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Data Analysis & API | GeoRanker

Data Analysis & API | GeoRanker

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Unlimited paid and organic SERP data via our industry-leading API, custom scraping and crawling services, and the first suite of SEO tools for locals.

Long Description : Data Analysis & API

Description GeoRanker

GeoRanker is a platform with great features to help business owners improve their local SEO strategy.  Source: GeoRanker The platform has developed several tools that are mainly used to search for local citations and to follow the local ranking of companies on search engine pages. It also offers a heatmap to better analyze Local SEO competition. 

What is GeoRanker?

GeoRanker is a comprehensive local SEO audit tool that provides useful insights to improve the visibility of local businesses online.  For this, the tool allows, among other things, to follow and monitor the rankings of your website in the local results of search engines for targeted keywords.  With GeoRanker, you can search over 50,000 citations and track your site’s local ranking on SERPs across 150 countries around the world.  Source: GeoRanker Docs  You can generate accurate reports on your ranking at any time and discover the source of relevant local citations in your industry.  It can also be used to track the ranking of competing sites to uncover SEO opportunities.

GeoRanker: Important features 

Here are some important features that you will find on GeoRanker: GeoRanker 

SEO tools

1. Local Rank Tracker 

Local Rank Tracker is a location-based ranking tracker that uses more than 50,000 local IP addresses to allow you to Accurately track the local ranking of over 150 countries.   Thanks to the heat maps it has, it provides users with useful information to track their exact position on targeted locations in real time.  On these maps, we can see different sites or URLs with different colors. When a website is ranked multiple times in multiple locations on the 1st page of Google, it is highlighted.   Source: GeoRanker  This can be useful for identifying specific locations where you get better SERP rankings.  You can then improve your local SEO strategy in this direction to maintain these rankings.  Heatmaps can also be useful for identifying locations where your SEO strategy has failed.

2. Mobile Rank Tracker

Source: GeoRanker Docs  The Mobile Rank Tracker offers the ability to monitor your keyword rankings on mobile devices. With this tool, you can accurately track the fluctuation seen on mobile SERPs.

3. Images Rank Tracker – Unique

Source: GeoRanker Docs  This tool allows you to track your website’s ranking in Google Images results for targeted keywords. This can be useful for optimizing your visual content on Google Images and generating additional traffic. 

4. Video Rank Tracking

Just like Google Images, this tool allows you to track how your videos rank on Youtube for targeted keywords. Which can be useful to optimize your videos and get quality traffic from YouTube and Google. 

5. Local Pack and Maps Rank Tracking

Source: GeoRanker Docs  As a local business, it’s important to monitor your ranking in organic results for targeted keywords. But you also need to track your ranking on Google Maps and in the local Google results pack.   With GeoRanker, you can get and track these different rankings for different locations as well. 

GeoRanker competitive intelligence tools

1. Heatmap

Who are your local and national competitors on Google? With GeoRanker’s Heatmap tool, you can identify these competitors in the local pack and on Google Maps.    Source: Docs GeoRanker  Collect the most information on what is already being done best on the competition by also identifying your main competitors on other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, YouTube or Google Images. 

2. Top

100 results GeoRanker’s “Top 100 Results” report provides an overview of your competitors, but also the level of SEO difficulty of the keywords for which they are already ranked on search engines.  With this feature, you can get top results for targeted keywords on the most popular search engines.  Source: GeoRanker Docs Which  will allow you to analyze the progress of your competitors and know how to adapt your SEO strategy to be more competitive.  All the data collected on the SERPs is geolocated and can be viewed instantly in real time. 

3. SEM Competitor Information

Tracking your competitors also applies to PPC campaigns. With GeoRanker you can also monitor your competitors’ PPC campaigns in real time across multiple locations.  Source: GeoRanker Docs  Get powerful competitive intelligence data to know exactly which beneficial locations you should also direct your Adwords campaign to for better ROI. 

Sources Local Citations – GeoRanker 

GeoRanker also has another important tool for local SEO, the Sources Local Citations.  This tool identifies the most reliable local citation sources for your industry.  Source: GeoRanker Docs  These are usually business directories where your competitors are already listed for relevant keywords.  You can then also create local citations to submit on these different sources to boost the local SEO of your business.  This is a pretty important feature for businesses because local citations are a way to better introduce your business to customers by specifying the:
  • Your business name 
  • The business phone number
  • Its physical address 
  • The postal or zip code 
  • And the domain name of the business site. 
When someone is looking for a business like yours nearby, the information in local citations is specific enough to encourage them to contact you.

Keyword suggestion tools – GeoRanker 

1. Keyword generator 

Source: Docs GeoRanker  GeoRanker also offers keyword generators that you can use to identify relevant keywords to target for your SEO strategy.  The tool can be useful to get topics that really interest your target audience when you run out of ideas for content creation. 

2. Keyword Density Tool

Another great feature of GeoRanker is its Keyword Density. Optimizing your pages for keywords remains an essential step in any SEO strategy.  At the same time, it is also important to ensure the density of keywords for fear of falling into over-optimization which is a practice punishable by search engines.  With GeoRanker’s Keyword Density Tool, you can easily monitor the number of times your main keywords are used on your web pages. An effective way to maintain the relevance of your content and obtain SEO free of penalties. 

GeoRanker: Advantages and Disadvantages 

  • Google Ads audit available for free. No need to provide a credit card. 
  • Customer service available 24/7 via livechat, Skype, email and phone. Available for all business sizes. 
  • Ability to download reports in files in XML, J-SON, CSV or NDJSON format. 
  • period for certain functionalities 
  • Although GeoRanker provides an initial price for these tools, it is sometimes necessary to request a quote to have the final price. 

GeoRanker: Pricing 

GeoRanker offers 3 pricing plans with trial periods: Pro Plan $99.00 per month  10,000 monthly credits. Plan adapted to professionals.  Agencies Plan $249.00 per month 50,000 monthly credits. Plan adapted to business agencies.  Business Plan $490 per month 120,000 monthly credits. Plan adapted to business enterprises.  Depending on your country, additional taxes may apply to the chosen plan. Learn more.

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GeoRanker makes it possible to obtain through its API, at high volume, all the SEO data that your company may need. Whether it’s keyword data, organic data, or advertiser data, GeoRancker helps you mine large-scale data through any search engine. GeoRancker also offers custom scraping and crawling services for SEO agencies. It is also a suite of tools that companies with a site can use to:
  • gather very large amounts of SEO data;
  • provide unlimited information for research data;
  • retrieve and prepare advanced web data.

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