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Google Rank Tracking | Bulk Google Rank Checker

Google Rank Tracking | Bulk Google Rank Checker

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If you want to get an idea of ​​how your website is performing in Google search pages, use the SEO Rank checker tool.

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Description of the Rank checker tool

Rank checker is tool one of the SEO tools that you will find on the website of the SEO review tools platform. In reality, this platform, which was created in 2013 by the Danish Jasta ter Horst, provides SEO players with a range of tools that concern both: 
  • Improving the authority of the site;
  • Technical tools;
  • Content-related tools;
  • And finally others concerning webmasters. 
When we take a look at the various SEO statistics with regard to the organic click rate, it appears according to a backlinko that the first three results of Google search capture on average 75% of organic clicks. This proves that the ranking is important, so it deserves more follow-up and improvement.  This is exactly what the Rank checker tool offers you, which I suggest you discover in the following lines. 

Who is the Rank Checker tool for? 

As you can imagine, the rank checker tool is an SEO tool. It is therefore naturally aimed at all webmasters . They can thus use it to obtain information on the effectiveness or otherwise of their SEO strategy. They can also use it to analyze the SEO strategy of their competitors. But due to the simplicity that characterizes its design, this tool can also be used by anyone curious who is interested in how Google search results work.

What are the features of the rank checker tool? 

  With the rank checker tool, you can use the following options: 
  • Choose a search engine based on your location;
  • Add a list of keywords of up to 10 keywords; 
  • Perform your search on the basis of your domain name or not.
It should be noted that following a recent update, this tool also allows you to obtain information on the ranking of your domain name in the SERPs.

How much do Rank checker features cost? 

As you can see, the SEO ranking checker tool is offered on the SEO reviews tools platform for free. This therefore assumes that you can take advantage of the tool’s functionalities without subscribing to any subscription or package. 

 How does the Rank Checker tool work?  

To use this tool, you simply need to go to the platform’s website at the platform level and search for the verification tool. Once you find it, you will then need to fill in the various fields with the appropriate information and after confirming the captcha code and clicking on the “Perform check” button to see the search results.  These results come in time: 
  • First, you get general information about the keyword;
  • Following this information, you are shown the top sites that show up in the top search results for the keyword you submitted.
Reading these few lines will no doubt give you an overall idea of ​​what the rank checker tool can do for you. I invite you to discover it.

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SEO Review Tools was founded in 2013 by Jasja Ter Horst, web developer for 15 years. Its goal is to design fast and effective SEO tools in real time for the entire SEO community.  To get closer to his ideal, he developed SEO Review Tools. It is precisely an SEO platform that combines for its operation a suite of SEO tools available in real time. SEO Review Tools is a more or less complete solution that can meet all needs in terms of digital marketing or content marketing. Thus, by using this suite of tools, you can effectively improve your ranking in SERPs, analyze your competitors and adopt the right strategy for a good return on investment. To this extent SEO Review Tools is aimed at SEOs, SEO agencies, SMEs, digital professionals and even e-commerce site owners. Here are other SEO tools developed by Jasja Ter Horst.
  • SEO Authority Tools;
  • Technical SEO Tools;
  • SEO Content Tools;
  • Webmaster Tools.

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