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Serpstat — SEO management platform. Smart and powerful tool for ✓ Backlinks analysis ✓ Rank tracking ✓ Keyword research ✓ Competition analysis ✓ Site…

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Description Serpstat

Among the SEO tools, Serpstat stands out from the crowd by the fact that it is a fairly comprehensive software. More specifically, it is a powerful SEO tool that helps improve any content marketing strategy at all levels. Serpstat is used by digital marketing professionals to run sponsored link campaigns. It is also used by SEO specialists, communication agencies and SEO teams. This software package offers free testing of its various features for a period of 7 days. Anyway, Serpstat is paid and it offers 4 versions namely: lite, standard, advanced and enterprise. What you need to keep in mind is that Serpstat is a set of tools that allows you to work on any marketing project. So, whether the project is small or large, you will find your account.

What is the Serpstat tool?

Serpstat is a growth hacking tool that allows you to get the most out of your SEO and get multiple keywords for your SEO or PPC campaigns. In concrete terms, it is a marketing intelligence platform equipped with several very comprehensive databases.  Said databases are constantly being enriched, thus allowing the tool to acquire new updates each time. This is why prestigious companies such as Rakuten Viber or SAMSUNG use it to analyze their site. Indeed, over time Serpstat has evolved considerably. This constantly growing evolution has enabled it to become an essential asset in the field of digital marketing.  Serpstat offers several featuresto its customers. The best known are:
  • SEO audit of your sites;
  • SEO monitoring;
  • Evaluation of your keywords;
  • Daily monitoring of your ranking in the SERPs;
  • Competitive competitive analysis in your industry.
These benefits that Serpstat gives to SEOs and SEO as well as PPC specialists surely come from its various tools and features. We give you some details about them.

Serpstat Features and Tools

This all-in-one SEO platform for professionals is a suite of tools having various pretty cool features. Here is an overview of what the main tools and some features of Serpstat are worth.

keyword research tool

has a large database of keywords that allows it to collect the semantics of a website based on certain indicators like: volume, popularity, competition and difficulty of words -keys. Indeed, the collection and then the evaluation of Serpstat’s keywords focus on local search results as well as competing sites in your sector of activity. Thus, with this Serpstat tool, you can:
  • find all the keyword choices, similar ones and recommendations;
  • design a writing plan for your blog using research questions;
  • assess your various competitors;
  • detect market leaders in your sector of activity through keywords… Keyword


Through this feature, the Serpstat software package allows you to have lists of trending search queries. Indeed, you can use your keywords to name either your videos or your articles in order to integrate them into the type of content you want. To better sell a service or product, you can use this feature to collect lists of trending keywords to add to your descriptions. Also, this option helps you get a list of the most popular searches for your niche in the selected region.

Batch analysis of keywords and domains

This feature allows you to evaluate at least 95,000 keywords and a list of domains. The analysis of the list is done using 18 metrics. So you can easily boost your site traffic with top keywords. Very powerful, the tool through this module promotes an SEO analysis of the sub-domains of your site. You can also identify and choose authoritative sites to place links.

Rank Tracking Tool 

As said above, Serpstat is a suite of tools that allows for good competitive analysis. Among this suite, the ranking tracking tool of this software package is decisive in your marketing strategy. Indeed, it helps to control both the local and global results of natural and paid searches for your niche as well as those of the competition. This monitoring in the giant search engines such as Google and Yandex makes it possible
  • to: identify the various changes in the search results and 
  • observe the market share of your niche
This performance of the tool is therefore very useful for VSEs , SMEs, and even large companies. The reason is that as a business owner, you can track your competitors’ sites and improve your content marketing.

Competitive analysis

tool The main tool in the Serpstat suite, the competitive analysis tool helps you discoveryour most relevant competitors. And the tool is not limited to that.  In principle, it collects and makes a careful evaluation of the popular websites of your competitors. It also obviously brings together the keywords that they use to advertise their products or services. It’s a kind of spy tool that analyzes:
  • the publications of your competitors that generate sales;
  • the organic traffic to their site;
  • the budget used for the digital marketing strategy of your competitors.
In any sector of activity, competitive analysis is essential for the development of turnover. In practice, it makes it possible to know all the actors intervening on a market and to establish their offer.  In the same way, it makes it possible to perceive both their weaknesses and their strengths. The primary intention behind any competitive analysis is therefore to better classify one’s business and to assess the possibility or otherwise of the business project. Serpstat therefore helps through this tool to:
  • generate in-depth and detailed analysis reports of SEO competitors;
  • evaluate the keywords of the competition;
  • check and compare links with the Link Intersect tool;
  • take advantage of the success of competitors in PPC.

Contextual Advertising Analysis 

This feature is for the PPC research tool. Indeed, the tool assists PPC professionals in organizing the work with an ad manager.  It does this by focusing on the results of reviewing competitors’ ads, keywords, and landing pages.

Backlinks analysis

tool This tool, from the Serpstat software suite, allows you to make a comparison between your backlinks profile and the profile of your competitors. So you have the opportunity to use their most lucrative backlink sources to better position yourself in the SERPs. In summary, with Serpstat’s link analysis tool, you are able to:
  • analyze your backlinks as well as those of your competitors;
  • examine the anchors;
  • recognize bad URLs;
  • track all changes in the link profile of your domain and that of the competition.

Site Audit Tool Site 

Audit is an important feature for businesses as it helps to know whether or not your site is performing well.  In fact, a quick site audit promotes the detection of all technical problems that affect the performance, speed and visibility of the site. With Serpstat, audit results are presented by importance. The said site audit results offered by Serpstat group together the problems and offer detailed suggestions for resolving them. In short, it is worth knowing that Serpstat is a complete tool recommended for a better content marketing and digital marketing strategy. A true Swiss army knife of web marketing, it is one of the best SEO software in the all-in-one category.  But its real popularity comes from the fact that it is a powerful tool for competitive analysis and keyword research.

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SERP Stat SERP Stat is an SEO platform, created in 2013 by Oleg Salamaha and Artem Borodatyuk.  It was created with the aim of providing powerful SEO tools to digital marketing professionals. When it was first created, Serpstat was just a simple keyword research tool. But over time, it has become one of the biggest SEO platforms, thanks in particular to several other tools that it makes available to users. Among these tools is the Rank Tracker. This tool allows site owners to follow, thanks to Google SERP Tracker, the rank of their site in the general ranking.  This, in order to increase traffic around their site if necessary. Serpstat also has tools for competition monitoring, backlink analysis, page verification and many more. Serpstat has a dynamic team of technicians and has more than 200,000 users in several countries around the world.

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