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GSC Extraction | Search Analytics for Sheets

GSC Extraction | Search Analytics for Sheets

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The Rel Nofollow Checkbox plugin is a WordPress plugin that helps you website owners to add rel nofollow to external links in their WordPress posts.

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Description Rel Nofollow Checkbox

External links are an important factor for search engines when determining a website’s authority to rank. But sometimes, we are still not lucky enough to have a backlink profile with only rich and authority links, which easily compromises the SEO of the website. To solve this SEO confusion, Rel Nofollow Checkbox has been developed as a plugin to help you disavow these kinds of links in your posts. To better understand how this tool works, let’s quickly review what is meant by Nofollow.

Concept of Nofollow 

Nofollow is an attribute initiated by Google to disable certain links in the HTML code and in terms of SEO. It is a meta-attribute, which means that it has no impact on the use of links by the user or on the existence of these links.  It is an attribute that is essentially a factor of orientations for search engines. Here are some circumstances in which this attribute can be applied to links:

When you have enough

links Outbound links can help you improve your rankings, but it will only work if you use them wisely.  When you have too many links on your website, search engines may end up viewing your pages as worthless. This may give Google the impression that you are setting up your site to provide backlinks to other sites or that you are trading in backlinks. These tactics are actually frowned upon by Google and immediately result in algorithmic penalties.

When you link to a low quality page

When you notice that you have linked to low quality websites, you should immediately nofollow them to deprecate them. Talking about low quality sites, we can see:
  • New sites without efforts on the part of their owners;
  • Sites without much content;
  • Sites with low domain authority;
  • Etc.
When you create links to these websites for specific reasons such as referencing an image, or a form, you can use the nofollow tag. 

When Linking to an Irrelevant Site

Sometimes you will need to link to a page that is irrelevant to your niche or industry.  It may be important to redirect your readers to these sources that have no relation to the main subject of your blog so that they discover certain things. On the other hand, for search engines, you should use the nofollow tag because Google in particular uses these links to better understand the main topic your blog is based on.

When you insert an affiliate link

If you do affiliate marketing on your blog, it is important to mark all your affiliate links as nofollow.  Linking to affiliate products naturally in your posts can help drive traffic to those products and increase your sales. However, these types of links are bad for SEO. Even if you’re using a URL shortener like Bitly or a plugin, it’s best to mark links as nofollow.

When You Have User-Generated Links User-

generated content refers to content that comes not from you, but from users. This includes comments under blog posts and forum posts. You can allow readers to leave links in their comments, but you must mark them as nofollow.

How to use Rel Nofollow Checkbox plugin to disapprove a link?

To use the Rel Nofollow Checkbox plugin, you need to go to your WP dashboard and then to Plugins. The next step will be to search for Rel Nofollow Checkbox in the search bar that will show up after clicking “Add on Plugin”. When your wanted plugin is displayed, you just have to click on the ”Install” button. It is not enough to install the plugin to use it, but it must also be activated so that it is directly visible on your WordPress dashboard. After activation, navigate to the post visual editor and click the insert/edit link button at the top of the visual editor bar. You will see a checkbox named rel=nofollow, whenever you want to add a nofollow attribute in any link, just check this rel=nofollow box.

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Search Analytics for Sheet was developed by Mihai Aperghis. It is an extension of Google Sheets that allows you to save data from your websites in any spreadsheet. However, it must be web data from Search Analytics, Search Console or Webmaster Tools. Besides, there are two reasons why using Search Analytics for Sheet is recommended. The first is that this Google Sheets add-on allows you to get and download various search analytics data. The second reason is that the module allows you to design automatic backups of your site data in Google Sheet.

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