Interstitials are defined as a type of “web page” that appears before or after the page (in a website or application) expected by the user. They block access to the

Authority Site

Authority SITE

An authority website is a website that is considered an “authoritative” site. They usually have a reputation for being accurate and trustworthy. An authority website usually has a large number



In marketing, an impression is a performance indicator that allows marketers to evaluate the number of views or engagements of a content (often a publication or an ad) on a

error 504

Error 504

The HTTP 504 Gateway Timeout error code indicates that the servers handling requests for a website are having problems communicating with each other. In other words, the main server responsible



The Noindex tag is a code that is added to web pages to indicate to search engines that they should not be indexed, even if they are crawled. In this

URL parameter (1)

URL Parameters

Also known as “query strings” or “URL query parameters”, URL parameters are a means of tracking information and traffic to a website. They are the dynamic data inserted into the

visit ou session (1)


“Session” is an important Google Analytics metric that represents all the interactions of a user on a website in a given period. It is the period during which a user


Not Provided

Not provide is the lack of data about the keywords that users use to find a site in the search term report in Google Analytics. This is information that Google

SILO (1)


The Silo concept refers to SEO a form of organization of content that consists of grouping the pages of a website by theme. The idea is to form blocks of


Algorithm Change

Algorithm Change is an update to Google’s algorithm that is characterized by the addition of a new ranking signal. These updates help refine search results and provide relevant answers to

URL rewriting

URL Rewrite

URL rewriting refers to the process of modifying a URL in order to make it easier and more accessible to Internet users. Generally, this modification occurs to make the URL

Link Obfuscation

Link Obfuscation

Link obfuscation is a technique that consists of hiding certain links that point to pages of questionable quality from search engines. The links are obfuscated in the website tree and

pagination (2)


Pagination is the practice of spreading large content across multiple pages to make it easy for visitors to navigate and view the content. In simple terms, the content is spread

Google Pirate (1)

Google Pirate

Google Pirate is an update to the number one search engine’s algorithm to punish or penalize websites that violate copyright law. This update specifically affects the ranking of piracy sites



The expression “NOOGLER” is an English word that does not have a precise correspondence in the French language. It is in fact an affectionate word that the company Google created

Google Page Experience (1)

Google Page Experience

Google Page Experience is an update that calls for a complete user experience approach to website SEO, website design and development. Indeed, this update gathers signals that measure how people


Local NAP Quote

A local citation is any mention of your organization on the web. It is any combination of your company’s name, phone number, address, zip or postal code and website address.



Guestography is the practice of posting visual resources on external blogs in the hope of getting backlinks to a website. It can be an infographic that a given site offers

Google Fred 1

Google Fred

Google Fred is an adjustment to the main algorithm of the web giant, Google. This update is designed to penalize sites that are inundated with ads and driven by monetization,

Facets Navigation 1

Faceted navigation

Literally, the expression “Faceted navigation” means faceted navigation. It refers to a technique for classifying information that can be found on websites that deal with several subjects. Typically, these are


Google Panda

Google Panda is one of the major filters of the Google search engine algorithm. The objective of this update is to improve the ranking of high quality pages and to


Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird is a complete overhaul of the main algorithm that the American firm uses to process search results. This major update uses conversational search to examine the intent behind

Orphan page

Orphan Page

A page is said to be orphaned when it has no link leading to it. Otherwise, it is an inaccessible page in the sense that no internal link leads neither

Google possum_2

Google Possum

Google Possum is the name given to one of the recent updates to the Google search algorithm. It was launched in September 2016 and mainly affects local search results. Its


Google Pigeon

Google pigeon is an update specifically designed to provide users with relevant query results close to home. Otherwise, this update ensured that local pages had the opportunity to rank higher


Link Profil

The link profile is an indicator that proves to the search engine the quality or character of external links pointing to a page or website. Google takes this element into


Banner Blindness

Banner Blindness is a term that explains the tendency of people to ignore banner ads they encounter on websites and elsewhere. It is a behavior that results from the limited

sidebar (1)


A sidebar is a vertical column placed to the right or left of the main content area of a web page. It is responsible for collecting secondary information from the


Top Heavy

The term ”Top heavy” refers to the update of the layout algorithm adopted by Google. It was primarily aimed at penalizing the ranking of sites that displayed a lot of



Tagging can be defined as the action of tagging or marking something. To be clearer, it is a practice that consists in labeling or marking with freely chosen keywords the



Spamco refers to any form of unwanted or irrelevant comment placed on a blog with the sole purpose of providing a link to the author’s site. This type of comment

scooter (1)


Scooter is the name of Alta Vista’s crawler, the world’s first search engine that allowed people to search the Internet in natural language. This means that Scooter was the best

link burst (2)

Link Burst

Link burst is a term that is explained by getting too many backlinks in a very short time. This could indicate that you are using a link farm or a


Keyword Proximity

Keyword proximity is the distance between two words in a sentence. In SEO, the proximity of keywords is the difference between the combinations of words that make up the target


Google News

A survey shows that 60% of people trust the information they read on Google News more than elsewhere. This is the main reason why millions of people visit the platform


Google Dance

Google combines more than 200 factors to display search results and regularly adjusts its system to make search more intuitive. In the past, the updates caused a lot of commotion


Spam Report

Literally, the expression “spam report” means spam report. It refers to the fact that a person reports to Google those who do not respect the good practices of SEO. That