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Learn how to use the tool to test and monitor your site’s Core Web Vitals scores.

Long Description : Measure page quality

Description is a powerful free and useful web application that allows you to audit your website as a whole and gives you advice on how to improve the flaws found on your site. According to figures, when a site has good Core Web Vitals scores, users are 24% less likely to abandon pages ; This explicitly translates to the need to monitor your website’s abilities to deliver a good experience and rank high in the SERPs. For this, is a free audit tool that allows you to break down and track your site’s data in terms of:
  • Performance;
  • Natural referencing;
  • Accessibility;
  • And good practices.
Discover in this article how can help you.

What does Web Dev Measure ?

First, it is a viable option for small and large companies that would like to closely monitor the user experience level of their website. Web Dev Measure is a feature implemented with an automated tool, Lighthouse, which helps in thoroughly auditing submitted websites.  Here are the main aspects of a website that Web Dev Measure allows you to diagnose:


performance Site performance generally concerns its security and loading speed. While unoptimized websites tend to load more resources than necessary, most of your users expect your website to load very quickly, and in less than 2 seconds. WiFi connection 3Gcan also be able to access your site within a fairly reasonable time. To determine the performance of the website dev Measure is based on several other factors namely:
  • Largest Contentful Paint
Web Dev Measure allows you to see if you have a good LCP score or not. It’s actually a metric of Core Web Vital, Google’s new layout factor, which focuses on loads how page content LCP indicates the time it takes for a website to display the largest, most visible piece of content on a page.  This is usually an image or a block of custom text. In principle, to provide a good user experience, the main element should load between 0 and 2.5 seconds after the start of the page load. And the role of Web Dev Measure is to show you your LCP score so that you know whether you need to improve your layout or not. 
  • First Input Delay (FID) 
This is also a Core Web Vital metric, which focuses on website interactivity, which you can monitor with Measure. FID measures the time between when a user first interacts with a page and when the main browser thread is idle, i.e. when the page is not responding to clicks .  The purpose of FID is to measure the responsiveness of your website. Thus, to provide a good user experience, the first interaction must be managed between 0 and 100 milliseconds after the user presses the command. 
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) 
This last measure supported by Web Dev Measure concerns the visual stability of the pages of the site. This metric determines whether a website behaves as the user expects it to behave. Cumulative layout change occurs when the structure of a page changes unexpectedly.  This may be because the page will load new artifacts or a change has been made to the page.

Natural referencing  

SEO practices are essential for a website to be visible on the Internet.  Web.Dev checks all the SEO aspects of your website and also provides you with the relevant statistics to help you improve. Since search engine results mostly depend on the use of keywords, the tool gives you a score that lets you see how well your content is optimized to appear in the SERPs. The idea is to make sure that your website content is easy to understand and contains a keyword related to your service so that the search engine can correctly display the content and bring the right result to your visitor.

website accessibility

also examines any common website vulnerabilities that could prevent users from accessing your website features.  Your content should be publicly available at all times, and this web app is good at giving you that insight. Internet users use all kinds of browsers, you need to make sure your website is compatible with as many browsers as possible to expand your reach. Also, when your site is not displaying properly on all devices, you can read it on the provided Web Dev Measure data.

Best Practices

Web Dev Measure determines whether all attributes built into the website, such as HTTPS usage, image optimization, content optimization, and others, are performed correctly on the website.

How to use Web Dev Measure?

On the Web Dev Measure homepage, you don’t need to register to start auditing your site. You just have to enter the address of your website then click on ”Run Audit”. In less than a minute your website can be audited very quickly so that you have a vision of its ability to discuss the SERPs. As you can see, Twain’s websitecurrently has a
  • performance score of 79/100;
  • Accessibility of 95/100;
  • 100/100 Best Practices;
  • And an SEO score of 93/100.
The tool also offers you useful tips or suggestions to help you improve your website’s performance when needed. Web Dev Measure helped us break down Twaino to rank high in search results. No doubt, Web Dev Measure can be a good option when you would like to increase your website’s capabilities to provide better user experience and rank in SERPs. Within seconds, Web Dew Measure can audit your site to provide important data and recommendations that can help you improve vulnerabilities.

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Web Dev is a web creation and development platform initiated by Google. It aims to help web developers take advantage of recent technologies to increase the modernization of the web device in general. To carry out its mission, Web Dev provides web development training courses on its platform. Here you’ll find course modules on building websites, HTML forms, developing modern web apps, and more. Several other simple course modules are also available on the platform, to help understand other technological aspects related to web design. Dev Web also offers to provide information via email to developers. This is the latest tech news recently released and can be helpful for web development aspirants. 

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