Why and how to develop your personal branding ?

Today, let’s see why and how to develop personal branding?

Personal branding

In this video, I present you the reasons and ways to develop your personal branding:

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Why develop your personal branding?

To feel closer to a person than to a company

Why is it important to develop your personal branding? Well, the reason is quite simple. Globally, we always tend to feel much closer to a person than to a company. A company has a disembodied side that is conducive to mistrust. But when you have a person in front of you, the relationship of trust is much easier to create. This is even more true if the person is known, because a kind of link will be created. For example, imagine:,

  • A famous actor
  • A successful actor
  • A soccer player
  • A top athlete

Brands have well understood this association game in order to take advantage of the notoriety of a known person to create trust with their own company. It is a powerful lever to create an interaction with an audience.

The air of the influencers

Marketing has deeply evolved in the last few years, and we have seen the emergence of a new air, that of the influencers. For me, influencers are above all content creators. This can take the form of videos, blog content. They have succeeded in proposing content that has earned the trust of their audiences.

So, for me, an influencer is a creator who will propose to his audience content that will please / interest them. With time and consistency, a feeling of trust will develop. Finally, an influencer can become like a good friend who gives you advice.

A targeted audience

From a business point of view, the audience that can be targeted by influencers can be particularly interesting for companies. Indeed, some products or services can be favorable to the concerned audience. And insofar as these influencers have the trust of their audiences, then the presentation of a brand or a service can be a really good marketing lever.

Creating an audience is hard for a company!

When you’re going to launch your business, you’re going to see that building your audience, is something that is relatively complicated. It can be time consuming and energy consuming. That’s why I often tend to say, that before even offering a service or a product, you have to make it a priority to build your audience. So, you have to think about giving before you even think about receiving.

How to develop your personal branding?

There are several methods to develop your personal branding?

Become a must on the “Social Media

It seems obvious, but to have influence from our, it is almost impossible to do without social networks. Therefore, it is important to have a “social media” strategy, with “Social Profile” the most popular social networks such as:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat

With these social networks, you will be able to share, your activities and the things you like. In short, create content that will appeal to your audience, which will gradually increase your visibility.

Do cross-promotion

I actually advise you to do “cross-promotion” at the level of social networks. For example, it simply means that when you are on instagram, don’t hesitate to tell your audience: “I also have an account on Facebook, on Twitter, on Snapchat” and do the same thing on the others.

Why have this strategy? It simply allows you not to put “all your eggs in one basket”. Indeed, social networks’ algorithms change frequently, so it’s really not advisable to be dependent on one social network. In any case, this is something I do not recommend at all.

Write a book

Another way to develop your personal branding is by writing a book to win. Indeed, this is a very good method if you want to gain authority, and become an “expert” on a given sector. This is especially true if you are a B to B figure. A book will give you the status of a professional and an expert in a field. The effect is even more important if your book is a reference!

Keep a Blog

Another way to do personal branding is by regularly publishing quality content in your blog. Indeed, it is a very powerful and useful tool to improve your visibility. You can also think about writing guest articles to show your knowledge and expertise on other platforms than your own. Writing on other blogs is a great way to get your name out there, and to grow your audience.

Host a Youtube channel

You can also host a channel on YouTube. This depends on whether or not you feel comfortable with video. Personally, it took me months/years to launch my own Youtube channel. After that, it’s worth it, because Youtube is a very interesting tool that I highly recommend.

The keys to success in personal branding

Build a lasting relationship with your audience

When you embark on personal branding, tell yourself that it’s much more than a self-centered ambition. It’s really about building lasting relationships with your audience. Just like in “real” life, it will take time because you will have to build a relationship of trust. So really go for it with a long term logic in mind. So, when you start, it is rare to have immediate results. Especially, if you are a bit like me, that is to say, Mr. Smith or Mr. Everyone. If you are not already known, things are clearly different. But if you are like me, so not necessarily known, well it will take time. So don’t expect to see results in two days.


I often tend to remind it but for me the key to success is consistency. This applies particularly well in business, as in life in general. So, if you do things right and if you offer quality content, it will work. Just choose a medium, or a method of creation that suits you best:

  • If you’re comfortable with video, make videos
  • If you like writing, make articles
  • If you love photography, make great photos
  • If you can draw, make illustrations

If you put in the fun, work and consistency, you’ll succeed!

Make associations

When you start to have a small audience, you can think about making associations with other influencers. The idea is to grow each other’s audience. For that, I recommend you to choose influencers who have a size and a typology of audience relatively similar or compatible in any case.



To conclude, I can say that “personal branding” is a very powerful marketing tool because it allows you to create a feeling of trust with an audience, something that is much more difficult to do when you are a company. Whether we like it or not, we are really in the influencer era today. Therefore, if you ever launch a new brand, it is really to succeed in creating a brand image. For this, influencers can help because they not only have an audience but also the trust of that audience. This is a real asset for brands. Overall, if you want to develop your brand image, be present on social networks. If you have the opportunity to write a book, do it. If you have a blog, write regularly. Also think about guest posts. Also, a youtube channel is a powerful thing, so consider using this medium if you feel comfortable enough. Finally, if you are like me “Mr. Smith”, don’t expect to see results right away. But with hard work and consistency, things will pay off. On these good words, see you soon for the continuation….

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