Corporate Communication: Ideas & Tips

Today, we will see together the communication I plan for the company I will create called Twaino

. Come on, I show you…

How to find ideas for your business communication?

My project is the following, I want to set up an SEO agency, whose name I found yesterday, and which will be called Twaino. My goal is to create a website,

with a communication at the same time:

  • Original
  • Professional
  • Perfectly executed

To find ideas, I had the opportunity to proceed in the following way…

Start with an idea…

For that, nothing better than to look at what is done on the internet. By typing “organic traffic”, I could see a very large number of images, with numbers and arrows, that I would qualify as “not necessarily very happy”, let’s say. In fact what interests me with this term, “organic traffic” or “organic traffic”, is the “organic” aspect. Indeed, when we do SEO and when we improve the natural referencing of our clients, the objective is to make sure that we are a website that grows, and grows through time and effort. So the organic approach is something I’m interested in and want to communicate about.

Trafic Organic Graphique

Organic traffic, not very pleasing images!

When I type “organic traffic” in google images, I often come across the same types of visuals, like rockets. So, it’s often the same things, with the idea of speed that often comes up. For my business that I’m going to create, which is going to be called, I’ve decided to go against what’s out there. In my last video, I had the opportunity to show you the ways SEO agencies communicate. In this video, I was able to show you that apart from Eskimos and Rankwell who have a slightly different approach, the other players are on quite similar communications

. As this idea is not really exploited, I want to base my communication around organic traffic, SEO and organic growth.

Recherche Google Trafic organic
Google Croissance Organique
Recherche Google Traffic oraganique

Then find your own way!

When I type “organic growth” in Google, I was expecting much more natural results, with more plants, which is not really the case. On the other hand, with “Growth plant”, I find more something I want to communicate about, with a more natural orientation. I would like to start from the idea that at the beginning, when you start a website, a little bit like a seed that you plant, and little by little, thanks to SEO, you will succeed in making the website grow, until finally the seed becomes a tree that is solid and robust. And so this communication around plants, around nature, and therefore around the organic side, is something from an SEO point of view that is not very much exploited, from my point of view, and therefore that interests me.

Recherche Growth Plant

Having an idea, then digging into it

I already had the opportunity to talk to my partner Mariana, about this idea about exploiting a natural and organic side for the communication of my SEO agency Twaino. So, we already had the opportunity to look on the internet how to try to exploit this idea, in order to execute it on this project, trying to work as much as possible on this “Green” side. Often, in terms of colors, SEO companies use either blue or red. With my Twaino site, I’m thinking more of a color palette with a dominant green.

Recherche Growth Plant (2)

Feed your intuitions…

To refine a hunch and my ideas, I frequently use Pinterest. It is a great platform for creatives to find interesting sources of inspiration. For example, Mariana and I were notably seduced by :

  • Green visuals with cellular shapes, with striped textures and the ability to use gradients.
  • Screens or keyboards that intertwine with plants to reinforce the organic side
Visuels communication Twaino Pinterest
Nature et ordinateur communication twaino
Ordinateur et Plante Communication Twaino
Inspiration communication Twaino

So by seeing this kind of visual, it confirms my first intuition, and I content to think that it is an axis of communication quite interesting to exploit. With these plants and this communication, I would also like to take the opposite side, of an “artificial” and “ephemeral” growth. It may sound strange, but I imagine a communication where Twaino consultants would become a kind of SEO gardener, whose job would be to make sure that your website is like a seed at the beginning, and then by dint of work, care, watering it, creating quality content, optimizing it… Make sure that your site is in the best conditions to grow and become stronger and stronger. I find that this approach is quite differentiating, so I will tend towards a communication that will go in that direction. For example, I have in mind visuals where at the beginning we have a small seed, and then obviously, this small seed starts to grow and then, little by little, we have something much bigger, until finally ending up on either a flower or a tree… I like this theme and it inspires me.

Site Web de couleur verte Twaino
Recherche Google Croissance verte

Ask for advice from others

Now that I think I’ve found my communication direction, I’ll start creating content on it. The goal is to have first drafts that I will present around me, to get feedback. Depending on the relevance of the feedback, I will refine or radically change this communication. Indeed, even if this communication around plants and a natural approach for SEO is an idea that I like. It is above all essential that it is understood, and that it pleases my potential customers. It seems to me essential to listen to your audience, in order to offer something different, but aligned with their expectations. For me, the right approach is to come up with ideas and visuals that we will test, but I will be attentive to the customers’ feedback in order to evolve my approach if necessary.

Communication entreprise


I was able to share with you my first thoughts about the communication I want to put in place for my agency Twaino

. Of course, I know that these initial intuitions will have to be explored to see if they are aligned with the clients. In the United States, as well as in France, to my knowledge, I have never seen a company that has made a marketing and communication effort that goes in that direction. So my goal now will be to create content and visuals that go in the direction of “natural growth”, using “organic traffic”. I would like to develop that Twaino consultants become perceived by our audience as “SEO gardeners”. End of this first article on communication, see you soon for the rest…

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