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Website Analytics | Clicky Analytics

Website Analytics | Clicky Analytics

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Clicky is an online analytics tool that allows website owners to get statistics and analytics data about their websites. The tool provides all the analytical information that will allow you to easily improve your site traffic.

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Description Clicky

The main purpose of any website is to further improve its organic traffic to increase business revenue. For this, it is important to understand how visitors find and interact with your website. This is exactly what Clicky offers, an analytical tool that shows you all the essential data on the traffic of your web pages. If you feel interested in this amazing tool, here’s how you can use the tool:

Clicky: Online Platform

Like any tool, the first step to using Clicky is going to be to go to the tool’s website and then to register. As preliminary information, you will have to enter your user name, your email address and create a password. Along with some other information, you must also accept their terms and indicate that you are not a robot, but a human user. On the next page, you will have to enter the URL address of your website and submit it to the tool. Once this is done, you will face the actual configuration of the tool, that is to say, you must modify the most advanced parameters of the tool. You will now have access to a search bar where you can choose options. For configuration, select ”Tracking code”. You can use a file editor to copy the tracking code above the </body> line of your website code. It is also important to uncheck the small Affiliate Badge box to prevent the Clicky icon from appearing on your website. Also, depending on your Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress and PrestaShop, you will get a Javascript tracking code. Your code might look like this: <script src=”//” type=”text/javascript”></script> <script type=”text/javascript”>try{ clicky.init( #########); }catch(e){}<script> <noscript> <img alt=”Clicky” height=”1″ src=”//” width =”1″></noscript> Above all, you need to check it well enough to make sure it’s established correctly. Once you complete the setup, you will get a dashboard full of important data. Here is in detail what these statistics mean on the dashboard:
  • You can select your user name at the top left in order to display the overview page of the websites;
  • In the ”Visitors” tab, you will discover the number of page views and some other defined interactions;
  • As for the ”Content” tab, it displays the views, visitors and display time per page;
  • In the ”Search” tab, we can consult the results of search engines that have led people to our web pages;
  • The ”Links” tab gives an overview of all the links on which people have clicked to be on our pages and to return;
  • The ”Platforms” tab offers you a list of browsers used by your visitors to access your web pages;
  • The ”Regional parameters” tab allows you to separate your visitors by region or country;
  • The ”Large screen” tab allows you to have all the data of your website in full screen.

Clicky: WordPress Plugin

To understand how to use the Plugin module of the tool, we will divide the process into several steps, namely: Step 1: Installing Clicky  Like any WordPress plugin, you need to go to the WordPress admin panel then click on ”Plugin” and on ”Add new ”. In the search field that will address you, search for the plugin ”Clicky” and it will appear with all these descriptions. When your desired tool is displayed, you just have to click on the install button to add it to your WordPress site. Once your plugin is installed, you must also activate it to allow it to access your website data. Step 2: Get Clicky ID and Site Key To integrate Clicky plugin with WordPress, you need to go to the website to follow the registration procedure or you will get important things like site ID, site key and the administration site key.  We have already detailed the entire registration process on the Clincky website above. After copying and pasting the code into your website header, you can access your dashboard. At this point, when you click on your username and click on ”Prefs” on your dashboard, you will find the three pieces of information you need. Once you have this information, you will go back to your WordPress dashboard and click on ”Setting” then on ”Clicky”. You will therefore see the boxes or bars reserved for the information that you have previously collected when you registered on the Clicky site. After filling in this information, you must click on the ”Save CliCky” Settings button to save the changes. Step 3: Advanced Settings From this point on, your plugin may start to work fine, but it’s important to adjust a few advanced settings to make it work. You are free to disable admin bar statistics, ignore admin users, disable cookies, and follow commenter names.  Additionally, you can easily track the click-through rate for your outbound links, this is even more important for people who affiliate products on their websites. Step 4: Viewing Clicky Stats Now that your plugin is actively working, when you click on the Clicky Stats option in your WordPress admin panel, you will get lots of statistics about your website. As statistics, the tool shows you:
  • The number of people visiting your website;
  • The interactions of these people with your website and your specific options defined on the site;
  • The visiting time of these people;
  •  The average duration per visit;
  • The bounce rate;
  • The nature of your links;
  • The browsers people use to visit your website;
  • The most visited page.
When you click on each stat for more details, the tool redirects you to its website where you will have all the information you need. Simply put, if you are looking for an easy-to-use and quite effective analytics tool, Clicky might seem like an exceptional option for you.

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Clicky Analytics was developed by Roxr Software Ltd. It is an American startup founded towards the end of 2006 and which is based in the United States in Portland. The Clicky Web Analytics tool developed by this company is a Web 2.0 analysis package. It discovers with the greatest simplicity and with enough user-friendliness the way in which Internet users use your website during their stream on the Internet. Concretely, Clicky Web Analytics is a website analysis tool that pays particular attention to the privacy of these users. Having a simple interface, its handling is easy and it is aimed at SEO professionals, digital marketers, but also companies. Indeed, Clicky Analytics participates effectively in the improvement of your various marketing strategies. It can also contribute to a better ranking in the SERPs.

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