How to buy a domain name ?

Today, we will see together, how to buy your domain name?

The steps to buy a domain name

Find in my video, the steps that will allow you to buy a domain name:

There are several ways to buy a domain name, I will present you two of them:

  • Purchase of a domain name via a dedicated service such as godaddy
  • Buying a domain name directly from your hosting company
1 Acheter son nom de domaine

Buy your domain name on a dedicated website

Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. When you buy your domain name on a service like Godaddy, you will be using a service offered by a company whose core business is buying and selling domain names.

2 Go Daddy Site web specialise nom de domaine

For example in my case, I want to buy my domain name

. To do that, I go to godaddy, type the domain name I’m interested in and press search in the search engine.

4 Faire une recherche sur go daddy

In my case, the domain name is available: “the domain available, be the first to buy it”. So, I want it, I just have to add it to the cart, then pay, and I will be renting the domain name for a certain period of time.

5 Go daddy le nom de domaine est disponible

Purchase of your domain name via the host

The other way to do it is to buy your domain name directly through your hosting company. Indeed, when you are going to create your website, you will need a quality hosting to guarantee the availability of your site. For this, you will have to choose a hosting service. Personally, I use SiteGround, it is a hosting that I have used for years and that has never let me down.

3 Achat hebergement

By purchasing your domain name from the hosting company you like, you will be able to manage both your hosting and the renewal of your domain names on the same interface.

6 Se connecter a site ground

The DNS, a small problem easily overcome?

If you make the purchase directly on Godaddy, you will have to face a small problem that is quite simple to solve, but when you don’t know the internet at all, it can still be something that poses a problem. It’s about DNS. The DNS is a code that you will have to integrate directly on your hosting platform. Concretely, what does it mean? It means that if I buy my domain name on godaddy. Godaddy will charge me for the domain name rental. But in any case, I will have to transfer my domain name to the hosting company, in my case SiteGround. And so to make this gateway between the two, there is an encrypted key called DNS that will have to be integrated directly into SiteGround. To do this, there is a small additional manipulation to do.

7 Le petit probleme du DNS

Confidence & Simplicity: Purchase from the hosting company

The simplest solution, if you trust your web host, is to buy your domain name directly from them. Indeed, if you buy your domain name directly from SiteGround, you don’t need to do this little manipulation at the DNS level because it will be directly managed by SiteGround automatically.

8 Facturation a plusieurs endroits

Preferences but no dogmas!

Personally, I have both cases. I have several domain names on godaddy, I also bought others on siteground. If you are a beginner, I advise you to buy your domain name directly when you subscribe to your hosting. Indeed, it is often the simplest solution to start quickly the creation of your website.

For, I will buy via SiteGround

For, I will make my purchase directly through SiteGround. The advantage for me is that I will have only one billing with one company. Otherwise, I would be billed every year on Godaddy for the domain name and then on SiteGround for the hosting. In order to facilitate the management, I want everything for Twaino to be grouped on the same service, so that of SiteGround.

9 Regroupement de la facturation du nom de domaine

Nevertheless Godaddy is not to be neglected

So overall, these are the two main options for buying your domain name. So typically, if you want to buy on godaddy, add to cart, just register, it’s pretty simple. I really recommend GoDaddy, it’s a good reference in the industry from my point of view. So don’t hesitate to use this service.

Steps to buy a domain name

1) Login to your hosting : Site Ground

Log in to SiteGround, then go to “My Account”. However, an important detail that I forgot to mention before. SiteGround is an English service, so if you really have a lot of difficulties with English, don’t necessarily use this hosting. I’ve been using Site Ground for a long time now and I’m very satisfied with it, but if you ever have trouble navigating with the language of Shakespeare, you should use other hosting services, like OVH for example.

2) That said, I’m going to go to “Go to Cpanel”

3) Then, click on “Choose domain”

4) Check the availability of the domain name you are interested in, as well as the extension

In my case, I will select “Twaino” and with the extension “.com” that is available.

If you don’t have an account yet, just sign up for SiteGround, and then you can take the hosting service that best suits your needs. So, my domain name is available “ is available” so it works.

5) Pay for your domain name

I will subscribe for a period of 12 months, then I indicate my credit card, I confirm the terms of payment, and I click on “Pay Now”!

I receive after the transaction, a confirmation of purchase “Thank you for purchasing Site Ground services”. So everything worked correctly, the transaction was completed without any problem.

6) Check that everything works

Now, I will simply make sure that my domain name Twaino is present in SiteGround. Actually, it is, so great, everything works.

Now that I have added my domain name in SiteGround I can start creating my website.

Comment acheter un nom de domaine ?


Buying a domain name is a fairly simple process. Simply, before you start, try to anticipate a little bit in order to choose the solution that seems the easiest to you. Godaddy is a service that works very well, and that I use regularly. For Twaino, I decided to use my favorite hosting company Site Ground directly, in order to consolidate the billing. Buying from GoDaddy adds an extra step, with the DNS, even if it is not a complicated manipulation in itself. I’m done with this article, see you soon for the next part with the construction of the website of my SEO agency Twaino

.com. See you soon…

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