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Position Tracking | SEO Rank Monitor

Position Tracking | SEO Rank Monitor

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SEO Rank Monitor Mise en avant
Use SEO Rank Monitor to track your rankings in global, mobile and local search.

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SEO Rank Monitor

61% of marketers rate SEO efforts and increasing organic presence as their top inbound marketing priority. There is no longer any doubt that SEO occupies more and more space in the marketing strategy of companies. However, companies need to track rankings to know if the SEO techniques they are implementing are paying off and profitable. While you can easily find tools that show you your ranking, there are very few tools that show ranking and inform about other SEO aspects on your site. This is exactly what SEO Rank Monitor will allow you to do. In addition to tracking your overall ranking, you will also be able to track your progress in mobile results and in the results of certain regions that you can define. In this description, I will present SEO Rank Monitor and its interest for the SEO of your site.

What is SEO Rank Monitor?

SEO Rank Monitor is one of the most comprehensive rank tracking tools on the market. They have been helping businesses and individuals organize and analyze their website SEO data for over 5 years. SEO Rank Monitor checks your site’s rankings daily and offers an array of features to easily boost your rankings. Chances are, your wish is to see your business site rank well in the SERPs. Similarly, other people want their sites to rank well, which makes SERPs very competitive. The ideal then is to put all the chances on your side by using SEO Rank Monitor to know your current position. It’s a rank tracker that will be able to show you the top organic keywords you’re ranking for when you enter your domain. SEO Rank Monitor offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to read and understand, which will make you spend much less time analyzing the different data. This tool also makes data sharing easy and you will be able to share it with your team.

What is the point of tracking your ranking with SEO Rank Monitor?

If your goal is to drive traffic from search engines, tracking your rankings is a must, and this tracking tool can tell you which techniques are working and which aren’t. It must be recognized that not all SEO techniques work and sometimes you have to make allowances. You can only find out which ones work and which ones don’t for your site by tracking your results and analyzing your data. And this is where a tool like SEO Rank Monitor will come in handy. For example, if you implement a technique and it turns out that your traffic has increased a lot, it shows that the technique certainly works. Thus, you can capitalize on this technique and develop your site. SEO Rank Monitor can also be used to monitor your competitors. As they progress, you can adapt accordingly to keep up with them.

SEO Rank Monitor Feature Overviews

SEO Rank Monitor offers several features that cover different aspects of SEO.

Mobile rankings to help you optimize for all users

SEO Rank Monitor monitors your ranking in mobile SERPs and provides you with data from your site for that ranking. This data on your mobile ranking is very important because mobile search is growing rapidly. Besides, 58.16% of global web traffic already comes from mobile devices. Additionally, 82% of shoppers who used their smartphone to shop searched “near me” on their mobile device. Because of these trends, you should look to optimize your site for both desktop and mobile devices. This will allow you to take advantage of the traffic that can come from both of these sources. The mobile ranking data that SEO Rank Monitor provides you with can therefore help you reach all types of users.

Get an overview of your data

SEO Rank Monitor offers an easy-to-read dashboard that gives you an overview of how your campaign is progressing. From the dashboard tab, you will be able to instantly see your current ranking for specific keywords or groups of keywords. SEO Rank Monitor also shows in this part the evolution of the ranking between two dates and the statistics on the important ranking factors.

Your rankings, visualized

SEO Rank Monitor schematizes your ranking on tables and easy-to-understand graphs.  This way of presenting your data will allow you to better interpret the data relating to your campaign.

Local rankings, accurate to the nearest city

Local searches are also booming and according to a study in 2019, searches for “Where to buy” + “Near me” had increased by more than 200% in two years. This is manifested in the fact that local searches contribute 22.6% of website traffic. These stats show how important local data is to making your site suitable for local search. SEO Rank Monitor makes it easy for you and shows you how you rank in each city you specify.

Create Automated White Label

Reports If you want to send SEO Rank Monitor reports to your clients automatically, nothing complicated.  SEO Rank Monitor allows you to create a report template with a drag and drop interface and set the frequency to send your report.

One-of-a-kind advanced filtering

SEO Rank Monitor offers advanced filtering options that will allow you to get exactly the data you need. For example, you can organize your results by search engine, dates, keywords, groups of keywords. Even better, you will be able to filter ad data from Adwords data like search volume, CPC, and competition.

Compare any two dates

If the other tools similar to SEO Rank Monitor give the possibility to compare a previous date to the current date, this tool allows you to do better. With SEO Rank Monitor you will be able to compare any two dates. The advantage of this feature is to be able to follow a specific action implemented over a given period.

Track actions that get results

SEO Rank Monitor offers an option called “events” that allows you to record on a date when you made specific changes so you can see more by their effects. By tracking the most effective event, you can focus more of your time on what works.

Spy on your competitors

SEO Rank Monitor gives you the ability to track your competitors’ rankings by keyword or advanced filter.  This will allow you to see how they are doing and avoid their mistakes to improve.

Share your reports with a single click

It is possible to work on data and reports from SEO Rank Monitor outside the platform. Indeed, you can export them as PDF or Excel files, or generate a URL with a visual report with a single click. The advantage is that you can configure the sending of reports according to the frequency you want to receive them in your mailbox.

Check the health of your website

SEO Rank Monitor provides a set of statistics about your ranking.  These are scores like PageRank, Alexa Rank, Indexed Pages, and PageSpeed. Thus, you will no longer need to try to verify this data on several different sites. Finally, SEO Rank Monitor will allow you to follow your ranking in search engines and access a number of data that can help you improve the various aspects of SEO on your site.

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SEO Rank Monitor was developed in 2009 by Dawid Sakowski and Wilco de Kreij. This tool of the same name as the company was founded by them for self-use. In 2014 they released a major update making the tool complete. Thus, several features have emerged within SEO Rank Monitor. The latter makes it possible to improve the ranking and monitoring of the site of competitors as well as the monitoring of their performance. SEO Rank Monitor ranking tracking is valuable for any business with a site. Indeed, the tool generates reports on the SEO efforts of their competitors. This then allows these companies to adopt the effective practices of competitors in order to overtake them where they are ineffective.

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