The 45 Best WordPress Themes [15 Eco Themes] 

WordPress is the most widely used content management tool for building websites :

Hebergement gere WordPress

However, when sites are created, themes usually determine their appearance. 

Composed mainly of style sheets and templates, they make it easy to have a presentable website with an excellent overview. 

One thing is clear, themes save us from wasting a lot of time with codes. 


  • What is a theme?
  • How to choose the right theme?
  • What are the best WordPress themes (free and paid)? 
  • What are the green themes?

These are some of the questions that I will address in the rest of this mini guide. 

So follow!

Chapter 1: What is a WordPress theme and how does it look?

In this chapter, I invite you to discover: 

  • What is a WordPress theme;
  • The way it presents itself;
  • Its usefulness.

1.1. What is a WordPress Theme?

The theme can be defined as a model for presenting the elements of a website. It ensures the formatting and structuring of the website on which it is installed.

Exemple de theme WordPress

WordPress themes can be edited, managed or added from the WordPress dashboard from: Appearances => Themes.

Les themes WorPress

1.2. What is the structure of a WordPress theme? 

In general, WordPress themes are composed of several template files:

1.2.1. Template files

WordPress themes consist largely of template files.

Each of these files controls a specific element of the theme. 

Here are different template files that you can find on a WordPress theme:

  • Style.css : The style sheet generally contains theme information (theme name, description, developer name, version number, license and theme link. This is a mandatory element for WordPress sites; 
  • Index.php : The PHP index file gives an overview of the structure of the website. It can be used by default, but in general it displays the overview of articles; 
  • The header.php : Contains the essential information for a website such as header elements, spreadsheets, scripts, HTML tags;
  • The footer.php : The footer file contains information relating to at the bottom of the page. It also allows you to close the HTML tags opened in the header part;
  • The sidebar.php : This file allows you to control the sidebar of your site;
  • The single.php : The single.php file allows you to give a single overview for blog posts;
  • Pages.php : The page.php file allows you to configure static pages such as the about page, contact us, etc.;
  • Archive.php, category.php, tag.php, author.php, date.php : This is a set of files whose role is to order the display of blog posts according to certain criteria;
  • The comment.php : This is the template file that controls comments on your pages;
  • The content.php : Allows you to integrate blog articles as well as certain content;
  • The home page.php : The home page.php file allows you to create the home page of your website. If absent, the index.php file is used by default;
  • Attachments.php : This file is used when you want to integrate other types of documents into their websites such as: PDFs, images, etc;
  • 404.php : The 404 template file allows you to create a 404 error page for your site;
  • The rtl.css file: It is used to allow the WordPress theme to understand languages ​​that read from right to left (such as Arabic or Hebrew for example).
Anatomie d un theme wordpress

As you will see, the presentation of a WordPress theme depends on the different template files that constitute it. 

However, it should be noted that the arrangement and operation of all these elements requires the use of certain functions at the level of the template files. 

These are usually template tags.

1.2.2. Template tags or template tag 

You guessed it, template tags are features used within template files to ensure their display and operation. 

As an example of a template tag you have: 

  • Include tags : This tag is used to load base template files, but also embed other .php files in base template files;
  • Hook templates : These are custom templates that work like plugins. You can attach them to the theme to insert certain elements to change the default action of the WordPress theme;
  • Conditional tags: conditional tags are used to integrate certain conditions in the display of WordPress theme elements;
  • The loop : The loop at the WordPress level can be defined as a set of functions linked together with conditional tags. It determines the elements to display when a request is made. It starts with a query and ends with the php <<end while>> statement.

1.3. Why Use WordPress Themes? 

The value of using WordPress themes for your site comes down to the many benefits they offer you. 

Among these advantages we can mention:

A1: WordPress themes are attractive and easy to access 

Whether you are a layman or an expert in web design, the catalog of WordPress themes offers you a multitude of themes. 

These are crafted with cute.designsThey also include several features that you can use to provide a better user experience for your site visitors. 

In the catalog of WordPress themes, you will easily find:

  • Themes that correspond to your activity; 
  • Paid or free themes;
  • Themes with few or many parameters. 

Clearly everything you need to make your site attractive. 

A2: WordPress themesfacilitate the process of creating a website 

When you have neither the means nor the time to develop your own theme, the WordPress theme catalog is an excellent resource since it allows you to quickly find a theme tailored to your needs.

Gagnez du temps

Similarly, when you choose the WordPress theme that suits you, what you usually have to do is customize the theme.

A3: WordPress themes are regularly updated

One of the advantages of WordPress themes whether paid or free is the fact that you receive notifications when new updates are available. These updates often occur to:

  • Adapt your site to the evolution of the web;
  • Bring more security to your website;
  • Add useful new features to your site; 

A3: The WordPress themes are examined before being put online

The themes offered at the level of the WordPress catalog must be 100% GPL or compatible. 

Although they are professionally built, the themes before going live are checked by the WordPress Themes Review Team.

It is precisely for this reason that WordPress recalls the guidelines that must be followed before proposing a theme: 

Verification des themes wordpress

It also provides resources to enable developers to create superior themes.

A4: WordPress Theme Developers Offer 

Support Support Another reason to choose WordPress themes to create your site is the existence of support. 

Indeed, when you install a theme, you can report your difficulties not only to the theme developer, but also to WordPress professionals. 

Now that you know a little more about the meaning of themes and their usefulness for website creators, I present to you in the next chapter the best tips for choosing a good WordPress theme.

Chapter 2: How to choose a WordPress theme? 

In this chapter, I will introduce you to the different elements to consider when choosing a WordPress theme. You will also find a selection of sites to find the best WordPress themes.

2.1. What should be considered when choosing a theme?

You shouldn’t choose a theme just because it looks pretty good to you.

When looking for a WordPress theme, it will be beneficial to take a look at certain elements. 



Among these you have:  

E1: Developers 

Before choosing a theme, take a look at the information you have about the developer. To do this, go to the developer’s home page and check out its “About” page. 

a propos des developpeur


Also take a look at the FAQ and see how it answers the various questions that are asked of it. You can also search the internet for reviews of the company.

E2: The Features and Different Functionality of Themes 

When looking for a WordPress theme, you should not lose sight of the different features and functionality that you want to put on your site.

E3: The existence of support 

Developer support and the existence of regular updates are an essential factor to consider when looking for a theme. This allows you, among other things, to maintain the integrity of your site.

E4: User reviews and ratings 

Online reviews from previous and current users give you insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the themes you choose so take into account.

 les avis des utilisateurs
E5: The existence of social media buttons 

If you want your users to directly share the content you offer on social networks, you must ensure that you choose a theme that offers this functionality.

Pourquoi et Comment integrer les boutons des Reseaux Sociaux blog

This will allow you to have a site where the social buttons are well integrated. Similarly, there will be fewer widgets on your site which will be favorable for its loading.

E6: Organization and ease of use of the theme 

When you choose a theme, check that the various parameters that make it up are well organized. Concretely, it will be a question of verifying that the theme parameters are grouped in one place and easy to use.

E7: Optimizing the theme for SEO 

The speed, optimization and usability of your theme play a role in search engine optimization.

Comment les erreurs 404 affectent elles votre SEO

You must therefore check all these elements before resigning yourself to choosing any theme.

E8: Control and test

A very important thing to do before using a theme is to test it. 

Indeed, you must check if your theme is displayed correctly on the different supports or interfaces from which users could access your site: 

  • devices ,
  • Tablets, 
  • Laptops,
  • Desktops

etc.,Also check if it is optimized for the most popular browsers:

  • Opera;
  • Chromium;
  • Firefox;
  • Internet explorer;
  • etc._
E9: The price 

Apart from these different elements on which I draw your attention when you want to choose a WordPress theme, there is also the question of the price. Indeed, knowing that WordPress themes can be classified into two main categories namely: 

Paid or premium themes and free themes, one of the most important questions is whether to choose a free or paid theme.

Before answering this question, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages that free or paid themes can have:

Free themes 

Generally when it comes to free themes:

  • You don’t have to pay anything;
  • Got a simple design.

On the downside: 

  • You don’t necessarily have support;
  • The developer may stop offering updates;
  • Free themes are used by several websites;
  • The developers are not responsible for the consequences of using this theme on your website.
Paid themes 

Regarding the advantages of paid themes, you have:

  • Several features and customization tools;
  • The existence of support and user forums;
  • Regular updates;
  • Unique themes for your site;
  • High quality themes.

For the disadvantages, you can remember that premium themes:

  • Premium themesoften include features that may seem difficult to use; 
  • Features or plugins vary from one premium theme to another. Which can be a problem when you want to change the theme.

As you can see, free themes have fewer advantages and more disadvantages, while premium themes have many advantages with few disadvantages. 

It therefore seems obvious that I recommend that you choose the premium themes to avoid any problems. However, you must remember that the choice of a theme (paid or free) depends on the ambitions you pursue with your site. 

For example, if you want to create a blog to share your stories or passions and there is no commercial ambition, a free theme may do the trick. 

But if you are pursuing commercial goals and planning a site with lots of features, there is no doubt you need a premium theme.

2.2. Where to find WordPress themes? 

Here is a selection of different sites where you will find WordPress themes:

2.2.1. The WordPress Themes Library

biblioteque des themes WordPress

With over 3900 free themes, the WordPress Themes seems to be the best place to find free and paid WordPress themes.

When you choose a theme from this library, you are certain that it has been reviewed before being put online.

This is because, before submitting their theme to the WordPress Theme Catalog, developers must first submit them to the WordPress Theme Review Team.

Additionally, by selecting a WordPress theme, you can see: 

  • How people rate it;
  • The number of reviews; 
  • Access the support forum;
  • Have an overview of the theme;
  • The number of downloads.
Les elements a considerer

As you can see, these different elements allow you to gather information about the theme you select. This allows you to easily make a choice. 

2.2.2. Themesforest 


You will find on this site different types and templates of premium WordPress themes for your various site creation projects.

This site is part of the Envato line and offers unlimited downloads starting with a $16.50 a month subscription.

You can rank the themes available on themesforest by popularity to see the most popular themes. 

You also have for each proposed theme:

  • The number of sales;
  • User reviews and the ability to see the preview.

2.2.3. Elegant theme

Elegant theme

Elegant theme is a theme marketplace that develops and sells its own themes based on the DIVI template. It offers both themes and plugins. 

Also, when it comes to pricing, the Divi theme comes in two accesses:

  • Full, annual access at a price of $89;
  • Lifetime access for $249.

2.2.4. Mojo market

 Mojo market

Mojo market is a place where you can find several themes for different website management platforms like: 

  • Joomla;
  • Magenta; 
  • Prestashop;
  • WordPress.

As with other website builders, mojo offers several premium themes for WordPress.

Apart from themes, you also have:

  • Plugins;
  • Logos and graphics.

Now that you know what a theme is and how to choose a good theme, let me introduce you to the best ones currently on the market.

Chapter 3: The 45 best WordPress themes 

Beyond all the classifications that exist, WordPress themes can be grouped into two main categories, namely: Free themes and paid themes. 

In this chapter, I introduce you to the best free and paid. I will go a little further by also offering you a selection of the best ecological WordPress themes.

3.1. The Best Free WordPress Themes 

Here is a selection of the best free WordPress themes. However, it should be noted that all of the free themes that I have just presented also offer paid features.

Obviously, this is not a ranking in ascending order from best to worst. This is only a list of free themes by number of installs.

3.1.1. Astra


Astra is a fully customizable theme. It can be used to create: 

  • A blog;
  • A portfolio;
  • A showcase site;
  • A company’s website.

It is lightweight and hence offers fast charging speed. Indeed, the Astra theme uses less than 50 KB of resources and loads in just 0.5 seconds :

capacite de Astra


With this theme, you have access to several features: 

  • Predefined website; 
  • Ability to customize the theme without code;
  • Several options for layouts, colors and typography.

The Astra theme does not use jquery code, but rather vanilla java to prevent certain features from being blocked.

3.1.2. OceanWp


Whatever type of website you want to create, the OceanWp will be up to it. Responsive, light and super fast OceanWp allows you to easily create and import your websites. 

OceanWp is more than 600,000 uses and 4025 positive opinions on WordPress.

It features a full-width static header and front-page images, as well as a number of demo options in addition to a dozen extensions. 

RegardingOceanWp theme: 

  • Works very well with most page builders;
  • adaptation WooCommerce ;
  • Has good, hyper-fast help support;
  • Support RTL language and translations.

3.1.3. Generate press

Generate press

With more than 300,000 active installations and several hundred positive opinions, the Generate press integrates several features among which you have:

  • The possibility of integrating microdata;
  • Nine widget areas,
  • Five navigation locations; 
  • Five layouts for the sidebar, drop-down menus;
  • Navigation color presets.

The Generate press theme is based on three main axes which are: 

  • Speed: The use of a clean and uncluttered code allows the site theme to load very quickly on your site;
  • Security: The theme is checked by the WordPress team, but also uses the latest standards in terms of coding;
  • User-friendliness: With the Generate press theme, no user is left out when browsing your website.

3.1.4. Colormag


Colormag is a theme that you can use to create magazine websites. It will therefore be suitable for the creation of your sites:

  • News;
  • Magazines;
  • Or blog. 

With a responsive, versatile and flexible style, the Colormag theme includes several fully customizable features. 

It has already been used for the design of more than 100,000 websites and you will not fail to find several positive opinions about it on the WordPress site.

Speaking of features, it should be noted that the Colormag theme is: 

  • Optimize for SEO;
  • Compatible with most browsers;
  • Features a unique posting system;
  • Compatible with WooCommerce;
  • Has several demos that you can easily import and install;
  • Etc.

3.1.5. Neve


The Neve theme is a flexible and easy to use theme. It has elegant designs and is regularly updated. 

theme blogging ideal 

  • Small businesses;
  • start-ups; 
  • Online stores;
  • And personal portfolio sites.

In terms of features, the theme allows you to: 

  • Create professional looking websites;
  • Easily customize your web pages;
  • To speed up the pages of your site and make it responsive, whatever the device used
  • To use any RTL language.

Neve is more than 100,000 users with more than 440 positive reviews left in WordPress.

3.1.6. Hestia 


Featuring a very elegant design, Hestia allows you to create unique websites for: 

  • Startups;
  • Businesses ;
  • The agencies ;
  • Etc.

The Hestia theme is fully optimized for SEO. This allows you to create web pages that respect the recommendations of search engines.

As for other features, it should be noted that Hestia theme supports: 

  • Multilingual translation;
  • The RTL language;
  • WooCommerce;
  • The Elementor page builder.

Also remember that the Hestia theme is fully optimized for natural referencing. You can therefore use it to create your web pages while being sure that they will comply with the recommendations of search engines, particularly with regard to: 

  • Loading speed;
  • And mobile friendliness.

3.1.7. Sydney


Sydney is a shopping theme. It allowsits users to quickly create their online presence.

Beyond the fact that it is a responsive theme that adapts to several types of screens, the use of the Sydney theme allows you to have access to: 

Different options for customizing the page of home as well as all Google fonts.

In terms of features, you have: 

  • Social icons;
  • The ability to use parallax backgrounds;
  • Elementor blocks to customize your pages;
  • Support for multiple browsers;
  • Translation capacity.

As well as several other things you need to fully manage your business website.

3.1.8. Customizr


With over 70,000 active installs, the Customizr theme is designed for you to provide a better experience for your users.

Customizr gives you the possibility to create different types of websites totally adapted to mobile. 

Whether it’s a blog, a company or an online store, the Customizr theme allows you to: 

  • Customize your presentations;
  • To integrate WooCommerce functionalities;
  • Integrate parallax sliders and effective call-to-action buttons;
  • Create elegant headers and footers that display easily on mobile;
  • Create responsive websites.

In addition, the theme provides you with documentation so that you can easily find the answers to your various questions.

3.1.9. Spacieux


The spacious theme is indicated for businesses, personal blogs and portfolios. 

It has: 

  • 4 layouts;
  • 2 page templates;
  • 4 types of blog posting;
  • 13 widget areas;
  • 5 custom widgets focused on the business model;
  • More than 15 starter sites ready to use.

The spacious theme loads quickly and allows you to create websites that are both SEO optimized and compatible with users’ browsers.

 Le theme spacieux SEO

You also have access to several options to improve the colors of your pages. 

Likewise, the theme is compatible for WooCommerce features and integrates the most popular page builders such as:

  • Gutenberg;
  • Elementor;
  • Beaver builder;
  • Brizy;
  • Etc.

3.1.10. Zakra


Simple and light, the zakra theme is a free and versatile theme with several features. 

Among the many features it has, you can remember: 

  • Several predefined demos that allow you to build your site;
  • An easy customization tool;
  • A woocommece integration;
  • Adaptation to different types of devices;
  • Fast loading on mobile devices;
  • The existence of the polylang functionality which allows you to launch your sites in several languages;
  • The existence of support
  • The existence of a Facebook forum and documentation;
  • Optimization for natural referencing;
  • Has RTL functionality to orient your content for languages ​​like Arabic, Hebrew, etc.

3.1.11. Flash


With flash theme you can create: 

  • Corporate websites;
  • Portfolios to present your work;
  • Where even blogs.

The flash theme gives access not only to premium features, but also to customizable widgets, all for free.

It also offers tons of pre-made demos that you can easily import and install on your website.

As for the features, like most themes, the flash theme supports

  • WooCommerce integration;
  • RTL functionality for right-to-left languages ​​and multilingual translation;
  • The integration of page builders;
  • Etc. 

 3.1.12. Mh Magazine lite

Mh Magazine lite

As its name already suggests, Mh Magazine lite is a theme designed for magazines. 

It can therefore be used for: 

  • News sites; 
  • Newspaper sites;
  • Modern online magazine blogs;
  • Dynamic news websites;
  • Other editorial sites.

Mh magazine lite has several features: 

  • The theme was coded with html 5, CSS3 and valid PHP; 
  • The layout sports a responsive layout and is well suited to different devices (smartphone and computers);
  • The theme was designed in line with SEO rules;
  • The theme comes with multiple widget slots whether they are advertising widgets, standard widgets, etc;
  • The theme can be translated and supports all browsers.

3.1.13. One page express

 One page express

The One page express theme adapts to all your devices and screen size. 

It must be used to create your site by simple “drag and drop”.

In terms of features you have: 

  • Predefined designs;
  • Content blocks that you can add to your page;
  • Customization options for videos, slideshow background, header contents, etc.;
  • Customization of the layout;
  • Access to the FONT AWESONE icon library;
  • Google fonts;
  • Multilingual features;
  • WooCommerce integration;
  • Etc.

3.1.14. Make


The make theme is a free and open source drag and drop theme. 

It allows you to create business sites and customize them without any particular knowledge of web development.

Make facilitates the portability of your site by providing you with clear and readable code.

With the make theme, you can add: 

  • Banners; 
  • Columns;
  • Full-width galleries to showcase your work.

You can also control layout options and how the sidebar displays on your posts and pages. 

Moreover, with Make, you will easily choose the font that suits you and download custom backgrounds.

Make is also a responsive theme and compatible with most popular plugins.

3.1.15. Optimizer


Optimizer is a multipurpose WordPress theme with many features. 

It can be used by freelancers as well as companies or agencies.

The optimizer theme is built with HTML 5 and CSS3. It comes with:

  • Two site layouts;
  • Over 600 Google fonts; 
  • Powerful theme options;
  • A customizable CSS field and many color options. 

Regarding the different features of the theme, it must be said that you have the possibility to create:

  • Different types of sites with a simple drag and drop of widgets;
  • Unlimited landing pages;
  • Websites optimized for mobile;
  • Websites that load quickly and are completely secure.

With the optimizer theme you also have the possibility to add any type of content to your pages.

3.2. The best premium WordPress themes

Here are some premium WordPress themes:

3.2.1. Divi


The Divi theme is considered to be the most popular WordPress theme created by the elegant theme.

With its intuitive interface, it is designed to be used by everyone.

It has its own website creation platform as well as its own page builder. 

Regarding its features, it should be noted that the Divi theme:

  • Works by simple drag and drop;
  • Has several options and commands for creating and customizing pages; 
  • Has a text editor;
  • Provides a range of several predefined site templates.

In terms of cost, the Divi theme offers two solutions: 

  • An annual solution worth $89 which gives you access to all the theme’s features for one year;
  • And a lifetime solution for $249.

3.2.2. Avada


With more than 625,000 sales, the avada theme is the most sold on the themeforest market.

It is optimized with the Gutenberg page builder and is cross-browser compatible and

Avada plugins has several advanced settings and options that make it a great choice for building an intuitive WordPress website.

Indeed, the avada theme offers apart from the features found in most other themes: 

  • Advanced and almost unlimited options in terms of style colors and portfolio layout;
  • Page templates with different options;
  • Reactive image management 
  • Translation of your site into more than 30 languages;
  • And many more.

3.2.3. Newspaper


Newspaper is a premium theme sold over 100,000 copies. It can be used for most of your website creation projects. 

Very simple and easy to use, the theme can be used by both a beginner and a professional. 

In terms of features: 

  • It integrates the tagDiv ;
  • It has a header and footer builder;
  • An automatic update system; 
  • More than 100 predefined and easy to customize site templates.

Likewise, with widgets such as weather, popular posts, and social media buttons, you’re sure to create sites that will be popular with visitors.

As for the price, the newspaper theme is sold at $59.

3.2.4. Kalium 


With stacks of layout templates, user-friendly theme options, and a rich drag-and-drop content builder, kalium you create different types of quality websites. 

You also have access to predefined websites that you can import to easily start creating your website. 

The Kalium theme supports most of the plugins you need to provide the best features to your users. 

It has:

  • 5 font sources;
  • 7 types of unique portfolio items;
  • Over 19 custom widgets.

As for the price, it is sold at $59.

3.2.5. Uncode


Uncode is a responsive and accurate theme that allows you to create a powerful website focused on any topic. 

It is sold in two versions: 

  • A regular license for $59 which allows you to use it just to create an end product without charging end users.
  • And a $2950 extended license that lets you use it to create a product that will be billed to end users.

Unicode is packed with an ever-expanding list of features.

With this theme you:

  • Build your web pages with WPBakery page builder;
  • Have access to an ever-growing library of several customizable demos;
  • Control layouts through a hierarchical theme system;
  • Can also create animated headers;
  • Etc.

3.2.6. TheGem


TheGem allows you to create any type of website in style. 

This is a multi-purpose theme that lets you cover multiple categories and styles of website design. 

All TheGem theme demos are designed with high quality requirements. You can easily import them.

TheGem theme allows you to customize the web pages of your site to your liking. 

Moreover, it is fully optimized for search engines. That is to say, sites built with this theme are fast and user-friendly. They work with most popular plugins.

As for the cost, the theme is available at $59. 

3.2.7. Oshine


Oshine is the theme you need if you plan to create a site for your:

  • Agency;
  • blog;
  • Shop ;
  • Company ;
  • Portfolio.

This is actually a modern and creative theme that includes several demos.

As features, you have: 

  • A page builder;
  • 51 demos with hundreds of pre-built sample pages;
  • A mechanism for installing demo sites in one click;
  • Multiple unlimited ways to present a portfolio;
  • Top notch customer support;
  • Endless Layout Possibilities;
  • Complete control of fonts and colors;
  • Compatibility with a wide range of popular plugins.

It is sold at $59. But you can also buy the extended license which is 2800 $

3.2.8. Soledad


With more than 250 predefined site demos, soledad covers all website categories. It offers several features, the most essential of which are: 

  • Multiple page demos for multiple purposes;
  • Multiple sliders and blog combination;
  • Over 600 full WordPress customization options;
  • 11 customizable widgets;
  • Search engine optimization;
  • Unlimited colors;
  • Over 750 Google fonts;
  • Several models of publications;
  • 9 header styles;
  • AMP support;
  • 4 sidebar styles for pages and posts;
  • 4 body styles. 

The soledad theme is sold for $47 on the themesforest site.

3.2.9. Jevelin


With a large library of pre-made and ready-to-import websites, Jevelin helps you create professional looking websites in record time.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, Juvelin provides you with extensive documentation and video tutorials.

The Jevelin theme covers all aspects of your website creation project whether it is the creation

  • of home pages; 
  • Landing pages;
  • Start pages;
  • Or creative portfolio.

In terms of features, Jevelin offers: 

  • Several unique page templates;
  • A drag-and-drop page builder;
  • A tool for creating slideshows;
  • Mega menus;
  • Social sharing features;
  • Several custom widgets;
  • Etc.

3.2.10. Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is a premium theme that allows you to create your entire website with just drag and drop. 

It comes with a website creation tool that allows you to create your website in one place. 

It provides you with more than 40 demo websites that you can easily import with the one-click import tool.

You can also create several different layouts for your site. 

The Massive Dynamic theme:

  • Is responsive and fully optimized for search engines;
  • Support popular browsers like firefox, chrome, internet explorer, etc;
  • Has several custom widgets.

3.2.11. Foodie pro

Foodie pro

Unlike most themes, the foodie pro theme lets you create primarily food websites. 

It integrates several characteristics among which you can remember: 

  • Its responsiveness to mobiles;
  • Several default site templates;
  • The theme customizer
  • The 3 home pages;
  • The 5 areas of customizable widgets;
  • Etc.

The foodie pro theme pack is priced at $129.95 and includes 

  • The Genesis Framework Package;
  • The Foodie Pro Theme Pack;
  • Unlimited site updates and templates;
  • Unlimited Support For 1 Year;
  • Full access to tutorials.

3.2.12. Flatsonne


Launching since 2013, flatsound theme is a successful Premium theme as evidenced by number of sale and reviews on themeforest. 

It is designed for e-commerce sites and therefore adapts well to the functionality of the WooCommerce plugin.

Apart from the various electronic store demos available to you, the flatsonne theme comes with a drag-and-drop creation tool.

It thus facilitates the design and layout of the pages that make up your website.  

With flatsonne two user licenses are available: The first is sold at $59 and the second more extensive is sold at $2950.

3.2.13. Stockholm


Stockholm is defined as a creative and multi-concept theme since it allows you to create any type of website easily. 

Sold at $69, for the regular license, it comes with a rich demo library of high-quality website templates. 

It integrates the WPBakery Page Builder which allows you to create and modify the site demos according to your preferences. You also have a tool to add slideshows. 

In addition, it has features for creating your online stores as well as several other advanced customization options. 

3.2.14. Total


Also sold at $59, the Total theme has been sold over 45,500 times. 

It has several features and settings which allows you to easily create any type of website. 

It features over 40 unique WPBakery Page Builder modules. 

With the total theme, you have unlimited custom page templates and color options. 

Likewise, you can choose between different header styles and integrate your favorite plugins.

Apart from these elements that characterize it, note that the Total theme is:

  • Optimized for SEO;
  • Responsive and responsive on mobile;
  • Compatible with popular browsers (Chrome, firefox, internet explorer etc.

3.2.15. Bridge


Released in 2014, bridge is a versatile and responsive theme. 

It can be used for designing any site as evidenced by its library which features more than 500 pre-built site demos 

Sold at $59, Bridge’s regular license comes with: 

  • Multiple layout concepts
  • Video tutorials
  • Plugins for building directory sites
  • A slider image and video with parallax
  • Easy to use and very intuitive admin interface
  • Fully customizable headers
  • Smooth CSS3 animation collections
  • Several plugins and widgets that you can customize

3.3 The best eco-friendly WordPress themes

Here are the best WordPress eco themes:

3.3.1 Green Rescues

themes ecologiques

The Green Rescues theme, gives you the ability to create 100% responsive and SEO optimized websites.

It is specially designed for the creation of sites that work in the field :

  • Ecosystems;
  • Alternative energies;
  • Recycling organic farming;
  • Natural resources. 

Green rescues theme package comes with full documentation, JS, CSS, PHP and HTML files. 

In terms of functionality, it includes: 

  • A predefined revolution cursor;
  • A visual composer;
  • An essential grid,
  • A PO composer, WPML;
  • A Donations plugin;
  • One-click demo installer;
  • Configuration of the legacy and replacement system;
  • Three home page designs; 
  • A swipe slider,
  • A custom theme options panel;
  • Custom widgets; 
  • A panel of shortcodes; A media content manager, 

the theme’s regular license is priced at $49 and includes six months of technical support. This support can be extended for 12 months at an additional cost of $13.88.

3.3.2. Eco nature

 Eco nature

Eco nature is a WordPress theme that aims to help protect the environment and the world. 

With this theme any type of site can be created on the environment.

The theme is built with HTML 5 and CSS3.

It offers customer support to answer your various questions. 

As you can see, the theme works on all browsers and supports any screen size.

The flexibility of the theme makes it easy to customize with: 

  • Layout Options, 
  • Portfolio and Blog Layouts; 
  • Different compositions and content models;
  • Different fonts.

The theme costs $59 and comes with: 

  • Custom mega menu plugin;
  •  The Form Builder plugin; 
  • The Premium Revolution and Layer Slider plugin;
  • The WPML plugin.

It supports WooCommerce functionality which allows you to receive PayPal donations. 

3.3.3. Greenture


Greenture is another WordPress theme aimed at ecology, environment, nature and animal care themes. 

It provides user with several easy customization website layout options.

Theme features include: 

  • Homepage options;
  • Two header variations;
  • Fantastic theme options;
  • A Google font with advanced typography;
  • A drag-and-drop page builder; 
  • Wide layouts;  
  • Unlimited sidebars; 
  • A full-screen box slider;
  • An independent administration panel. 

Greenature is also optimized for SEO and supports linguistic translations. 

3.3.4. Solar energy

Solar energy

The Solar Energy theme is created with a fluid responsive design offering a perfect fit for all devices. 

This is a WordPress theme that promotes renewable energy.

 It can be used for:

  • Ecological food services; 
  • Environmental and protection agencies;
  • Initiatives such as preserving green forests;
  • Home solar energy; 
  • Commercial solar solution providers; 
  • Companies involved as environmentally friendly energy producers.

The theme supports crowdfunding and other financial transactions through its compatibility with WooCommerce.

It provides these users with: 

  • Complete documentation;
  • Several galleries;
  • Unlimited color schemes,  
  • A widget for the timeline of events; 
  • Different types of portfolio;
  • A layer slider;
  • A robust administration panel;
  • Various blog layouts;
  • A clean and easy to use shortcode;
  • A customizable background with parallax effects. 

3.3.5. Organic Food

Organic Food

Organic Food is a WordPress theme designed to create the websites of: 

  • Nutritionists;
  • delivery people;
  • Farms; 
  • Health coaches;
  • Where cooking schools.

The theme works well and responds to all screen sizes. It is also optimized for SEO. 

Easy to customize, organic food has several built-in features:

  • Site design templates available;
  • Compatibility with popular browsers;
  • Free updates;
  • WooCommerce compatibility;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Visualization plugin support;
  • Menu layout options with header;
  • Typography and font options;
  • Custom icons;
  • Various color palettes 
  • Ultra-fast page builders;
  • Built-in Google charts and a quick dialer.

The regular license price is $59 and includes six months of Bold Themes support.

3.3.6. Green nature

Green nature

Green Nature is another WordPress theme designed for nature, environment, animals, NGO and earth website.

Its compatibility with WooCommerce allows you to perform financial transactions such as donations via Paypal and Stripe.

In addition, tools such as: GoodLayers page builder and Master solder allow you to:

  • Create custom pages smoothly and seamlessly with the drag-and-drop module;
  • And manage cursor items. 

The green nature theme:

  • Is compatible with multilingual translation;
  • Has Timeline ability to manage transition duration and is retina ready;
  • Has well-stocked documentation;
  • Has a one-click demo site installer;

It is available for $59.

3.3.7. EcoWorld


As the name suggests,  Ecoworld is an environmental theme that you can use to create websites related to the environment. 

With this theme, your layouts are responsive and optimized for high resolution screens. 

In addition, your web pages load faster. 

The theme also allows you to add several features to your site due to its compatibility with plugins: 

  • WooCommerce;
  • spider revolution;
  • calender vents;
  • Multilingual translation;
  • WPBakery Page builder;

As for the built-in features, the ecoworld theme, allows you to have: 

  • Advanced wallets;
  • Unlimited skins; 
  • Google fonts; 
  • Sidebars;
  • Custom widgets;
  • A smart header; 
  • Event management; 
  • Support for child themes;
  • A drag-and-drop menu manager;
  • Custom page templates;
  • A shortcode generator;
  • A one-click demo site installer;
  • Blog and typography options;
  • Structured documentation.

3.3.8. Smarty


The idea behind creating this theme is to target the diverse learning communities that engage in environment and nature related projects in schools, colleges and universities.

Smarty outperforms other themes not only with concept, but also with features such as integration: 

  • WooCommerce;
  • WPML;
  • Media support.

The theme costs $59 and comes with: 

  • Various color choices;
  • Multiple footer layouts;
  • Four preset color schemes;
  • Custom content pages;
  • A complete and framed layout;
  • A drag-and-drop page builder
  • A responsive appearance.

3.3.9. TreeBeard


Based primarily on the concepts of ecology and recycling, the TreeBeard theme is both versatile and flexible. It is also responsive and optimized to display on all types of screens. This allows you to create unique websites.

The elements of this theme consist of: 

  • One-click demo installation 
  • Standard documentation 
  • User-friendly and versatile page builder;
  • Unlimited colors;
  • Multiple options for theme and page customization;
  • A picture menu;
  • A breadcrumb video;
  • Parallax background;
  • Font Awesome icons, templates;
  • A mega menu;
  • 10 different header variations;
  • A diversified portfolio;
  • Unlimited blog and homepage templates.

The theme costs $59 and supports multilingual translation as well as the Revolution Slider plugin.

3.3.10.  EcoPress


Ecopress theme is built with all the features applicable to the website of NGOs involved in the field of ecology or nature. 

It includes a powerful form generator allowing it to create:

  • Surveys;
  • Comments ;
  • Contact forms. 

The theme is compatible with WooCommerce and therefore allows you to carry out monetary transactions. 

It is also optimized for natural referencing and multilingual translation.

Among the different features it has, you can remember: 

  • The header layout options;
  • The Mega menu;
  • Google fonts; 
  • Options for customizing colors and animations;
  • Drag-and-drop creation;
  • The premium sliders and Events Calendar Pro.

3.3.11. Environmental


Environmental is a WordPress theme designed as a complete solution for the needs of non-profit organizations. 

It gives the possibility to those organizations working in the humanitarian field to:

  • Create animal profiles;
  • To create and promote events;
  • To manage a blog;
  • To receive donations via PayPal;
  • Etc.

The theme is designed in such a way that it displays well on all types of screens.

Environmental has a feature-rich admin panel. 

It allows you to integrate, for example, videos from other platforms or those self-hosted by you in your publications. 

Environmental is sold at $49 and comes with:

  • Drag & Drop Page Builder;
  • Over 100 Google fonts;
  • A famous three-step guide;
  • Lots of theme customization options.

3.3.12. Gaea


Gaea is an environmental WordPress theme suitable for: 

  • Non-profit organization websites; 
  • Charity websites;
  • environmental websites;
  • Business enterprise websites.

As for features, Gaea theme supports multilingual translation. 

Websites created with the Gaea theme are fast and user-friendly. In addition, they are pleasant to look at as their designs are pretty and refined.

The theme is sold at $69 and includes:

  • A calendar for managing events;
  • 6 types of gallery page;
  • Isotope galleries;
  • Font Awesome icons;
  • Multilingual PO / MO files; 
  • Fully layered PSD files;
  • Regular free updates;
  • Cross-browser compatibility;
  • WooCommerce compatibility;
  • An integrated Revoution Slider plugin;
  • Design templates. 

3.3.13. CiyaShop


CiyaShop is a multipurpose WordPress theme. This is a choice that can make your website eco-friendly. 

Most of the sites created with Coyashop are attractive but also user-friendly and fast. 

In terms of features, the Ciyashop theme: 

  • Integrates the WPBakery Page Builder;
  • Is compatible with Slider Revolution plugins;
  • Has advanced theme options;
  • Features over 800 Google fonts;
  • Has PO/Mo files allowing translation into any language;
  • Has a one-click theme importer;
  • Has advanced blogging options;
  • Has Mailchimp support;
  • Etc.

The price for the regular license is $59. It also has an extended license which is $2600.

3.3.14. Green Earth

Green Earth

Launched in 2013, Green Earth is a multipurpose WordPress theme for businesses and organizations who would like to build their site in an environmental style. 

Its regular license is sold at $59. 

Speaking of features, it incorporates: 

  • Unlimited color options; 
  • Unlimited sidebar options;
  • 6 footer layouts;
  • Over 450 Google fonts;
  • Site demonstrations;
  • A drag-and-drop page builder;
  • A drag-and-drop cursor manager;
  • An integrated translator;
  • Built-in shortcodes;
  • A font downloader;
  • A logo downloader;
  • Social sharing buttons 
  • Thumbnail options.
  • Etc.

3.3.15. Ekko


Launched in June 2019, Ekko is designed with a spirit of modernity and elegance. It allows you to stylishly create websites that make an impression. 

Ekko theme supports major browsers and displays responsively on all mobile devices regardless of screen size.

WPBakery Page Builder integration allows you to create your own page layouts. 

However, Ekko provides you with more than 200 predefined site demos covering almost all areas. 

You will also find features like: 

  • Quality Google Fonts;
  • Multilingual compatibility;
  • Loading animations with CSS3;
  • Icons Mind premium icons;
  • A child theme;
  • Custom theme options;
  • Etc.


Themes make it easy to create websites.  

However, before thinking about using them, it is important to do several tests and take a look at things like:

  • The opinions of those who use it; 
  • The loading speed;
  • These features;
  • The modifications that are possible;
  • Etc. 

I address all of these elements in this article.

You will also find how a theme is structured as well as a list of the best paid, free and eco-friendly WordPress themes. 

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