Comment adapter mes pages de site web au téléphone ?

How do I adapt my website pages to the phone ?

According to Hootsuite and We Are Social, 55% of the world’s population use the Internet, or almost 4.2 billion people. The technological medium that attracts the most Internet traffic remains

Comment supprimer des pages sur wordpress ?

How to delete pages in WordPress ?

Do you have unnecessary or obsolete pages that you want to remove from your website? These web pages can sometimes cause trouble especially when they appear in search engine results.

How to create a revolution slider ?

Did you know that an intuitive, ergonomic website is likely to increase conversion rates? That’s why UX, or user experience, plays such an important role these days. To this end,

Comment ajouter une vidéo sur Youtube ?

How to add a video on Youtube ?

Youtube is the second most visited website in the world after Google, it is a phenomenal source of traffic that you should take advantage of. So you are well aware

How to install and configure Contact Form 7 ?

Want to create a direct link with your website visitors? To do so, I suggest you create a contact form on your website. Indeed, this is a very important element

How to launch a website without a budget

How to launch your website without a budget ?

Launchinga website can be expensive! Should we deprive ourselves of an online presence when we have a minimal budget or nonexistent? Of course not. The challenge will be more difficult

Why and how to make a website model

Why and how to make a website Template ?

reating a website is good! But having a website that conveys your brand identity with an optimal user experience is even better! To do this, I will show you one

Why and how to switch from http to https

Why and how to switch from Http to Https?

Is your website displaying the annoying “not secure” label? To get rid of it, you just need to do a few small things. Indeed, Google and WordPress have been constantly

How to start a consulting business ?

Are you struggling to find your first clients after launching your consulting business? If so, or if you’re planning to launch soon, then you’re in the right place. And for

Why and how to collect feedback from your customers

Why and how to collect feedback from your customers ?

If feedback is becoming increasingly popular, it is undoubtedly because of its great impact on the success of companies. The improvement of services, the definition of commercial strategies and the

How to import a demo theme in wordpress ?

Have you successfully created your website on WordPress? It’s awesome ! After this step, you have surely installed your theme in order to give a face to your platform. To

Comment installer un thème wordpress

How to install a wordpress theme ?

Today, I will show you how to install a theme on wordpress. Let’s go ! Install a wordpress theme Discover in this video, what are the steps to install a

Why and how to develop your personal branding ?

Today, let’s see why and how to develop personal branding? Personal branding In this video, I present you the reasons and ways to develop your personal branding: Find the highlights

How to recruit in digital marketing ?

Today, we’ll look together at how to recruit the best digital marketing candidate… What is a good profile in digital marketing? Today, I’m sharing what I look for in a

Comment acheter un nom de domaine ?

How to buy a domain name ?

Today, we will see together, how to buy your domain name? The steps to buy a domain name Find in my video, the steps that will allow you to buy

5 outils incontournables en marketing digital

5 essential digital marketing tools

Today, I will show you my favorite marketing tools… The must-have online marketing tools Discover the 5 must-have online marketing tools… Find the elements I had the opportunity to present

Comment apprendre le marketing en ligne ?

How to learn online marketing ?

Today we’re going to see together how to learn online marketing? Learning online marketing Find out in this video what the best methods are for learning online marketing today: So

Comment choisir vos couleurs de marque ?

How to choose your brand colors ?

Today, we will see together how to choose the colors of your brand, and consequently the palette of colors that we will find on your website. Let’s go… Brand colors

Comment choisir son logo d'entreprise ?

How to choose your company logo ?

Today, we will see together the choice of the logo! For this, I show you concretely how I ended up on my own logo for my SEO agency Twaino. Let’s

Communication entreprise

Corporate Communication: Ideas & Tips

Today, we will see together the communication I plan for the company I will create called Twaino . Come on, I show you… How to find ideas for your business

Les agences SEO en France

Mapping of SEO agencies in France

The players on the SEO market Discover in this video, the way I proceed to make an analysis of the players on a market. You will discover why knowing your

Comment débuter votre première campagne marketing ?

How to start your first marketing campaign ?

Today we will see together how to start your first marketing campaign… Where to start to launch your first marketing campaign? Watch the video where I show you how to

Est-il toujours pertinent d'avoir un blog aujourdhui ?

Do you still need a blog today ?

Today we will see together if it is still relevant to have a blog on your website …. Is it still necessary to have a blog today? Find in my

Business plan: 60 bonnes questions à vous poser

Business Plan | 60 questions to ask yourself

Today, I will present to you the60 good questions to ask yourself when creating your business plan. Here we go ! 60 questions to ask yourself to create a Business

Stratégie de contenu

How to determine your content strategy ?

Today, I want to present you the content strategy that I want to implement to structure the blogpart of my website . The content strategy Discover in this video, the

Comment choisir son nom d'entreprise ?

How to choose your business name?

Today, we will see together how to choose the right business name . How to choose your company name ? Follow the 6 steps to choose your business name with

Comment editer et corriger les retranscription Youtube ?

How to edit your Youtube transcripts?

Today I’m going to show you how I edit my transcripts and subtitles directly on my YouTube videos. Steps to successful automatic transcription Follow the steps to successful automatic transcription

Source de revenus & Business Model

Revenue & Business Model

Today, I’m going to introduce you to the different sources of income that I anticipate for my business. Let’s go! 1 Business model: 3 sources of income Find in my

5 grandes étapes pour créer votre site web

5 steps to create a website

Today, I’m going to show you the five main steps to create your website. You’ll see, it’s pretty simple. It’s just like if you decided to create your restaurant. The

8 Step to Writing a Great Video Script

8 Steps to Writing a Great Video Script

According to a Google study of its users, 7/10 of them turn to YouTube to solve a problem related to their work, studies or hobbies. This reflects the importance of

Acheter un thème 10 meilleurs sites (1)

Buy a theme: 10 best Websites

Since the advent of content management systems (CMS), it must be said that the creation of professional websites of any kind (blog, storefront, e-commerce …) has become much simpler and

Comment optimiser vos infographies pour le SEO (1)

How to optimize your infographics for SEO?

Infographics are proven in 2019 to be the most powerful visual content and 65% of marketers use them in their SEO strategies And yet, marketers often stop at creating infographics


Guide to HTTP Status Codes for SEO

Why are HTTP status codes important for SEO? Status codes are the first thing Google checks when crawling a website. This was confirmed by John Mueller in a 2019 webmaster

Consultant SEO - Le Garant De Votre Visibilité (1)

SEO Consultant: Visibility on the Web

Ranking sites on Google is very complex for everyone. Especially since the search algorithm of the American giant combines more than 200 factors to rank sites. Nevertheless, SEO professionals have


12 essential seo trends

SEO is still a surefire way to drive traffic to a site and attract qualified leads from published content. In fact, Google Search, Google Images and Google Maps alone generate

inbound complete guide

Inbound marketing : Ultimate Guide

Every year, brands spend millions of dollars trying to acquire new customers. And for a profitable return on investment over the long term, brands should retain their new customers for