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Finding the Right Keywords | Ranxplorer

Finding the Right Keywords | Ranxplorer

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Ranxplorer is a tool used by webmarketers to analyze the effectiveness of their website in terms of natural and paid referencing. It is a fairly specific tool, which allows it to provide data with great precision.

Long Description : Finding the Right Keywords

Description Ranxplorer

The quality of traffic, whether organic or paid, to your website defines its performance in reality. This means that it is important that you monitor and analyze your website traffic in order to rank it better. For this, Ranxplorer offers functionalities for analyzing and monitoring the evolution of your rankings as well as the traffic in priority on your website. Let’s find out in this description how this tool works!

What is Ranxplorer ?

As we have just said, Ranxplorer is a software specifically focused on natural referencing as paying for a website. When it comes to focusing on webpage SEO, the tool does a thorough audit of the entire website to reveal the most important data. So, it lets you understand how your keywords are performing and suggests top ranking ones for your topic so you can rank higher. According to their homepage, the tool has a fairly large and largely effective database for SEO of a website. Regarding Ranxplorer’s terms of use, its free version allows you to access data on the natural referencing of your website. Still, you’ll be limited to just a few pieces of information that you’ll need to dig deeper into. But to have data on paid search, the tool offers this feature only when you upgrade to the pro version. The paid version of the tool lets you do even more when it comes to analyzing your website’s paid SEO. A first advantage is to be able to easily compare and follow the evolution of organic and paid traffic of your website. Here is in detail how you can analyze your organic and paid results:

Natural results

The tool has an SEO tab that highlights the most important metrics for the natural referencing of your website. To make the data easily readable and understandable to users, Ranxplorer represents the evolution of the website’s organic traffic on a curve and the changes in position on an easy-to-interpret graph. Talking about position change, the tool displays the keywords that allow certain pages to reach the first position in the SERP or even to appear in the top 10 and top 50 search results pages. The most interesting thing is that you can download or print the curves in different formats. In addition to these graphical representations, you can also discover in the SEO section quite essential metrics such as:
  • Keywords: Like most SEO tools, Ranxplorer displays important keywords followed by their positions on the results pages of research as well as their their their volume without dispensing with the difficulty of ranking on each;
  • URLs: The URLs section groups the total number of indexable pages on your website, the number of keywords for which the referring page as well as the total traffic acquires by each of these pages. The tool lets you choose to choose only the pages you want to examine or all the pages of the website;
  • Competitors: The ”competitors” section allows you to access a strategic list of your potential competitors. In addition to knowing the capabilities of each of them to compete for the top positions on the SERPs, you can also make a comparison between several competitors;
  • Missed Keywords: Here the tool lists the most relevant keywords for your niche and which your competitors are really ranking for. The idea is to help you better optimize your site for organic search;
  • Another tab known as short-term and long-term gain helps you understand how your pages have improved in the top 50 SERP search results.

Paid results

Just like SEO data, Ranxplorer also uses graphs and curves to represent paid search data. To go into detail, here are some metrics that you can discover in the SEA tab:
  • Paid traffic: the tool highlights the total number of visits from a paid campaign or sponsored links;
  • Monthly budget estimate: Here you will get a budget estimate for the cost per click of the relevant keywords you use in your ranking campaign;
  • Positioned keywords: You will have a list of keywords that help the pages of your website to position themselves on the search results pages.
Besides, the tool offers a general overview that allows you to take an in-depth look at the evolution of your website’s paid traffic and several other essential metrics. In general, if you want to optimize your website pages to boost traffic, Ranxplorer lets you find out its performance and also provides you with the essential points for improvement.

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Ranxplorer is a French company co-founded by Cédric Messoumian founder of KIWAX and Pierre Foucher. Created in September 2016, it specializes in the IT systems and software consulting sector. Ranxplorer is headquartered in Grenoble, France. It has developed the Ranxplorer tool of the same name as the company to help individuals and marketing professionals improve their content marketing. Specifically, the Ranxplorer tool analyzes and extracts all the data from the SERPs so that you can use them for your various marketing strategies. If you want to discover winning competitive strategies or explore your presence in SEA and SEO, Ranxplorer can help you. This makes the tool suitable for SEOs, marketers, and SEO agencies.

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