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Google Position Tracking | monitor tank

Google Position Tracking | monitor tank

Short description : Google Position Tracking

Monitorank Mise en avant
Monitorank allows you to track the positions of your website and those of competitors on Google, Bing, Amazon, TripAdvisor and much more !

Long Description : Google Position Tracking

Description Monitorank 

If you need a tool to monitor your positions on Google and other platforms, Monitorank is a tool that can be useful to you.   The tool allows you to track your positions in Google text searches, but also on Google News, Google Maps, Google Images and Google Videos Monitorank goes even further by extending positioning tracking to other engines and platforms such as: Bing, Yandex, Baidu, TripAdvisor, YouTube and Play Store. Also ideal for monitoring the ranking of competing sites.

What is Monitorank? 

Monitorank is SEO tool designed to track the rankings of any website. This can be useful for monitoring your own rankings, but also the rankings of competing sites.  Unlike most other position tracking tools that only work with one search engine (or one at a time), Monitorank is able to track a website’s rankings on multiple search engines including Google. , Bing and even Yandex.  Even better, the tool is able to analyze your ranking on other (vertical search) engines such as TripAdvisor, Amazon, YouTube or Google Play.   Monitorank is therefore not limited to results on the SERPs. The tool is also capable of exploring other types of results such as places (Google Maps), news, videos and images, etc. What really provide a comprehensive SEO ranking tracking. It must also be said that Monitorank remains a fairly flexible solution in terms of the number of keywords to track. It offers tailor-made pricing calculated by keyword. This allows you to adapt the tool to your needs, at no additional cost.  In addition to position tracking, Monitorank also provides relevant keyword suggestions, including generic terms as well as long-tail phrases. Monitorank also offers an integration possibility to import data from external sources such as Google DataStudio. 

Monitorank: How to start with the tool? 

You can start tracking your positioning on Monitorank from a free account before subscribing to a paid subscription.  To do this:  button A confirmation link and a password will be sent to you in the inbox of the email provided. 
  • Click on this link and paste the password it contains. 
You should now be able to access your Monitorank interface and explore all available features. 

Monitorank: Key Features 

The tool offers several features that are primarily focused on SERP rank tracking namely: 

1. Daily rank tracking of any website (including competitors)

One of the most used on Monitorank is position tracking. By providing the domain name of any website, the tool is able to track it to get an idea of ​​how its ranking is changing on the SERPs.  Source: Monitorank  This can be useful for monitoring your positions, but also those of your competitors at no additional cost. You also have filters to analyze and refine the collected data. 

2. Tracking keywords on several search engines 

Source: Monitorank  Monitorank differs from other tools by its ability to track your keywords on Google, but also on other engines such as YouTube, Bing, Amazon, Yandex and many others. ‘others.

3. Filters and alerts

With Monitorank, it is possible to follow your rankings by defining your own filters. You can choose for example to follow only the first 10 positions which have recorded an increase of at least one place.  Or choose to show all terms and phrases that have dropped at least 10 ranks. Source: Monitorank  Even better, the tool offers you the possibility to save your filters and configure an email alert. You will then receive this information directly in your mailbox every day. 

4. The nature of your ranking

Monitorank also analyzes your positions and informs you about the nature of the rankings you hold: Organic results:  For each targeted keyword, Monitorank displays the top 100 rankings on each search engine.  Position zero or Rich Snippets : Daily, Monitorank explores your rankings and displays the Zero Positions on which your website appears.  Google’s “People Also Ask” box : Every day, the tool explores the first 4 queries and checks whether your site or that of a competitor is ranked there.  Video blocks : Monitorank also retrieves videos ranked on the SERPs and informs you if any of your content is ranked there.  Source: Monitorank  But that’s not all. The tool also informs you about the nature of your rankings on Google My Business, Google News, Google Ads sponsored results…   Knowing the nature of your ranking can be a rather interesting feature to enhance your visibility on search engines. When we take zero positions for example, they are ranked even before the first natural results.  This represents a good opportunity to improve your visibility on the SERPs.  By knowing precisely for which keyword, you are ranked at position zero, you can strengthen your strategy accordingly to maintain this positioning. The same is true for the other types of results. 

5. Customizable Dashboard 

Source: Monitorank  Another feature that sets Monitorank apart is the ability to fully customize the tool’s interface. You can remove or add the modules of your choice and decide to work only with the KPIs that you consider important. 

6. Obtain statistics by theme

With Monitorank, you can filter your words words by theme. This can be extremely useful for exploring a particular semantic field and learning more about the search intent of Internet users.  For example, if you want to target the keyword “daycare”, you can specifically access statistics for this keyword in order to analyze them before committing to its optimization.

7. Ability to export data 

This may not be an SEO feature, but it can be very handy. Once the report of your queries has been generated, you can export the data to files in HTML, PDF or CSV format.  Export can also be configured to automatically generate data to your usual workspace. You can then easily organize them on a spreadsheet for example. 

Monitorank: Data integration via API

Monitorank also offers the possibility of integration via API to find your projects, your keywords, your rankings and those of competing sites on external platforms such as Google DataStudio.  Moreover, Monitorank’s API is free, you can integrate data to third-party programs without any limit. This is still a considerable advantage if you are used to using APIs. 

Monitorank: Pricing 

Monitorank offers per-word pricing, ie you pay exactly for the number of keywords you wish to monitor.  A way to make the tool suitable for your needs and to pay exactly according to your use, without additional cost.  To find out how much Monitorank can cost you, you have a price simulator which estimates the prices according to the number of words to follow that you have entered.  Here are some examples to get an idea of ​​pricing on Monitorank

Videos : Google Position Tracking

Images : Google Position Tracking

Company : Google Position Tracking

Monitor Rank is a referencing tool allowing you to follow the positioning of your site and your competitors on the keywords chosen both on Google and on other search engines. What makes Monitor Rank specific and moreover its great strength is the extended search. In principle, the tool follows your keywords on various platforms and of course with their different variations: images, news or videos. He also follows them on famous e-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay. The Monitor Rank interface is very intuitive allowing its users to have from the same page the information sought by:
  • sites;
  • query groups;
  • key words ;
  • location ;
  • Type of research.
Monitor Rank is aimed at the SEO consultant, marketers, web and digital agencies as well as e-commerce site owners.

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