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SEO Score | Woorank

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Wookank features
Are you looking for a quick SEO analysis tool? WooRank will be very useful to you. Learn about these features and their benefits here.

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With over a million users and 700 new members daily, WooRank is arguably one of the most widely used quick SEO audit tools. More than an audit tool, it also offers marketing insights and allows for keyword analysis. WooRank is however still under-rated and enjoys low visibility in the world of SEO. Through this description, we will go over the features of this tool. Finally, we discover its advantages and disadvantages.

What is WooRank?

WooRank is a tool designed to make it easy to track anything that affects a website’s SEO performance and catch any issues you may not have noticed before. After entering a website’s URL, WooRank presents you with a detailed SEO audit covering all the important factors for ranking. It examines each page of your site separately and also tracks your different keywords. When you link this tool to your accounts, Google Search, Google Analytics and your Facebook page, the analyzes are more complete and you will have better results. By using the information from the audit as well as the tips and suggestions from this tool, you will be able to correct any bugs or errors that may affect your ranking.

Who is WooRank for?

WooRank is for all webmasters and site owners, whether you are a business or a blogger. The tool offers a free trial that all beginners can use to explore its features. To access advanced options, you need to subscribe to one of WooRank’s subscription plans. For people who manage few sites, the tool offers a pro plan that allows you to work with almost five sites. Webmasters who wish to work with a large number of projects are called upon to subscribe to the premium subscription. Besides, you can use the WooRank extension to get a detailed overview of your site for free.

WooRank tools and features

Here we discover the features that WooRank offers to monitor the performance of your site.

Score and marketing checklist

When you log in to WooRank, the home page opens to a field where you must enter the URL of the site you want to rate.  As soon as you save the site, a marketing score and checklist appear at the top of the page. The score provides information on the state of your site and the checklist is a set of suggestions that will certainly help improve your site.

WooRank’s SEO Feature

In this part of the assessment, it’s crucial to take WooRank’s pointers seriously, as the errors highlighted here directly affect how your site presents to search engines. Among other things, you will find information about the elements below, their impacts on SEO and the ease of solving them:
  • Meta description;
  • Internal links;
  • Alt attributes;
  • Sitemap ;
  • Other on-page SEO factors.

Mobility: mobile compatibility

Today, the adaptability of a site to mobile devices is more relevant than ever. WooRank helps you check not only if your site is compatible with these types of devices, but also to check the overall performance of the mobile version of it as well as its loading speed.

Usability of your site

In this part, WooRank checks the factors that can affect the user experience and therefore the SEO. These can be error pages, URL lengths, etc.

Technology: the technical aspect of your

WooRank site checks that your server is operational and sends you notifications in the event of a problem. It also checks the presence of an SSL certificate, an analysis system and the speed of your site. Even if these elements are not included in the usability part, it also influences the user experience.

Backlinks: backlink profile analysis function Backlinks

are an important SEO factor and obtaining them is not easy. WooRank analyzes your backlink profile by counting backlinks, creating an overall score, and calculating the quality of each backlink. The score is based on the total number of backlinks, the number of linking domains and their quality. You can also add your competitors and analyze their profiles to compare their score with yours.

Social media

By connecting your social media accounts, Woorank uses the data from these accounts to analyze your presence on the various social platforms. This way, you can increase the engagement of your followers and give your site a ranking boost.

Locals and Visitors

These two functions relate to your site traffic, including who visits your site and their location. The tool also checks your presence in local directories, which can help your site attract visitors from specific countries or cities.

Keyword Tool for Keyword Analysis WooRank’s Keyword Tool

keeps track of the keywords you’ve chosen so you can recheck them soon. Using Keyword Tool, you will be able to continuously track your site’s position for the keywords you are going to define.

Site Crawl

The Site Crawl feature checks for on-page SEO issues on your site. When you add your URL, WooRank scans your website and sends you a notification as soon as the process is complete. This function detects problems on your site in the parts:
  • Title tag;
  • Meta description;
  • H1 tags;
  • Body content of the page.

Competitors: Competitor Analysis

The Competitors tab will help you monitor the activity of your opponents. With this feature, you can analyze the technical performance of the competition, including their SEO score and On-page results. You will also have information relating to the keywords used by your competitors in order to follow their positioning in the SERPs.


WooRank’s Assistant feature allows users to perform an in-depth SEO analysis of every page on their website. It performs much faster website analysis, highlights page issues, and gives you an idea of ​​how your site is performing. Key web metrics, overall traffic as well as web design will also be analyzed and suggestions for improvement will be provided.

Advantages and disadvantages of WooRank

Among the advantages, we can mention:
  • Simple user interface;
  • The Keyword Tool saves time;
  • An easy-to-follow checklist that highlights website issues;
  • It does not produce information overload;
  • The site analysis report includes links on how to troubleshoot issues;
  • WooRank runs in the cloud, so there’s nothing to install;
  • It covers both on-page and off-page SEO.
As for the disadvantages, we have:
  • Does not give access to certain Premium features during the trial period;
  • No client-specific connection;
  • Limited to a single user, unless you subscribe to an enterprise plan;
  • The price is a bit high.
In short, WooRank is an SEO tool that can help you regularly analyze the different aspects of your site in order to remain compliant with search engine requirements.

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Woolank is an American company specializing in SEO referencing. Its main objective is to offer digital marketing solutions to agencies, companies, and marketing professionals. To this end, the Woorank company provides its customers with a tool that allows you to do an SEO audit of your site, in order to adjust it as needed. Woorank has three main advantages:
  • a free and handy SEO extension;
  • a display of the desired results in real time;
  • approved and indexed data in a dashboard.
Woorank has more than 10 years of experience with various agencies. The company has helped analyze over 50 million websites and has a rating of 4.4/5 for customer satisfaction scale. Moreover, Woorank has been featured by several famous magazines such as Forbes, and enjoys increased notoriety.

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