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SERP Tracking | SERP Woo

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Want to follow your rankings and that of your competitors in the SERPs? Use Serpwoo.

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SEO can reduce the cost of customer acquisition by 87.41% on average compared to digital advertising. But long before, you have to manage to rank your site among the first results, because the latter receive more 67.60% of all clicks. To get there, you need to implement a set of strategies and monitor your rankings to see how well they are working. Serpwoo is a great rank tracker that you can use for this purpose. In addition to providing key SEO data for your site, it also analyzes your competitors’ rankings in the SERPs. Through this description, I will introduce you to the Serpwoo rank tracker and how to use it to improve your ranking on Google.

What is Serpwoo?

Serpwoo is an excellent tool with which it is possible to follow not only your ranking, but also to analyze the competition. Along with your URL, this tool can track the top 100 search results for your keywords. Other tools mostly ignore your niche. As for Serpwoo, it helps to monitor the movements of each website in the top 100 results. Serpwoo is able to provide you with a full report and analysis of all the sites that appear on the SERPs, which can help you find out why they are ranked at these positions. In possession of such information, you will be able to adapt your SEO strategies to overcome them. Better yet, you can also do local SEO by keyword research with this tool. Serpwoo also offers these users an application that will allow you to do many tasks as if you were using the web version. Signing up to Serpwoo is also relatively simple and doesn’t require a lot of configuration. You will only need a username, email address and password. Serpwoo sends you an account activation link directly in the box of the email address that was used to create your account. As soon as you activate your account, you can start tracking your rankings.

Monitor – Analyze – Optimize

Whatever your niche, competitors are increasing day by day. With Serpwoo, you will see which websites are directly ranked on the first page of Google or know immediately when a new competitor enters the first results. Serpwoo provides you with a number of features that can help you analyze these competitors. It integrates the data from multiple tracking tools like Moz, Openlinkprofiler and Alexa to have all the capabilities required to analyze the URL ranking for the keyword. Serpwoo for example allows you to get data such as site age, Alexa rank, all backlinks, Moz DA and PA values… In addition to that, Serpwoo also examines the social indicators of the website and informs you about your competitors’ Facebook page shares, not to mention Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin statistics. Note that Serpwoo has several features that we discover in detail.

Serpwoo Dashboard Features

The Serpwoo Dashboard gathers a set of data that gives access to certain tools from this place.

Project Assistant

This is most likely the first page you will come across when you log on to Serpwoo. The goal of this project wizard is to help build your project in a way that will get great results from your niche rankings. It has four important parts: Regions : With this option, you can choose as many Google regions as possible from the 70 regions that Serpwoo currently offers. Keywords : After selecting your regions, the next step is to add the keywords you would like to track. To do this, you will be able to import the keywords from an existing project, from a list of keywords or from a text file. It should be noted that Serpwoo only tracks keywords that appear on Google SERPs. So you won’t have tracking for other search engines like YouTube, Bing or Yandex. Domains: This section allows you to enter the domain you want to track, including your site or those of your customers. Variations : This part has four important points to customize your project on Serpwoo.
  1. The name of your project: a name for your project.
  2. Locality : Unlike the previously chosen region, locality gives the ability to find a localized region and monitor the rank of your keywords in that specific area. Thus, you will be able to carry out local SEO in order to strengthen your presence in the region and attract more customers.
  3. Regular or Online reputation management (ORM)  : This is the standard for tracking with Serpwoo and you will only be able to track search results in the top 20. This option will however allow you to extend the result to the first 30 results of the SERPs.
  1. Desktop or Mobile : Here you specify the type of device for which you want the tool to track the ranking. You will be able to get your keywords tracked for mobile or desktop search.


Research Serpwoo’s Keyword Research feature is unlike any other related keyword feature you’ll find on other rank trackers. It shows you an exhaustive list of keywords related to the one you are following, with their search volume per month, their degree of competition and their cost per click. If you are an SEO specialist, you can try to find the right related keywords, especially those with low competition, high click-through rate and high search volume.

Global Stats

This feature tracks volatility in the SERPs globally and keeps you informed of all these potential updates.  It represents volatility data on a chart and you can watch it for a specific location or a specific device.

Other features of Serpwoo In

addition to the features that we discover in the dashboard, we can also access other features.

SERP Analysis

Through this feature, Serpwoo will show you a number of elements on your site. These include:
  • Your SERP rank;
  • Longevity;
  • Pagerank of the domain;
  • Domain age;
  • Backlinks;
  • Title of the keyword you are ranking for;
  • URL;
  • Social media reactions.


view This function gives a brief overview of your project. This is a section that features a graph that outlines the last 90 days for the project you have chosen.  From here, you will also be able to see the rise and fall in rankings from the past day.

Reports system

Like other tracking tools, you will be able to not only create reports, but also schedule their sending, so that Serpwoo sends it to you at a frequency defined in advance. If you are a marketing agency, then you can automate sending professional reports to your clients with ease. Indeed, this tool allows you to customize the reports and you can define colors, add logos…


Serpwoo provides an alert system that keeps you informed of any changes affecting the keywords you are following. Serpwoo’s alert system monitors your projects all the time and notifies you of positive or negative changes in your keywords. So when there is an event about your projects, Serpwoo notifies you directly in your email so you can take action quickly. In sum, Serpwoo is an SEO tool that will help you monitor your site’s rank for certain keywords. It also informs you about the set of sites that compete with you in the SERPs and provides information on the volatility of the SERPs in general.

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SERPWoo is a company that helps digital marketers. Its mission is to create powerful tools for SEOs, digital marketing experts and ORM professionals.  With the range of tools that SERPWoo has developed, they can track, monitor, analyze and record SERP archives for keywords. Thus, marketers can make use of these famous tools to create good advertising campaigns. The suite of tools that SERPWoo has developed is also of great help to SEOs.  Indeed, their SEO tools allow to extract third-party data, social signals and hard data related to SEO. These data and signals are displayed in an easy-to-understand format for content managers of companies employing SERPWoo’s services.

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