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SEO tools for Joomla :

Discover the list of SEO tools for Joomla :


  • Free (299)
  • Pay (148)
  • Freemium (102)


  • Technical SEO (329)
  • Content Optimization (77)
  • Keyword Research (54)
  • Tracking (49)
  • Link building (34)
  • SEO Video (5)


  • Web (456)
  • Browser (34)
  • Wordpress (29)
  • Joomla (10)
  • Shopify (10)
  • Magento (9)

The number of websites that use CMS continues to grow every year. This is the case of the Joomla CMS which, duringin recent years, alone accounts for1 580 832 andyour webs in the world.

This rather impressive figure should not really surprise you, because this CMS is free and completely free to use. Although it is free, Joomla is quite powerful and allows you to design a website in a few clicks in any business niche.

Contrary to what one might think, this tool has an extension store that offers many tools to bring personal touches to a website.

Using these extensions, you can, for example, customize the design of your site or manage your different content more easily.

In this mini-guide, we will mainly talk about Joomla SEO extensions and how they can benefit you.

Chapter 1: Joomla SEO tools: what are we talking about?

There are over 8,000 extensions on the Joomla store and many of these tools are free and can really help you in managing your site. In this chapter, I will try to introduce you to:

  • What these tools actually are;
  • Whether they are free or premium;
  • And the advantages as well as the possible disadvantages related to the use of these tools.

1.1. What should I understand by Joomla SEO tools?

Each CMS available on the market offers extensions that facilitate the optimization of the content of your web pages.

Precisely, these are small SEO programsintegrated into the Joomla platform and which allow users to properly build the natural referencing of their sites. Thus, these tools promote a better ranking of Joomla sites in the SERPs.

In other words, Joomla SEO tools help optimize your site pages for search engines.

Recall that Joomla is among the top 5 of the best CMS platforms and has a global market share estimated at 2,44 %. 

Although this percentage of the market is small in comparison to others, including WordPress, in the lead, the fact remains that it has a number of users. 466 141, this is the number of users in the United States according to sales-hacking.com.

Moreover, this number will soon change, not only in the country of Uncle Sam, but also on a global level, because the Joomla CMS offers new updates every time. It goes without saying for its extensions.

Source : Statistics CMS

Anyway, the SEO tools of this CMS promote your handling of the platform and contribute remarkably to your SEO.

They make it easy to manage your various SEO projects if of course you want to experiment with Joomla. Naturally, every Joomla SEO tool has a value. If you want to know if they are free or paid, the following will better guide you.

1.2. Joomla SEO Tools: Free, Paid or Freemium?

Like other CMS extensions, the Joomla store offers both paid and free tools.

Before discussing the price of Joomla SEO tools, we would like to clarify one point. Indeed, in this kind of mini guide, we talk aboutmainly Joomla SEO tools. These SEO tools are at least forty.

As such, we can say with conviction that practically these tools are paid for, with the exception of a few like Google Structured Data, which is completely free. A little further we will give more details about this tool.

If you are a freemium plan lover, we are sorry to inform you that no Joomla SEO tools use this plan.

You must therefore spend a few euros if you really want to use the most famous SEO tools on the Joomla platform.

Moreover, if you wish to have all the details on the configuration of the Joomla CMS for your SEO use, we recommend that you read ourguide complet SEO.

The latter also presents how to prepare your website for Joomla SEO and frequently asked questions.

Since what interests us is the Joomla SEO tools, we invite you to discover some of their advantages and disadvantages.

1.3. Advantages and disadvantages of Joomla SEO tools

Many CMS SEO tools have both upsides and downsides. This reality is in no way beyond the SEO tools of the Joomla content management system, as the following proves.

1.3.1. Benefits of Joomla SEO Tools

The benefits of Joomla SEO tools revolve around their interface and their multiple and diverse features.

  • Fairly easy to use and handle

Joomla SEO tools are fairly easy to get started with for users. They have an ergonomic and simple interface facilitating the management of content on the Joomla CMS. These tools can easily be integrated into the menu with just a few clicks.

In addition, Joomla SEO tools offer good flexibility in use. They allow you to save additional time in your various SEO tasks.

  • Awesome Features

Joomla SEO tools have various features that can serve as a solution in terms of SEO strategy for your website. Most of the features of the CMS tools cover almost all of your on-page SEO.

This assumes that by making use of Joomla SEO tools, you will be able to manage the key elements of SEO. In other words, these tools make it possible to:

  • search for keywords;
  • carry out an SEO audit of your Joomla website;
  • regularly monitor the position of your Joomla site in the SERPs;
  • perform a competitor analysis;
  • intervene in your technical SEO.

They therefore bring through their multiple features a truly professional touch to SEO specialists.

  • The way to have a good ROI (Return On Investment)

Joomla SEO tools well exploited with the right SEO strategy allow content optimization for search engines. And a good optimization is a way to ensure that your Joomla website will have a good ranking.

Thus, it is unequivocal that Joomla SEO tools promote a good ROI. They will help you attract potential customers through the referenced content.

So you can easily connect with those customers who make inquiries and are constantly looking for great offers.

  • Continuous updating of your Joomla website

Joomla SEO tools improve your content marketing, but also allow you to update your website every time. Thus, your web performance in terms of SEO will be constantly improved.

  • Optimizing your website for mobile

According to the BDM website,92,1 % representthe percentage of Internet users who browse the Internet from a handheld device. This indicative figure indicates the extent to which both Smartphones and tablets are used to search the Internet.

Faced with this state of affairs, optimizing websites for mobile regardless of the CMS used becomes a major challenge for companies and individuals. So there is this new need that conditions them.

It is therefore important to know that the SEO tools of the Joomla CMS easily participate in the optimization of your website for mobile or tablet.

1.3.2. Disadvantages of Joomla SEO tools

Joomla SEO tools have a downside despite their advantages. This one concerns the price of these tools. As we have already said, they are paid.

Thus, if you do not have a certain budget, you will find it difficult to use the multiple features of the SEO tools of this platform. This seems to be their major drawback.

Anyway, these Joomla SEO tools have a few features that we will cover in the next chapter. As such, you can decide whether this major drawback is a hindrance or not.

Chapter 2: Some Joomla SEO tools to consider in your On-site SEO

Joomla SEO tools allow you to add additional functions to the Joomla CMS in terms of optimizing websites for search engines.

So they are all extensions. This is one of the peculiarities of these tools.

Also, these are tools that only depend on Joomla. In other words, they are only used on the Joomla CMS in its Editing module. There are a good number of them that will accompany you remarkably in your:

  • SEO On-page ;
  • SEO Off-page ;
  • SEO technique Joomla.

Without further ado, let’s discover these Joomla tools and their particular characteristics.

2.1. SEO Joomla on-page

Joomla on-page optimization is the set of techniques consisting of naturally referencing the structure of a website under Joomla. The main intention is to improve the visibility of the Joomla site in the SERP of search engines.

Source : Twaino

More precisely, Joomla on-page SEO is accomplished by improving all the elements that contribute to helping search engines understand the content of your Joomla site. The elements we are talking about here mainly concern these:

  • Title tags;
  • Meta descriptions;
  • Header tags;
  • Structure HTML ;
  • Loading time of your pages:
  • Images integrated into your pages…

Thus, to improve your Joomla on-page SEO, you must use some SEO extensions integrated into its menu. These are precisely some SEO tools that you absolutely need to know about.

Indeed, we believe in our agency that if you had more details on certain essential Joomla tools, you would be able to easily use this CMS.

It is by attaching ourselves to this value that we have selected the best known and most interesting Joomla on-page SEO tools here. These are iJoomla and Google Structured Data.

2.1.1. iJoomla SEO

This tool is involved in optimizing your content. It has several features that make it the inevitable optimization tool under Joomla.

Indeed, with this extension you have the possibility to manage all of your meta tags in a single page. Whether it’s tracking your keywords or controlling and balancing their saturation, this plugin will help you do it nicely.

It also participates in the internal networking on your website. Thus, it can be exploited to automatically design links when you set specific keywords as anchor texts.

Also, iJoomla SEO can solve your various faulty URL problems.

In addition, this extension allows you to automatically add an Alt tag to images. As you already know, these tags are necessary for the optimization of the images integrated into your content.

Images being a factor in improving the loading speed of the pages of your site, the extension therefore contributes to web performance. However, its use is chargeable.

2.1.2. Google Structured Data

This tool also helps improve the SEO of your Joomla website. Not only that, Google Structured Data makes the site look better in the Google SERP.

It is the Joomla extension par excellence that can boost search engine traffic going to your site. She supports digital marketers and SEO professionals to better understand and adoptstructured data

It also allows these specialists and professionals to get the most out of their content for Google rich snippets without them having to write any code. The structured data content types this extension considers are:

  • Articles ;
  • Course ;
  • Events;
  • FAQ ;
  • Services…

The structured information that the extension allows tends to help Google read, classify, display and have a good understanding of the information you choose to present in the code of your Joomla pages.

Easy to use, it really contributes to your Joomla on-page SEO. However, what makes it more captivating is that it is totally free to use.

2.2. SEO Joomla Off-page

Joomla off-page SEO is the set of SEO practices implemented outside of Joomla websites to correct or improve its position in search engines. It actually complements Joomla on-page SEO.

Source :  Twaino

Fundamentally, the key factor in off-page optimization is backlink design. The goal is always the same: to have better transparency for your website in the SERPs.

Anyway, the tool that allows you to effectively manage the links that point to your website is always iJoomla SEO or iSEO

Furthermore, it is important to know that if you want to do well with your Joomla off-page SEO, you must consider other general aspects of off-page SEO.

These aspects are more recommendations for performing your Joomla off-page SEO well. Mainly here is 03:

  1. Organize or participate in discussion forums about SEO in Joomla
  2. Remember to publish your Joomla page content on the main social media
  3. Write guest posts frequently

About the last recommendation, you should know that writing guest articles is a rather simple process, but it requires different steps.

Thus, it would be beneficial for you to have all the details on how this type of writing, qualified in SEO by the term guest blogging, works. To help you, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide titled:WHY AND HOW TO WRITE A GUEST ARTICLE? [COMPLETE GUIDE]. What about Joomla technical SEO?

2.3. SEO Technique Joomla

Before the SEO of your Joomla site is complete, you must, in addition to on-page and off-page optimization, set up Joomla technical optimization.

Source : Twaino

The latter is a crucial issue for properly optimizing your Joomla sites. Without technical optimization, you can be sure that your Joomla site will not have any value for search engines.

Indeed, Joomla technical optimization represents the various Joomla SEO actions which aim to ensure that all the essential technical aspects put in place are well developed to guarantee two realities inherent to SEO.

This is the best indexing and ranking of a Joomla website in search engine SERPs.

Joomla technical optimization work is totally specific, as it does not depend on Joomla content creation. It is, as its name suggests, purely technical. However, the fact remains that it is confused with Joomla on-page SEO.

Anyway, Joomla technical SEO is only possible with the help of a few extensions. And it is the latter that we will discuss. Thus, we have identified 04 essential Joomla Technical SEO tools for amateurs.

2.3.1. Sh404SEF

This SEO tool read “Sh 404 SEF” is a Joomla extension that helps Joomla website owners to have more traffic on this site.

It also allows them to make favorable changes for the positioning of their Joomla sites in search engines.

Sh404SEF gives you the opportunity to respond to a good number of SEO suggestions from major search engines. Just a few clicks. The different options offered by this extension systematically monitor:

  • duplicate content management;
  • the audits ;
  • social media connectivity;
  • 404 error pages.

This extension is so effective that we can even say that it is quite exhaustive for technical SEO Joomla. This claim can be justifiable when one attaches particular importance to its 10 features:

  • SEO oriented URLs;
  • Joomla site metadata management;
  • SEO social;
  • Antispam and security;
  • Integrated analysis;
  • Page 404 ;
  • Redirects under control;
  • Built-in link shorteners;
  • Canonical links;
  • Code QR.

That said, to benefit from these multiple features, you need a paid subscription.

2.3.2. OSMeta

This Joomla extension promotes the control of meta descriptions and meta titles as well as the contents of your site in one place. This dynamism makes Joomla editing prompt.

OSMeta also provides a metadata character counter like Mangools SEO with which you can see if your metadata meets SEO standards.

In addition, this Joomla extension allows you to produce metadata for all of your different web pages.

2.3.3. EB Auto SEO Internal Links

Joomla is also used in the creation of online stores. Thus, to optimize the content of your stores under Joomla, you can make use of this extension.

In fact, EB Auto SEO Internal Links allows you to automatically design internal links to improve the SEO of your e-shop. All you have to do is choose your keywords and this tool will take care of the design of the internal links on your entire site.

Also, when your internal links are done well, they provide you with:

  • Improved search engine friendliness of your website.
  • Distribution of link juice between the different pages of your website.
  • Increase in the number of page views of your Joomla website.
  • Autonomy to explorer robots to have access to your Joomla online store.

This extension therefore offers several advantages to your Joomla website. That said, for its use, you must make a premium subscription.

2.3.4. Canonical Links All in One

This is an extension that helps you have true canonical links for articles on your Joomla site.

With the links that Canonical Links All in One generates, you ensure that search engines do not get confused when lots of URLs redirect to the same content on your Joomla web pages.

This way you will avoid duplicate content. Using this extension also requires a subscription fee.

We can therefore remember that Joomla SEO tools are extensions which, through their various modules, participate perfectly in Joomla SEO. These are tools that take into account all the essential facets inherent in the activity of SEO.

Now let’s talk about Joomla content management system user profiles. This may guide you to experience it again or become a Joomla specialist.

Chapter 3: Which user profiles for Joomla?

Joomla is an excellent CMS as some of its SEO tools have previously demonstrated. It has a fairly easy grip that can match a few user profiles.

In this last chapter, we will discuss the main user profiles of Joomla. And who says use of Joomla, says use of Joomla tools.

3.1. Former Joomla users

If you have been aware of the Joomla CMS over time, you are one of the main user profiles.

Indeed, as you know, the old versions of this CMS were already at the beginning of its fairly qualitative creation since you tested it.

Since then, it has been constantly enriched by offering new tools with new features, some as interesting as the others.

Which is normal since since its integration into the market in 2005, SEO and Google’s algorithms have also evolved. We think you will be surprised to see what the Joomla CMS currently offers, especially in terms of technical SEO.

Indeed, the teams that developed this project now release security patches many times a year to keep Joomla in the game. In addition, updates to this CMS are done in just a few clicks.

Almost two decades have passed and this is huge in terms of SEO when you see the number of extensions set up by the Joomla teams in the “Editing” module.

Positive opinions on forums testify to the progress of updates to this Content Management System. So you can try to rediscover it if you wish.

3.2. Beginners in creating websites

Another profile of users of Joomla websites in 2023 naturally constitutes beginners in the creation of websites.

In principle, designing a website is a business or an approach that sometimes scares many people. This fear is often characterized by uncertainty, technique, lack of self-confidence and many other factors.

However, today there are enough well-stocked resources that allow, with a little concentration, to leave the amateur level for that of professionals.

In the case of Joomla, you can have all the necessary information to have a good website. Because this CMS is free, only a few tools and especially SEO require a certain budget. Here are some helpful resources:

  • Help Forums

Help forums are not always unanimous, but if you search the Internet well, you will find some good forums. The forums bring together volunteers who will provide you with some assistance and answers to your various questions. Here you should ask specific questions related only to Joomla.

  • social media

Social media have the particularity of creating various networks and sometimes professional and even free discussion groups. These will provide you with the answers, advice and recommendations needed to quickly create your Joomla site.

  • Tutorials and training

Very practical, these give you precise details, explicit videos and complete guides on all aspects concerning SEO in Joomla.

Either way, search properly and accurately for what you actually want. The internet is vast, which sometimes creates scams or fake news that doesn’t present what you genuinely want. So be really careful.

  • Joomla face-to-face meetings

180 local Joomla User Groups exist around the world. Therefore, if you are this category of people who prefer to see, feel, touch, you must find out about the meeting times of these groups.

This is why we advise you to click on theFrancophone Joomla community in order to haveall the information concerning the programs of these meetings.

You can also participate in the annual meetings. For sure, you will learn enough about CMS, but also Joomla SEO.

Now you have an idea of ​​the possible tricks to start building your Joomla site. You will certainly find concrete, well-detailed resources that will provide you with useful keys for the proper use of Joomla SEO tools.

3.3. Web agencies and SEO consultants

The third user profile we want to talk to you about concerns web agencies and SEO consultants. This is a particular profile that only likes to focus on the SEO tools they usually use.

This guarantees that they always have good results for their clients. In addition, they are more comfortable in their various daily SEO tasks. If you match these two profiles, maybe you should not use Joomla SEO tools and therefore the CMS.

However, you can think about experimenting with it. The apparent reasons that may prompt you to do so include the following:

  • Change the habit or routine

It is undeniable that making use of the tools you know and which have been helping you in SEO practice for a long time remains the best alternative. However, questioning and experimenting with other aspects of SEO is quite restrictive and demanding, but remains very instructive, very profitable.

  • train yourself

Getting trained every time is important. Unfortunately, this is still complicated. Between time and the projects in mind, self-training is often relegated to the background.

Nevertheless, training is a subtle way to gain experience in your sector. By using Joomla for example for your future client project, you will discover another approach to SEO and at the same time increase your various skills.

  • Have a new string to your bow

It is true that currently, many CMS can largely meet the various demands of customers.

If you already have the WordPress CMS for example, having a complementary alternative like Joomla will allow you to provide another approach to your prospects. In addition, you stand out from the competition in the eyes of your potential customers.

  • Identify new markets

The majority of the customer base of Joomla content management system providers is partly made up of:

  •  Small and medium enterprises
  • Small and Medium Institutes
  • Territorial community
  • Various small and large associations

These types of markets are not necessarily your area of ​​expertise, but precisely with new experiences you will find that it is enriching. In addition, the projects on this market do not come down to less than 5000 euros. Think about it again!

3.4. The curious of the web

This type of profile refers to people who are curious about the use and development of websites on the Internet. It is neither more nor less amateurs who are curious and who are constantly looking for new web adventures.

These are people who have no basis in anything, at least concerning the web and on-site SEO. Thus, experimenting with Joomla even for the simple pleasure can perhaps allow them to find their web vocations.

It should be remembered that the Joomla CMS with its various SEO tools continues to improve day by day. It currently has a number of users worldwide and this number is bound to increase in 2023 as the Joomla platform is constantly striving for better user experience.

In summary

Joomla SEO tools are extensions that can only be used on the Joomla CMS. These are mostly paid tools, but which effectively participate in all the fundamental aspects of optimizing Joomla sites.

They have several advantages that make your web pages stand out in the SERPs. These are tools that offer remarkable traffic and excellent visibility of your website for search engines.

What makes these Joomla SEO tools even more interesting is that they can be used by anyone who wants to without them having a solid knowledge of SEO and Joomla.

Finally, Joomla SEO tools support both SEO specialists and digital marketing professionals in their daily activities. These tools also help e-merchants in optimizing the content of their products.