Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure or simply HTTPS, is a highly advanced and secure version of HTTP. It is the application protocol through which all data communications on the Web



HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol . It is essentially a communication protocol used to conduct information between the client and a web server. HTTP was invented with HTML to

html sitemap

HTML Sitemap

A little different from XML Sitemap,HTML Sitemap is a page on your website containing links to every important content page on your website. In general, it serves as a guide

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is a tool that measures and reports on the performance of a web page on desktop computers as well as mobile devices using a combination of


Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is an automated audit tool initiated by Google and available for free to test the performance, accessibility and SEO of a website. The tool is able to quickly

Google Knowledge Graph

Google Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base that Google uses to compile its results which group together semantic information drawn from various sources. It includes a network of interconnected entities

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool provided by Google that helps advertisers and online content creators research keywords and gain valuable insights into what their audience is searching for.

Google bowling

Google bowling

Google bowling is a technique that consists in artificially building a massive number of backlinks to a website in order to make it go down in the search engine rankings.

Google bomb

Google bomb

Google bomb or Google bombing is an underground SEO practice that aims to improve the ranking of a web page for a specific keyword. It consists of increasing the number

Google Alerts

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free notification service from Google that alerts users by email when new results appear in the search engine for a given keyword. It takes into account

Google +

Google +

Created by Google, Google+ is a multi-functional social networking platform that had made an impactful entry into the social networking arena. It disrupted the web with a rewarding journey before


Google Ads

Formerly called Google AdWords, Google Ads is a subsidiary of Google that sells advertising space to advertisers. The word “AdWords” comes from “Ad” or “Advertising” which means advertising and “Word”



Geotargeting, also known as geotargeting, is classified as a geomarketing and internet marketing technique. It consists of locating the visitor of a site in order to offer him specific content

feature snippet

Featured Snippet

The Featured Snippet, also known as position 0, is a brief snippet of content from a website that Google deems relevant and provides in response to a specific user’s query.


Exact Match Domain

An Exact Match Domain or EMD is a URL that consists of the keyword or combination of keywords for which the website in question is supposed to be optimized. This

error 521

Error 521

Error 521 is essentially a Cloudflare-based message that usually occurs when the WordPress website server is unable to establish a connection with Cloudflare. ”Error 521 Web Server is Down” appears

error 410

Error 410

The 410 error is a response message of the HTTP protocol. Its appearance on a Web page indicates to the visitor that the resource he wanted to access is no

error 404

Error 404

The HTTP 404 error , more commonly known as a “404 error” is a response from a website’s server that means that the resource sought at the URL provided by

error 400

Error 400

The400 error, also known as “HTTP 400 error” or “400 Bad Request error” is a status code in the HTTP protocol that means that the request sent by the user



In SEO, the acronym EAT simply stands for Expertise, Authority and Trust. It can be translated into French by competence, authority and reliability / trust, which represent the three criteria

duplicate content

Duplicate content

Duplicate content refers to blocks of text that are either completely identical to each other (exact duplicates) or similar with minor differences, also known as near-duplicates. In SEO, duplicate content



DuckDuckGo, abbreviated as DDG, is an alternative search engine to Google. Unlike the latter, its particularity is the protection of privacy and the display of the same search results to



De-indexing is an SEO practice that allows to indicate to search engines the removal or disrepute of certain pages. This can be content that is deemed to be of low

Keyword density

Keyword density

The keyword density is the number of times a keyword is cited in a content or on a web page divided by the total number of words on the page.


Crawler or Robot

A web crawler or robot (also called “crawlers”, “indexing robots”, or “web spiders”) is an automated program that methodically navigates the web for the sole purpose of indexing web pages

Content spinning

Content Spinning

Content Spinning is a writing technique that consists in producing new editorial content in an automated way from an existing original content by using a software. Content spinning is a

cold emailing

Cold emailing

Cold emailing is an email prospecting strategy that consists of sending an email to a potential customer with whom you have no prior connection. This person may not know your



Also known as ” data clustering/partitioning” , clustering is an organization strategy that consists of partitioning a heterogeneous data set into homogeneous subsets. Each subset is obtained by grouping elements



Cloaking is a Black Hat optimization technique that consists in preparing different contents for the same query. As soon as the request is solicited, a first answer, well optimized, is


Camel Case

The English term Camel Case, > or > in French, is a notation that consists of writing sequences of words with the first letter of each word capitalized. But the



Caffeine is a program launched by Google in 2010 to update its web indexing and crawling system to meet the needs and development of the web. It significantly expands Google’s

google cache1 (1)

Google Cache

The Google Cache, can be defined as the memory of Google that temporarily records snapshots or copies of web pages during the passage of crawlers. The objective of the search

Budget crawl

Budget crawl

The Budget crawl is defined as the limit of pages that Google has set to explore on a website for its referencing. During the exploration, the search engine tries to

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate

Bounce Rateis the rate at which users access a page on your website and leave it shortly after without taking any further action. Reflected as a percentage, this statistic is

blog (1)


A blog is a type of website or part of a website where content is presented in chronological order, usually with newer content appearing first, followed by older content. Blog

Black hat

Black hat SEO 

Black hat SEO also called “black hat SEO” refers to all practices that go against the instructions for optimizing websites for search engines. Typically, the goal of these strategies is

Black Box

Black box

A Black Box is a complex computer program whose inputs and outputs can be observed, but whose internal processes are not accessible due to their confidential nature. In the world



Bingbot is a web crawler that explores and indexes web pages since its launch in October 2010 by Microsoft. The data thus created feeds Bing, the search engine founded by



Bing, sometimes also called Bing Search, is a search engine developed by Microsoft, accessible by visiting It facilitates a standard web search, as well as specialized searches for images,

Title tag

Title tag

A meta title tag is a short phrase placed in the HTML header to indicate to users and search engines the title of a page. Since it is the first

Keywords meta tag

Meta Keywords tag

The Meta Keywords tag is a tag that appears in the HTML code of a Web page and lists the keywords and the most important expressions of this page. It

meta robot tag

Meta Robots tag

A Meta Robots tag is a snippet of HTML code that provides instructions to search engines on how to crawl or index pages on a website. This gives you a

balise meta description (2)

Meta description tag

A meta description tag is a short HTML attribute that adds an overview of the content of a page and is displayed below the title tag in search results. It

Tag meta

Meta tags

A meta tag is an element of HTML code that describes the content of your page not only to search engines, but also to Internet users who see your website

Hreflang tag

Hreflang tags

The hreflang tag, initiated by Google, is a snippet of code that specifies to search engines the language and geographic restrictions of a content. In other words, it is used

Balise pagination

Pagination tags

The tag is an HTML tag used to indicate to search engines that the content is paginated, divided into several distinct sections and accessible with a few clicks. All of

Donnees structurees1

Structured Data Tags

The Structured Data also known as Rich Snippet or Schema Markup, is often referred to as the “language of search engines”. It is an authoritative vocabulary that allows search engines

Canonical tag or canonical URL

Canonical tag or Canonical URL

A canonical tag (rel = canonical) is a piece of HTML code that helps Google rank a specific page from a set of similar or duplicate pages. Generally, all websites,



A backlink “Return link” is a link placed on a page of a Web site A to redirect to a page ofa W eb siteIt considered as a backlink



Baidu is a leading multinational technology company based in China, specializing in Internet and artificial intelligence (AI) related businesses. The company is behind the first search engine in China with