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SEO Data Analysis | Myposeo

SEO Data Analysis | Myposeo

Short description : SEO Data Analysis

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Easily find keywords that generate traffic and analyze your results using the Myposeo tool.

Long Description : SEO Data Analysis

Description Myposeo

As marketing methods become more and more fluid, the need for natural referencing remains constant. Optimizing websites for search engines is critical for today’s businesses, but finding the right keywords and phrases can make your life easy. Myposeo is in this case the tool you should use because of its great features in terms of natural referencing. Let’s find out in this description how this tool works.

What is Myposeo ?

Myposeo is an SEO tool with a twist that works like several other top tools on the market.  Like these SEO tools, Myposeo offers keyword research and website performance modules.  However, what really sets it apart is its Pixel Ranking feature which offers deeper analysis.

What features does Myposeo have up its sleeve?

Among the features of this tool, here are some

of them: Keyword review

As you would expect from an SEO tool, Myposeo has some pretty cool keyword features, including:
  • Keyword search;
  • Keyword tracking;
  • Ad tracking based on keywords;
  • Keyword analysis;
  • Automatic keyword categorization.
Much more than just a keyword research tool, Myposeo offers some really smart options. Namely, it can analyze the search volumes associated with each query to contextualize the effort provided as well as find keywords.  Myposeo also offers keyword placement suggestions for maximum optimization.

SERP Audit and Ranking

Myposeo’s site audit feature allows you to analyze all domains that appear on the results page on a given selection of keywords. The audit report gives you an overview of your website’s ranking to help you improve your online visibility. Thus, you can consult the ranking of your pages according to your needs. A unique feature of Myposeo is its Pixel Ranking which gives a deeper analysis of organic ranking.   Pixel Ranking measures the number of pixels between your ranking on the SERP and the page that ranks first. It tells you how far you are from the top of the page so you can judge your visibility.


Myposeo also offers a popular ”Trends” feature that allows you to view all results for a selected keyword. This will point you in the right direction and help you find ranking opportunities for your website.  Trending results can be displayed for keywords, images and videos, and other data.  

Pixel Rank or Pixel Position Pixel

rank refers to the number of pixels that fall between your ranking on the results page and the top of the page. The goal is to have the lowest possible pixel ranking, i.e. the least distance between the top of the page and the position of your site. This ensures that you will have better visibility on the SERP. This tab is under the SEO Rank Tracking module, which tracks your site’s ranking daily.

Positions of keywords

The ”Positions” tab of the Rank Tracking module provides information that you may need to study the position of your keywords on the SERPs. As can be read in the table, the tool categorizes the most relevant target keyword or phrase. Target keyword positioning data is collected by Google The data in the ”Position” column block” refers to the buy block, which would mean that pages that target this keyword will have an easy time showing up in the buy block on the SERP.  As for the column ”Position Type ”, it shows you the position you occupy on all the results that appear in the Shopping block.  Additionally, you can observe the URLs of other websites that also rank in the buy block.

The Keyword Overview and SERP Environment Analysis

On the Keyword Analysis report, when you click on a specific search term, you will get more information to guide your decisions. For each keyword in detail, the tool indicates the position your keyword occupies in shopping, paid, organic, image, video, etc. results.

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Company : SEO Data Analysis

Myposeo belongs to G4interactive. G4interactive is a French company founded in March 2010 and co-directed by Thomas Skowronski and Alexandre Sigoigne.  It has its head office in France, more precisely in Montreuil. G4interactive is specialized in the field of computer programming. More specifically, the company develops SEO and SEA tools like Myposeo It is indeed an optimization and marketing platform that supports you in managing your SEO and SEA campaigns for search engine. It is quite a powerful platform consisting of 9 modules that allows you to meet all your SEO needs. With Myposeo, you can analyze and effectively monitor your websites on different search engines. Other SEO and SEA tools developed by the company are:
  • SEO Analytics reports;
  • SEO Performance Tracking;
  • SEO visibility audit;
  • Hints;
  • Keyword Master.

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