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A complete SEO tool, anyone? Use WebCEO to improve your rank in Google.

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75% of people never go beyond the first page of search engines, which means that a site’s SEO efforts can only bear fruit when they appear on the first page. But this is still a really difficult task because of the fierce competition between companies all the time, so that a site which is on the first page today can be absent tomorrow. Companies must then constantly improve the different aspects of their sites and monitor how they are doing in the SERPs. The WebCEO platform will be able to help you achieve most of these things and even monitor your competitors as well as your social accounts. In this description, I invite you to discover the WebCEO platform and its multiple tools for SEO.

What is WebCEO?

WebCEO is a powerful digital marketing platform developed to meet the needs of small businesses and large SEO agencies. It provides more than twenty tools for the analysis of your site, the creation of reports, the construction of links, the optimization of the contents, the follow-up of ranking and social signals… It is a comprehensive platform that supports all aspects of a site for SEO, be it on-page or off-page optimization. For example, you can find effective keywords to use to drive more traffic to your domain. WebCEO’s content analysis tool will also allow you to see how well an article you’ve written is SEO friendly. You also have access to backlinks features such as checking your backlink profile and link quality. It also offers a comprehensive site SEO audit, which will help you detect SEO issues very quickly to take appropriate measures. The social media features offered by WebCEO will allow you to analyze your accounts on these platforms to find out which ones resonate with your audience. In addition, WebCEO is highly adapted to the needs of companies and you will be able to work in teams for better performance. Indeed, WebCEO gives the possibility of giving access to your account to other people. Thus, you will be able to delegate the management of a specific project to other people without providing them with your credentials. This tool also makes it easy to manage several clients at the same time, because its tools offer real-time reports on the situation of a site. You can also manage multiple projects at once by creating and scheduling step-by-step SEO tasks for a project group. However, you will have separate reports for each of the sites that make up the group. Using WebCEO, it is possible for you to easily get new SEO leads every day. You have the option of integrating a widget on your site that will allow your visitors to request SEO reports. Interestingly, these reports will be professionally delivered with your logo and by your email address.

WebCEO’s SEO Audit Tools

WebCEO performs an in-depth SEO analysis of your site as well as a technical audit to help you adapt to search engine rules and obtain better rankings in the SERPs.

Overview of landing pages

WebCEO generates an analysis report of your pages that shows you where you can still improve.  With this report, you will obtain:
  • An SEO score for each of the pages and the number of problems detected on each of them;
  • A mobile friendliness score and loading speed;
  • The average rank of each page for the selected keywords;
  • The amount of traffic a page has generated in the last 30 days;
  • Etc.
As for the SEO problems detected on your pages, WebCEO provides you with a detailed description of each of them and gives you complete instructions to overcome each problem. You will also be able to check if all your meta tags include relevant keywords and if they have the appropriate languor for SEO. It is the same for the alt tags of your images, the URLs of pages…

Technical audit of your site with WebCEO

The technical audit function of WebCEO is designed to check the technical problems which could be present on your site.  It analyzes all the pages of your site and provides you with a detailed report of the problems that can harm your site such as:
  • Pages not found or error 404;
  • Broken image links;
  • Page access problems;
  • Broken JavaScript files;
  • broken anchors;
  • Broken CSS files:
  • Broken links in CSS styles
  • Server issues.

Check your loading speed

WebCEO also detects possible problems that slow down the loading of your resources. Thus, you will have instructions to eliminate these problems and improve your loading score.

Mobile Optimization

WebCEO checks your site for mobile compatibility and sees if all of its elements display correctly as well as other mobile SEO issues that may impact your ranking in mobile SERPs.

Popular Search Console Pages

Using reports from Google Search Console, WebCEO shows you your popular pages that act as landing pages, including those that receive more clicks and impressions on your site. Analyzing the data for these pages will allow you to refine your SEO strategies for other pages that you want to boost performance.

SEO tools for keyword research and ranking monitoring

Keyword research is an issue for many websites and WebCEO allows you to find high-potential keywords from 4 sources:
  •  Google Ads Keyword Planner;
  • Google autocomplete;
  • Related searches;
  • “People are also asking.”
It is also possible to retrieve from GSC keywords for which you have already obtained traffic in order to find related keywords. Moreover, you will be able to collect more keywords from your competitors’ sites. The WebCEO’s Keyword Research function will allow you to correctly analyze the keywords to retain only those which are adapted to your contents.

Rank tracking regardless of search engine and location

WebCEO also offers a powerful tool for tracking your ranks for given keywords. The advantage of rank tracking with this tool is the ability to only have data for a specific location, be it a country or state, region or city and even a zip code. You will also be able to obtain data for a given period, which will allow you to compare your rankings according to several periods. What distinguishes WebCEO from other tools is that it is able to provide information in a specific way for each type of results. That said, you can now get rankings for Google Ads, Images, Videos, News, Hotels… The tracking feature also helps find top competitors using your keywords. You will be able to compare your rankings to those of your competitors whether for global search or local search, mobile or desktop SERPs.

WebCEO’s tools for internal links and for checking backlinks

With WebCEO, you will be able to improve your internal linking and obtain a complete report on your external links. Indeed, the platform offers a tool called Page Authority Analysis that you can use to find pages with high authority on your site. From then on, you will be able to control the flow of juice on your site to improve your ranking. As for the backlinks, the tool shows all the domains that cite you as a reference. WebCEO has a backlink checker feature that detects the authority of a link, which will allow you to weed out toxic links. Note that WebCEO also allows you to generate sitemaps and offers a content submission feature that consists of directories, blog communities…  In short, WebCEO is a platform that offers a range of SEO tools that can really help its users. optimize their sites.

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WebCeo is a company founded in 2000. It is located in Sheridan in the United States. Its objective is to satisfy the SEO requirements of small businesses, international companies, but especially large SEO agencies. Web CEO is also based in 55 countries around the world and can help business owners and SEO agencies in 21 languages. It provides its customers with more than a dozen SEO tools for:
  • keyword research;
  • SEO audits;
  • ranking monitoring;
  • checking the quality of inbound links;
  • creating internal links;
  • social media and competitor analysis.

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