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Tracking Positions | Brightedge

Tracking Positions | Brightedge

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Brightedge is an all-in-one solution that allows web marketers to plan and optimize the content of their website pages. It is known for its powerful enough features to accomplish SEO tasks.

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The main goal of most online websites is to acquire a mass of qualified traffic, which implies increasing their turnover. For this, website owners are supposed to optimize all content on their websites, monitor page loading speed, monitor social signals, take care of backlinks, optimize title tags and many other factors. This is undoubtedly a super heavy challenge for every website owner. To that extent, BrightEdge has become a solution that allows you to take care of many of these tasks at once. It is a tool with powerful features that you need to succeed in your online marketing strategies. To find out exactly what you can do with BrightEdge, here are some of its great features:


ContentIQ is a feature that highlights issues with the content of your website pages. The tool provides suggestions to demonstrate how fixing these errors can boost visits, conversions, and revenue for your business. Its customizable report allows you to understand the background of each problem and how you can solve it.


Another super cool feature for content marketing is Data Cube First, it introduces you to the keywords likely to generate mass organic traffic to your website. Long before, the tool shows you the keywords your site is already ranking for on the search results pages. Even better, the tool suggests a list of semantically related topics that are relevant to your field.  These search terms will help you find new content opportunities that can increase your website’s rankings. This feature will be even more useful if you have a sizeable website that ranks for a significant number of topics. So you can make sure you have the best resources to write content that sells. The reason is that Data Cube provides you with all these details using DataMind. It is an AI-based solution that identifies research trends, market shifts, and competitive threats in real time.  You can think of it as an automated research component in your content marketing process.


BrightEdge’s HyperLocal feature is specifically focused on local SEO, meaning it’s most useful for people who prioritize local SEO for their websites. Today, search engines have evolved brilliantly so that searching for the same keyword in two adjacent cities can give different search results whether organic or paid. That’s why it’s important to analyze search volume and ranking data as close to your target locations as possible. For this, the HyperLocal feature shows you the search volumes and ranking information of your keywords in many countries or cities.  In fact, the tool currently offers local search data for over 72,000 cities around the world. You can also use HyperLocal to analyze searches in your immediate area.  You’ll see how often your local listing appears in search and an overlay comparison of your data against your local competitors.

Intent Signal

Because SERP layouts are constantly changing, BrightEdge offers a feature called “Intent Signal”.  The feature will help you rank content so that it appears above the fold in search results.  For this, the tool offers you practical advice to optimize your content so that it appears in the Above the fold part of the search results pages. Going further, the tool will suggest content topics that are potentially likely to rank high in the SERPs. And to track your efforts to appear in the above-the-fold section of search results pages, the tool sends you an alert when your content makes it there.


that are driving visitors to your site, check out BrightEdge’s Keyword Reporting tool.  You can use it to get an overview of the traffic generated by your top keywords. You can also use Keyword Reporting to explore individual keywords for specific insights.  The tool also offers international support, for example, it will tell you the best language to set on a webpage that ranks well for a specific keyword.  Keyword Reporting will show trending graphs so you can see how your search terms are performing over time.   You can even customize charts to show trends over a period of days, weeks, or months. 

Page Reports

You’re probably wondering what kind of content brings people to your site and turns them into customers.  To answer this question, you need to turn to the Page Reporting tool.  For starters, it will show you traffic, conversion, and revenue data by content category or individual pages. Once you have identified the content of success for your potential customers, you will now know how to adjust your content strategy as well. Page Reporting also offers reports on whether or not Page Groups are meeting their targeted revenue goals. You can use this information to optimize pages that lack it.  You can also customize reports to show the exact data you’re looking for. In general, BrightEdge is an all-in-one and popular solution in the market that can be helpful for your various SEO tasks.

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BrightEdge is an SEO platform specializing in digital marketing and SEO performance. It was created in 2007 by two Korean engineers, Jim Yu and Lemuel Park.  It was designed with the goal of turning online content into tangible business results, such as traffic, engagement and revenue. BrightEdge is powered by a sophisticated AI and machine learning engine. It provides its users with several effective SEO tools for better data analysis and better SEO.  It is also one of the platforms to offer marketers recommendations for real-time rankings. It also tracks the position of keywords and that of competitors. BrightEdge has many users and earns content marketing for nearly 1700 customers around the world.

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