How to determine your content strategy ?

Today, I want to present you the content strategy that I want to implement to structure the blogpart of my website


Stratégie de contenu Twaino

The content strategy

Discover in this video, the content strategy that I want to put in place as part of the creation of my SEO agency:

Why establish a content strategy?

When you are going to create a website, content is an essential element to feed your site. Unfortunately, it is too often an element neglected by owners. However, setting up a content strategy is a good time to ask yourself the right questions:

  • What are the themes to be addressed on the blog?
  • For which target audience?
  • What is the rhythm of the publications?
  • Who is in charge of the writing? Integration? Publishing? Sharing?

SEO articles, but not only

In the context of my agency i would like to share content about SEO and expand on broader topics such as :

  • Online marketing
  • Website creation and online business
  • Business creation
4 Strategie de contenu Merketing en ligne

This is approximately how I think I structure things today. But it’s a safe bet that these ideas will evolve over time. Indeed, a content strategy should never be set in stone. Depending on theinterest of your target audience for certain topics rather than others, you will be able to evolve your “editorial line


SEO, a niche content?

Understand that SEO is a kind of niche. Indeed, SEO is largely intertwined with online marketing, which in turn is intertwined with website creation, which in turn is intertwined with business creation.

So, even though the core would be SEO, I’m not going to stop talking about online marketing, website creation, online business and business creation as well


8 Coeur de contenu SEO

So I’m going to do exactly what you shouldn’t do

To do things properly, you should always start with a niche, which in my case is SEO. The objective would be to massively feed your blog with quality content, in order to gain credibility and visibility with your audience.

Why not apply this simple method, when I know it works?

In fact, I want to share with you in my content, the different steps I will go through to create my SEO agency. Therefore,rather than limiting myself to creating SEO articles, I’m going to outline how I get to the point where I start writing my content


9 traiter d'autres thematiques de contenus

More than just SEO, sharing entrepreneurial experience

Personally, I tend to believe that the business creation experience is much more than a sum of expertise put together. It’s a mix of technical and soft skills. So, rather than setting up my own agency, I’m going to share with you how I do it and give you my time-saving tips if you want to learn.

To do this, I will create a business in front of you, activate some online marketing knowledge and most importantly, I will have to create content. So my strategy will be to show you as much as possible.

There are some activities that I might decide not to show you. Like for example, the steps on how to create a business, what is my business model, etc. All this is of course not something that is essential for an SEO blog per se.

So my goal is really to maximize content creation, by sharing with you a broader experience that goes beyond my personal experience in creating my SEO agency


“Evangelizing” SEO to a wider audience

Imagine that I pass someone on the street and tell them that I work as an “SEO consultant”. I’m telling you, there’s very little chance that person would know what I’m talking about. When I talk about SEO on Google, things already seem a bit clearer. But SEO itself is pretty hard.

So one of the objectives of my content strategy will be to reach as much as possible, a wider audience than just SEO specialists. So, topics like business creation, website creation, WordPress, online marketing will allow me to reach a wider audience, but one that will be likely to be interested in SEO at some point


A risky strategy

So my strategy is clearly reversed from what is usually done. And I don’t recommend you to follow the same path as me, unless you are 100% sure you know what you are getting into.

This is a particularly risky strategy with a high failure rate. What is recommended is to start on a niche at first, then as your audience grows, to move to broader themes. In this logic, we start small and then we grow. This is a less risky approach because you can quickly gain authority on a specific niche. You can then use this authority to grow, and then expand it to other subjects.

Less targeted content that helps more people

My approach is going to be different because I’m really going to try to optimize the content that I do. Indeed, I could limit my content creation to SEO. But that would seem a shame, because I would be depriving myself of all the potential content I’m going to create while making my site.

So the idea is just to maximize what I’m doing, not only because it’s going to help a lot more people, but the people who are going to be interested in SEO might also be interested in online marketing issues. They’re also going to be interested in website creation and online business.

For example, a person may see the content that I develop on website creation. They may also see the content on creating a business. And so, one thing leading to another, they will think that they have already seen my content on other topics.

10 Se concentrer sur le coeur du contenu

A content strategy inspired by funnels

Another way to present it is to have a funnel approach. To do this, it is interesting to understand the important steps that will lead your website visitors to buy your product. The buying process is often started upstream, with information and articles that you had presented on your site and that interested the visitor. It can be a blog post, a video, a podcast, an infographic

11 Une approche de contenu en funnel

The steps of the funnel

The different parts of the funnel are the following:

  1. Create a quality content, likely to interest visitors
  2. Offer your visitors to get something for free in exchange for their email. The visitors become leads.
  3. Convert leads into customers, by offering a service or product available for purchase and likely to please them.

Let’s go over these steps in more detail.

At first, the visitors who come to your website do not know you. They have no knowledge of your brand, nor of your services, nor do they know if you have any “authority” or “legitimacy” on the issues they are interested in. This phase is therefore critical, because the bond of trust has not yet been created between the visitor and you. The article, the video or the content in general that you are going to propose will be the determining element that will allow the visitors to be convinced or not by your capacity to help them.

If this is the case, if the content you offer is convincing, congratulations, you have earned your visitor’s trust and you are starting to build an audience


12 Etape 1 donner le maximum d informations

Secondly, you will try to transform your visitors who trust you into “leads”.

To do this, you’ll offer content that is usually free to your visitors, like a free ebook for example, in exchange for their emails. Understand that getting a visitor’s email is like a sign of trust. Indeed, the visitor agrees to receive emails or communications from you because the content you offered them convinced them. Moreover, by giving you their emails, visitors are indirectly telling you that they are interested in what you do


13 Reussir a convertir les visiteurs en leads

Finally, at the bottom of the funnel, you will try to convince your “leads” to become buyers. To do this, you can offer your leads promotional offers or advantages reserved for members of your community. You can also contact your leads directly using the emails they gave you


14 Obtenir des conversions

The key to success: Quality content

The more qualitative the information is at the beginning, the easier it is to convert visitors into leads, then into customers. The goal is also to reach a large number of people who are at different levels of progress in their projects.

My content is therefore intended to educate an audience composed of :

  • People who want to start a business one day
  • People who are looking for information to create / improve their sites
  • People who want to increase traffic to their websites
  • People who want to improve their conversions

A pragmatic content, more than theoretical

The idea for me is really to show and share my knowledge with as many people as possible. Thus, I will have the opportunity to materialize my content with videos directly from my experience related to the creation of my SEO agency. My goal is to gain authority and legitimacy in the field of online business


Content to create a brand image

I am far from considering myself an influencer. I simply believe that by creating quality content, sharing interesting tips and helping out as much as possible, I will help create a brand authority for my SEO agency. Objectively, I don’t care about my personal authority. Understand that the authority we are talking about here is important for the visibility and influence of my website, my brand, and will allow me to be more visible because more known and consulted.

When you start out, nothing is set in stone. The company will have to evolve, to fluctuate. And depending on what interests you and the feedback you give me, my content will also evolve


15 Assoir son autorite de marque


So there you have it, I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you’ll manage to get some tips applicable to your own business. In any case, see you soon for the next part of the adventure!

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