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Positions from several Datacenters | SEO Hero Ninja

Positions from several Datacenters | SEO Hero Ninja

Short description : Positions from several Datacenters

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SEO Hero Ninja makes it easy for you to monitor your position and that of your competitors in the SERPs.

Long Description : Positions from several Datacenters

SEO Hero Ninja

Over time, it has become more and more complicated to decipher why a web page stands out from others in terms of ranking. Likewise, it’s no longer easy to relate Google’s algorithm changes to page fluctuations. Today, tracking organic keywords requires a lot more care. Features like Featured Snippets, “People Also Ask” sections, and video carousels change frequently. Moreover, if one does not follow the rankings of competing companies, it is difficult to detect changes made by Google. But the subscription to certain software that helps to follow your position in the SERPs, but also that of the competition. Fortunately, other tools allow you to do the same thing without purchasing a subscription. This is the case of SEO Hero Ninja which allows you to follow your ranking in Google according to chosen keywords, quickly and for free.

What is SEO Hero Ninja and why should you use it?

SEO Hero Ninja is a tool that can help you improve your site’s ranking in the SERPs through tracking your position. You can improve your page ranking on Google by analyzing your pages and going deeper into the content. Using SEO Hero Ninja, you can also check if your web page is indexed in the SERPs. Since SEO Hero Ninja’s ranking determines a site’s position in search engines, it’s essential to tailor an SEO approach based on those results. If you’re not in the top ten, maybe you should reconsider your website content. SEO Hero Ninja also allows you to analyze your competitors’ sites. This tool provides a detailed analysis of the performance of all Google sites and pages, which can give you a good indication of your competitors’ rankings. With this information, you will be able to develop new keyword strategies and find inspiration for different web articles. SEO content is what tells users who you are and attracts them with your offerings. The more traffic it generates, the more your brand will be known. Without it, no one would come to your website. Allow SEO Hero Ninja to help you manage your online presence and improve your rankings on search engine results pages. Your page’s presence in Google is comparable to valuable real estate on the Internet. Thus, you must seek to rank better to increase your value. Indeed, pages that do not appear among the results may not be profitable even if they are relevant. Almost all of the traffic for a specific search term goes to websites on the first or second page of results.

Advantages and disadvantages of using SEO Hero Ninja

Although it is free, SEO Hero Ninja has many advantages, but also disadvantages.

The advantages

We can quote the fact: That it is not necessary to create an account; That its use is unlimited; That it is fast with effective search results on more than 50 Google databases; It is overall easy to use.


The disadvantages of SEO Hero Ninja are as follows: You can only examine one web page at a time. If you want to check multiple pages, you have to do it manually, which — if you have a lot of pages — can be time consuming; This is not very practical in the long term, because you have to manually evaluate your SEO and the evolution of your positioning on a daily basis against all the keywords. Note that other more complex SEO software can help you overcome these disadvantages. However, they are not comparable to SEO Hero Ninja in terms of user-friendliness or price, as the latter is free.

How to use SEO Hero Ninja?

It’s easy to enter the term you want to study in SEO Hero Ninja. Then, for your purposes, choose the most suitable browser from a drop-down list and click Save Link.   Then click “Go! Check Ranking” to see how your website ranks on Google.  Even if you have a good position after analysis, know that it is always possible to improve.  Be sure to check the SEO structure of your content to improve it, as well as the amount of web traffic you get.

What is the point of knowing where your website ranks in Google?

In general, the higher a website’s ranking in Google, the more visible it is online. As a result, people click and visit the page more frequently, which leads to increased traffic. You can enjoy the increased popularity of your site while seeing that your ROI improves through this process. Checking where your site ranks on Google is also essential for effective SEO. Looking at your site’s ranking highs and lows helps you understand if your links are performing well and if you’ve chosen the right keywords. If your website ranks at the top of a SERP, it means your phrases have been well chosen and you are in the right direction with your SEO. If, on the other hand, you notice that your website is much lower in the list, it means that further optimization is needed. In addition, monitoring the competition is essential to know to what extent they are changing, but also how your competitors are surpassing you or getting closer to you. From then on, you can take measures to better position yourself in relation to them, in particular by redoubling your efforts and improving your SEO strategies. Either way, monitoring the competition is good for you. SEO Hero Ninja is a simple and compact tool that helps you do this. It’s a great starting point when you’re just getting started with SEO. It allows you to quickly assess your positioning without requiring any financial contribution. However, this instrument alone is not enough to generate regular traffic and grow your business. Analyzing your positions is a good start, but now you need to get started on getting the top spots on Google to get more exposure while ensuring your site is promoted. 

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The SEO Hero Ninja tool allows you to explore search engine results for a given keyword after a request by Internet users. Thus, with this tool you can easily know if your website is indexed and present in the first pages. With SEO Hero Ninja, you can determine your website’s ranking on the SERPs in seconds. As such, the tool is ideally aimed at bloggers and SEOs, but can also be useful for digital marketing professionals. Totally free, SEO Hero Ninja provides you with at least 20 data centers to facilitate the exploration of your site on Google. The functionalities of the tool being precise, said data centers allow the latter to provide you with results concerning given geographical sectors.

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