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Data Extractor from GSC to Google Sheets | Search Analytics for Sheets

Data Extractor from GSC to Google Sheets | Search Analytics for Sheets

Short description : Data Extractor from GSC to Google Sheets

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Make your life easier with Search Analytics for Sheets to pull data from Google Search Console.

Long Description : Data Extractor from GSC to Google Sheets

Search Analytics for Sheets

If you have your own site or manage a company’s site, you probably check Google Search Console to see how your site is performing and measure your progress. While this tool is great overall, there are some issues that can hamper the speed of your work. To go faster, some people prefer to use Google Sheets to perform data analysis. The latter use Search Analytics for Sheets to extract data from GSC to avoid all the difficulties. In this description, we discover how to use this extension to extract data to Google Sheets as well as the interest of analyzing files in this service.

What is Search Analytics for sheets?

Long story short, Search Analytics for Sheets is an add-on to Google Sheets that lets you pull data from the GSC (via its API), group it, and filter it to your liking. This API also allows you to create automatic monthly backups of your data. This is because GSC’s Search Analytics web interface is not very user-friendly. As a result, it is often difficult to sort and manage the data to get useful insights, even when downloading the data as CSV. The hardest part with the Search Analytics web interface is aggregation. For example, it is not possible to see a list of all keywords in Search Analytics and, at the same time, get the corresponding landing pages. The development of the Search Analytics API overcomes this and allows SEOs to do just about anything with GSC data.

Who is Search Analytics for sheets suitable for?

This tool is aimed at SEO professionals and webmasters who use GSC data to improve their marketing strategy and online presence. Indeed, GSC makes it possible to monitor and diagnose site traffic and changes in position as well as opportunities for ideas. Search Analytics for sheets will help you better use information about your site to refine your strategies and make relevant decisions. The tool is completely free and its installation is very simple. It is possible to install the extension directly in Google Sheets. Once you open a spreadsheet, go to Add-ins or Extension and click on Get add-ins. You just have to search for the tool and install it. To use the API, open a new spreadsheet where you want to use the add-in and do the following:
  • Go to Add-on or Extensions;
  • Choose Extensions then the name of the tool;
  • Then click on Sidebar and allow the tool to connect to your GSC account.
For the next few times, the API will be available for all your spreadsheets.

The possibilities of using the Search Analytics for sheets

tool The Search Analytics for sheets tool can help you in several ways:

Check for keyword opportunities

Use a sheet filter to display only rows whose position is between 10 and 21. These are often the results that appear on the second page. From then on, you will check if your pages that appear in this position can be further optimized to bring these requests to the first page. For example, you can work on the title tag, content and internal links to these pages.

Diagnose landing page performance

Check the position of more than 20 rows to see if there is a lag between the query and its landing page. Maybe you should create more landing pages, or there are pages that target these queries, but are not accessible to Google.

Improving CTR

It’s important to take a close look at position and CTR. So check the low CTR lines associated with high position values ​​and see if there is room to improve the titles and meta descriptions of these pages. Most of the time a call to action could be useful, or probably you can add some rich snippets.

Determine why your traffic has dropped

There may be times when you have significant changes in traffic. Make two queries following two periods then use VLOOKUP to compare the data. When it is your positions that have dropped overall, check the GSC to see if there is an increase in 4xx/5xx errors, site migrations or faulty protocols. But when your positions haven’t seen a drop and it’s clicks and impressions, it may be due to seasonality. So it’s time to check the year-over-year analytics using the Google Trends and Keyword Planner tools.

Get greater granularity with additional grouping and filtering options.

When it comes to groupings, you can do them by date, country, and device to dive deep into the data. As for filtering, it allows you to retrieve data specific to one or more dimensions.

Search Analytics Automated Backups

Now is a good time to remember that the data available in GSC only covers the last 90 days or so. It is therefore important to save the data in order to access it later. It’s true that you can download the data, but the Search Analytics for Sheets add-on offers an even easier way: saving the data automatically. To do this, select the site and configure the groupings and filters you want to use. Then just enable backup. The current spreadsheet will host this backup from now until you want to disable it. The backup is done monthly and the information for each month is kept separately in a sheet.

Search Analytics for Sheets Backup Log

Search Analytics for Sheets also creates a separate sheet for aggregated monthly data, ensuring that you are backing up the actual aggregate information. This is the total number of impressions and clicks, as well as CTR and position data, without any grouping or filtering. To access the list of the backup, you will go to the About tab of the add-on. Through this description, we discovered how to extract data from GSC to Google Sheets and manipulate it as desired with the Search Analytics for Sheets add-on. By using this API, you will be able to do without the difficulties of sorting and grouping data in GSC in order to fully exploit them and sharpen your strategies.

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Search Analytics for Sheets is a free tool that allows you to retrieve some important data from your site. These include requests, pages, clicks, etc. These will be sent directly to Google Sheets, making it a tool that allows you to create automatic backups. However, you will only be able to have a specific number of data per spreadsheet with the possibility of using filters such as the country where the data comes from. But to do this, your site must be verified from Search Analytics.

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