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Check Competition | Similarweb

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Similarweb is the fastest and easiest way to find out what’s really going on online. Give it a try!

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There is no doubt that data is a treasure that no business can do without in this digital age. They can help you make massive changes and when used positively, they can help improve services or products for customers and make them happy. Being able to collect data on your competitors will also allow you to anticipate their strategies and improve your abilities in the areas in which they excel. However, if you can have basic data on your site, it can be quite difficult to know exactly what your competitors are doing. The SimilarWeb extension makes it possible to overcome this and helps you find a range of information on your site, but also on the competition. Without further ado, we discover in this description SimilarWeb and go through its various functions.

What is SimilarWeb?

SimilarWeb is a tool capable of estimating the total amount of traffic that different websites generate. This tool shows you the top traffic sources of your rivals by breaking them down into six main categories. These categories include referral sites, social media traffic, and search keywords. Interface SimilarWeb You also find with SimilarWeb statistics about the time spent on any site and the peripheries that generate traffic on the site in question. SimilarWeb is available in web version and you can find out the popularity of a site. It is also available as an extension to install in your various browsers for faster access. One of the benefits of using SimilarWeb is that it’s also a quick way to see who the biggest players in your industry are, and get an idea of ​​their respective size. The Pro version lets you see more information like device distribution, audience information, and share of traffic from various social media networks.


features SimilarWeb offers several features that I will present in this part.

Traffic Overview

If the “Traffic Overview” section was the only thing SimilarWeb offered, it would still be worth using it. Trafic sur SimilarWeb With the extension, you just have to go to your favorite website and click on the SimilarWeb icon among your extensions. This technique is very practical if you do a lot of competitive analysis. On, enter any URL in the search box.

Total visits

The “Total visits” graph allows you to see roughly how much traffic a given site has received during the last 6 months. In general, this data does not allow you to know exactly how many visits a site receives each month. But they’re relatively accurate at measuring traffic levels between sites, which is pretty awesome for a free tool. By comparing traffic data between two websites, you can conduct a citizen watch to know how you are developing compared to the competition.


Metrics Using SimilarWeb, it is possible to see engagement metrics like average visit duration, page views, and bounce rate. Note, however, that the values ​​should only be taken as relatively precise so as not to make biased analyzes between two sites with similar statistics. The key is to keep in mind that you can improve when you find that a competitor’s site has a much better bounce rate than yours.

Traffic Sources

The “Traffic Sources” table is an important feature of SimilarWeb. It shows the percentage breakdown of a site’s traffic from the following channels: Direct, Referral, Search, Social, Email, and Display Advertising. This is extremely useful information that will help you determine where you should focus your energy for content marketing. By determining this data, you can examine which channels a competitor is skipping and then double the effort on that channel.


This feature is so adorable because it shows you the percentage of overall site traffic that comes from referral traffic. Reference SimilarWeb It refers to all non-advertising traffic from individual sites that are not search engines or social platforms. SimilarWeb gives you access to Top Referring Sites, a feature that shows the top 5 sites driving traffic to your site. If you’re looking to improve your rankings for the SERPs, these referral sites are golden opportunities for link building. This site also gives you access to Top Destinations, which is how people leave a site you are analyzing. Simply put, destination sites are sites that visitors land on when they leave the site being analyzed. These are also potential sites for link building and guest posts.

Search, Social, and Display

The “Search,” “Social,” and “Display” sections take an in-depth look at a few major sources of site traffic.  With the Search section, you can see the percentage of your traffic coming from search, i.e. search engines.  Recherche social sur SimilarWeb According to SparkToro, Google accounts 57% of all website traffic. By comparing your percentage to the average, you will know how well your site is attracting traffic from search engines. SimilarWebn’s “Search” section also displays the top 5 search keywords for organic and paid search. As for the Social section, it breaks down social media traffic sources by specific platform to help you clearly see which platforms are working best for your competitors. Section social SimilarWeb This will allow you to dive into social media sites where your competitors are already active or find untapped social media that is not yet very competitive. As for the section, Display Advertising, it’s a report that shows you both the top sites and ad networks used for paid display ads and PPC. Recherche sur SimilarWeb However, it should be remembered that SimilarWeb does not have access to Facebook advertising traffic data.

Audience Interests

SimilarWeb’s Audience data focuses on what site visitors are doing when they are not on the site being analyzed. Through this function, you will see the categories of interests that these visitors have. The point of this kind of information is to create content that will help your target audience and is likely to interest them.

Word Cloud

This section features a word cloud of topics that SimilarWeb believes are most relevant to site visitors.

Competitors and similar sites

This report tells you who your competitors are and it will allow you to find out what all the major websites are doing in your niche. Concurrents SimilarWeb It can also be used for collaboration opportunities. This data from SimilarWeb can help you run your business online, as it allows you to see everything your competitors are doing and prepare yourself accordingly. In short, SimilarWeb web will allow you to make comparative analyzes between two websites in order to know where your competitors are excellent and where you have gaps.

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SimilarWeb is an information technology company founded in March 2009 by Or Offer. It is headquartered in London, UK. SimilarWeb’s goal is to provide Website Audience, Data Mining and Business Intelligence services to global companies. The company’s core mission is to provide a reliable, comprehensive and detailed view of the digital world to its clients so that they can outperform their competitors and dominate their markets. SimilarWeb works with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to global enterprises. It helps them by analyzing more than 100 million websites, 4.7 million mobile applications and offering nearly 550 million keywords per month. SimilarWeb has a dynamic team of over 800 people. It has offices on all 6 continents, with local services. It is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “SMWB”.

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