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According to a recent study,59% people of high reputationclaimed that they would like to see a video instead of reading plain text.

With this trend among online consumers, web marketers are producing more and more videos, which implies that the competition is, without a doubt, significant.

And to deal with this, you can automate the whole process of optimizing your videos by selecting the right tools.SEO videos.

In addition to the important features, in this guide we are going to cover the essential factors that will help you choose the most suitable video SEO tool for you.

If you’re interested, let’s move on!

Chapter 1 :What are video SEO tools?

Search engines like YouTube and Google place great importance on user experience when ranking websites and videos. In fact, search results for YouTube videos are now integrated with Google search results to make searching even easier.

Video SEO tools in this case allow you to meet search engine requirements to get or maintain a good position on the SERPs.

These tools are in most cases automatic, easy to use and others, accompanied by guides and assistance.

Video SEO tools can perform several functions such as the following:

1.1. Rating of the most popular searches in your niche

The essence of SEO is to detect relevant keywords that people frequently use to search for information on the Internet. The more your videos reflect these keywords, the more likely they are to rank well in search engines when your audience makes use of these words.

And for that, tools likeAnswerThePublic are great for finding common searches related to a certain topic.

Once you have a list of keywordstargets, you can use competitor analysis tools to see which ones they are doing well in ranking for.

All-in-one SEO suites like SEMrush and Ahrefs can show you the keywords your competitors are using.

Not to mention, there are entire tools, like Rival IQ, that track keywords on various social media platforms. For example, if you want to get insight into the content plan or content strategy of a successful channel or brand, it will benefit you.

1.2. Researching potential keywords

Determining which keywords to target requires some outside research. 

This is where keyword research tools for SEO come in handy, as they show metrics like keyword difficulty and search volume.

Some of the most used keyword research tools include Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, SEMrush, BuzzSumo and

They help you find the most used keywords related to your startup and evaluate related phrases. The best keywords will be those with high search volume, but relatively low difficulty.

This way, you can keep a log of all possible topics that interest you, detailing their metrics. This way, you can easily refer to it later to optimize your videos.

To find new keywords, you can also use Youtube Analytics to find out which terms you already rank well for and which terms your competitors are outranking you for.

1.3. Optimization of video descriptions

On YouTube, optimizing your video descriptions is an imperative aspect if you produce videos. Each time you modify or update these descriptions, Youtube relies on your new included keywords toreevaluatesr the content of each video in order to decide its place in the rankings.

Thus, for a better ranking of these videos, it is essential to place the most imperative keywords in the right places of your description.

It may seem like an expert task, but when you use an automated optimization tool, you can easily optimize your video descriptions.

Another rule is to limit the word count of your description to 200 words to allow Youtube to display it easily and human users to better understand the message you are conveying.

And the right video optimization tool can generate a clear and accurate description within the standards based on your target keywords.

1.4. Youtube tag optimization

YouTube tags are quite important because as the name suggests, they help your YouTube videos get seen by more people. By including targeted keywords in your YouTube tags, you increase the chances that your video will be found when people search for those terms.

For this, there are tools on the market likeTubeBuddy andVidIQ can help you find popular tags associated with other videos that target similar keywords to what you are looking for.

Some tags are harder to guess than others. WithTubeBuddy and VidIq, you can see what your competitors already know about optimizing YouTube videos in your area of ​​interest, so you’re always one step ahead.

You can even use the search engine to find potential YouTube tags by looking at the list of related search terms at the bottom of any Google search results. These terms often make good tags for YouTube.

Some of these related searches will make great YouTube tags, while others may not be as appropriate. However, they will all provide you with a solid foundation of the terms commonly associated with your main keyword, so you will have plenty of tagging options.

1.5. Optimization of video thumbnails

The thumbnail is one of the first things potential viewers see before clicking on your video. A good thumbnail should reflect the content of the video and give viewers an idea of ​​what to expect. 

That way, you’re more likely to capture their attention and keep it for the duration of your video.

While a thumbnail doesn’t have an immediate impact on how Google ranks search results, it can still have some effect.

Having a presentable thumbnail can lead to more views, make videos more likeable, and Google can use it as an indicator to perceive if your video is applicable, which, in turn, means higher rankings in Search results.

Thumbnails with an emotional component tend to grab people’s attention more, but you need to be careful about how they represent your content. If you’re talking about something serious, like school or work, you want to make sure the thumbnail isn’t too confrontational.

1.6. Optimisation des hashtags

Hashtags have become increasingly popular in social media marketing practices, as they allow users to find the most relevant content for their queries faster. 

Hashtags not only improve your visibility in searches, but also make key trends more apparent. By adding a hashtag to your video description, it will appear above the video title and be clickable.

When you are new to SEO, it is best to use a tool that is suitable for this task to generate and include optimized hashtags to your videos in order to increase their visibility for searches.

Chapter 2: What are the essential criteria for choosing a tool for video optimization?

Of course, the right tool for optimizing your videos must support the optimization features that we have just seen in the previous chapter, but also some other features that are indirectly related to SEO:

2.1. The function of subtitling

The advantage of making your videos available online is that anyone in the world can watch them. However, if the video does not have subtitles or other accessibility features, not everyone will be able to understand it. This is why many people believe that closed captioning should be a mandatory part of any video editing experience.

Captioned videos have a much wider reach than uncaptioned ones because they are accessible to everyone. Not to mention that by integrating the subtitles directly into your videos, you avoid any problem of inaccuracy.

2.2. A large encoding capacity

Finally, you have finished editing your video footage and you are now ready to share it with everyone. However, before you can upload it, you need to encode the raw video files into digital formats that platforms like Youtube or Instagram can process.

The process of encoding video footage can become very slow, especially if you are using low-powered software. To avoid long wait times, you should choose a platform with high processing power.

For example, Gom Mix Max has just increased its encoding time to make it three times faster, from 697MB to 127MB. With this capacity, you can now even adjust a project’s default based on your favorite social media platform, so that downloading is easier and faster.

2.3. Assembly or orientation tutorials

If you’re new to video editing software, it’s normal that you need help learning the basics before moving on to more difficult techniques.

To that end, some platforms now offer comprehensive tutorials so users can learn how to use standard and advanced editing features.

If you have little or no experience with video production, purchasing software that comes with an online guide can be a great idea.

2.4. Attractive effects

A good video editor can boost your enthusiasm for the content you produce by adding dynamic editing effects. More advanced features like smooth transitions, color correction, and clip organization help elevate even the most basic footage to standout against the saturation of videos streamed daily on various sites.

Naturally, the more customization options a software offers, the more it will cost you.

However, you can take advantage of some of the most reputable services on the market for an affordable cost. For example, GOM Mix Max is a new software that offers over 260 effects including filters, patterns, overlays and transition effects for $39.99 per year. It also gives you the option of taking advantage of a two-month trial period if you don’t want to commit immediately.

Chapter 3: The best video seo tools according to their categories

Since some features of the tools for optimizing your videos can directly lead to good rankings and some have an indirect impact, the choice may still seem confusing to you.

For this, here is our list of seo video tools in category:

3.1. Best Captioning Tools

Here is your brief list of the best seo captioning tools:

3.1.1. Aegisubs

Aegisubs is a free and open-source captioning software that allows you to fully customize the font family, size and color of your captions.

Aegisubs offers users an unprecedented level of subtitle customization, including the ability to outline and rotate subtitles although it is unclear exactly how readable they would be. Also, users can decide where the subtitles should appear on the screen through the interface.

One of the great featuresd’Aegisubs is the display of audio waveforms to help you better target subtitle timestamps. While this helps with replay value, its main purpose is to target subtitles more effectively.

3.1.2. VisualSubSync

VisualSubSync captioning software is an excellent choice for those who prefer to use waveforms. It also includes video for visual context, so you can always add descriptive text to your captions.

VisualSubSync also includes videos for those who prefer visual context.

This is a more efficient option thanAegisubs, because it lets you select a waveform and create a caption directly with that timestamp, saving you time.

3.1.3. Cheers

Jubler subtitle software not only has an interface and features similar to thosed’Aegisubs, but you can also select Jubler’s visual audio waveforms to create subtitles more easily and accurately.

Not only does Jubler have a Mac version, but it also offers more font family options, which makes it more flexible than VisualSubSync.

Jubler’s visual subtitle bars are for presentation only and cannot be used to manipulate subtitle timecodes in any way.

3.1.4. DivXLand Media Subtitler

DivXLand Media Subtitler can be extremely convenient if you perform transcription and video synchronization separately.

Before you begin, you will need two files, a transcript of the entire recorded video in a .txt file, and the video itself.

To get started you will need two files, a transcript of your video in .txt format and the video itself. You can start by clicking “Apply” while the video is playing, which will overlay the subtitles on the screen in real time.

3.1.5. AHD Subtitles Maker

AHD Subtitles Maker also allows you to move/frame/edit your subtitles directly on the video timeline which is much more convenient.

You can also style your subtitles as you wish and export them in different formats.

3.2. Best Video Transcription SEO Tools

Here is a list of the best tools to perform a video transcription in an optimized way:

3.2.1. Sonic

If you’re looking for a transcription service that does its job well, Sonix is ​​the app for you. It is especially useful for podcast fans when they need to transcribe videos to audio in different languages.

With full multi-user permissions, smooth collaboration is guaranteed.

The app comes with a browser-based editor, which allows you to make edits in a Word document format. You can also take advantage of word-level timestamps and multitrack integration with apps like Zoom and Adobe Premier.

3.2.2. Otter

Otter is an AI-powered app that records audio data and provides real-time transcriptions. It works with pre-recorded audio and video files, as well as live recordings. The Otter app is available for iOS and Android devices, and features AVI (Ambient Voice Intelligence) technology to improve accuracy over time.

Not only does the tool integrate with third-party tools like Zoom, but it also facilitates collaboration in a smart way by identifying the interlocutor by their voice.

3.2.3. Scribe express

With Express Scribe, you have a fast and easy-to-use audio transcription tool that is free and cross-platform. You can transcribe your recordings as well as edit the text transcription using its searchable editor.

No matter what format of media files you have, the tool can handle it just as easily.

3.2.4. Go Transcribe

Go Transcribe is a transcription app that converts videos to text in minutes. You can edit transcripts in different formats including SRT, DOC, and PDF.

With Go Transcribe, there is no need to transcribe audio manually, the app will do it for you automatically.

3.3. Best Video Description SEO Tools

To write optimized descriptions for your videos, you can use:

3.3.1. Jasper

AI-powered software has been dominating the digital marketing arena for some time now and Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, is credited with being the front of the pack.

Jasper is a content generation tool that uses artificial intelligence to produce relevant text the way you want it.

Jasper provides custom content for various platforms such as YouTube, other social media sites, e-commerce stores, etc. That said, this is undoubtedly the best video description generator for YouTube.

Jasper not only provides you with video descriptions, but it also contains different modules to generate YouTube video titles, scripts, outlines, ideas, etc. Also, Jasper uses different marketing angles to make sure your video title is engaging and intriguing.

3.3.2. CopyAI

CopyAI is a SaaS application that has caught the attention of many players in the digital marketing world. Like other software,CopyAI uses artificial intelligence to deliver content just like a human. It currently offers more than 90 content writing and generating modules, including a YouTube video title and description generator.

Modules for generating titles and descriptions ofCopyAI are easy to use. For example, all you need to do to generate a working YouTube title is enter a few sentences about your video content. If you already have a title, just type it in instead andCopyAI will create an eye-catching description from your data.

Over 500,000 marketers useCopyAI, because it’s efficient, easy to use, and has a bunch of other copywriting features.

Among its best customers are Etsy, Nestlé and eBay.

3.3.3. Writesonic

writesonic is software that was first released as a lifetime offer on Appsumo. Although it is new and only has a few features, its potential has caught the attention of all customers.

And now, with the artificial GPT-3 technology powering it, it has become one of the most robust writing software available today.

If you are looking for a writing tool that can help you generate newsworthy titles for your YouTube videos,Writesonic worth consulting. Apart from generating great titles, it can also add relevant keywords to your video descriptions to improve SEO results. This means better organic reach for your videos.

3.3.4. Knight

Rytr softwared’Appsumo is one of its most recent offerings, but it has already caught the attention of many users. Although newer on the market, it still offers a solid collection of features and tools that writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs can benefit from. Currently, Rytr has more than 700,000 customers worldwide.

Rytr can generate attractive copies of YouTube video descriptions that are almost indistinguishable from those written by humans. You just need to enter your video title, select a language and set the tone you want.

Rytr uses GPT-3 artificial intelligence technology to create these descriptions quickly and easily.

3.3.5. Copysmith

For e-commerce companies and webmarketers,Copysmith remains a lifeline. It provides outstanding writing services including a product description generator.

Besides, the software also offers Chrome extension, Shopify plugin and integration withPhrase and Google Ads.

Good thatCopysmith was designed to improve website writing, it also has the ability to generate video descriptions. As a lesser known YouTube video description generator,Copysmith can help you create an engaging and informative video description that will entice viewers to watch your content.

3.4. Best Video Thumbnail Maker Tools

And to create your video thumbnails, here are our choices for you:

3.4.1. Canva

Canva is best known for being a graphic design program created for team collaboration.

With easy access to folders, shareable cloud storage, real-time feedback and sharing between teams, and an affordable price that includes a subscription for 5 people, Canva has everything you need to lead your next project effectively.

With over a million graphics, templates, images, and fonts available, Canva is the perfect thumbnail maker for YouTube. You can create thumbnails for any type of video using their easy-to-use templates categorized by topic, such as music, food, travel, beauty, or tutorials.

Additionally, you can save your brand’s color scheme so that you can easily properly format all your future thumbnails according to YouTube’s requirements.

3.4.2. Snatch

For those who have no design experience, Snappa is the best graphic design software to create YouTube thumbnails, Facebook and Instagram posts not to mention ebook covers, zoom backgrounds and banner ads.

If you are a professional graphic designer however, we think youwould prefer Canva instead.

This Youtube thumbnail maker makes it easy to design quality thumbnails for your videos with tools like crop, rotate and flip. You can also add overlay or blur effects and apply color adjustments.

3.4.3. Fotor

Fotor’s YouTube thumbnail maker is unique because it offers design elements like text, stickers, and emojis.

Fotor offers more than 500 professional thumbnail templates that you can modify to your liking. If you’re looking for social media-specific design templates, Fotor has you covered with options for Facebook covers, Instagram posts, Twitch banners, and more.

3.4.4. Pixlr

Pixlr is perfect for anyone who wants to edit photos or create graphic designs, regardless of experience level. Pixlr X is a fast and easy editor designed especially for beginners, with a limited set of tools and one-click apps. For more experienced users, Pixlr E offers tons of professional-grade tools and the ability to start from scratch.

The new toolPhotomash from Pixlr is a one-stop-shop for creating posts for social media or e-commerce. With its YouTube thumbnail maker, you can remove backgrounds, change colors, and quickly add text to up to 50 photos at once.

3.4.5. PlaceIt

PlaceIt not only lets you design professional logos, but also provides gaming-specific templates on YouTube and Twitch, such as channel intros, lower-tier banners, thumbnails, and more.

If you are a YouTuber and want to get into selling merchandise, this is the perfect platform for you since it offers mockups and templates for an endless variety of products.

You can save a lot of time just browsing the free options of YouTube Thumbnail Creator’s library, which contains more than 600 thumbnail templates. You don’t even need to put effort into creating thumbnails because there are templates available for specific tags and topics.


With the vouchersseo tools, your videos can get good rankings when people search for your target terms, even if you don’t have enough skill. You only have to perform the functions of these tools to get results. But first, you have to choose the right tool to succeed, and in this article, you have everything you need.