Local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO or local referencing refers to all SEO techniques aimed exclusively at improving the ranking of a site, a web application or an establishment in the search results (SERP)

Serveur web

Web Server

A web server is a software or hardware program that stores, processes and distributes web files (pages, text, images, etc.) to users as soon as they make a request. Before

Soft 404

Soft 404

Soft 404 is an error that occurs when the web page searched by an Internet user is deleted or not found, but for which the server, failing to indicate to

unique visit

Single visit

The term unique visitor is often used in marketing analytics to refer to a user who has accessed a website at least once in a given period of time. This

rank brain (1)

Rank Brain

Rank Brain is a feature of Google’s core algorithm that works through artificial intelligence and machine learning. It helps the search engine to interpret the most complex questions and display

Zero position

Zero position

In SEO, the term Zero Position refers to Google’s answer element, ranked before even the first organic result, except for Adwords ads. The idea of the search engine is to

Pogo Sticking(1)

Pogo Sticking

In SEO, we talk about Pogo Sticking when a user enters a website from the search engine, but immediately returns to the search engine using the ”back” button, and clicks

peguin (1)


Penguin is a Google update that aims to reduce spam and penalize websites that use Black Hat SEO techniques to obtain links and manipulate search engine rankings. In April 2012,


Private Blog Network

A private blog network (PBN) is a network of websites allowing to create backlinks to influence the authority of another website considered as central. Otherwise, it is a list of

panda (1)


Google Panda refers to the change in Google’s search results ranking algorithm released in February 2011. It is Google’s algorithm that seeks to reward websites with high quality content by



PageRank refers to the Google algorithm initiated by the co-founder of Google Larry Page. Its role is to evaluate the importance of web pages on the basis of incoming links

Local pack

Local Pack

The local pack or Google Local Pack is a section of the search results where Google presents a list of three local businesses related to the user’s query. Google displays



Google OneBox is a special form of representation in Google search results. It is used to accurately give, in a sort of box, the essential information about specific search terms

nofollow (2)


The English word nofollow is one of the values of the attribute “rel” which is used to produce hyperlinks. It allows more specifically to indicate that a link should not


Negative SEO

Negative SEO is a set of malicious practices generally used to sabotage the ranking of a competitor’s site on the pages of search engines. In some cases, a site can

Search engine

Search engine

Commonly called in the English language Search enginea search engine is a tool that allows you to obtain useful information online through the use of keywords and search terms. All



A keywordis a term or set of words that a user enters in the search field of a search engine in order to find a specific content . 0,16% of

Site miroir

Mirror site

A mirror site is a complete and compliant replica of an existing website with a different URL. Mirror sites are most often used to improve accessibility to the original website

Link Farm

Link Farm

The Link Farm is an SEO practice that consists of creating a website or a group of sites specifically to converge links to another site. The idea is to provide

Link Building (1)

Link Building

Link building is a concept that designates the set of techniques by which optimization specialists and marketing professionals obtain backlinks to a given site from other websites. Link building is



Linkbaiting is an SEO technique that consists in creating contents to bait Internet users and naturally bring backlinks to a page or a website. But to succeed in this technique,

internal link

Internal link

Internal links are hyperlinks that point to another page on the same website. In simple terms, they connect pages on the same website and share the same source domain. Users


Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a marketing term for web content that is offered to visitors, but with certain information. The content can be in the form of an audio, video

landing page

Landing page

A landing page or destination page is a specific page that appears when a user clicks on a link. They are usually linked to marketing campaigns and are often optimized

Keyword stuffing

Keywords Stuffing

Keywords Stuffing is a practice that consists in overloading the content of a web page with keywords. More precisely, it is an optimization technique for SEO designed around the idea

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Keyword Rank

Keyword Rank

Literally, the term Keyword Rank means the ranking for keywords. More precisely, it is an SEO concept that refers to the rank that your website or web page occupies in

keyword funnel

Keyword Funnel

The keyword funnel reports on the keywords you are targeting and that correspond to the needs expressed by Internet users at each level of their customer journey In a recent

Keyword Competition

Keywords Competition

The expression Keyword competition refers to the competition that exists between several sites because of their ambition to position themselves on the same keyword. Because it is the keywords that

Keyword cannibalization

Keywords Cannibalization

The expression Keywords Cannibalization or Cannibalization of keywords is used to designate the competition which can exist between several pages or links of the same Internet site. This competition occurs



Indexing in SEO refers to the procedure by which a search engine lists, stores and orders the pages of a website to quickly display them when a user launches a

sitemap image

Sitemap image

An ” Image Sitemap” or Image Sitemap is generally an XML file created to submit to search engines, a list of URLs of images to be indexed on a website.

seo image

SEO Image

Image SEO refers to all the methods of search engine optimization, but which concern exclusively image files. The idea is to improve the visibility and ranking of a content by



Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure or simply HTTPS, is a highly advanced and secure version of HTTP. It is the application protocol through which all data communications on the Web



HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol . It is essentially a communication protocol used to conduct information between the client and a web server. HTTP was invented with HTML to

html sitemap

HTML Sitemap

A little different from XML Sitemap,HTML Sitemap is a page on your website containing links to every important content page on your website. In general, it serves as a guide


Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is an automated audit tool initiated by Google and available for free to test the performance, accessibility and SEO of a website. The tool is able to quickly

Google Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base that Google uses to compile its results which group together semantic information drawn from various sources. It includes a network of interconnected entities

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool provided by Google that helps advertisers and online content creators research keywords and gain valuable insights into what their audience is searching for.

Google bowling

Google bowling

Google bowling is a technique that consists in artificially building a massive number of backlinks to a website in order to make it go down in the search engine rankings.