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Today, I’m going to introduce you to the different sources of income that I anticipate for my business. Let’s go!

Sources de revenus Twaino

1 Business model: 3 sources of income

Find in my my videomy explanations for the 3 sources of income I want to develop, as well as the way I envisage my business model:

1) SEO consulting

Actually, the idea is quite simple. For the sources of income, at the moment, I envisage 3.

Les sources de revenus - Twaino (1)

The first one will be related to consulting / SEO consulting. This is really the activity I want to focus on for the business I’m going to build. Put like that, it’s a bit vague so I’ll try to be a bit more precise.

Sources de revenus Consulting SEO

There will be a part that will be related to sEO auditaudit, another one related to sEO optimization optimization and finally a last one related to the content creation.

  • SEO audit
  • Optimization
  • Content creation
Source de revenus Audit optimization creation

In the creation of content, I consider several elements. There will be for example the web writing, then the creation of visuals and images and finally a last part which will be linked to videos. The goal is to really make this first source of income, let’s say, the most important contribution. The other elements that I will give you afterwards will be more of a surplus, or a small bonus. Because my main idea is to develop this business SEO agency.

Sources de revenus redaction web creation visuels et videos

2) Passive Income

Then, the second source of income that I plan will be related to passive income.

Source de Revenus passifs

2.1) Develop my YouTube channel

Chainte Youtube Twaino

For this, I want to develop my channel on YouTube. Indeed, by creating video content and posting content on YouTube, Google pays the creators according to the number of views they get. So we are talking about a passive income. Be careful though.

Source de revenus passif youtube

And I prefer to tell you right away, I don’t intend to become a Youtuber. I’m simply considering YouTube as a possible source of additional income.

2.2) Working as an affiliate

Sources de revenus passifs affiliations

Then, the second source I’m considering is affiliation. If you don’t know what it is, I’ll explain it to you simply.

In fact, the idea is quite simple. As long as I’m going to create content, for example blog posts or YouTube videos, there’s bound to be a point where I’ll use products or services to create my website or to launch my business. And if these tools are useful to me, because I’m going to use them personally, I’ll offer them to you. Of course, I will only offer you services/software that I have tested myself, and that I have found useful and interesting. If you are interested, you can simply click on the links I will propose, in order to buy the service yourself. Thanks to this, I will get a small commission for the sale.

Generally speaking, affiliation does not have a very good reputation. Simply because it often seems that in the end, people put links just to get their commission and they don’t care about the products they promote.

The way I’m going to approach it is going to be radically different. The idea is really going to be to maximize the value for everybody. I’m going to use services or products personally, to build my business, and because you might be interested, I might as well promote products that are good, because they’re quality products, that I can certify.

So it creates value. Why does it create value? Simply because I am sending a customer to a company that is going to have a new buyer because of me. The new customer is going to be happy because I’m going to try to negotiate promotion codes in the affiliate that they wouldn’t have had if they didn’t use my code. And it’s advantageous for me, because if the transaction is done, well, I’m going to get a small commission.

So on the same principle as YouTube, affiliation should hold a relatively marginal place in my income sources.

3) Training

Source de revenus formations

The other element I want to develop will be related to training. The idea is quite simple. I will offer free content on my YouTube channel, and another part will be in the form of paid training. At the moment, I haven’t defined exactly how I will structure this content. I just think that there are some information that can be interesting to know, both for professionals and for the general public.

3.1) Get trained in SEO

Source de revenus formaitons SEO

My first idea is to propose trainings that can bring a lot of added value to people who want to to learn about SEO. Indeed, I think that there are many elements on which I can really bring added value in the framework of a training.

3.2) Increase your visibility with Pinterest

Source de revenus formations pinterest

My second idea is for a training on Pinterest. Indeed, I think there is a lot of content that would be interesting to use in training. Knowing that the opportunities to generate traffic with Pinterest are really interesting.

3.3) E-Books and PDFs

Source de revenus creation de livres ou de pdf

Maybe I will also propose a PDF and e-book. It’s possible. With complete guides on specific topics. These can be very interesting items to develop in the future.

An Uncertain Income Source Projection

Basically, that’s the way I see it right now. Obviously, this is the beginning. Things will become more refined and defined as I build my business and website. And with the videos I’m going to propose, you’ll be able to follow the evolution of my business model in a concrete way.

So the idea of this article was to present you the sources of income that I plan to use before I even start my business. It would be interesting to come back to this later, to see if I ended up going in completely different directions.

If you’re in the market for a business or startup, try that on your own too. It’s a good exercise that will help you see in which direction you want to go.

Above all, don’t consider this projection as a kind of static element that will be completely set in stone. Because contrary to that, this projection will probably evolve a lot. We are talking about business after all! In a business, it can “pivot” when the service or product you offer meets with customer interest. The goal for me will be to find out what works, and then direct my business towards what works rather than what doesn’t.

This is really a pre-action, pre-customer feedback, pre-market feedback or whatever view. This is the first approach to my business model. Knowing that the element that I would definitely try to prioritize is the SEO consulting, since that’s really my core competency.

I also think that the illustrations and infographics part deserves to be worked on, to see if it can be validated by the market. Indeed, we can bring together this work around images and SEO, by evoking what we call backlinks. So, if this doesn’t speak to you, don’t worry. I will have the opportunity to make many videos on the subject. Just know that getting backlinks in SEO is not necessarily simple. It is often a kind of grail.

The plan is to aim for the maximum number of backlinks that will point to your website. And one of the powerful levers to achieve this can be the fact of creating and sharing infographics. I will have the opportunity to show you how I make my infographics. In any case, I think it can be a really good lever to make a direct correlation between infographics and SEO. So this is something that I have in the back of my mind, and that I will be able to develop in the future.

A business model to test, to see what works

Again, this is really my personal vision at a certain point T. That’s even before I’ve started, before I’ve had any customer feedback. I think this before-action vision can be interesting for you. Because you get into the shoes of an entrepreneur, of someone who is going to launch a business. So you understand my doubts, as I don’t know what will work or fail, and also entrepreneurshipwith the potential doubts that it can generate.

Another point I would like to stress. Don’t be afraid at any time to open doors. By this I mean that if you start a business, don’t start with a fixed idea in mind, without any possibility of opening doors to something else. A business is made of fluctuations, evolution and doubts. Between what you plan at the beginning and what happens in reality, there is an abysmal gap.

So this article allows you to see that I have a core business, with an activity towards which I wish to tend. Nevertheless, I also open up perspectives on other revenue streams. Entrepreneurship is like gardening. I’m just going to plant some seeds, a little bit left and right, and see what grows. My seeds are going to be sEO consultingconsulting, my YouTube channel, affiliate marketing, training, whatever. I’m going to try things and among them, some will work, some will fail. And of course, I’ll have to iterate on what will work.

That’s it for this article. I hope you enjoyed it and that it helped you, if you’re ever in the process of starting a business one day.

See you soon! !

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