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Short description : Ranking on Google Mise en avant is an online solution that allows you to monitor the progress and regression of your site on Google on a daily basis.

Long Description : Ranking on Google

Description is an online ranking monitoring platform designed to monitor the progress of a website’s natural referencing on a daily basis.  The use of the application remains quite simple. You just have to fill in the URL of the page to follow and specify the keywords on which you want to follow its positioning. The tool will take care of displaying the different progressions recorded by the site on the pages of search engines over a defined period. also allows you to consult the websites that rank best on the keywords on which you want to rank on Google.  Which is handy for recognizing your main competitors on the SERPs and keeping an eye on their progress.  In addition to the SERP positioning tracking features, also offers the possibility of accessing certain data that can be valuable for your SEO strategy.  For each keyword, for example, you have the possibility to consult the search volume. A way to quickly identify the most requested and therefore the most competitive keywords. Depending on your resources and your strategy, you can decide to target these keywords first or aim for other less competitive terms in order to obtain significant results as quickly as possible. With, you also have the option of exporting all the data generated by the platform to external tools such as Excel. This makes it easy to sort and organize your keywords on spreadsheets. Who is the tool for?

A priori, is a positioning monitoring tool intended for SEO specialists. But it is also suitable for private individuals who wish to optimize their own website for search engines.  Thanks to its configurable interface, can be easily handled by everyone, including beginners in natural referencing.   So even if SEO is not your core business, you can also use to obtain certain information to use in your SEO strategy. The main features of the tool 

Here is the list of the main features to discover on

1. The “Details” tab for SERP positioning tracking

The first feature to discover on is tracking ranking of a website on specific keywords on search engines.  To use this feature, it is necessary to add the URL of the site to monitor as well as the keywords on which you want to monitor its positions.  In concrete terms, here’s how it works: 
  • To begin, you must register on the platform by going to the registration page. 
  • Enter the information requested, namely a login, a password, your email, then a sponsor code. If you don’t have a referrer code, you can leave this field blank and continue.  
Then the platform allows you to continue at the same time with positioning tracking. 
  • To do this, enter the full domain name of the site to monitor followed by a list of keywords. 
Next to each keyword, you can specify the Google extension on which you want to track the website (,,,, etc.)
  • Then specify whether or not you are an SEO professional, check the box for the terms of use then click on the “I register” button. 
After a few seconds, your result will be ready.  In the analysis report generated by the tool, you will certainly notice the presence of the keywords that you had previously entered, but it will be difficult for you to know on the spot, the real positioning of the site on these keywords.  The fact is that you must wait for 24 hours before analyzes your request in depth. Once this waiting period has passed, the tool will be able to provide you with a daily follow-up. You can then compare the changes observed each day to the data recorded the day before in order to know if the site has experienced an increase or a drop in ranking.  If you wish, it is also possible to define a date range over which to observe the positioning of the website. 

2. The “Summary” tab to obtain a summary of the results 

In addition to the daily positioning monitoring, also provides a summary of the results which presents in particular: 
  • The number of progressions and regressions of your site on the SERPs
  • A diagram circular on the distribution of the best positions 
  • A RankSEO score
  • And the average position occupied 

3. The other tabs

In addition to the previous tabs, also offers:  The “Export” tab to export the data and graphs generated by the tool to files in PDF, HTML, CSV and XML format.  The “Alerts” tab to configure alerts according to a predefined threshold. So, when your site’s ranking reaches this threshold, you will be alerted.  The “SEO Calculator” tab to calculate the price of an SEO service to a client based on the costs per predefined keywords. 

4. Competitor site positioning tracking tool 

From your interface, you have a “Competitor tracking” section that allows you to analyze the ranking of competing sites on specific keywords.  For each keyword you enter, the tool shows you the Top 100 list of the highest ranked websites in the search results. 

5. The SEO audit tool 

To access’s SEO audit tool, click on “Tools” then choose the “Audits” option.  This SEO audit feature of the platform makes it possible to estimate the ranking that a website will occupy over a period to come. This can be useful for projecting the ranking of a potential client’s site. 


Another feature of is the SERPOMETER. It is an index noted on a scale of 0 to 100 and which makes it possible to analyze the “turbulence” observed on the SERPs during a given period.  When the SERPOMETER is at 0, it means that no major variation has been observed on the search engine results pages. Conversely, a SERPOMETER score close to 10 demonstrates the presence of strong “turbulence” on search engine pages.  Typically, large SERP ranking fluctuations are recorded after a significant Google algorithm update.  To access the SERPOMETER, click on “Tools” then choose the “Serpometer” option. 

7. The RANXPLORER tool 

This feature of allows you to know the SEO traffic generated by each keyword that you follow.  It can be useful to get a real idea of ​​the traffic that each keyword brings in by discarding traffic classified as “Not Provided” in Google Analytics reports. The features of the  

  • Top 100 SERP rankings 
  • Audit of your keywords at a specific time
  • Daily monitoring of SERP rankings
  • Monitoring of SERP rankings of competing sites at no additional cost 
  • alerts Pricing offers a referral system and keyword pricing that varies depending on whether you are an individual or a professional. See the pricing page for more information. 

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Company : Ranking on Google is developed by KIWAX. The latter is a French company created in January 2009 by Cédric Messoumian. She specializes in the field of computer systems and software consulting. KIWAX is involved in the design and management of websites. It offers computer services and sells advertising space and merchandise by mail order. Last but not least, the company offers avant-garde solutions in SEO. Among these innovative solutions, there is the design of its SEO tool which tracks and analyzes your SEO. So, by using the tool, you can effectively improve your SEO. is precisely an SEO software promoting a complete SEO audit of your site and exporting your data to Excel and this in a few clicks. This allows you to understand what to review for the performance of your site and for your content marketing. is mainly aimed at SEO professionals, webmasters and freelancers.

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