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Do you want to get good positions in Google? Twaino SEO Agency helps you increase your visibility in Marseille…

This is why, to be listed among the best establishments offered by the search engine, it is essential to optimize your site for local referencing.

With a good knowledge of this city, the SEO agency Twaino is committed to helping local businesses in Nice to get more traffic and more sales.

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SEO : An essential marketing for small and medium sized business

Today, nearly 50% of all queries Google receives are local searches.

They are becoming more and more important for search engines, so much so that even for a classic query, Google tends to offer local businesses located near the Internet user.

Therefore, managing the marketing of your company without resorting to local SEO would be very unwise, especially if you run an SME.

The proof, in the last 3 years, the number of times that Internet users have included the expressions “nearby”, “today” or “tonight” in their searches has exploded by increasing by 900%!

courbe recherches pres de moi maintenant local SEO

And you, have you sufficiently optimized your online presence so that your site is displayed on the first page of Google as soon as a user needs your services in Nice?

At Twaino, our local SEO experts help you by bringing together on your site the 3 criteria that Google requires to reference a local business:

– proximity ;

– relevance ;

– proeminence

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92 des consommateurs choisiront une entreprise sur la première page des résultats de recherche locale

Local SEO in Nice: a profitable marketing solution

As a business owner, you have everything to gain by investing in marketing strategies to improve your brand visibility. But it is even wiser to invest in profitable strategies, with lasting results.

Local SEO is the most profitable solution in the long term, on the market of web marketing methods.

Unlike online advertising, local SEO offers you free opportunities and tools to make yourself known and attract as many customers as possible here in Nice.

You have, for example, several online business directories on which you can register in order to get closer to your audience:

– Yellow pages ;

– Yelp ;

– TripAdvisor ;

– Foursquare ;

– etc.

Present in Nice and in several other cities in France, the Twaino agency knows the directories best suited to your sector of activity. And together, we will accompany you in their configuration, to obtain more visibility.


Twaino, Your SEO Agency based in Nice

You wish to be accompanied for an SEO service in Nice, do not hesitate to contact us.

Help local customers find your business quickly

Did you know that 72% of consumers who do a local search travel to visit at least one store located within an 8 km radius?

And one of the best ways to help people find your location is to set up your Google My Business listing correctly.

This sheet brings together all the important information that allows Internet users to locate you easily:

  • your business name, address and telephone number;
  • a Google Maps map to know the exact location of your company;
  • your opening hours.

Google goes so far as to offer, if you wish, a 360° tour of your premises to make your prospects want to move more.

The Twaino SEO agency has already supported several companies in setting up their Google My Business listing. For your establishment in Nice, we are available to allow the local population to find you easily, in order to develop your address book.

72 des consommateurs qui font une recherche locale se rendront en magasin dans les 8km
18 des recherches locales conduisent a un achat 2

Specially reach ready-to-purchase customers

What would be the point of attracting a large number of visitors, if very few of them made the purchase?

Local SEO allows you to achieve an 18% conversion rate of Internet users into loyal customers.

Even better, it’s proven that 80% of local searches done just from a mobile device turn into sales.

Such efficiency is explained by the fact that local SEO positions you exactly when the consumer needs a particular service or product.

So, if the presentation of your site and your products is convincing, the probability that he will become a customer is very high.


Twaino SEO Agency: a local SEO to increase its visibility in Nice

Whatever your lifestyle and your preferences, the city of Nice will charm you. There is something for everyone: swimming, mountain climbing, hiking, gastronomy, parties…

But if “Nissa La Bella” is so pleasant and heterogeneous, it is mainly because there is strong competition between the companies of the city.

So, if you really want to grow your business and become a reference in your sector in Nice, you must adopt the right SEO strategy.


Le Port–Garibaldi: applying best practices for successful on-page optimization

We are here in the south-east of Nice, between the hill of the Castle and the boulevard Carnot. The Port is recognized as one of the most commercial districts of Nice.

Between the Place du Pin and the Garibaldi, you can discover almost all types of small shops: bars, restaurants, shops…

On Place Arson, it is the boules games that bring a lot of people. This is a place where life is good, ideal for strolling or for living there.

But as an entrepreneur with a local establishment, you need to take seriously the on-page optimization of your site in order to target your Nice audience.

For an SEO beginner, on-page optimization can be difficult to master. But since this is one of the most important issues for the success of your company, let the professionals at Twaino take care of it.

Thanks to its expertise and knowledge of the field, the Twaino agency meets all the conditions to apply good practices and optimize your presence in search engines.

For this, we carefully treat the essential elements:

  • optimization of title tags;
  • header tag optimization;
  • creating an effective URL structure;
  • optimizing your images;
  • GEO Tagging Images;
  • creating internal links.
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In Cimiez: use structured data markup to stand out

Not far from the city center of Nice, Cimiez is a quiet district, perched on the hill. It is appreciated for its beautiful bourgeois palaces and luxury dwellings. This is the most residential area of ​​the whole city.

Cimiez is not only luxury residences, it is also small local shops, schools…

But creating a website and leaving it as is is not enough to develop your business in such an upscale neighborhood. You have to nurture it and make the necessary touches to stand out.

Google Trends

For example, using structured data markup makes it easier for Google crawlers to index your pages.

It is a portion of HTML code that allows indexing robots to understand the architecture and content of your pages to better crawl them.

In addition, successful and attractive markup distinguishes you from competing sites, present in Google’s search results.

At Twaino, we take care of the markup of your structured data for better indexing of your pages and a nice presentation on the Google SERP.


Fabron – Lanterne: insert local keywords in strategic parts of your site to boost your presence in nearby searches

A little far from the city center, this district still benefits from its proximity to the main arteries of the city to serve as a bridge between Cannes and Monaco.

There is also a shortcut to leave the Promenade des Anglais and reach the department stores of Nice in just a few minutes.

The environment is very popular with people who like calm, terraces and beautiful sea views.

For establishments in the sector, being well placed in nearby searches is essential.

Beyond listing on a Google My Business listing, there are other techniques to increase your chances of ranking well in Google results, including the strategic use of local keywords.

If you run, for example, a dental office in Fabron, targeting a keyword such as “dentist in Fabron”, in your content and in certain tags, will certainly improve your current ranking in local searches in Fabron.

Twaino’s SEO experts are committed to assisting businesses located in Fabron and surrounding areas to improve their position in nearby searches.

Always on the lookout for new SEO trends, we help you improve the visibility of your business in Nice.

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Get more qualified traffic

The priority of a local business is to attract customers who are in the vicinity before, perhaps, thinking of winning a foreign market.

If you are at the head of a company in Nice, local SEO allows you to concentrate in the first place on Internet users who will really visit your premises.

It would be useless to spend most of your resources targeting Internet users located in Moscow or Montreal, while your headquarters are here in Nice.

Search engines have also understood this. This is why with a local optimization of your site, Google’s algorithms will display your site much more often for Nice users.

But all this is only possible with a successful optimization of your pages for local SEO.

Specialized in local SEO for years, the Twaino agency provides you with a team of experts to carry out the local SEO of your business in Nice.

We have the know-how and the most powerful SEO tools to generate quality traffic.

Why choose the Twaino agency to improve the visibility of your brand in Nice?

Of all the SEO agencies available on the market, there is more than one reason to entrust Twaino with the SEO of your site in Nice:

Twaino : an SEO agency present in the city of Nice, to better understand the challenges of your locality

We are a natural referencing agency located in Nice, as in several other cities in France. The main objective of Twaino is to support companies (small, medium or large) in all their SEO projects.

Present in Nice, we are able to understand the realities of your environment, in order to offer high-end and tailor-made natural referencing, to effectively solve the problems that slow down the growth of your business.

What should be learned from your competitive environment in Nice?

What are the strategies used by your biggest competitors in Nice?

What methods should you put in place to gain authority in your sector in Nice?

So many questions to which we are ready to find answers for you, to really make your brand take off.

With Twaino, you have the assurance of an irreproachable service, for a good long-term positioning on the Google results pages.

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Twaino : combining SEO performance and digital ecology, for a greener and more responsible planet

We are convinced that it is possible to achieve high performance in SEO, without increasing our negative impact on the environment.

This is a challenge that is particularly close to our hearts and we have mobilized all the means necessary to meet it.

Working with Twaino means working with an agency that uses green servers and renewable energy.

We also plant trees to offset our carbon footprint. This is our way of participating in this fight against global warming and of offering the best to our customers.

Likewise, we recommend these servers to customers who want them, because we are convinced that together we can build a healthier world, while improving our SEO performance.

Twaino : an SEO agency that respects Google’s guideline

Natural referencing is meticulous work that needs time and consistency in the execution of tasks to give the expected result. It demands so much attention that your website could be likened to a start-up.

Twaino les jardiniers du SEO

As SEO gardeners, the experts at Twaino work on the SEO of your site, to guarantee you a job well done and protect you from any possible penalty from Google.

You may not know it, but there are forbidden techniques in SEO, techniques that some agencies do not hesitate to use, to offer a “good” ranking to their client, but a precarious and unreliable ranking.

These bad practices do not go unnoticed for long and Google ends up penalizing the sites, even blacklisting them.

At Twaino, you are sure to have benefited from 100% ethical methods, in accordance with Google’s recommendations, for quality and long-lasting SEO.


Twaino : A tailor-made approach and method for more effective results

Unlike some agencies that routinely recommend broad SEO campaigns to all businesses, Twaino first tries to understand the requirements of your industry and your level of notoriety. This is the SEO audit step.

Then, based on the results obtained during the audit, we propose and implement an effective and tailor-made strategy. This is a strategy that can really improve your site’s performance and generate more sales: this is the optimization stage.

Finally, we will proceed to the step of creating new fully optimized content. The idea is to maintain the new performance of your site and help it grow gradually.

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Twaino : Methodology and Monitoring

By choosing Twaino for the referencing of your company in Nice, you are also choosing a collaboration in transparency.

Because we consider it important that the client is always informed of the changes made to his site and the progress of the work, we adopt an inclusive and fully transparent approach.

Periodically, our consultants send you a detailed report of the changes made to your site and the new performances recorded.

From your computer, you have access to some SEO tools, including Google Analytics and Google Search Console, to check these reports in real time.

These are powerful tools, which will allow you to follow the evolution of the campaign and to be able to easily assess the success of our strategies.