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Position Tracking | Microsite Masters

Position Tracking | Microsite Masters

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An accurate ranking tracker, anyone? Microsite Masters provides accurate data on your ranking.

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Microsite Masters

According to a study, nearly 70% of SEO experts send SEO reports to their clients on a monthly basis. As an SEO professional, it’s important to have accurate data on your clients’ sites so you can report back to them on your work and progress. Unfortunately, most tools provide rough SEO data. While this may allow you to produce reports for your clients, it only allows you to have a rough overview of the effectiveness of your campaigns. To overcome this, it is recommended to use a tool that provides accurate and recent data on the different sites you manage. Such is the case with Microsite Masters, a tool praised as being one of the most accurate ranking trackers in the industry. Through this description, I invite you to discover the Microsite Masters tool as well as the different functionalities it offers.

What is Microsite Masters?

Microsite Masters is a smart and highly accurate tool for tracking keywords across multiple URLs, search engines and countries, inside a powerful web interface… It gives you all the data you need to understand and analyze the ranking of your business as well as that of your clients if you are an SEO professional. If you are in the marketing or SEO field, you know that a ranking tracking tool is very important to achieve increased traffic or ROI. With the data that Microsite Masters gives you, you will regularly have an overview of your SEO curve in order to stay ahead of the rest. For SEO, data is undoubtedly a success factor, otherwise all optimization strategies are a waste of money. Microsite Masters data helps to understand the effectiveness of your SEO actions, to make the best decisions and to inspire you from the competition. Unlike other tools, Microsite Masters only provides important data for SEO. That said, they don’t burden you with thousands of data that you can’t even use. Moreover, the data in this tool is accurate and is one of the most accurate on the market. Microsite Masters algorithms pull data directly from search engines, which makes it accurate, but also allows you to have up-to-date data. To make data analysis easier for its users, Microsite Masters organizes it into simple, easy-to-understand charts and graphs in the interface as well as in many types of reports. This will also make it easier for SEOs to present information about their sites to their clients without having to rework the data. This tool does not require any prior downloading and all you need to do is register online.

How does Microsite Masters work?

As soon as you have created your account, you can achieve a significant number of things with the tool.

Unlimited Domains

Whether you manage multiple sites or are an SEO agency, this tool is perfect for you as it allows you to track as many websites as you want. Microsite Masters doesn’t have a limit for domain tracking like most tools that require you to upgrade to get information for multiple sites. Also note that Microsite Masters does not count duplicate keywords, so you can track multiple sites per keyword. For example, you can track both your ranking and that of your competitors for the same keyword.

Daily Updates and Reports

As we mentioned earlier, Microsite Masters updates its data every day. You can thus receive this recent data and daily reports on the websites. If you are often busy and not able to log in to the tool every day to view the data, there is a feature that will allow you to receive your reports by email. Microsite Masters gives you the ability to easily export your reports in PDF and CSV format for any keyword, website or project. Therefore, you can easily manipulate these reports outside the site.

Access to API

Microsite Masters also provides an API, so all interface functionality can be integrated into your custom or existing interface or dashboard. If you have any questions about integrating Microsite Masters, their support team is always happy to discuss the API.

ROI Tracking

Using Microsite Masters, it is possible to measure the impact of your SEO campaigns to understand what is working and what needs the most help. Indeed, monitoring the return on investment will allow you to know if your actions are profitable or if they are not. The goal is to have the best possible return on your investments, which indicates that your SEO campaigns are more profitable than what you spend.

Ranking Updates

This update is for search engines, as search engines often perform updates. Knowing on a daily basis when these updates occur allows you to implement appropriate actions so as not to lose your ranking.   The ideal is to know what is happening in the SERPs on a global and local level to adapt and rank the pages that really matter to your business.

Multiple User Accounts

It is possible to give multiple people or clients unlimited access to an account-specific project. When you work in a team, this can help you a lot since you are able to give access to a specific project. Your clients will also be able to consult real-time data on their sites in order to see in real time the progress you are making together.

White Label Reports

Microsite Masters allows you to add your company logo to your reports. This allows you to send your customers professional and simplified reports on the performance of their site.

Dedicated Account Representatives

Microsite Masters has a team of dedicated Account Managers available to answer any questions or resolve any issues you may encounter.

SEO Dashboard

This dashboard allows you to instantly see key data about your project. This is the perfect tab for a summary of everything going on with your site. It allows you to make your decisions very easily.

Analytics and Clicky

Integration This integration will allow you to access more data from Google Analytics and Clicky. In fact, Clicky is also a real-time website analytics service. By integrating these tools with Microsite Masters, you will have all of their analysis data in one place, which will save you a lot of time.

Visualization of keywords

In addition to visualizing the ranking of your site, Microsite Masters shows you the ranking of other sites. This allows you to keep an eye on the ranking of your competitors and improve your results.

Public Sharing of Results

This option will allow you to share the movements of SERP data while keeping sensitive questions private. From then on, you will be able to see how your keywords perform on different engines and continue to work to improve them. In summary, Microsite Masters is a great tool for getting accurate data from keyword tracking. It is especially suitable for SEO professionals who are looking for practical solutions to work in teams.

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Microsite Masters has the same name as its Microsite Masters tool, which is one of the position tracking tools used in the SEO environment. The tool in question helps to stay ahead of the SEO curve with a smart rank tracker. Microsite Masters helps companies easily develop new strategies. In particular, through advanced tracking metrics to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns. It is useful in the ranking of your business site, but also in the ranking of other sites for each keyword you track. A subtle way to get to know your competitors better in your sector of activity.  Microsite masters also allows local ranking tracking. It should be understood that said tracking is necessary for small businesses as it helps them to rank their pages where it matters best. The latter precisely adapts your results to a specific postal code or city in order to obtain very precise rankings.

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