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Definition Index

The index simply refers to the list of all the web pages on the Internet of which the search engines are aware, and from which they can make a section

Google explains how it handles

Google explains how it handles AI-generated content

Let’s face it, artificial intelligence has brought about a big change in the way online content is created and published. Many websites have already adopted AI to produce high-quality, SEO-optimized

Now you can book your flight for less with Google

Book your low-cost flights with Google!

Globetrotters can now find the best times to book flights. Google has announced an update that allows its users to travel economically. The search engine has also revealed booking trends

Google now indexes

Google now indexes .CSV files

Google must index a document before it can be presented to Internet users when they perform a search. However, the search engine does not index all document formats. As a

Google's top 5 include keywords

85% of Google’s top 5 include keywords in titles

Many people think that titles and meta-descriptions aren’t that important for SEO, and that they don’t really influence the search engine positioning of websites. But is this really the case?

Google tests Mentioned in

Google tests “Mentioned in” SERP feature

The Internet is a vast ocean of information, and it’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for without the help of search engines. Google, for example, has a

Will the Google Search app soon

Google Search app soon to feature a note function?

Google’s vision is to make finding information online easier, more relevant and more reliable for its users. To achieve this, it is constantly innovating and creating new ways to search

Google supports sub-domains for site names

Google supports subdomains for site names

Google recently launched an expansion of site name support for subdomains across all devices in four languages. The key points of this expansion are: In this article, we find out

Google adds 4 new features to

Google adds 4 new features to Chrome on mobile

Google’s aim is to make it easier for people to find information online, even when they’re on the move. With this in mind, the American firm has launched four mobile

Google launches major update for August 2023

Ever wondered how Google decides to rank websites in its search results? Well, it uses a complex and secretive algorithm that constantly evolves to adapt to the needs of web

Google wants online content to train AIs

Artificial intelligence (AI) astonishes us with its performance in many fields. But how do AIs learn to do what they do? The answer is simple: by feeding on massive data

Google’s new product review policy

While generative AI is a step towards automation, it also poses a number of problems, not least authenticity. How do you know if the reviews you read about a product


Google improves performance with AI innovations

To catch up with OpenAI, Google immediately integrated artificial intelligence into most of its tools. But after two quarters, what are the concrete results of this strategy? How much progress

Google: Delegate your site management

There was a time when the obvious answer to the question of which CMS is best for SEO was WordPress. 😂 But times have changed. While Wix was once renowned

Microsoft reinvigorates Bing with new AI features

The hype surrounding artificial intelligence is not about to die down. Microsoft recently unveiled a number of innovative artificial intelligence (AI) updates for its Bing search engine that will delight

Google advises to avoid cheap TLDs

You’ve probably already seen a domain name ending in .info, .store, etc. Popular belief has it that the last part (.info), still known as the TLD, has an impact on

10 façons simples et gratuites

10 Free and Easy Ways to Promote a Website

When we look at the numbers, we can agree that 67% of clicks go directly to the first 5 results that are displayed in response to Internet users’ queries. To

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The 5 steps for an effective customer analysis

Customer analytics is a key aspect for businesses wanting to excel in a competitive environment. By understanding consumer motivations, behaviors and needs, businesses can adapt to changing market preferences, deliver

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5 Tips to Boost Your Blog Content Rankings

To strengthen your online presence and increase your interaction with your target audience, it is crucial to optimize your blog content to maximize the effectiveness and impact of your communication.

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The 5 Steps to Do a CONTENT Audit

Content auditing is the best way to maximize the quality and effectiveness of your online content. It’s a way for large organizations to stay on top of industry trends and

7 Confirmed Google Ranking Factors

7 confirmed Google ranking factors

Many articles on Google’s ranking factors suggest that there are at least 200 variables that affect a website’s performance in the SERPs. However, there is a big difference between what

ENG - 24 annuaire entreprises local

24+ local business directories to know

If you’re looking to maximize your local business’ visibility online, business directories are the key to effective online marketing. They are a must for businesses that want to reach new

reverse search

4 Steps To Reverse Google Video Search

This article is a mini-guide that teaches you how and why to do a reverse video search. According to the website 2Emotion, in the land of the Eiffel Tower, 78%

keyword search volume

Keyword Research Volume: 5 Things to Know

Keyword search volume is an important metric used by SEO professionals. But this metric has some limitations that are usually unknown to beginners. And unfortunately, this leads to incorrect marketing

ai generated text

Guide to detecting AI-generated text

Artificial intelligence has been in the news in recent weeks. The reality is that AI is becoming more and more advanced and the line between human-written and program-generated content is

Mise en avant 11 Moteurs de Recherche Axés Sur la Confidentialité

11 Privacy-Focused Search Engines (Not Google)

Google is without a doubt the best search engine on the market in terms of efficiency. But when it comes to privacy, there are better alternatives. It’s no secret that