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Keyword Opportunities | Word Tracker Scout

Keyword Opportunities | Word Tracker Scout

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Use WordTracker Scout to analyze any page and discover its primary keywords and missed keyword opportunities.

Long Description : Keyword Opportunities

Description WordTracker Scout 

The Wordtracker keyword creation tool also offers a URL inspection feature called Wordtracker Scout, to discover all targeted keywords on any web page with a single click.  Source:Stunningmesh  The tool also uncovers any missing keywords that could have been targeted to boost the page’s visibility in search engine results. This is a feature that can be useful for uncovering less competitive niches and keyword opportunities in an effort to bolster your SEO strategy. Also ideal for competitive analysis. 

What is WordTracker?  

As a reminder, WordTracker is a free keyword research tool developed to help website owners and online marketers find relevant and profitable keywords.  These keywords can then be targeted to strengthen their SEO strategy on search engine pages.  To learn more about this tool you can consult our WordTracker Description. 

What is WordTracker Scout? 

Also called WordTracker Inspect, WordTracker Scout is a feature of the keyword research Initially, the tool was offered separately. But due to its success (+8,500 active users), the authors of the brand decided to integrate it as a feature into the WordTracker tool.  WordTracker Scout is accessible from the INSPECT tab on the official WordTracker website and offers a limited number of free searches per day.   WordTracker Scout allows you to inspect the URL of any web page and discover the keywords used there.  The tool also provides you with relevant keyword opportunities that were missed to be optimized on the inspected page.  Which can be useful for spying on the competition and spotting untapped opportunities to get ahead in your industry. 

WordTracker Scout: How to use it? 

  • You can then enter in the search bar, the URL of the page you want to inspect and then click on the INSPECT button. 
Note : For this, you are not obliged to enter the full domain name of the site faithfully. You may well refrain from writing the prefix ‘http://’ or even ‘www’, WordTracker will work fine.  The fact is that the tool inspects the page itself and not the domain name. So you can just enter “” if it’s a homepage and “” if it’s a specific page.  After a few moments, the tool should generate an analysis report for you to get an overview of the information collected on the explored link.  Some important information is classified at the top of the list such as: 
  • The title and meta description tags 
  • The title of the page 
  • A cloud of keywords used to get an idea of ​​the semantic field of the page
  • score Citation Flow : To evaluate the number of backlinks that point to the page as well as their quality
  • score Trust Flow To estimate the degree of reliability of the backlinks that point to the page
  • ​​score Page Speed To get an idea of ​​the page loading speed
  • score Optimization To have an overall idea of ​​the level of optimization of the page for search engines
  • score SEO Difficulty : To estimate the degree of difficulty to overcome before outranking the page on the SERPs.  
By then scrolling down the page, you will discover the following sections: 

1. Opportunities 

The OPPORTUNITY section groups together the associated keywords that have been found on the page you have analysed.  Source: WordTracker  For each keyword found, WordTracker Scout displays important SEO metrics such as search volume, Cost Per Click, SEO difficulty level and ranking on search engine pages. This is valuableinformation that will allow you to identify the most profitable keywords and on which you can quickly obtain good SERP rankings. 

2. Keyword opportunities not on the page

This section of WordTracker Scout gathers relevant keywords that are not on the inspected page. These are beneficial terms that could have been targeted to boost the page’s visibility on the SERPs.  This is a very practical way to recover the keywords that you have missed and add them to the SEO strategy of the page in question.  If the link you entered is to a competitor’s page, then this section will allow you to identify gaps in their SEO strategy. This is valuable information that you can use to your advantage to overtake this competitor on search engine pages. 

3. Top keywords on page

Here you have all the most important keywords listed on the inspected page always with SEO metrics such as search volume, Cost Per Click and many more.  Clearly, these are the keywords for which the page is apparently well optimized. 

WordTracker Scout: What You Can Do With The Tool

tab Inspect of the WordTracker Keyword Builder Tool allows you to: 

1. Discover niches and opportunities 

Sometimes it can be difficult to know the niche or keywords totarget to quickly get good rankings on search engine pages.   WordTracker Scout lets you identify low-competition niches and keyword opportunities that you can target and quickly improve your SERP rankings.

2. Optimize your content 

On-page optimization is an essential basis for any effective SEO strategy.  And at this level too, WordTracker can be very useful to you. For starters, the tool allows you to inspect any page and access the optimized keywords on the page as well as the rank that page has on the SERPs for each keyword found.   You can then focus your optimization efforts on the keywords on which you are close to the first page of Google.  WordTracker Scout also gives you access to a list of keywords that are profitable, but have not been optimized on the page.  A way to boost your on-page SEO strategy or gain a competitive edge if the inspected link belongs to a competing site. 

WordTracker Scout: Advantages and Disadvantages 

  • Uncover the most important keywords on a web page
  • Uncover missed keyword opportunities on a web page
  • Useful for competitive analysis 
  • Displays important SEO metrics such as CPC (cost per click), search volume, rank on Google, etc. 
  • Displays the SEO difficulty level of keywords 
  • Some features are limited in the free version 
  • No chat support

WordTracker Scout: Pricing 

Since WordTracker Scout is integrated with the WordTracker keyword generator, it does not benefit from separate pricing.  However, the tool is available for free with a limit on the number of links to inspect per day.  But to take full advantage of the features available, WordTracker offers 3 pricing plans with a 7-day trial period:  Bronze $27 per month 
  • 1,000 Keyword Results 
  • 6 Territories 
Silver $69 per month 
  • 5,000 Keyword Results 
  • 13 Territories
Gold $99 per month 
  • 10,000 keyword results per month 
  • Over 200 territories 
  • API access.
By choosing an annual subscription, you can save up to 40% on each plan.

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Wordtracker is one of the premier keyword research tools. It was developed by Andy Mindel and Mike Mindel in 1997. It can detect both the keywords and the important expressions essential for your website. Although popular in the SEO industry, Wordtracker gives you the opportunity to get a good database of search terms. It also promotes the search for information related to keywords. To this extent, Wordtracker effectively helps in the SEO of websites for search engines. Thus, it supports you in your various strategies, whether marketing or content. It is a tool that is aimed at SEOs, marketers as well as SEO professionals.

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