How to start your first marketing campaign ?

Today we will see together how to start your first marketing campaign…

Where to start to launch your first marketing campaign?

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Be inspired by what works for others

First of all, it can be interesting to take inspiration from what already exists. What I mean by this is that you have a business, in a sector, with competition, customers, and there is very little chance that you will be the first to arrive on this market.

Therefore, it is relevant to see what works for others, and make sure to apply it simply to you. For example, in some markets, there are marketing tools that will be more or less effective. If you are in BtoB or BtoC the same thing. In short, be inspired by what already works for others, it’s a good way to make it work for you.

Spaghetti against the wall

There is another method that I like, which is presented by an author named Neil Patel. He has a theory called the “spaghetti against the wall theory”. The idea is pretty simple. You take a plate of spaghetti, and you throw it against the wall. At the end, you’ll see what sticks and what falls to the ground. It’s going to be exactly the same with your first marketing campaign. Why? Because in fact this plate of spaghetti is a bit like all the tools you can find in marketing. We’re going to put everything in there, we’re going to try everything at first. And by sending it against the wall, we’ll see that there are things that stick, that remain wall, and therefore tools that will work and others that will fall to the ground, and therefore will fail. The objective is exactly the same…

Rather than making great theories on marketing, really a pragmatic vision.

So we will simply see what works and depending on what works we will try to re-bid on it so that it becomes a privileged way to get traffic and customers. For example, in this plate of spaghetti you can for example find paid advertising, social networks: Instagram, Facebook, you can also find content marketing.

A “Test” approach

In short, a lot of elements that are extremely varied. The difficulty today is to deal with the large number of possibilities. So, the only relevant way to do it, is really to have a “Test” approach. So to test as much as possible.

Focus on what works

Indeed, once you have tested me what I recommend is to choose and focus on one or two tools maximum. To make sure that you actually manage to create a lot of content on it, content that is qualitative. Once you have content, you will succeed in setting up processes to accelerate, to publish much more, to go much faster, to be much more efficient. In short, once you’ve managed to focus on one tool, then you can consider using another.

This is a diagram that I created for you, which summarizes my thoughts on the subject: first, we test several platforms. Then, we determine what works best. Then, we prioritize the platforms that work best or the platform that works best by exploiting it to the maximum. And once we have the feeling or the sensation of having exploited this platform to the maximum, we move on to another platform that was working a little less well before when we sent our spaghetti against the wall.

Do not neglect the manual approach

In marketing in general, the internet works well, social networks are effective too, but know that in most cases, you will get your first 100 customers manually. So manually what does that mean? It means you’re going to potentially pick up the phone, you’re going to go to events, you’re going to briefly talk to people, go face to face with customers, see how you’re going to convince them, or not convince them. If you have some kind of absolute belief in social networks, I’d rather tell you right now, it can work but most of the time, at the beginning anyway, it’s textbook. Because you need to have a minimum of authority on what you are doing. And it’s very hard to create trust on social networks and the internet in general.

Once you have trust you can get a lot more customers, that’s not a problem. At first, it’s complicated and that’s why a manual approach can be a good lever to convince. Especially since it is much easier to convince when you have a customer in front of you, as you can adapt your speech. The other element is that meeting your customers will allow you to see what are the different levers that make the difference to succeed in converting them. Finally, you have a better knowledge, understanding and feeling of what works and what doesn’t.

Be patient

With Twaino my SEO agency, I also do content marketing, and I am well aware that it is a powerful marketing tool but it takes time. So your marketing campaign will also depend on your need for cash. If you have an immediate need for cash, you will prioritize certain tools. If you have a cash flow that allows you to see ahead on the medium / long term, you can use other types of tools.

Short-term advertising

If you want cash now, indeed paid advertising is a good way to do it, especially with Facebook, Google or Twitter it can be a good way to get customers quickly.

SEO, content marketing and social networks in the long term

If you have a little more time and you are really sure about a medium / long term business, there is nothing better than SEO. Content marketing and social media are also effective marketing levers. It may surprise you to put social networks in a long-term logic. Indeed, undoubtedly, it takes a lot of time to create your audience and content.

Comment débuter votre première campagne marketing ?


I hope you enjoyed this article. In summary, your first marketing campaign should be a time to “test”! You have your plate of spaghetti, you send it to the wall and we see what sticks, what stays on the wall. So we test. Then, we determine what works and we keep what works best, this is the moment of prioritization. Once we know what works best, we exploit this tool to the maximum. Once it is exploited and we finally have the feeling that we are running out of steam in terms of creation, we move on to another platform. And so on… That’s the best way to do it. Testing as many things as possible will really allow you to have a pragmatic approach, which is really an ultra important point.

See you soon for a new episode…

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