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Ranking of Keywords | Taptimize

Ranking of Keywords | Taptimize

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Track your keyword rankings easily and accurately with the Taptimize tool.

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Description of the Taptimize 

tool The Taptimize  is an SEO tool founded by Nathan Bander Heyden and Philippe Schommers. As you will see on the website, Taptimize is a ranking tracker that allows you in a few words to take control of your SERPs. This is to track and measure the performance of your site with regards to its search engine optimization. 

Who is the Taptimize tool for? 

As with most SEO tools, Taptimize is a tool that is aimed at different people who deal with the implementation of SEO strategies at the level of their websites or the websites they are responsible for. As well as actors operating solo or SEO teams, the Taptimize tool will allow them to follow in a simplified way the rankings of keywords in search results. 

Why use the Taptimize tool? 

Like most SEO tools, the Taptimize tool is a tool that relies on a fairly intuitive concept and design. It also allows you to appreciate the efforts you put into optimizing your site for organic search. It’s also powered by AI technology, so you can keep tabs on how your site is showing up in search results. 

What are the features of Taptimize?  

In terms of features, the Taptimize tool allows you to access among other things: 
  • Daily ranking and SERP monitoring : With this feature, you have the opportunity to keep an eye on the progress of your site in the results of Google search. This allows you to track progress in order to update your SEO strategy; 
  • Information on the different positions of your keywords in real time : With this function, you have an idea of ​​your current rankings. You can easily get recent information on these keywords. 
You also have at your disposal a personalized customer service which is at your disposal to provide you with the necessary assistance whenever you feel the need, as well as the possibility of monitoring your competitors. 

How much does it cost to use Taptimize’s services? 

The pricing on Taptimize is also quite simple. It is based on the number of keywords you intend to track. Also, note that this is a monthly pricing that varies between $12 and $99. The $12 rate corresponds to 100 keywords while the $99 rate corresponds to 2000 keywords. When you plan to use a number of keywords that exceeds this value, you benefit from a personalized plan. You will therefore need to contact support for information on this subject. 

How to use the Taptimize tool? 

When you want to use this tool, you have the option of a trial period which is equivalent to a free plan and offers you the use of the tool’s functionalities in a very limited way. It is for this reason that the free trial is conditioned by your registration.  As you will see, you do not need a lot of information before registering on the Taptimize site.  it is enough simply to use information such as: 
  • First names; 
  • Last name ; 
  • E-mail ; 
  • Password. 
Once the registration is done, you access your dashboard and you can then connect the domain of your site in order to start the monitoring by the tool. You can also add your competitors at the same time.  As you will see once your site’s domain is successfully added, the tool shows you in the dashboard with information about all your keywords on a monthly basis.  So to get information on a keyword, you just have to enter the search bar at the top of the overall graph.  Also as you can see, the information in the graph contains general information about: 
  • Your keywords; 
  • Their rank; 
  • Change; 
  • Location ; 
  • And the date the keyword was updated.  
If you want to get information about a specific keyword, just add it at the tool level. This is how you present the essential information of the Taptimize. Use it then to keep an eye on all your keywords. 

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Tap Timize is founded by Nathan Vander Heyden and Philippe Schommers. It is an active company for 6 years now. Specifically, Tap Timize is an SEO platform that helps you optimize your pages for search engines. It is the simple tool for monitoring the positioning of your keywords for them. Using Artificial Intelligence technology, Tap Timize supports you in your various daily SEO tasks. It also allows daily and effective monitoring of your website in the SERPs of search engines. Featuring a simple interface, Tap Timize is easy to use. So, whether you are a digital marketing professional, an SEO agency, VSEs or SMEs, you can use this platform to improve your content marketing in order to rank better in the SERPs.

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