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SERPs Tracking | SERP Trends

SERPs Tracking | SERP Trends

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Spy on competing websites in your industry with the free SERPTrends tool.

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SERPTrends is an SEO browser extension that displays the ranking of websites in SERP based on the search query, also showing whether the website has improved, fallen or stayed in the same position since your last search. With the stiff competition in web marketing today, it is important to sometimes spy on your best competitors in order to understand what they are doing more or less than you. This will allow you to establish an increasingly powerful strategy. SERPTrends is a free, but very effective extension that can help you with this spying task. In fact, the main function of SERPTrends is to scan spied sites to remind you of their before and after positions in search result pages. Let’s find out in this description how this SERP spying extension works.

What is SERPTrends ?

SERPTrends is an extension, especially compatible with Chrome and Firefox, which is free and really useful. If you’ve been into SEO for a while, you should know that it’s quite natural to do some research to spy on certain websites, especially your competitors, in terms of rankings to see what strategies they’re using. In fact, SERPTrends works as a memory feature.  When you search, the extension remembers the position of each searched website for their respective keywords. And when you come back later to do the same search,  SERPTrends tells you if a website has moved up or down the rankings.  Google mots cles test As an example, we will start by typing in the keyword ”test” in Google to see how the tool can treat it. When we come back 24 hours later to perform the same query, you can see the green and red movements of the results.  It really is one of those useful SEO extensions, which won’t cost you a dime, but will give you really useful information in a click. The tool also shows how many positions the website has lost or increased compared to the search you made the previous one.  When you perform a search on Google Chrome or Firefox with SERPTrends enabled for the first time, all positions are marked as new.  It is only after a few moments that you will see the dynamics of the searches carried out previously. The advantage with this tool is that:
  • SERPTrends provides you with relevant information. That is, ranking trends allow you to see all relevant information related to your search topic;
  • The extension is adaptable to the most popular search engines; 
  • SERPTrends is free, you will get trends on Serp fluctuations for free.
Here are some disadvantages of SERPTrend :
  • SERPTrends can sometimes be inefficient, as it displays websites that are less relevant at the top of search results;
  • Additionally, SERP trends may be slightly different from one particular search engine to another. 
In any case, you don’t have to spend a single penny to use SERPTrends which is very far from being a bad option for you.

How to use SERPTrends ?

First, after installation, the extension is enabled by default and you will see a red and green triangles icon in your browser’s extension bar. Barre l extension de nacigateur When you search, you’ll see position numbers and dynamic icons near each result in the SERP. Recherche de definition action manuelle sur Google The most important thing to do is to do a search on Google so that the tool can give you relevant information like:
  • Website ranking 
This feature of SERPTrends displays the ranking of your website on Google results pages.  When you search for keywords in search engines, the result page displays the websites of sites related to your intention.  You can identify the position held a particular website  If the keyword is searched again, your website’s ranking may shift either up or down.  This is indicated with green and red arrows in the SERPTrends spy tool.  A green arrow appears if a website has seen progress in ranking and a red arrow appears if its ranking is dropping.
  • Featured 
snippet Featured snippet is a box that appears when you search for a certain question on search engines. Extrait en vedette This box provides a summary answer to your question. The snippet usually appears in the first position of the first page of the SERPs.  It’s the answer pulled from a specific website and it appears at the top of the organic results.  For a more detailed answer, you can either visit the website from which the featured snippet is formed or check other links. SERPTrend you control competing sites that appear in this Google feature. This is a good way to look to do the best that your competitors who appear in the excerpts are doing to be there regularly.
  • Local 
pack The local pack shows you the location of a restaurant, hospital, school, bank or any other business near you. Paquetage local This feature also comes under AdWords, this is especially important for local businesses.  The local pack provides you with all the valuable information regarding location, notes, contact number, and business working hours. SERPTrends is a good tool to help you spy on businesses that appear in this Google feature. The local pack is a go-to spot for any local business because it gives more authority and exposes you to a more specific audience. This is why you should use SERPTrends to your advantage to increase your chances of showing your business in the local pack. In general, the features of SERPTrends are beneficial for marketers, companies, professionals, and even common people.  It is therefore a good option for webmarketers when they need to track their potential competitors on the net.

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SERP Trends is an SEO extension developed and created by SEO and SEM experts working in various fields of Internet marketing. It is mainly used to identify a site and to note its level of referencing. You can use it with multiple browsers. SERP Trends basically works as an SEO tool. When you perform a search on your browser with SERP Trends, you can obtain, the next day, the referential position of the site you visited the day before.  However, the language used by SERP Trends is not accessible to everyone. This is why SEO and SEM specialists seem to appreciate and use this extension better. When you install SERP Trends for the first time, you will see displayed in the status bar of your browser, a colored icon, which indicates that it is activated. Right after this, you can easily assess the SEO position of all the websites you visit. This also allows you, if you have a site, to know the position of the latter, in the SEO ranking.

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