful name;
  • Click Create Project and customize the settings as needed.

Using one of these four methods, Semrush makes it easy for you to start adding keywords for rank tracking:

  1. Connect your search console and extract keywords from there;
  2. Manually enter keywords;
  3. Keep track of the best keywords Semrush has already discovered for your domain name;
  4. Import from file (*.txt, *.csv).

You can also configure it to send you weekly notifications of ranking changes. If you are offering SEO services to your client, this feature can save you a lot of time.

In short, Semrush is an invaluable tool for closely tracking the position of your keywords in any search engine.

2.4. Ubersuggest 

With this handy Google ranking tool, you can easily find out where your website ranks for important keywords.

Ubersuggest allows you to assess the quality of your keywords by giving access to their seasonality, their volume and the difficulty of positioning in the SERP.

Also, users can benefit from the free version which works just as well! Its keyword tracking feature and update frequency make it a popular SEO tool.

2.5. AccuRanker

AccuRanker is a dedicated paid keyword rank checker tool with an intuitive interface, so easy to get started. It allows you to track keyword rankings on Google search. It also has an option for Yandex and Bing search.

With a single click, you can see the preview of your search engine results. This feature is particularly useful for agencies that need to provide proof of classification to their clients.

Another important feature of this keyword position checker is its ability to check ranking based on specific countries or cities.

By adding a new keyword to track, you can set your target location, or even multiple ones if you want.

They offer different plans depending on how many keywords you want to track with a 14-day free trial period that lets you test out their services before committing.

Summary of AccuRanker benefits:

  • Excellent service client et assistance : AccuRanker provides personalized service to its customers with accurate answers to any questions you may have. All of Accuranker’s features are accessible anytime, giving you instant access when needed.
  • Unlimited users:AccuRanker is great if your business or agency has multiple people checking rankings, as it allows you to load as many people as you want into the system. It also allows you to monitor ranking changes for any number of keywords.
  • Unlimited reports: With AccuRanker, you can create as many reports as you want and produce as many changes over time. This software allows you to analyze the results of your optimization strategies without having to pay incredibly high costs for other programs that offer similar functionality! Not to mention you get all of this for a very affordable price.

Summary of AccuRanker disadvantages:

  • The downside of Accuranker is that it is expensive for small businesses.
  • The other downside is that mastering the use of this tool can take time.

2.6. SERPWatcher

Mangools SERPWatcher is the perfect SEO rank tracker for your business needs. It provides you with a comprehensive overview of keyword rankings for any domain.

You can track keyword positions based on geolocation and devices (desktop and mobile).

You can track more keywords by getting one of their paid plans. The priceis quite reasonable.

Summary of benefits of SERPWatcher:

  • SERPWatcher is an easy-to-use multifunctional dashboard.
  • It gives you an overview of your keyword’s SERP performance, with all relevant data available at a glance.
  • By adding keywords as you see fit, you can create a custom keyword menu that you can manage data for. That way, you won’t have to clutter your dashboard with irrelevant keywords or SERP data you don’t want to track.
  • The convenient email update feature allows you to get real-time updates when your keywords move in or out of the top 10 rankings (and therefore the first page of search engine results).

Summary of cons of SERPWatcher:

  • There is no free trial available.
  • The pricing structure can be a bit confusing for new users.

2.7. SERanking : To track the ranking of your keywords

SERanking is a freemium keyword rank checker tool, which tracks 5 free keywords and also offers a 14-day free trial.

After testing the trial version, you have the choice to upgrade to the paid plan to continue enjoying its keyword rank tracker on Google, Bing, YouTube and Yahoo.

You can check site rankings at the country level or specify your target location down to zip code.

Here’s how to get started with the SE Ranking tracker:

  • Create a free or paid account on SE Ranking;
  • Create a project and add your website;
  • Now add the keywords you want to track;
  • Select the search engine and geolocation.

To get started, tap the Add Keywords button. Please note thatSE Ranking might take some time to accurately gauge your tracked keyword positions, depending on the number of keywords included.

Another good feature ofSERanking is that you can lower your prices by choosing how often you update your keyword rankings.

2.8. Spyfu 

Spyfu is one of the oldest SEO and pay-per-click platforms. It offers advanced weekly position tracking with detailed email reports that include:

  • Keywords in the first positions;
  • Pages that drive organic performance;
  • Newly discovered rankings;
  • Groups of keywords with the highest earnings;
  • Total organic clicks and traffic changes.

Spyfu also monitors the rankings of existing and new competitors.

Spyfu plans start at $33 per month for 5,000 weekly keyword rankings. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, but no free trial.

2.9. Ahrefs

Much like Semrush, Ahrefs is a complete SEO platform. Hisrank tracking tool includes sorting and filtering options to drill down on position changes for your site and that of your competitors.

The capacityd’Ahrefs monitor your domain’s overall ranking across Google’s SERP features, such as ”Image Packs, People Also Ask, Knowledge Panel…’’ is particularly useful.

Thanks to its automatic keyword recognition, you can accurately observe the ranking of your website in the country of your choice.

 It is a tool loaded with tons of cool features.

2.10. Google Rank Checker 

Google Rank Checker is a free tool, perfect for better understanding your search engine ranking.

Simply enter your keyword and domain name into this free online service to get an in-depth analysis of that keyword’s position in Google’s SERPs.

It’s very easy !

2.11. Serpfox

Serpfox is a beginner-friendly keyword rank tracker. It also offers a free plan. This rank tracker is based in New Zealand, and the free plan lets you track 10 keywords for free (forever).

Here are some of the notable features of Serpfox:

  • Keyword tracking on desktop and mobile devices;
  • Scheduling of reports;
  • Track your ranking wherever you are.

This keyword rank tracker is one of the most economical and cost-effective solutions.

2.12. Sitechecker

Sitechecker is a comprehensive SEO platform that includes daily rank tracking. You can use it to monitor your positions and those of your competitors.

The tool keeps daily snapshots of the SERPs – useful for retrospective analysis. It also provides a useful visualization of SERP movements that includes all prominent third-party URLs.

Sitechecker can group your keywords by priority, intent, or other criteria. You can also track ratings by device, location, and language.

The platform sends daily or weekly email reports and urgent alerts for important ranking changes.

Sitechecker pricing starts at $23 per month to explore 150 keywords, with a 7-day free trial with no credit card required.

2.13. RankWatch

Rankwatch is a well-known keyword ranking checker tool. Apart from search engine ranking, it also displays CPC and search volume data, for any keyword or phrase.

When analyzing your keyword rankings, you can specify the search engine region and whether the analysis should be done on mobile or desktop devices.

These other features include:

  • Categorization of keywords and advanced filtering;
  • Tracking Google featured snippets;
  • Tracking subdomains and sub-URLs;
  • City-based tracking;
  • Over 170 countries with all major languages;
  • Ratings update frequency;
  • Evaluation screenshots;
  • Automatic rank alerts via email.

The interface is easy to use and the team seems to be based in India and hence the price is reasonable. The tool also offers more features than just a ranking checker, which I’ll leave you to explore on your own.

2.14. Pro Rank Tracker

It’s designed for businesses of all sizes, and even individual users, to analyze and understand their website’s position in search engine results.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date SERP ranking statistics, ProRankTracker has the most accurate algorithm. Plus, tracking Amazon products is easy with the eCommerce website tracking feature.

The good thing about ProRankTracker is that it gives you the best reporting options to analyze and report on your success.

It is free to add multiple users to your ProRankTracker account, unlike SEMrush which charges additional fees for additional users.

Summary of ProRankTracker benefits:

  • ProRankTracker is one of the most popular rank tracking tools;
  • It offers amazing features to check your website’s SEO ranking;
  • It provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your site’s overall performance.
  • Its user-friendliness and its navigability are remarkable;
  • Allows you to easily monitor your website rankings for an infinite number of keywords!
  • Offers instant ranking updates;
  • Customer support is excellent and always there to help;
  • It has a common language translation feature that helps users to translate the interface into multiple languages;
  • The price is very low compared to what you get.

The downside of ProRankTracker:

The disadvantage of ProRankTracker is that you have to pay for each period.

2.15. SERP Woo

Among the many tools you can use to crawl the first 100 pages of any website,SERPWoo monitors over 130 million domains and URLs daily.

You can use this tool to check and analyze historical SERP results to make informed decisions based on why your competitors are ranking higher.

This tool will help you understand how and why certain sites are ranking, why there is a shift in SERP positions, and why these sites are attracting organic traffic.

My favorite feature of SERPWoo was its SERP analysis.

The user interface is colorful and filled with graphical information related to your SEO projects.

Summary of SERPWoo advantages:

  • SERPWoo is SEO software that contains a wealth of data to help businesses make informed marketing decisions;
  • It combines traditional rank tracking with in-depth data analysis from social signals and third-party data sources;
  • SERPWoo crawls, monitors, analyzes and saves keyword SERP files;
  • It also provides quick external links to Moz, Alexa, OpenLinkProfiler, Netcomber, Moonsearch and more;
  • Keyword research is one of the main features of SERPWoo;
  • Monitor brands for online reputation management (ORM);
  • On-page SEO analysis is another important feature of SERPWoo;
  • Rank tracking is also included in SERPWoo;
  • Top 100 SERP view is another useful feature of this software;
  • PDF reports can be sent to clients to keep them informed of campaign progress.

Summary of Cons of SERPWoo

Cons of SERPWoo include the following:

  • Lack of a full-screen mode;
  • Lack of an offline mode;
  • Scrolling issues.

2.16. SEO Soft, always there to follow your positions

Just like Screaming Frog SEO, very well known in the world of natural referencing, Seo Soft is a downloadable software.

SEO tool to track Google rankings, it is available in a free version. Less attractive graphically, it is one of the first position tracking tools.

2.17. RankRanger

The RankRanger tool lets you discover risky keyword rankings or compare the correlation between keyword rankings and clicks.

You can be proud of its keyword grouping feature if you manage a large list of keywords.

RankRanger allows you to easily group keywords into different segments or tags and easily manage large keywords.

Summary of RankRanger benefits:

  • It is very affordable;
  • Its dashboard provides a quick summary of information so you can compare all aspects of your marketing efforts simultaneously;
  • You can use it to rank for keywords on Google, YouTube, and Bing, making it easy to find out what positively or negatively affects your rankings on each platform;
  • It offers weekly reports on site rankings;
  • It shows you the estimated click-through rate (CTR) for your ranking keywords so you can see which search phrases are getting people to click on your website or content.

Summary of RankRanger cons:

  • A tool that is not complete since it mainly focuses on the performance of keywords;
  • The report panel is not complete.

2.18. Yooda One, the geolocation solution for the south of France

For years, Yooda has been a leading French web optimization tool used to increase visibility and engagement in search engine results.

 Based near Montpellier, Yooda offers a very interesting suite dedicated to improving the positions of your keywords on Google.

By using Seeurank, you can manage your rankings for keywords essential to your business and evaluate your website pages.

Finally, you can monitor the quality of your backlinks and their indexability by search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

2.19. Authority Labs

AuthorityLabs is an SEO rank tracking solution that works with major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It offers some very useful features.

The first is tomonitor your local rankings. With this feature, you have the ability to track, with maximum accuracy, your Google rankings by country, city, and zip code. It all depends on where your customers are.

For local ranking, Google My Business profiles are unique for each customer and tend to show up in SERPs, depending on the user’s location.

For example, if someone is two miles from your store, they can find it immediately, but if they are ten miles away, they might not see it on the first page of results.

With Local Rank Tracking, you’ll get daily updates on your performance in local search results for all the locations you’re trying to target on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Summary of Authority Labs benefits:

  • Complete SEO software that you can use on any website;
  • Affordable plans for small entrepreneurs;
  • Excellent support client ;
  • Full keyword tracking with the ability to rank for new keywords;
  • Exportable data so you can generate reports for your clients or your boss;
  • Meets all your SEO needs.
  • Easy installation of new websites – just enter the domain name and website name and let the software do the rest automatically;
  • Ideal for transit experts – responsive layout is easy to access on mobile devices;
  • The architecture provides affordable solutions efficiently and quickly;
  • They also offer 3 different license options: free, pro and premium.

Summary of Authority Labs cons:

  • The interface is clunky and difficult to use;
  • AuthorityLabs does not provide enough information about what it does or how it works.

2.20. Advanced Web Ranking

The oldest and most accurate white label SERP rank tracker, Advanced Web Ranking can be accessed from any device.

Web-based SEO tool with tools to monitor changes in visibility and comparison of rankings, it helps identify SEO gaps.

By using the visibility metric, you will be able to see how visible your website is on the major search engines.

Summary of the advantages of Advanced Web Ranking:

  • The user interface is great and easy to use;
  • The tool is accurate and provides reliable data;
  • Offers excellent reporting options;
  • The amount of data available for export is impressive;
  • It is a very versatile tool;
  • It is useful for tracking keyword rankings;
  • The support is excellent and is always there to help users with any issues they might have;
  • The platform is constantly updated with the latest changes in search engine algorithms;
  • It is affordable and cost effective;
  • Overall, it’s a great tool for online marketers.

Inconvenience :

The main disadvantage of Advanced Web Ranking is that it generates slow reports.

2.21. G-Force – to test the positioning of your website

G-force is a very simple tool to test your position on Google.

In the “Request” section, fill in the request(s) (one by one) and insert your website linkin “Domain.ext”. Finally, validate with the red search button.

Below you will get a screenshot of the results page. On it, you will see:

  • The number of the page on which your site is located;
  • Overall position of your site;
  • The page of yourwebsite which is positioned for the query.

2.22. Site Analyzer 

Swiss army knife of web marketing experts, Site Analyzer brings you much more than your Google SEO.

First, you can use Site Analyzer to compare your ranking with that of your competitors and evaluate the results word by word. But that’s just the beginning, this tool allows you to assess the health of your site in search engine results through a variety of interesting methods.

2.23. Woorank, French SEMRush to start your SEO strategy

Woorank is a kind of French SEMRush, easier to use. This is probably a good solution to start monitoring your positioning on the SERPs.

Woolank offers a lead generation tool that allows you to place a widget on your website. This allows your visitors to file a review request directly on your website and receive the white-labeled pdf.