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Rank Tracker | Rankie

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A rank tracking tool for your WordPress site, anyone? Discover Rankie, a powerful tracker.

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Most businesses rely on Google to drive organic traffic to their site, so there’s incredible competition in the search results. It is therefore no longer enough to create content and publish it to hope to obtain traffic from search engines. Although you can get traffic by doing this, it makes more sense to define an SEO strategy based on researching high-potential terms and monitoring these terms to refine your strategy. Today, it is easier to track keywords if you have a WordPress site thanks to the Rankie module. More than just a rank tracker, it generates reports and suggests terms related to your keywords. To help you understand the interest of this tool, I will present its characteristics in this description.

What is Rankie?

Rankie is a WordPress module that allows you to track the rank of keywords that can help your site in terms of SEO. Tracking the ranking of your keywords is key to knowing which ones are performing well and how your pages are progressing in the SERPs over time. Thus, you will be able to determine the keywords on which you can capitalize to generate more organic traffic. Rankie also offers a search tool that generates lists of important keywords that people search for on Google.

Why use a keyword rank tracking plugin?

While keyword rankings are only one of many factors impacting your traffic, tracking them shouldn’t be underestimated. Analyzing your SERP ranking helps you better identify your most valuable content and keywords, where you can improve, and how your SEO efforts are impacting your organic search rankings. over time. To guide and improve your organic search strategy using this information, you can manually monitor your keyword rankings. But this process is likely to take you a long time and it is practically impossible to extend it for a significant number of keywords. Suppose you need to enter tens, hundreds or even thousands of keywords into the Google search engine in order to check the positioning of your web pages in the SERPs. While you can use Google Analytics to automatically track your keyword rankings, a WordPress plugin like Rankie will give you access to this information on your WordPress dashboard. Additionally, Rankie will be able to automate the process of researching, tracking, and reporting on your target keywords for multiple sites.

Key Features of Rankie Plugin

With its tracking, reporting, and search features, Rankie is one of the powerful tools that can boost your keyword strategy and improve your site’s SEO.

Rank tracking

By using Rankie, you will be able to see the rankings of all your keywords on Google in one place. You just need to log in to your WordPress dashboard to get an overview of your performance. If these rankings are updated every day, it is also possible to update the ranking of a keyword by clicking on the tick in the “Up-to-date” column. Whatever keyword you will click on, you will get its ranking history. From this history, you will see how its ranking has evolved over time. This Rankie rank tracking feature allows you to deeply analyze the performance of each of your keywords. By doing so, it helps you narrow down your research as well as keyword planning. Note that Rankie also generates a ranking chart for you for each of the keywords you track.

Automatic tracking of searched keywords

When someone visits your site from Google with a keyword that you haven’t yet set up tracking for, Rankie can add that keyword to the dashboard for tracking. Among the options you get for this feature we have:
  • Google Directly : Search Google for the first hundred results for your keyword and check the position;
  • Google Custom Search API : Uses the search engine’s custom search API to retrieve up to one hundred results and check rankings;
  • Google via : Allows access to Google via to obtain up to 100 results;
  • Google via proxy : Uses to access Google to the first hundred results.

Rank Reports

Like other rank tracking tools, Rankie produces reports about your current rankings and trends in PDF format. These reports are shareable and you can distribute them to other people on your team. You can generate Rankie reports according to a period: weeks, months and years. The tool offers a notification function by which it sends reports to your email address automatically on changes in the position of your keywords. That said, you’ll be able to quickly optimize your content in real time to move up the rankings.

The search for keywords

It is a preliminary step to any writing. Before starting to write your content, it is important to make a list of the keywords and terms that your target is searching for on Google. If you already have certain keywords in mind, Rankie can help you expand your list. Indeed, this tool offers you from a search term, a set of long-range words that can improve the quality of your site in terms of SEO. Say you have a fitness blog, if you want to write content about the benefits of sports, all you have to do is enter those terms into Rankie’s keyword research tool. Then Rankie generates a list of terms related to your keyword.

Another feature of Rankie

Rankie also offers a filter feature to instantly filter the keywords tracked by site, group or search term. In sum, using Rankie to monitor your keyword positions, generate ranking reports, and do keyword research positively impacts your site. This allows you to improve your SEO and therefore, to have more organic traffic.

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Rankie is a WordPress rank checker plugin. It is indeed a tool that accompanies you in monitoring WordPress rankings on the Google search engine. Rankie updates your ranking positions daily on the keywords you rank for. It also generates powerful reports that can be useful in your SEO strategy. Rankie is a plugin that has a powerful enough search tool to create valuable lists of keywords, most often used by Internet users.  To that extent, it is aimed at digital marketing professionals, SEO experts, and businesses with websites.

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