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Do you think you have worked enough on the local referencing of your site to attract as many customers as possible to your premises in Toulouse?

In Toulouse, are you sure to appear on the first page of Google as soon as a user launches a search related to your field of activity?

Whatever your current situation, the Twaino agency is available to listen to your concerns and support you in achieving your goals.

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SEO Strategy in Toulouse

Did you know that 46% of all searches Google receives are for finding a local business? This means that almost half of Google users frequently search for services or products in a specific municipality.

46 des recherches sur Google ont un parametrage locale
Comment créer et paramétrer Google My business ?

Benefit from effective communication strategies to strengthen proximity with your customers in Toulouse

The Net has transformed the way we communicate, especially since the advent of social networks and video calls.

This development brings companies closer and closer to their customers, through several tools such as Google My Business. In addition to getting directions to your establishment in Toulouse, they have access to details of the activities you carry out and other useful information.

If you want to take full advantage of these tools, the natural referencing agency Twaino accompanies you and offers you strategies to help you strengthen the proximity between you and your customers.

Our experts know how to recognize and implement the communication methods that best suit your business.

Twaino, your SEO agency in Toulouse

Would you like to be accompanied for an SEO service in Toulouse? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Reach the right target in Toulouse, thanks to relevant strategies

Not all customers have the same tastes or the same needs. For example, some are constantly looking for the latest model of smartphone while others want a phone for surfing or just making calls!

In the face of this diversity, targeting the wrong type of user can waste resources and lead to no traffic or sales.

And unlike traditional advertising that targets everyone, SEO gives you the opportunity to be more selective.

By applying certain filters to the local population, such as hobbies, interests or socio-professional categories, it is possible to address only your target audience.

With our knowledge of your environment, our SEO gardeners are able to identify the profile of users likely to need your services in the city of Toulouse.

Then, we offer you the appropriate strategies to really attract the attention of your target and encourage them to consume your products or services.

conseils SEO
seo local par rapport a la taille de l entreprise local SEO

Local SEO to properly reference companies of all sizes in Toulouse on Google

Many people are convinced that local SEO is only for SMEs and startups that serve a specific area.

However, even if multinationals are supposed to approach SEO on a global scale, they should not neglect local SEO.

This is a feature that complements the campaigns, for a more complete SEO and a reinforced authority of the company.

Whether you are a craftsman or the branch of a large company, Twaino can develop your campaign by optimizing your site for local SEO in Toulouse.

So, even if you are targeting abroad, we can still help you maintain a local online presence, here in Toulouse.

Twaino SEO Agency: a local SEO to increase its visibility in Toulouse

Take advantage of advanced analytics to measure the success of your SEO campaigns

When launching a traditional marketing campaign, customers may well and truly come to your premises to purchase a product or service.

However, unless you question each visitor, it is difficult to distinguish the number of people received thanks to the campaign or thanks to word-of-mouth.

As a result, business leaders find it difficult to measure the success of their campaign and are hesitant to reinvest in this channel.

On the other hand, the SEO campaigns organized by the Twaino agency are methodical and transparent enough to allow you to easily assess their effectiveness on your turnover.

Periodically, our teams of experts send you a detailed report on the number of visitors, click rate, conversion rate, bounce rate, etc. to follow our work and appreciate the results of the campaign.

You also have access, free of charge, to analysis tools such as Google Analytics, to observe in real time the evolution of the performance of your site.

indicateurs de performance

Webmarketing to retain your customers in Toulouse

When a person is interested in a product or a service, he seeks to know more, to make the best choice. On your site, do you really provide all the answers your customers need?

While it’s impossible to answer every potential question in advance, it can be beneficial to use a contact medium to instantly converse with your customers when they need you most.

Satisfaction des utilisateurs

It’s a great way to listen and prove to them that beyond the commercial issues, you really care about their satisfaction.

The Twaino team can assist you by setting up the technical support (comments, chatbot, etc.) of your choice on your site, so that you can react as quickly as possible to your customers’ concerns.

On the one hand, you get to know them to serve them better. On the other hand, they feel more confident and can more easily become loyal customers.

positionner sa marque local SEO

Twaino SEO Agency: local SEO to increase your visibility in Toulouse

With dazzling sites steeped in history, Toulouse is one of the most beautiful and welcoming cities in France. Every year, millions of tourists travel to (re)discover the pink city.

Toulouse is also home to many world-renowned companies which are the pride of the town and which make it particularly conducive to the development of a variety of activities.

It is a city in perpetual change and which has not yet finished surprising.

However, in a city like Toulouse, with different realities in each district, setting up a business and making a name for yourself is not easy.

And one of the actions to be favored to succeed in your activities and position your brand well is the implementation of SEO, in particular local SEO.

It is not a question of adopting SEO strategies at all costs, but of analyzing your sector of activity and your area in Toulouse to find the ideal strategy.

Twaino SEO Agency: a local SEO to increase its visibility in Toulouse

Quartier 5.3 in Toulouse: be among the first to claim your Google My Business, Bing Places and Apple Maps listing

District 5.3 includes Saint-Michel, Busca, Empalot and Saint-Agne. It is a fairly quiet area.

It retains a rather residential aspect with sublime and vast houses, the legendary Georges Labit museum and the Canal du Midi nearby.

And at the same time, in Saint-Michel, place to animation, to arteries filled with people and to small shops everywhere.

One of the benefits you can enjoy in this area of ​​Toulouse is the Google My Business (GMB) listing.

Indeed, the GMB sheet is quite unknown to traders. An estimated 56% of businesses exist but do not have a GMB listing.

56 des entreprises nont pas reclame leurs listes Google my business

You might as well do this work now to boost your brand image in Toulouse and increase your turnover before your competitors follow suit.

Google My Business is a kind of online directory. Google relies on the companies listed in this directory to offer nearby establishments, as soon as a user launches a search.

With Twaino, your Google My Business file is well informed, with the most important information to know about your business, in order to move around and/or contact you.

We can also help you set up your Bing Places and Apple Maps listings, which are other solutions similar to Google My Business.


In the center of Toulouse: strengthen your presence on the Internet to attract the most local consumers

When it comes to the center of Toulouse, it is essentially the Capitole, the Carmes and Arnaud Bernard. The area is always noisy and full of tourists, it is often difficult to park.

And if there are so many tourists there, there are as many restaurants and shops of all kinds.

Here in Toulouse, users have acquired the reflex of going to the Internet at the slightest opportunity.

To order a lunch, buy a bag or call a plumber, Google is there. More than 70% of web consumers search the Internet to find a local business.

As an entrepreneur in Toulouse, it can only be beneficial for you to improve the visibility of your company, in order to benefit from all the users who are connected.

Experts in local natural referencing for years, our consultants strengthen your presence on the Net in order to bring as many customers as possible to your premises in the center of Toulouse.

Whether you want to settle there for a new activity or expand your network of current customers, we support you to meet all your needs.

les consommateurs locaux local SEO
taux de conversion de 50 pour les annuaires locaux
18 des recherches locales conduisent a un achat 2

Rangueil, Pouvourville, Sauzelong, Pech David: take advantage of local SEO to record the best conversion rate

These districts are among the most important in Toulouse, in particular because of the presence of the Faculty of Medicine. But that’s not all, we also visit Pech David, a park that brings together locals as well as tourists.

Although these sectors are relatively calm, the population is still quite active and consumer needs are present.

It is therefore very likely that your current business in these areas of Toulouse will become even more flourishing if you adopt the right strategy.

And of all the options possible with digital marketing, local SEO is by far the most affordable long-term solution, the one that converts the most visitors into loyal customers.

Indeed, most users who launch local searches are already in the vicinity and are ready to consume.

Nearly 88% of mobile users who carry out local searches visit companies offered by search engines on the same day and 18% of them make an immediate purchase.

This means that out of 10 people who need your services in Pouvourville or Rangueil, close to 9 are likely to visit your store and 2 will complete a purchase. In addition to your usual customers, this can make a difference for your establishment.

However, you have to start by succeeding in your local SEO and being correctly referenced on Google before you hope to attract these Internet users.

Our SEO agency Twaino improves your local SEO in Toulouse and helps you achieve a higher conversion rate.

Bonhoure – Guilheméry – Château de l’Hers – Limayrac – Côte Pavée: upscale neighborhoods where a mobile-friendly site is KING

We are here to the east of Toulouse: the population belongs to the so-called “superior” socio-professional categories and is essentially made up of young dynamic executives. It’s a plush place where local search is also in demand, especially on mobile devices.

The streets aren’t very crowded and it’s easier for a user leaving sports or work to pull out their phone and look for a nearby service or product.

This is why making your site pleasant and fast to navigate on mobile devices is so important!

This is all the more the case as Internet users spend more time using the Internet on smartphones or tablets than on computers.

statisques recherches en ligne sur mobile local SEO

With a team of specialists, the Twaino agency deals with the technical aspects of your site and improves its mobile version, to provide a better experience for mobile users.

Thus, from a tablet or a desktop computer, you are assured that the Internet user easily browses the content of your site, until buying a product, requesting a quote or taking out a subscription.


In Saint-Cyprien: define your local citations (NAP) to facilitate the location of your establishment

When optimizing your Google My Business, Bing Places, Apple Maps, or Yahoo Local listing, it’s essential not to rush certain key elements, including local citations (NAP).

This is the basic information to fill in on your file, namely the name, address and telephone number of the company. Their interest is to help Internet users easily find the location of your establishment or contact you if necessary.

In a district as cosmopolitan as Saint-Cyprien, filling out your company’s NAP incorrectly could cause you to lose a lot of customers and, even worse, direct them to a competitor.

This may be, for example, an address that is not correctly entered, “Plomberie Pierre” instead of “Plomberie Saint-Pierre” or an old telephone number that no longer works.

Even if you have managed to position yourself on the first page of Google, visitors will have a hard time reaching you or finding the location of your establishment. Google might even downgrade you for these inconsistencies in your information.

At Twaino, we take care to carefully check your local quotes and to rework them if necessary for better visibility in Toulouse.

Business plan Twaino

What makes Twaino special in Toulouse

If you have no knowledge of SEO, an agency can take over the optimization of your site.

However, hiring the wrong agency can not only prevent you from achieving the desired results, but also waste your time and money.

Stratégie SEO Croissance

Of all the agencies present in Toulouse, Twaino stands out from the lot with particularities that testify to all our seriousness and our know-how.


Twaino is an agency 100% oriented SEO

At Twaino, we exclusively provide SEO-related services to help businesses increase their visibility on the Internet.

Unlike a 360 agency, our team is made up of SEO specialists who invest solely and entirely in clients’ SEO campaigns.

Our policy is to bring together all our know-how and all our resources in a single specialty, SEO, to offer impeccable work.

In reality, our choice did not fall on SEO by chance.

Natural referencing is the best and most profitable solution in web marketing to generate long-term traffic. This is why we have made it a specialty to satisfy our customers and help them achieve their goals.

SEO Robots on page Off Page
Les 7 Meilleurs Moyens pour Trouver les Emails de vos Prospects

With Twaino, benefit from efficient and ethical SEO strategies (White Hat)

In the SEO industry, there are deprecated practices (Black Hat) that make it possible to reach the first pages of Google in a single peak. But in the long run, the affected sites end up being penalized by Google and losing their rankings.

Some agencies use these methods to make false promises to clients.

At Twaino, our knowledge of Google’s algorithms and our desire to continually seek out SEO news allow us to always employ ethical practices (White Hat), recommended by Google, to work on the SEO of our clients.

With us, you are assured that your site complies with Google’s recommendations for long-lasting and quality referencing.

Twaino is also an ecofriendly approach for the protection of the environment

Even if our primary mission is to support companies so that they acquire authority on the Net and increase their turnover, we still remain faithful to an eco-friendly approach.

Thus, we use infrastructures that respect nature. You may not know it, but every email you send produces carbon, which is released into the atmosphere.

Aware that the protection of our environment is a matter that concerns us all, the Twaino agency is committed to improving the positioning of sites on the Internet while preserving nature.

By working with us, you not only benefit from SEO expertise, but you also contribute to a greener and healthier planet.

A simple and inclusive approach for participatory and effective SEO campaigns

At Twaino, we are convinced that a successful SEO campaign requires the active participation of the client himself. To facilitate communication, we adopt a simple approach which takes place over 3 stages, for all companies in Toulouse.


1) Audit

We start with an audit, in order to diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of your site. On the one hand, the audit allows us to identify the problems that are hindering the visibility of your company.

On the other hand, we identify opportunities to exploit. Thanks to this data, we develop a tailor-made strategy adapted to the realities of your sector in Toulouse.

2) Optimization

Then, the optimization step consists of implementing the previously developed strategy. During optimization, we review all aspects of your site to increase its performance.

3) Contents’ strategy

The last step consists of creating new quality content, to maintain the current position of your site and help it gradually gain an ideal position.
This step is particularly delicate. We make sure to apply the best web writing techniques to offer you content that is fully optimized and catchy enough to encourage visitors to consume your products.