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10 Free and Easy Ways to Promote a Website

When we look at the numbers, we can agree that 67% of clicks go directly to the first 5 results that are displayed in response to Internet users’ queries. To

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The 5 steps for an effective customer analysis

Customer analytics is a key aspect for companies wishing to excel in a competitive environment. By understanding consumer motivations, behaviors and needs, companies can adapt to changing market preferences, offer

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5 Tips to Boost Your Blog Content Rankings

To strengthen your online presence and increase your interaction with your target audience, it is crucial to optimize your blog content to maximize the effectiveness and impact of your communication.

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The 5 Steps to Do a CONTENT Audit

Content auditing is the best way to maximize the quality and effectiveness of your online content. It’s a way for large organizations to stay on top of industry trends and

7 Confirmed Google Ranking Factors

7 confirmed Google ranking factors

Many articles on Google’s ranking factors suggest that there are at least 200 variables that affect a website’s performance in the SERPs. However, there is a big difference between what

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24+ local business directories to know

If you’re looking to maximize your local business’ visibility online, business directories are the key to effective online marketing. They are a must for businesses that want to reach new

reverse search

4 Steps To Reverse Google Video Search

This article is a mini-guide that teaches you how and why to do a reverse video search. According to the website 2Emotion, in the land of the Eiffel Tower, 78%

keyword search volume

Keyword Research Volume: 5 Things to Know

Keyword search volume is an important metric used by SEO professionals. But this metric has some limitations that are usually unknown to beginners. And unfortunately, this leads to incorrect marketing

ai generated text

Guide to detecting AI-generated text

Artificial intelligence has been in the news in recent weeks. The reality is that AI is becoming more and more advanced and the line between human-written and program-generated content is

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11 Privacy-Focused Search Engines (Not Google)

Google is without a doubt the best search engine on the market in terms of efficiency. But when it comes to privacy, there are better alternatives. It’s no secret that


Link Diversity Definition

Link diversity is about getting links from a variety of sources (e.g., blogs, news sites, social media platforms), using a variety of anchor texts (long tail, exact match, brand name,

Site SEO Audit Definition

A SEO audit is a health check to analyze the ability of a site to rank in the SERPs. It consists of seeing how well your online presence meets the


Definition of long-tail keywords

Long tail keywords are identified by search terms that contain more words and are technically longer. Because they require more specificity, they tend to get less traffic than shorter search

Definition Google Webmaster Guidelines

Google Webmaster Guidelines is a set of recommendations from the search engine that help sites get indexed and ranked in the SERPs. The main guidelines that Google insists on are

SEO Commerce English

SEO Ecommerce : The Complete Guide

According to studies, the majority of users, up to 60%, consciously or unconsciously prefer to click on one of the first three search results of the SERPs. This clearly shows


YouTube SEO: How to rank your videos well?

With over 2 billion users worldwide and 720,000 hours of videos uploaded every day, YouTube is now considered the second largest search engine used by people all over the world.

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Whether you are a business owner, a service provider or an online store, one of your biggest challenges is probably how to attract qualified traffic to your website Discover in

optimisation - taux de conversion

How to Optimize Conversion Rate? (Complete Guide)

Over 90% of visitors who said they read the headlines also read the CTA, which explains how optimizing every element on the page can dramatically improve conversion. In this guide,

Widget for Wordpress The Ultimate Guide

Widget For WordPress: The Ultimate Guide

Guest post by : Jessica Picard from apprendre-le-seo-ensemble.fr Customizable as you wish, WordPress is the most used CMS in the world to create a website. It is possible to use


Webflow : Complete SEO Guide

Webflow is a website building solution that is becoming increasingly popular due to its drag-and-drop operation that makes website design easy and accessible to everyone.  But as with any CMS,


Google Shopping : Complete SEO Guide

As a merchant, you probably already know that Google Shopping remains an excellent channel to reach new customers and increase your sales. The search engine alone receives more than 6.8

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Buzzsumo: Complete Guide

Buzzsumo : Complete Guide Digital marketing experts know one thing: content is essential. Without good content you don’t get traffic, if you don’t get traffic you don’t rank, and if

The 5 main steps to create a website

Video Transcript: Hello, Today, I’m going to show you the five main steps to create your website. Let’s go… Actually creating a website is pretty simple. It’s a bit like

How to choose your brand colors?

Video Transcript Hi, this is Alex. Today, we’re going to talk about the colors of your website, the colors of your brand. Now, this may seem like something a little

How to choose your company logo?

Video Transcript Hi, it’s Alex, today we’re going to look at choosing a logo together! Here we go… So what I would advise you to do when choosing a logo

Map of SEO actors and agencies in France

Video transcript Hi, this is Alex, today we’re going to see together the different websites that will be my competitors in the SEO sector. Let’s go… So for this we

Content Strategy

Video transcript hello today I am going to present you my content strategy and here we go, so in fact the content strategy it’s basically what I want to show

How to start your first marketing campaign?

Video Transcript Hi, this is Alex, today we’re going to see together how to start your first marketing campaign. So where to start to launch your first marketing campaign? First

Is it still useful to have a blog today?

Video Transcript Hi, this is Alex, today we’re going to see together if it’s still relevant to have a today to have a blog on your website. So is it

How to choose your company name?

Video Transcript Hi, this is Alex, today we’re going to see together how to choose the right name company name! Here we go… So when you are going to choose

Corporate Communication: Why and How?

Video transcript Hi, this is Alex, today we’re going to see together the strategy related to the communication for the company I’m going to create called Twaino. Come on, I’ll

How to learn online marketing?

Video Transcript Hi, this is Alex, today we’re going to see together how to learn marketing online marketing? So for this, I made a quick presentation presentation, so on powerpoint

The biggest mistakes in SEO

Video transcript Hi, it’s Alex, today we’re going to see together what are the biggest mistakes that can be made in SEO. So, one of the biggest mistakes from my

How to buy a domain name ?

Video Transcript Hi, this is Alex. Today, we will see together, how to buy a domain name? So the idea is going to be quite simple, in this video, I’ll

5 must-have digital marketing tools

Video Transcript Hi this is Alex, I hope you’re doing well. Today I’m going to show you my favorite marketing tools. So, I’d rather tell you right now, the list

How to recruit in digital marketing?

Video transcript hi, this is alex. Today, we’re going to see together how to recruit in marketing. So, first thing to say, this is something that is relatively generic for

Why and how to develop personal branding ?

Video transcript hi, this is alex. Today we’re going to see together why and how to develop personal branding? So, why is personal branding important. In fact, the reason is

How to install a theme on WordPress ?

Video Transcript Hi, this is Alex. Today, I’m going to show you how to install a theme on wordpress. Let’s go ! So, install a theme on wordpress. For that,