Absolute path 1

Absolute Path

Absolute Path is the hierarchical path that allows you to locate a file or folder in a file system from the root. The absolute path of a file allows you

scooter (1)


Scooter is the name of Alta Vista’s crawler, the world’s first search engine that allowed people to search the Internet in natural language. This means that Scooter was the best

penalites mensuelles (2)

Google Penalty

A Google penalty is a sanction imposed on a website when it is suspected of adopting bad SEO practices. The penalty can come from an algorithm or from a human

Trust flow

Trust Flow & Trust Flow Topical

Trust Flow is a score ranging from 0 to 100 that is used to measure how trustworthy a page or website is from the pages that link to it. Initial

link burst (2)

Link Burst

Link burst is a term that is explained by getting too many backlinks in a very short time. This could indicate that you are using a link farm or a


Keyword Proximity

Keyword proximity is the distance between two words in a sentence. In SEO, the proximity of keywords is the difference between the combinations of words that make up the target


Google News

A survey shows that 60% of people trust the information they read on Google News more than elsewhere. This is the main reason why millions of people visit the platform


Google Dance

Google combines more than 200 factors to display search results and regularly adjusts its system to make search more intuitive. In the past, the updates caused a lot of commotion


Spam Report

Literally, the expression “spam report” means spam report. It refers to the fact that a person reports to Google those who do not respect the good practices of SEO. That


Snippet definition

Also known as code snippets, snippets allow you to display an excerpt, a summary or even the description of a page located on your website in Google search results One