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Google Analytics Alternative | Simple Analytics

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Simple, clean and analytics friendly for traders.

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Description Simple Analytics 

Some SEO analytics tools can sometimes get cluttered with all the metrics they present.  Simple Analytics takes another approach by only generating “essential” metrics and promises not to collect personal data to respect the privacy of its users. 

What is Simple Analytics? 

Simple Analytics is a web analytics tool that lets you analyze your website traffic with simple, easy-to-understand reports. The tool is different from other SEO analysis solutions by simply offering some data that it deems essential and sufficient to analyze the performance of a site on search engines.  In other words, unlike other SEO analytics tools that can overwhelm the user with heaps of metrics, Simple Analytics only shows you a handful of “essential” metrics on your website namely:  https:/ /
  • Page views 
  • Top pages
  • Referrers 
  • And screen sizes. 
For the brand, these are basic metrics that are enough to analyze most websites and track their progress on search engines. Simple Analytics also promises not to collect data about the privacy of its users.  For this, the tool does not use cookies and does not collect any personal data. By using Simple Analytics, there are no cookie banners or GDPR regulations to worry about. 

To use Simple Analytics? 

Here are some major points that distinguish Simple Analytics from other SEO analysis tools: 

1. Simple Analytics protects the privacy of its users 

On the official page of the tool, we can see that the brand has set itself the mission of giving the fastest, simplest and most ethical information on the SEO performance of its users while respecting their privacy.  In addition, to play the transparency card, Simple Analytics publicly shares its own metrics (revenue, costs, number of customers, traffic, etc.).  Source: Simple Analytics 

2. Simple Analytics encrypts its users’ data

In addition to respecting the privacy of its users, Simple Analytics does not seem to give less importance to their data.   The brand also has data encryption at rest and in transit to reinforce the security of its servers.  These servers are fully encrypted with a two-factor authentication system to render your data unusable in the event of theft. 

3. Simple Analytics also respects the privacy of your website visitors 

To provide metrics on your website’s SEO performance, some analytics tools collect your visitors’ IP addresses to easily track their activities on future visits. .  To stay true to its privacy policy, Simple Analytics relies on browser-side cues to establish your site’s SEO metrics. No personal information about your visitors is therefore stored. 

4. Simple Analytics is a company based in the European Union with servers hosted here in Europe

Simple Analytics has chosen to base itself in Europe and set up its servers there, again for data security reasons.  The European Union has always been recognized as an area that takes the privacy of its citizens to heart.  Source: Hwh To benefit from all the diligent regulations required in the EU area, Simple Analytics has chosen to base its facilities in the Netherlands with a local hosting provider. 

5. Simple Analytics offers the possibility to download your data

Although your data is not stored, the tool offers you the possibility to download it at any time. You can then decide to save them on your own media or delete them after use. 

Simple Analytics: Features available 

Simple Analytics has several features such as:

Importing Google Analytics data 

Google has announced that all standard installations of Universal Analytics will stop working on July 1, 2023. If you are a user of the service, Simple Analytics offers you the possibility to keep your data by importing it to your dashboard. Source: Virendra Singh The tool offers a feature that makes it easyto import Universal Analytics properties and Google Analytics 4 properties

Email Reports

Simple Analytics automatically generates analytics reports that are delivered to users weekly or monthly by email.  Source: Simple Analytics documentation  A way to help them keep an eye on their SEO performance without necessarily having to constantly consult their Simple Analytics dashboard.  To enable email reporting, configure your website settings here

Bypass ad blockers

If you have ad blockers on your website, these programs may block Simple Analytics preventing the tool from analyzing your website.  But you have a feature that allows you to configure a bypass of these ad blockers in order to let the tool access your site’s SEO statistics.  This workaround will essentially consist of masking the server name by redirecting a subdomain to the Simple Analytics domain. Source: Simple Analytics 

Hide spam links

Simple Analytics also has a feature that allows hide spam links that point to your website so as not to “pollute” your statistics.  Source: Simple Analytics  Generally, to hide a spam link, it is necessary to perform some complex configurations.  With Simple Analytics, this feature is enabled with just the push of a button. 

Integrate a graph on your site

With Simple Analytics, you also have the possibility ofintegrating a graph of statistics on your website. This is a feature that can be useful if you want to share your SEO results with your audience.   Source: Simple Analytics  You also have some customization options to make the chart more attractive and suitable for your website design. 

An extension to block your own visits in the SEO statistics

Simple Analytics also offers you the possibility of not taking your own visits into account in the SEO statistics of your site.  To do this, you need to install a Simple Analytics extension thatclick to allow data to load when you visit your site.  Source: Simple Analytics  Note : The extension is available on Google Chrome, Firefox, but also in a mobile application version on iPhone and a desktop application version for Safari.  

Find Simple Analytics on iOS? 

For more fun analysis of your website, you can find all the features of Simple Analytics directly on your iPhone on the tool’s iOS application with superb widgets.  The tool also exists in a desktop application version for Mac. 

Creation of events

Simple Analytics also offers you the possibility of creating certain events which will be triggered automatically in a specific condition.  You can create an event for example that will be triggered when you click on a specific button.  For those without programming knowledge, the tool offers an automated event script that gathers events for downloads, outbound links, and email link clicks. 

Simple Analytics: Integrations & APIs

Simple Analytics has APIs to integrate the tool with other tools you already use to bring your data from multiple sources together in a single workspace.  With these integrations, you can for example connect to an external database or exchange data or files.  To make these integrations possible, Simple Analytics has developed:

Simple Analytics: Pricing

Simple Analytics offers 3 pricing plans:  Starter $19/month OR $228/year
  • 100,000 datapoints per month
  • 1 user
  • 10 sites
  • Events
  • Aggregated Export
  • Support Email
Business $59/month OR $708/year
  • Access to all Starter plan
  • 1 million datapoints per month
  • 10 users
  • 100 websites
  • raw level export
Enterprise $99/month
  • Access to all Business plan features 
  • 1+ million datapoints per month
  • 10+ users
  • 1000 websites
  • Email-priority email

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Simple Analytics Simple Analytics is an SEO tracking tool, developed in 2018 by Adrian Van Rossum. It allows web page owners to closely monitor the performance of their content.  The tool has a slick interface and provides detailed reports on content flow, rankings, and even competitive input. It also offers audit reports via email as well as data usage via APIs. Simple Analytics also ensures data protection. Indeed, unlike other tools, the latter works with completely encrypted data. Which makes it popular with many SEO experts and many big brands.

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