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Google Analytics in WordPress | Analytify – WordPress (Plugin)

Google Analytics in WordPress | Analytify – WordPress (Plugin)

Short description : Google Analytics in Wordpress

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Display your Google analytics dashboards in WordPress with analytify.

Long Description : Google Analytics in Wordpress

Analytify is a WordPress plugin. It was designed by Adnan and his team specialized in the development of plugins and themes under WordPress since 2001. The objective of analytify is to allow WordPress users to have direct access in their WordPress account to the various data of the tables of Google analytics board. 

Who is the analytify tool intended for? 

As you might guess, this tool is for all website owners who use WordPress to manage their website.  It is designed for both: 
  • Bloggers; 
  • Store owners;
  • Website managers Web
  • editors or internet publishers;
  • SEO agencies; 
  • Businesses ;
  • Etc.

Why should you use analytify?

With analytify, you can now get data from your Google Analytics dashboard at the WordPress level.  It therefore allows you to have at your disposal the same actionable data that you have access to in Google analytics at the level of your WordPress dashboard. With this, you no longer need to close your WordPress account before displaying the statistics of your web pages such as: 
  • Views; 
  • The number of users;
  • The bounce rate; 
  • Average time on page; 
  • Or others. 
Likewise, it has a fairly complete free version that will allow you to display statistics on: 
  •  Visitors; 
  • Page views;
  • New and known visitors; 
  • The best pages; 
  • Geographical data, and much more.
Apart from all this, there is also the fact that the software is available in a multitude of languages ​​and includes many features within it.  He can thus help you find useful information to capture and develop your audience, your sales or even help you find the necessary tips to improve the performance of your site with regard to its optimization for search engines. 

What are the features of analytify? 

As I said before, this tool is feature rich.  It will allow you for example: 
  • To obtain statistics on your social media : The tool will provide you with a report to help you understand the relevance of your efforts on social networks;  
  • Obtain real-time statistics on online users and their point of interest; 
  • To have a universal followon the evolution and operation of your marketing campaigns; 
  • Track e-commerce: Analytify offers easy integration with WooCommerce to ensure you don’t miss important e-commerce data about your business. It lets you track product clicks, impressions, add-to-cart clicks, product performance, and more right in your WordPress dashboard; 
  • To set up personalized publications  using a model gallery made available to you; 
  • Perform page-level analytics with a set of metrics you can implement at the page-level; 
  • And many others.

How much do analytify features cost? 

Analytify offers a free and a paid version. The paid version gives you access to features such as: 
  • Campaign statistics; 
  • Event tracking; 
  • GoogleAMP; 
  • Optimize Google; 
  • Form tracking; 
  • Custom sizes; 
  •  ShortCodes in Widgets; 
  • Etc.
To have access to these features, you must obtain analytify from the official website and subscribe to a plan among the annual plans offered. It’s basically three packages. The first is for developers. It is priced at $299 and gives you access to all analytify features as well as 50 locations. You also have access to all the add-ons.  The second package is valued at $99 per year. It also gives you access to most of the tool’s features as well as all the additional modules. With this package, however, you are only entitled to 10 pitches. Finally, there is the pro package. It is priced at $59 and entitles you to one slot and a few add-ons. 

How to use analytify? 

As I just said, Analytify comes in two flavors. One of these versions is free while the other is paid.  To use either version you can go directly through WordPress and install it as a plugin or download it via the analytify web page. Here’s a little idea of ​​what you can get with analytify. Feel free to use it if you are interested.

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Analytify is a trademark of Analytify LLC. He is involved in the computer industry, software creation, text analysis. It is also an information service founded in 2001. Analytify LLC is specifically a Google Analytics data provider on the WordPress platform. She has her social establishment located in the United States in Florida. The Analytify brand was developed in 2003 by Mohamed Adnan and his team. It is a platform that supports you in monitoring, analyzing and optimizing your content for search engines. In this sense, it is aimed at SEO professionals, digital marketers, but also all categories of businesses. The tool can indeed actively participate in improving your results in the SERPs, but also in your content marketing.

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