Widget for Wordpress The Ultimate Guide

Widget For WordPress: The Ultimate Guide

Guest post by : Jessica Picard from apprendre-le-seo-ensemble.fr Customizable as you wish, WordPress is the most used CMS in the world to create a website. It is possible to use

Quelles sont les meilleurs plugins WordPress

The 80+ best WordPress plugins

With my years of experience in website creation, I have been able to test hundreds of plugins and have found that: There are excellent plugins that are completely free, but

Empty your browsers cache why and how to do it

Empty Your Browsers Cache: Why and How?

Did you know that? Your browser stores information in a temporary file when you visit websites. This is a pretty useful feature, as your browser will load the contents of

Les 45 Meilleurs Thèmes WordPress [15 Thèmes Écolos]

The 45 Best WordPress Themes [15 Eco Themes] 

WordPress is the most widely used content management tool for building websites : However, when sites are created, themes usually determine their appearance.  Composed mainly of style sheets and templates,

Shopify vs Wordpress Which One Should You Use

Shopify vs WordPress: Which One Should You Use?

What is the best solution for creating ecommerce sites between Shopify and WordPress? This is a recurring question that many people ask themselves.  We can understand this interest that people

Comment intégrer des polices sur wordpress ?

How to integrate fonts on WordPress?

Fonts are the showcase of your theme. If they’re attractive enough, they can make your website look professional and optimize the user experience. On the other hand, if they’re too

Premier article de blog toutes les etapes de A à Z

First blog post | All the steps from A to Z

You have decided to start a blog, congratulations! I assure you that it is a great decision you have made. As a proof, 55% of marketers believe that creating blog

Comment supprimer un thème Wordpress ?

How to delete a WordPress theme ?

Unless you are an experienced webdesigner, installing a theme is the best way to quickly make a website presentable. Moreover, you have a vast panel of possibilities since WordPress, which

Comment désinstaller un plugin dans Wordpress ?

How to uninstall a plugin on WordPress ?

Offering the best experience remains the main objective of most website owners. In this sense, it becomes very useful to make use of some features interesting features and to do

Création d'une page wordpress de A à Z

Creation of a page on WordPress [From A to Z]

With over 1.4 billion websites worldwide in 2018, it’s only natural to have trouble standing out quickly. Of course, the number isn’t the only factor to consider; you need to

Comment adapter mes pages de site web au téléphone ?

How do I adapt my website pages to the phone ?

According to Hootsuite and We Are Social, 55% of the world’s population use the Internet, or almost 4.2 billion people. The technological medium that attracts the most Internet traffic remains

Comment supprimer des pages sur wordpress ?

How to delete pages in WordPress ?

Do you have unnecessary or obsolete pages that you want to remove from your website? These web pages can sometimes cause trouble especially when they appear in search engine results.

How to create a revolution slider ?

Did you know that an intuitive, ergonomic website is likely to increase conversion rates? That’s why UX, or user experience, plays such an important role these days. To this end,

How to install and configure Contact Form 7 ?

Want to create a direct link with your website visitors? To do so, I suggest you create a contact form on your website. Indeed, this is a very important element

How to launch a website without a budget

How to launch your website without a budget ?

Launchinga website can be expensive! Should we deprive ourselves of an online presence when we have a minimal budget or nonexistent? Of course not. The challenge will be more difficult

Why and how to make a website model

Why and how to make a website Template ?

reating a website is good! But having a website that conveys your brand identity with an optimal user experience is even better! To do this, I will show you one

Why and how to switch from http to https

Why and how to switch from Http to Https?

Is your website displaying the annoying “not secure” label? To get rid of it, you just need to do a few small things. Indeed, Google and WordPress have been constantly

How to import a demo theme in wordpress ?

Have you successfully created your website on WordPress? It’s awesome ! After this step, you have surely installed your theme in order to give a face to your platform. To

Comment installer un thème wordpress

How to install a wordpress theme ?

Today, I will show you how to install a theme on wordpress. Let’s go ! Install a wordpress theme Discover in this video, what are the steps to install a

Comment acheter un nom de domaine ?

How to buy a domain name ?

Today, we will see together, how to buy your domain name? The steps to buy a domain name Find in my video, the steps that will allow you to buy

Est-il toujours pertinent d'avoir un blog aujourdhui ?

Do you still need a blog today ?

Today we will see together if it is still relevant to have a blog on your website …. Is it still necessary to have a blog today? Find in my

5 grandes étapes pour créer votre site web

5 steps to create a website

Today, I’m going to show you the five main steps to create your website. You’ll see, it’s pretty simple. It’s just like if you decided to create your restaurant. The

Acheter un thème 10 meilleurs sites (1)

Buy a theme: 10 best Websites

Since the advent of content management systems (CMS), it must be said that the creation of professional websites of any kind (blog, storefront, e-commerce …) has become much simpler and


Elementor : Ultimate Guide For Beginner

Elementor is a leading WordPress page builder with over 4 million users. To design with this WordPress visual editor, you need to know everything about its features. Unlike other builder

Serveur Apache Guide Complet (1)

Apache Server : A Complete Beginner’s Guide

There are several types of web servers on the market and among them is Apache, one of the oldest servers Although new, more modern and efficient alternatives have emerged in