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SERP Tracking | Getstat

SERP Tracking | Getstat

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STAT Search Analytics is a software for analyzing and monitoring website ranking on search engine results page. The goal is to help companies and digital agencies acquire customers and improve their relationships with them.

Long Description : SERP Tracking

Description Stat Search analytics 

A better way to ensure your SEO efforts are successful is to track and analyze your website’s performance in the rankings. In this regard, STAT Search analytics is a powerful SERP analysis tool that allows you to understand your website’s abilities to achieve good visibility. To understand how Stat Search analytics works, I invite you to read this description carefully.

What is Search Stat analytics ?

STAT Search Analytics is simple software for tracking thousands of keywords across different search engines and locations. The tool also reveals top competitors for each site, tag, and custom keyword segment. It also provides flexible and transparent STAT reports to allow seeing site performance without the organic results. STAT Search Analytics features include daily new rankings, unlimited site tracking, getting all the data exactly where it’s needed, and more. As for Stat Search Analytics pricing, pricing starts at $720/month for the first 6,000 unique keywords, including standard API access.  This makes STAT an inaccessible tool for small online businesses, but these features are worth the cost. Recently, there has been a merger between Stat and other Moz features to make the tool more powerful and efficient.

What are the features of STAT?

A huge improvement in a website’s ranking certainly means increased traffic in the long run.  To achieve this result, Stat offers a dynamic service in terms of survival and analysis of your website’s rankings on the SERPs.


tagging The dynamic tagging functionality is used to quickly and efficiently group keywords according to parameters defined during configuration. So you can customize the tool to do this grouping for you on a daily basis according to your filter criteria. This allows you to group keywords based on your business goals and needs. For example, you can configure the tool to group you based on the top rankings on the SERPs. In addition, if your goal is to get your content to appear in Google snippets, this feature of the tool allows you to group together potential keywords for which content is likely to achieve this. It is therefore both a tool that allows you to find better opportunities for content creation. In other words, this feature helps you discover the type of content that works best with a group of keywords.

Data Views

If you have a website online, you know that the way your data is organized can greatly enhance your ability to uncover potential opportunities to win more customers. Thus, this tool allows you to display the data in a simple interface so as to facilitate their interpretation by the users.  For example, you can easily create a view of tag data that reflects your customer journeys or behaviors. If you’re a search marketer, you can choose to set up a data view that contains keyword segments that cover all stages of the funnel.  For example, you can divide keywords into segments that reflect what your customers want to target, so it could be industry sectors, services, or locations.

Tags Tab

If you want to make a quick diagnosis of how a specific set of keyword groups are performing on the SERPs, there’s a nifty little feature in STAT that lets you compare all of your tags and the performance of each of them. between them in terms of online visibility.  So this feature is great because it lets you see the performance of all your tags in one place.  You’ll get an overview of your SEO strategy’s progress to see where you’re having success and where to focus more attention based on your most important metrics.  to filter the report by a time range to show the average rank, change in top 10 position


. keys you created. The tool lets you see your ranking abilities on that specific set of keyword tags or for that entire market.  In addition to this, get an idea of ​​how visible your competitors are on the SERPs, i.e., the places they rank higher than others. In addition, it can also be important to have formalized information on the progress of a campaign. In this case, STAT has the connectors that allow you to automatically extract data from Google Data Studio reports.

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Getstat Getstat is a SERP analytics and tracking platform. It aims to facilitate, with precision, large-scale SEO.  It allows companies and web marketing players to obtain the maximum amount of data for better optimization of their pages.  Moreover, with the daily monitoring and analysis of keywords and SERP features, Getstat helps users closely monitor the ranking variations of their website and that of competitors.  It is also involved in the creation of detailed reports as well as in the use of new optimization strategies. Getstat is a product of Moz with which it is in close collaboration in terms of SEO. It has many clients, including major brands and large companies.

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