How to train in SEO (+111 Resources to Deepen your knowledge)

If you have an online business, it is essential to manage your presence on search engines since on average, 70.6% of website traffic comes from them. Also, it is important to note that 70% of internet users NEVER go past the first page of search results or SERP. Therefore, if you want to be visible, you must imperatively rank in the first results of search engines.

Easier said than done ? This is true since there are nearly 2 billion websites and most are intended to occupy the first position of the SERPs. 

Therefore, the only way for you to succeed is to implement effective strategies. This is why it is absolutely crucial to use one of the best marketing levers, namely SEO

You could also let yourself be convinced by SEA or very expensive paid marketing techniques that will allow you to obtain short-term results. It may seem very profitable, but 80% of Internet users ignore Google ads. It is therefore not wise to make it your main strategy.

There remains SEO or natural referencing which gives significant results in the long term from the moment you devote to it: 

  • Time; 
  • Some efforts ; 
  • Dedication; 
  • And above all, in-depth knowledge. 
Comment se former au SEO ?


It is in this logic that I propose today to discover how to train you in SEO in order to master this important pillar of web marketing. Whether self-taught or in a specific setting, I will take care of giving you all the steps, training and resources you need to know SEO and then use it in your marketing strategies.

Chapter 1: Why train in SEO?

Pourquoi se former au SEO ?

Before discussing the different resources and training you need to train yourself in SEO, it is important to know the benefits you can get from them. 

Here are the 8 benefits of solid knowledge in the field of SEO. In my opinion, they are relevant enough to convince you to train.

1.1. Add a string to your bow by learning a new skill

Les blogs à suivre pour affiner vos connaissances SEO ?

It’s always good to learn a new skill that will help you in your career and your life. If you train in SEO, you can use your knowledge to improve the performance of your own website or the site of your business. Additionally, you can seek to help other people by becoming a freelancer or making your career in the field of SEO.

According to some, SEO is one of the best skills that digital marketers should develop. It is of great use since organic traffic is arguably the biggest source of traffic to websites. 

And to get traffic through Google, you have to put in place strategies specific to natural referencing.

1.2. It’s a great career choice

Les meilleurs forums SEO

There are plenty of opportunities available for people who want to become SEO professionals. Know that there is a very strong demand for SEO services because of its success on the web!

For good reason, the SEO industry was valued at more than 65 billion dollars in 2016 and it is possible that it will reach 79 billion dollars by 2020. Its growth is very rapid to the point that it becomes more more difficult to position yourself correctly in search engines without a good strategy.

Almost all those who have access to the Internet use search engines, it is estimated that more than a billion their number of monthly users. Since they are used so much by Internet users, it can be assumed that search engines are not going to disappear in the near future. 

And as long as these pillars of the web exist, there will probably be professionals who will try to optimize the SEO of websites.

1.3. No dependence on consultants or SEO agencies

Pourquoi se former au SEO ?

I agree with Charles Guillaume Etienne when he says:

You are never better served than by yourself. “.

In other words, if you want your work to be perfect, do it yourself. 

In my opinion, this is the most obvious reason why you should learn and practice SEO. By having the required skills, the strategies you will develop will be more effective than if you use another person. 

Indeed, you are the only one to have perfect control of your project and the objectives you wish to achieve. You will therefore be able to make the most relevant decisions while making adjustments when you deem it necessary. 

Additionally, SEO strategies can be significantly different from site to site, and while certain tactics work for certain websites, they may simply not work on your website. 

You train in SEO then allows you to face any SEO problem and to develop personalized and relevant strategies taking into account your objectives.

If you have a perfect command of SEO, you no longer need to hire an SEO consultant or agency to do the SEO work on your website. 

Instead, you will use the funds that can be generated by hiring a professional to grow your business. This is a significant point to take into account when you are hesitating between following a training course or calling on a professional.

1.4. You save money on advertisements 

Natural referencing is the best method to obtain good quality and long-lasting traffic. Keep in mind that the largest proportion of Google users ignore their ads and taking ads as their primary strategy can be perilous in the long run, especially as the prices of ad campaigns are rising at a breakneck pace. 

You are going to spend a lot without being able to get the performance that SEO can help you achieve. This is why using SEO is a very economical solution, even if it requires a lot of effort and time.

The results will be mind-blowing, as you’ll get massive amounts of organic traffic through Google, all virtually free.

1.5. Make money online

If you put in place the right SEO strategies, you will get more visitors to your blog. And if you get more qualified visitors, you will increase your chances of being able to convert them, which will materialize in an increase in income. 

For example, let’s say you earn $5,000 with 10,000 visitors per month. If you do a good SEO and increase your web traffic by 200%, you can double your turnover and earn €10,000 per month!

So let’s say it right away, doubling your traffic on your website will not allow you to double your income, mechanically. However, if your audience is well qualified, you will be able to increase your sources of income in a very interesting way.

You will need, for this, to put in place the appropriate SEO strategies in order to achieve such performance. Also always keep in mind that SEO results take time, but the return on investment is worth it.

1.6. Offer your SEO services

When you consider that there are billions of websites on the web, you understand better why natural referencing is very important and why the demand for an SEO specialist is likely to be strong.

Therefore, if you reach a certain level of expertise you can set up your own SEO agency and therefore help people who need qualified professionals. 

In addition, you can also offer training for people who want to learn SEO with an expert. This allows you to have another source of income.

However, it is essential to acquire a lot of experience before considering the creation of these two types of services. Otherwise, you risk having a bad reputation, especially if you are unable to fulfill your obligations as an SEO consultant.  

1.7. Building Your Online Reputation

When used correctly, SEO doesn’t just improve a site’s rankings or traffic. In fact, SEO can also help you build your brand image and online reputation.

When you regularly appear in the first positions for certain queries, Internet users will consider you as a reference in your niche. You will then become a reliable source and people will be much more likely to trust you as much as Google. 

Increasing your reputation will also allow you to naturally obtain backlinks to your website, thus strengthening its authority. It is simply a virtuous circle that will allow you to build the image and authority of your brand.

1.8. Hire a Better, More Skilled Workforce

The greatest assets of any business are its employees. Indeed, you are likely to make your business take off quickly if you can find the right people.

In this logic, mastering natural referencing can allow you to recruit qualified employees capable of meeting your online business needs. Indeed, an analysis of the skills of the candidates will allow you to determine those who will allow your company to develop quickly.

For example, you won’t choose just any writer if your company has a blog. You know that SEO is important and you will therefore take care to choose writers who have notions of SEO. This will allow you to offer quality content that is optimized for search engines.

Thus, learning SEO is undoubtedly an excellent decision because of the many reasons we have mentioned before. Now let’s move on to the steps that will allow you to train in SEO.

Chapter 2: How to train in SEO: Be self-taught or opt for a specific framework?

Comment se former au SEO ?

There are mainly two different ways to train yourself in SEO: 

a training course : You are trained by SEO experts who have developed a program and a precise pedagogical approach. This allows you to assimilate the concepts from the most basic to the most technical. 

Being self-taught : At this level you are the only one to learn the fundamentals and the different SEO strategies by browsing blog articles or books. 

As you’d expect, the first method is the most effective, although it may require minimal upfront investment. Indeed, you benefit from a very precise supervision and the possibility of having exchanges with experts having several years of experience will allow you to accelerate even more quickly. 

In addition, you benefit from a certificate which can be considered as proof of your skills in the field. 

On the other hand, you can train yourself and even if you don’t have to make an investment, this is the most complex method. Indeed, there is an avalanche of information on the web when you search on the theme of SEO. 

Being on your own, it is often difficult to know where to start and where to end. You are likely toevolve by trial and error and without a precise structure, which is not at all effective. 

In addition, without attestation or certification, you will have difficulty proving your skills, especially if you want to offer services to customers. One of the best ways to show your legitimacy in the field is to get results with your own website.

If you prefer to work on your own, I will dedicate a chapter to the different steps you can take in order to train yourself effectively as an autodidact. And even if you opt for paid training, the following steps can allow you to have a solid foundation in natural referencing. 

Step 1: Learn how search engines work

The very first step in learning SEO is to understand how search engines work. Indeed, if you want to make yourself visible on these and it makes sense to know them in order to best implement SEO strategies.

In other words, it is interesting to discover the ground and the rules before starting to play. On this subject, Google has published content that explains how its search engine works. If you want to go further on this subject, I advise you to consult my complete guide on SEO

At this level, keep in mind that before providing its results, Google takes into account more than 200 factors in order to rank websites. Spending some time to learn about these factors can be a great starting point for your learning.

This step is very important since it will help you understand the somewhat complex SEO concepts. 

Step 2: Learn what SEO is!

Comment se former au SEO ?

SEO goes far beyond: 

  • Content; 
  • Keywords; 
  • Obtaining traffic;
  • Netlinking or the acquisition of backlinks.

It is important to understand that the real goal of SEO is to provide users with what they are looking for while providing them with an optimal experience and high quality, informative content. 

SEO Robots on page Off Page

So, if you want to get more search engine traffic, you need to make sure your visitors have the best experience possible so that they naturally become leads and then customers. 

To this extent, SEO is made up of several sub-components that can be grouped under two main components: 

  • On-Page SEO : This is technically everything you do on your website to optimize it. The infographic above shows you examples of what this category includes;   
  • Off-Page SEO : This part includes all the actions that you will take outside of your website for its optimization in search engines.
SEO on page Off Page

Consult my complete guide on SEO to understand all these concepts and integrate them well.

Step 3: Mastering Keyword

Research is a very important step in SEO. In fact, it is an analysis that allows you to determine the words and expressions that your target audience uses to find the products or services that you offer. 

Then, it will be necessary to go beyond the keywords and expressions, in order to determine exactly what the search intent of the users is in order to create pages and content optimized for these terms. This involves, for example, inserting these keywords in: 

  • The content; 
  • Alt tags; 
  • Meta tags; 
  • Subtitles ; 
  • Etc…

The objective is to create content that arouses the interest of Internet users while allowing search engines to index and categorize it correctly in order to display it at the right time.

Keyword research is a delicate part, it is better to devote as much time to it as necessary.

Step 4: Create qualitative, SEO & User-friendly content

Quelles sont les meilleures formations pour apprendre le SEO

Content is at the heart of natural referencing as it represents the only reason why searches are done on the Internet. So, to fully understand SEO, you need to learn what good content is that meets your readers’ intentions and is optimized for search engines. 

I agree with Cyrus Shepard in the following statement:

“The beauty of SEO is that instead of sending a marketing message to people who don’t want to hear what you have to say, you can reverse the process to discover exactly what people are looking for, create the right content for them, and appear in front of them at the exact moment they are looking for it. “.  

It is for this reason that the keyword research step is very important and must be carried out beforehand before creating content. Content creation is often a tricky subject because it takes time, it requires enormous effort, and the results are often slow in coming. 

This is why, during your SEO learning, you will inevitably be confronted with practices that do not respect Google’s rules, otherwise known as Black hat SEO.

Indeed, Google has rules that the search engine has grouped together in its guidelines for webmasters. Failure to comply with these instructions obviously leads to sanctions against websites that do not comply with them. 

In content creation, there are tactics that are best avoided if you don’t want to be penalized by the search engine. These include creating low-quality content and overusing keywords. 

Of course, content creation is not the only aspect of SEO that is affected and it is important to get to know them. Especially since Google indicates that it is:

“… illicit practices likely to lead to the application of a manual action due to spam, an algorithmic type sanction or the permanent withdrawal of the site concerned. of the Google index. Once a site has been sanctioned for spamming, it may no longer show up in results or on our partner sites. “.

What works now is relevant content that brings definite added value to users. 

Mastering the creation of good quality and optimized content will inevitably help you in your SEO performance.

Step 5: Master netlinking 

Even today, backlinks are very important in search engine ranking factors.

Relation site web et backlink

The more quality inbound links you have, the better your website is likely to rank in the SERPs.

Nombre de backlinks va impacter le classement dans Google

For this, you need to learn effective strategies to optimize your link profile. On this subject, my complete guide on link building can be of great use to you, insofar as I share with you all the strategies and procedures in order to have quality links. 

Step 6: Be able to conduct a website audit 

This is a crucial skill since an SEO audit must precede the implementation of any SEO strategy. Like a doctor, you must be able to analyze a website in order to diagnose its real SEO problems and adopt the most appropriate solutions.

I describe this article the different elements to consider as well as the tools to use for an effective SEO audit. That said, I do offer a free audit that you can take advantage of if you wish.   

Step 7: Master the right SEO tools

To be effective in SEO, you need to use tools. Otherwise, your work is made practically impossible due to the huge amount of data. 

Thereby; if you want to be effective and have better results, you must use SEO tools. Note, however, that most of the tools considered excellent are paid, but their effectiveness is well worth the long-term investment.

Here are the most used tools in SEO: 

2.8.1. Google Analytics (Free)

Résultat GA sur 90 jours

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used tools for measuring website performance. It is very useful as you have valuable data (traffic / conversion / etc…) that can help you in your decision-making processes. 

Best of all, Google Analytics is completely free! I recommend that you install it and learn how to use it properly.

2.8.2. Google Search Console (Free)

1000 visiteurs GSC

This is also a free tool from Google widely used in SEO. Like Google Analytics, you will have very valuable information to solve technical problems, and important requests that end up on your website. I suggest you discover it in my guide on its installation.

2.8.3. Ahrefs (Paid)


Ahrefs is one of the most powerful tools used by SEO Experts. It can help you in different ways including: 

  • PPC campaigns; 
  • The analysis of the competition; 
  • Keyword research: 
  • Link building; 
  • Monitoring of social networks; 
  • Etc…

Ahrefs gives you a complete SEO package in one place and it is one of the best tools out there. 

2.8.4. SEMRush and Moz Pro (Paid)

Outil SEMrush

SEMRush and Moz Pro also offer the same features as Ahrefs. But personally, I much prefer the first tool since it is known to have the largest database. 

Both Moz and SemRush are paid, and if you want to learn SEO on your own, it’s important to master one of these tools. 

2.8.5. Ubersuggest (free)

Ubersuggest Outil gratuit de neil patel

This is an SEO tool owned by Neil Patel, a web marketing guru. Ubersuggest is impressive because of the amount of information it provides, all for free. 

To a lesser extent, you have the same data as with paid tools such as Ahrefs, SemRush or Moz Pro. You can check out my guide on Ubersuggest to know the multiple features it offers.

2.8.6. Yoast (Freemium)

Nombre de mots Yoast

Yoast is one of the best SEO tools used by millions of people on their websites. This plugin allows you to obtain a lot of information about: 

  • Your content; 
  • Your keywords; 
  • The length of paragraphs; 
  • Etc.

The list of tools is not exhaustive and I will soon make a guide on the essential tools for SEO.

Step 8: Know HTML and CSS

It’s a good idea to have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS ​​if you want to be an accomplished SEO Expert. These are actually web languages ​​that facilitate the work of search engine robots.

Of course, it is not mandatory to master them perfectly, it is nevertheless advisable to learn the fundamentals. 

Indeed, you may be faced with problems from HTML or CSS codes that hinder the SEO performance of the website. Some knowledge of these languages ​​can allow you to quickly solve the problem without necessarily calling on a web developer. 

Step 9: Keep up to date with changes in search engines

SEO is a dynamic industry because search engines are constantly changing. Indeed, Google’s algorithm changes more than 500 times over the period of a year. 

Each of these changes has some impact on how it presents and classifies results. You can check out this HubSpot for Google’s most important updates and their implications.

As a professional, you are required to be aware of these changes since they can have a direct impact on your performance in search engines. In fact, if you wait a long time, you risk losing your position in search engines, especially if your competitors have made the necessary changes.

The best way to stay informed is to follow a few SEO websites. They regularly provide information on changes that occur at the level of search engines. 

Here is a list of interesting resources: 

  • Search Engine Roundtable : This website publishes news about the SEO industry and it will keep you up to date with everything that is happening in the SEO space.
  • Search Engine Land : This is one of the oldest websites in the SEO industry and the owner of the site was even hired by Google. You can imagine the quantity and quality of information it will convey;
  • Google Blog : Google publishes news related to its service and products. It is a good idea to keep an eye on this blog in order to be aware of any important information; 
  • Google Search Blog : A Google blog dedicated to research and which will allow you to have valuable information on SEO.
  • Google Webmaster blog : The official blog of Google webmasters which allows you to have information on search engine robots.

Step 10: Keep practicing to become an SEO expert

Like any discipline, you can only be a true SEO Expert if you practice what you learn. Note that it’s not just about trying one or two SEO techniques to master them. 

In fact, every website is different with varying stakes. So the more you work on different types of websites, the more you will master SEO and be an accomplished specialist.

You can also improve by sharing your knowledge. This is an exercise that usually allows you to dig deeper into the topics so as not to convey false information. Not to mention the fact that you will also receive questions from your audience, which will feed your fields of knowledge.

Keep in mind the following principle: The more research you do, the more you practice, the more you share your experiences, the better you will become at SEO.

For this purpose, you can create a website or a blog to implement your SEO knowledge.

Step 11: Read Case Studies Written by SEO

Experts Some SEO experts regularly publish SEO case studies. Reading such content is a great idea to determine what works and what does not in the field of SEO.

In addition, you can draw inspiration from these studies to refine your strategies or to develop new ones if necessary.  

Step 12: Be patient to see results

SEO is a process that takes time and results are long term. If you want a lot of traffic or sales quickly, SEO is not the best way. 

Indeed, an SEO strategy is the key to building sustainable organic traffic to your website. According to one of its studies, Ahrefs found that it is the oldest pages that generally occupy the first first results in the SERPs.

Afterwards, you can monitor your performance, in particular by noting the position of your website before implementing your SEO strategies. Thus, you will know the number of positions and the amount of traffic you have obtained during a given period.

Therefore, I advise you to monitor your traffic, but also to allow enough time for your results to bear fruit or not before making other decisions.

Step 13: Understand the basic concepts of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO is only part of the whole webmarketing. It is precisely SEM or Search Engine Marketing which includes apart from SEO: 

  • SEA or paid referencing : You have at this level advertisements in search engines such as Google Ads.
  • The SMO or referencing on social networks : It includes all the techniques aimed at improving the visibility of an entity on social networks.
SEO SEA SMO SEM infographie

Since digital marketing is the whole equation, an SEO specialist should become aware of other aspects of SEM as these areas are increasingly interconnected.

This knowledge is likely to allow you to increase the scope of the results you will obtain with SEO.

And There you go ! I think that with these 13 steps you will be able to train yourself as an autodidact with enough knowledge to pilot your website. It’s time to move on to the second SEO training option.

Chapter 3: What are the best courses to learn SEO?

Quelles sont les meilleures formations pour apprendre le SEO

In France, there are several structures that organize training on SEO. While some take place online, others are face-to-face and require the physical presence of the student. 

I tried to make an almost exhaustive list of all the training that I found and which relates to natural referencing. That said, if you see missing information, do not hesitate to contact so that I can add it. 

3.1. Twaino: Learn SEO

Vous former au SEO avec Twaino

Effectively, this is the short self-promotion moment, where I will present my Twaino SEO training. 🙂

My SEO Agency offers online training that allows you to have all the keys in hand to significantly optimize the visibility of your website.

  • Consult the training: Twaino 
  • Type of training: Online 
Module de formation SEO Twaino

The training will be presented in the form of a video divided into four main modules: 

Module 1: Audit 

In this section, I will take care of showing you in a practical way, how to carry out the complete audit of a website and how to correct any problems.

At the end of this module you will be able to evaluate for any website: 

  • The contents; 
  • Architecture; 
  • redirects; 
  • User experience or UX; 
  • The loading speed; 
  • Crawls and indexing;
  • Etc…

Indeed, the diagnosis is the first step when you want to optimize a website. It is for this reason that it is essential that this is my first module.

Module 2: On-Page SEO Optimization

After the audit, we will see how to optimize the performance of your website, in particular with: 

  • The increase in CTR and Dwell Time; 
  • The transfer of authority or the technique of fusion; 
  • The creation of attractive content; 
  • Etc…

Module 3: Content creation 

In this step, you will learn how to create content optimized for search engines. For this, you will master how to: 

  • Find and qualify the keywords; 
  • Create or enhance existing content.

Module 4: Off-Page Promotion and SEO

After content creation, the next natural step is to promote your website articles in general. You will therefore learn how to: 

  • Launch Link Building or netlinking campaigns;  
  • Popularize your content on other websites; 
  • Etc…

Here is an overview of the content that I will present to you in my training. Moreover, my SEO Agency is not limited only to training. If you need to introduce SEO to a specific audience, Twaino’s experts will be happy to address the points tailored to the audience.

Conferences can take place: 

  • Online; 
  • By videoconference; 
  • Or physically. 
Formation en ligne SEO Twaino

In the latter case, the team can travel in France or internationally. To find out more, just contact my Agency!

3.2. Google Digital Workshops

Atelier numeriques Cours en ligne Google

Who better than Google to train you in web marketing? Indeed, the search engine makes available to anyone wishing several courses allowing them to obtain an official certification at the end.

Obtenir certification en ligne Google

Note that there are no less than 20 categories including among others: 

  • The fundamentals of digital marketing: With certification; 
  • Start an online business; 
  • Help users find your business online; 
  • Expand your business abroad; 
  • Etc…

Each category is composed of several modules and the first one which allows to have a Google certification includes 26 modules with a total duration of 40 hours. This includes, for example, learning to: 

  • Develop your online presence;
  • Plan your business strategy on the web; 
  • Get known through search (SEO); 
  • Become known locally;
  • Immerse yourself in the world of social media; 
  • Etc…

To assess that you have assimilated the knowledge well, a practical exercise must be dealt with at the end of each course. 

This training is reserved for beginners, but professionals can also take it to enrich their CV.

The main advantage of this platform is that you are completely free to choose when and how to take the training. So there is no time limit and you will have an overview of all the marketing strategies that work with Google.

It’s completely free, so enjoy!

3.3. FormaSEO


If you have been in the SEO sphere for a while, you probably know Olivier Andrieu who was voted the best SEO a few years ago French by the JDN. This French SEO expert offers training with more than 100 videos categorized into 11 chapters.

Formation FormaSEO

You will follow a training lasting more than 10 hours followed by a series of 230 questions divided into 11 multiple choice questions. You also have a final exam that will allow you to assimilate the SEO concepts that you have had the opportunity to learn. 

Note that in addition to mastering the generalities of SEO, this training allows you to know: How 

  • search engines work; 
  • On-page technical SEO factors;
  • Writing SEO friendly content; 
  • The links ; 
  • SEO strategies; 
  • Website design; 
  • Etc…

For each video, you will have the opportunity to interact with the trainer who will try to provide you with the best answers. In addition, you will have access to new videos as well as updates even if your training is over. Remember that search engines are constantly changing, which makes video updates all the more meaningful.

For this price, Olivier also offers you lots of gifts as well as a training follow-up certificate and a certificate of attendance.

I would say that this training will be aimed more particularly at neophytes who wish to seriously learn SEO, with a very specific framework.

3.4. SEO: Boost your site


This free training will allow beginners to obtain a solid foundation in SEO. For this, you will follow 3 hours a week for 3 weeks, Lucas Grimont who is the founder of BrainyUp.

BrainyUp Programme

As part of his training, you will learn the following things:

  • Master the basics of SEO; 
  • Use the best free levers; 
  • Analyze your audience.

The 5 axes around which the training is based are: 

  • What is SEO?
  • On-page SEO; 
  • Off-Page SEO; 
  • Google tools; 
  • SEO tools. 

At the end of the training, you will be able to: 

  • Conduct website audits; 
  • Optimize a site; 
  • Perform a competitive analysis; 
  • Master the best Google and SEO tools.

You can follow the training for free, but you will pay 120 € if you want to withdraw your certificate.

3.5. The fundamentals of Natural Referencing

Webmarketing et com

Webmarketing & co’m was launched in 2006 by Sylvain Lembert, a professional renowned in marketing. This blog has become a reference in France, particularly in the digital communication and marketing sector.

Webmarketing et com plan de formation

Sylvain offers several training courses in the field of web marketing. But I’m only going to focus on the SEO one. The objective of this training is to enable you: 

  • To understand how SEO works; 
  • Understand the stages of an effective SEO project; 
  • Master SEO tools to track your results.

With this knowledge, you will have all the keys to successfully referencing a site on Google or any other search engine. 

During these two days of training, you will have many exercises to deal with in order to assimilate the concepts learned. At the end, there will be a final evaluation to pass and which will allow you to have your certificate. 

Note that this training is perfect for people with a beginner or intermediate level. For more information, do not hesitate to visit their sites.

3.6. Natural referencing of a website

Ziggourat formation referencement naturel

Ziggourat organizes this training, the objective of which is to identify SEO issues and to be able to determine the appropriate techniques for its optimization . The training lasts a total of 14 hours and will be punctuated by practical cases. In addition, to validate the achievements, students will have to complete an online assessment. After which, they will have a certificate that validates their achievements.

Ziggourat Programme de formation referencement naturel

In addition, Ziggourat also organizes training on the theme: “Writing for the web”. You know the importance of content in SEO and it is always relevant to deepen your knowledge of the subject. 

For three days you will be trained by experts in web writing. Several modules will be covered in order to give you all the keys to creating User & SEO-friendly content. 

Better, you will have notions of copyright on textual and visual content. For more information on this training, go directly to their website

Do not hesitate to contact Ziggourat formation to obtain more information on and to have the list of places where you can go to train.

3.7. The basics of natural referencing

CCI Formation les bases du referencement naturel

face CCIformationpro organizes its training in four different cities, namely: 

  • Lyon; 
  • Saint Etienne ; 
  • Roanne; 
  • Marseilles.

If you live in one of these cities, you can opt for this training conducted by real SEO professionals. You will have an in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals and the main techniques of SEO.

CCI Programme Formation les bases du referencement naturel

At the end of the course, you will know: How 

  • search engines like Google work; 
  • The most effective SEO techniques.

This will allow you to be able to correctly optimize the referencing of websites in search engines. You will be entitled to real business cases and many exercises to consolidate your knowledge. The training will culminate in an assessment and certification.

3.8. Control your audience with Google Analytics and Tag Manager

Expert is me maitriser son audience avec GA

Google Analytics is one of the most important analysis tools in marketing. In the field of SEO in particular, I would say that it is an essential to master. 

Given its importance, Expert is Me organizes training to enable those who wish to use this tool effectively to achieve their goal.

Programme de formation Expert is me

You will have the opportunity to learn how to install and use Google Analytics to optimize the performance of a website. On the program, you will have modules such as: 

  • The description of Google Analytics; 
  • The basics of Web Analytics to better use the tool; 
  • The installation of Google Analytics on a site; 
  • Analysis of main indicators and sources of traffic; 
  • The establishment of conversion tunnel; 
  • The performance report thanks to KPIs;
  • And…

The date of the training can be fixed according to your convenience with the organizer. In addition, they are experts who facilitate the training, which will allow you to benefit from their experience.

3.9. Maximize the SEO of your e-commerce

Expert is me referncement ecommerce

SEO techniques for a classic site and that of an e-commerce site are not exactly the same. In other words, you will not face the same SEO issues since the main objective of an e-shop is to make sales.

Expert is me refencement ecommerce programme

In this logic, you can opt for this training in order to learn how to position your products on specific keywords. The course is led by experts and you will have case studies as well as real-life scenarios. 

Know that in addition to mastering the fundamentals of SEO, Expert is Me teaches you: How to 

  • effectively optimize your e-commerce so that it is SEO friendly;
  • To know the role of mobile in e-commerce and how to adapt;
  • To increase your traffic and win new customers;
  • Etc…

Note that Expert is Me offers another training on SEO in general. For two days, experts will work to teach you the fundamentals of natural referencing and the use of Google Search Console.

To register, simply go to the organizer’s website and indicate the date you wish to start. 

3.10. Advanced level natural referencing

CCI Le referencement naturel niveau avance

CCI offers training at a slightly more advanced level than most of the training courses on the list. Beginners will therefore find it difficult to follow this program which addresses the technical aspects of SEO

Apart from the operation and evolution of search engines, you have: 

  • Technical optimizations : You learn analysis and audit tools, micro-data, crawl budget optimization…
  • The mobile web trend : You will understand the importance of mobile, how the mobile first indexing algorithm works and how you adapt to this standard; 
  • Content marketing : Addresses the semantic cocoon, the internal mesh…
  • The netlinking strategy : To know the importance of backlinks and how to optimize the link profile of a website.
CCI Formation le referencement naturel niveau avance

You need to master the basics of natural referencing before following this practical training. It also ends with an assessment followed by a certificate. 

Like the other training courses organized by CCI Formation, it is possible to follow the courses in one of the following cities: 

  • Lyon; 
  • Saint Etienne ; 
  • Roanne; 
  • Marseilles.

Take a tour of the website for more information.

3.11. Website SEO

Feeleurope referencement de site web
  • Visit the site: Website SEO 
  • Organizer: FEELEUROPE
  • Cost: Paid
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Type of training: Face-to-face / tailor-

made FEELEUROPE offers training that you can personalize by indicating a certain amount of information such as: 

  • The number of people to be trained; 
  • The training center; 
  • A personalized message; 
  • Etc… 
Feeleurope programme referencement de site web

In fact, the training organization is able to intervene in 100 French cities and has more than 300 expert trainers in different fields. For this training on SEO, you will address several themes, namely: 

  • The fundamentals of SEO : History and definitions, the functioning of search engines, the behavior of Internet users, etc.
  • On-Site optimization : The search for keys, layout, meta tags, internal linking, duplicate content, content structuring… 
  • Off-site optimization : Netlinking techniques, directories…
  • Positioning monitoring : You will know the tools to follow the performance of a website.

3.12. Natural referencing audit

Ziggourat Formation audit

It is important to have prerequisites in natural referencing before registering for this training. Ziggurat training allows you to learn the principles, methods and best practices to effectively audit a website. 

Note that the SEO audit allows you to know the state of a website and this is the first step when you want to optimize SEO.

Ziggourat Programme de ormation audit

After this training, you will be able to identify the main factors blocking SEO of a site in order to implement the most effective strategies.

The following modules will be covered: 

  • The fundamental principles of natural referencing; 
  • The methodological approach and good practices of an SEO audit;
  • The fundamentals of the SEO audit; 
  • Conducting a competitive study; 
  • Determining the search intent of Internet users; 
  • The evaluation of the SEO performance of the site via the 10/30/60 approach; 
  • Development and implementation of an SEO action plan.

The training ends with a certificate of completion preceded by an online evaluation.  

3.13. Virtual Classroom – Revitalize your SEO

Comundi redynamisez votre seo
Comundi Programme redynamisez votre seo

During this mini-training, you will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of natural referencing. Several points will be discussed among: 

  • The different levers of web marketing; 
  • natural referencing; 
  • The organic reach; 
  • Data-driven content; 
  • Big data and predictive SEO; 
  • The hat matrix: Black Hat, Gray Hat and White Hat SEO; 
  • Etc…

Comundi gives more information about its training, which you can consult via its website.

3.14. Training: Google Analytics

-to-face Like Expert is Me, Comundi offers training to enable SEOs to master this powerful Google tool. The trainers will show you how to evaluate the performance of your website through modules such as: 

  • The definition of performance indicators; 
  • Analysis of the data collected; 
  • The implementation of branding strategy: Conversion tunnels, landings pages…
  • Etc… 

In a practical way, you will be able to configure Google Analytics with filters and alerts in particular. To follow this training, you must first master the fundamentals of web marketing and SEO in particular.

3.15. Web writing and SEO

Celsa formation contunu

The university offers this training which allows you to master: 

  • The principles of web writing; 
  • natural referencing; 
  • The publication of articles; 
  • Etc…

The target audience for this training is mainly composed of journalists or professionals who wish to broaden their areas of editorial expertise. 

This is a good starting point for those who want to create search engine optimized content. 

If you are interested in this training, you can contact CELSA directly for more information. 

3.16. Google Analytics

Ziggourat formation GA
  • Visit the site: Google Analytics 
  • Organiser: Ziggourat
  • Cost: From €810 excluding VAT
  • Duration: 1 day 
  • Type of training: Face-to-face / Online 

The content of this training differs slightly from that of the two previous training courses on the Google tool. During a full day, you will cover modules such as: 

  • Fundamentals of audience analysis; 
  • Creating an account and installing Google Analytics; 
  • The monitoring and optimization of its natural referencing; 
  • Traffic measurement and optimization; 
  • Analysis of the behavior of Internet users; 
  • Optimization of return on investment with indicators, methods and tools.
Ziggourat Programme formation GA

In addition to knowing the fundamentals of natural referencing, you must have prerequisites on: 

  • Digital marketing strategies; 
  • Web marketing tools.

You will be entitled to evaluations which will result in an internship certificate as certification. 

3.17. Netlinking

Ziggourat Formation netlinking
  • Visit the site: Netlinking 
  • Organiser: Ziggourat
  • Cost: From €900 excluding tax
  • Duration: 7 hours in 1 day 
  • Type of training: Face-to-face / Online 

To follow this training, I recommend that you first master the fundamentals of natural referencing.are Backlinks one of Google’s most important ranking factors.

Ziggourat Programme ormation netlinking

Opt for this specialized training which will allow you to: 

  • Know netlinking and the role of links in SEO;
  • Optimize its SEO, in particular with an impeccable internal mesh; 
  • Define an effective link acquisition strategy: Linkbaiting, press releases; 
  • Create content that encourages the creation of links; 
  • Measure the ROI of a link building strategy; 
  • Implement strategy optimization techniques; 
  • Manage social networks to increase the reach of a netlinking strategy;
  • Etc… 

During the 7 hours, you will learn a considerable amount of information on link building. At the end, you will receive an internship certificate to certify your knowledge.

3.18. Google Analytics – Measure the performance of a site with Analytics

Data formation GA
  • Visit the site: Google Analytics
  • Organiser: Data Formation
  • Cost: From €645 excl. VAT
  • Duration: 7 hours in 1 day 
  • Type of training: Face-to-face / Online 

Training content organized by Data Formation on Google Analytics is practically the same with those that have already been described. You will know how to use this powerful tool to monitor and optimize the performance of a website.

In order to allow participants to appropriate the tool, the evaluation consists of an alternation of theoretical and practical content. In other words, you will have to deal with exercises based on case studies. 

Data Programme formation GA

Most interesting is the fact that these exams are personalized insofar as they are developed taking into account the activity of the learner.  

3.19. Social Networks and SEO

Hemisphere Web SEO

SEO and SMO are complementary in a good web marketing strategy. It is for this reason that it is relevant to follow this training which shows you how to combine these two pillars in order to have significant results. 

Hemisphere web’s experts will take care of you: 

  • Make people discover the importance of social networks today; 
  • Learn to manage social networks, especially Facebook: Define the editorial line, analyze Facebook statistics, know how to manage crises…
  • Discover WordPress: From its installation to its handling, the installation of plugins…
  • Learn how to optimize the referencing of a website: Management of web pages and blogs, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, especially with social networks…
Hemisphere Web SEO

The training is practical with assessments that are done on a daily basis. If you wish to have information on the date and price of this training, it is best to contact Hémisphère web via its website.

3.20. WordPress and SEO

Ziggourat Formation SEO pour WordPress
  • Visit the site: WordPress and SEO 
  • Organizer: Ziggurat 
  • Cost: From €900 excluding VAT
  • Duration: 14 hours over 2 days 
  • Type of training: Face-to-face / Online 

If you have a website under this CMS or wish to create one, a thorough knowledge of the WordPress environment can be a great added value. Moreover, most websites are under this CMS and it is important to master it especially if you want to offer your services.

Ziggourat Programme formation SEO pour WordPress

On the program, you will have modules such as: 

  • The basics of natural referencing; 
  • WordPress and SEO; 
  • WordPress optimization upon installation; 
  • SEO plugins: Akismet, Yarpp, WP Super Cache…
  • WordPress themes and SEO; 
  • Structuring content in WordPress.

The teaching is practical and completed by assessments followed by a certificate of completion. To register, indicate the date you want to the organizer via his website.

3.21. SEO – Successful natural referencing of your site

Aelion SEO reussir le referencement naturel

Face-to-face For this training, Aelion allows you to attend practical workshops related to the learner’s activity. Several themes divided into 4 different modules will be addressed by the experts, namely: 

  • The operation of engines and the behavior of Internet users; 
  • The study of relevance of strategic phrases: Establish the semantic field and the search for keywords; 
  • Optimization of a site’s natural referencing: Duplicate content, URL structuring, site architecture, etc.
  • Action plan to improve its positioning in Google.
Aelion Programme SEO reussir le referencement naturel

The training gives the right to a certificate of completion which is obviously preceded by an evaluation.

Here is the list of all the SEO information I found through my research. I will complete it as I find other interesting formations.

Chapter 4: What are the best resources for SEO training?

Quelles sont les meilleures ressources pour se former au SEO ?

Whichever option you choose, you now know how and where to go for SEO training. That said, a course doesn’t teach you all the nuances and facets you need to know about the field. 

Keep in mind that mastery of SEO only comes with practice and time

Indeed, each website is unique, and therefore the problems you may face can be very different in nature.

Thus, you will have to develop different strategies depending on the challenges you encounter.

Thus, not everything can be learned during training and that is why you can use other resources to:

  • Learn new strategies; 
  • Find a solution to a problem that you cannot solve on your own; 
  • Know the trends of the SEO industry in order to be one step ahead of the competition. 

The resources I am talking about include:

  • Blogs; 
  • YouTube channels; 
  • Books ; 
  • Events, conferences and fairs;
  • Facebook groups; 
  • LinkedIn groups; 
  • The forums.

I give you a complete list of the best SEO resources, both French and English, that I have been able to identify. I counted 111 of them and I believe that these supplements are likely to allow you to refine your mastery of SEO.

Quelles sont les meilleures ressources pour se former au SEO ?

Note : This is not a ranking based on strict criteria, I simply listed the resources that I thought were the best to deepen your knowledge of SEO.  

4.1. Top blogs to follow to complete your SEO training

Les blogs à suivre pour affiner vos connaissances SEO ?

Most Agencies or SEO experts have a blog where they publish:

  • The results of their various searches; 
  • The best SEO strategies; 
  • Tips and advice; 
  • Case studies and their personal experiences; 
  • Etc…

Taking note of this information allows you to have an excellent overview of everything related to SEO.

4.1.1. French blogs

Blog 1: Twaino
La partie Blog après 1000 visiteurs

The blog of my SEO agency Twaino already includes a good amount of quality articles. I deal with many subjects which are classified into four different categories namely: 

  • SEO; 
  • Marketing ;
  • Business creation; 
  • Website creation.

As you can see, my content aims to help those who want to start an online business or who have already done so and wish to optimize their visibility.

Personally, I have a preference for developing guides in order to bring all my readers to know all the strategies and tools that will allow them to launch and make their online business prosper.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, I am convinced that you will find very useful information on my blog. 

Blog 2: Abundance 
Blog abondance
  • Founder: Olivier Andrieu 
  • Blog Type: Multiple Authors
  • Alexa Rank: 159,898
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 58
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): Approx. 88,300 
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 589  
  • Visit the blog: Abundance 

I have already had the opportunity to introduce you to Olivier Andrieu, who is one of the most recognized SEO experts in the French-speaking community. The blog he created is a veritable gold mine when it comes to SEO monitoring. 

Many SEOs, including myself, will regularly update us on trends in the SEO industry. 

If you are an SEO expert, I advise you to regularly take a look at the tips and tricks of the blog. You will also be able to enjoy the superb videos created by Olivier on different SEO themes.

Blog 3: WebRank Info
Blog rankinfo
  • Founder: Olivier Duffez
  • Blog Type: Multiple Authors 
  • Alexa Rank: 59,490
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 77
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): Approx. 346,500 
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 4,074  
  • Visit the blog: Webrankinfo 

Olivier Duffez is a very reputable SEO consultant and trainer in the field of SEO. The Webrankinfo site he created in 2002 is today a reference with a considerable volume of articles. 

Personally, I often have the opportunity to browse the resources of the blog which are generally of very high quality. The articles are relevant and reveal the expertise of its founder.

This is definitely an SEO blog that beginners and SEO experts alike can turn to for valuable information and tips on various topics. 

Blog 4: Axe-net
Blog axenet
  • Founder: Sylvain Richard
  • Type of blog: Multiple authors 
  • Alexa Rank: 1,429,505
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 47
  • Estimated monthly traffic (Similarweb): ….
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 256  
  • Visit the blog: Axe-net

Axe-net goes a little further than SEO and covers almost all subjects related to digital marketing with themes relating to: 

  • Social networks; 
  • To e-commerce; 
  • Graphics and ergonomics; 
  • Etc…

SEO is nevertheless one of their main focuses and many published articles relate to it. In addition, they offer a range of content likely to suit both beginners and more experienced SEOs.

Blog 5: Laurent Bourrelly
Blog Laurent Bourrelly

Still known as the “SEO Rockstar”, Laurent Bourrely is the creator of the very famous SEO strategy: The semantic cocoon. He is also elected 3rd best SEO in France by JDN.

For this, there is no doubt that its content is of high quality and if you want to deepen your knowledge of SEO, it would be useful to take a look at it regularly. 

Also, note that he often invites SEO experts in his Podscasts and interviews. You will be entitled to tips and advice from professionals who have many years of experience.

Blog 6: Miss SEO Girl
Blog Miss SEO girl
  • Founder: Alexandra Martin
  • Type of blog: Multiple authors
  • Alexa Rank: 866,857
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 41
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 107
  • Visit her blog: Miss SEO Girl 

Alexandra Martin’s blog aims to share information on SEO and web writing with as many people as possible. His content is very relevant and I myself had the chance to publish an article on his blog.

With lots of content focused on the latest trends, The Miss SEO Girl Blog is a great blog that will keep you up to date.

Blog 7: SeoMix
Blog SEO Mix
  • Founder: Daniel Roch
  • Type of blog: Multiple authors 
  • Alexa Rank: 462,295
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 46
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 221
  • Visit his blog: SeoMix

The SeoMix blog deals almost exclusively with natural referencing on WordPress. A success that is materialized by a few figures: 

  • 6,467 subscribers; 
  • 257 publications; 
  • 32 authors; 

It is therefore a very popular blog and if you have a site on WordPress, you will have the opportunity to learn several tips and techniques to optimize it.

Blog 8: SEMrush
Blog SemRush
  • Founder: Dmitri Melnikov & Oleg Schegolev
  • Blog Type: Multiple Authors
  • Ahrefs Rank: 3,677
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 79
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): 5,600,000
  • Number of Referring Domains (Alexa): 3,341
  • Visit the blog: SEMrush 

SEMrush is actually a powerful tool used by SEO professionals. Initially, there was only the English blog, but recently the French blog was created and is a delight for novices and SEO professionals alike. 

They have already published numerous articles on SEO and digital marketing. The contents are generally long and well detailed with examples and real facts. 

If you are comfortable with the English language, I advise you to also take a look at the English blog which has many more resources. Moreover, the frequency of publication can be estimated at nearly 20 articles per month.

Blog 9: Eskimoz
Blog Eskimoz
  • Founder: Andréa Bensaid
  • Type of blog: Multiple authors
  • Rank Ahrefs: 585,634
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 43
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 169
  • Visit the blog: Eskimoz

Eskimoz is an SEO agency that I greatly appreciate , and whose blog addresses several topics related to digital marketing. The contents offered do not only concern natural referencing, but they also deal with: 

  • Paid referencing; 
  • Social media marketing. 

In any case, you will discover valuable information on this blog that will allow you to refine your mastery of SEO.

Blog 10: Arobasenet
Blog Arobasenet
  • Founder: Noel Nguessan
  • Type of blog: Multiple authors
  • Ahrefs rank: 208,367
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 48
  • Estimated monthly traffic (Similarweb): 145,200 
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 160
  • Visit the blog: Arobasenet

If you want to be kept informed of news in the SEO industry, Arobasenet is an excellent choice. 

In addition to high-quality articles on SEO, it also covers social media topics.

This is definitely a blog to put in your favorites list.

Blog 11: Ninjalinker
Blog Ninjalinker
  • Founder: David Dragesco
  • Blog Type: Multiple Authors
  • Ahrefs Rank: 1,549,731
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 34
  • Number of Referring Domains (Alexa): 23
  • Visit Blog: Ninjalinker

David’s blog features content on various topics related to natural referencing.

It sometimes discusses Black Hat SEO techniques that are prohibited by Google, but which may be of interest to you if you follow this path. In short, this blog is full of good advice and tips. 

Blog 12: Htitipi
Blog Htitipi
  • Founder: Aurélien Berrut
  • Type of blog: Unique authors
  • Ahrefs rank: 3,371,541
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 31
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 40
  • Visit the blog: Htitipi 

Aurélien Berrut is a high-level SEO Expert whose published content is detailed and treated in depth.

Even if the publications are not very regular, the articles that you will find there are of very high quality.

Blog 13: Search Foresight
Search Foresight Blog
  • Founder: Mathieu Chapon
  • Type of blog: Multiple authors
  • Rank Ahrefs: 409,099
  • Domain Authority (Ahrefs): 55
  • Number of referring domains (Ahrefs): 389
  • Visit the blog: Search Foresight 

4.1.2. English blogs to follow to deepen your knowledge in SEO 

Even if French blogs are of quality, I do not hide my small preference for English blogs insofar as they offer a considerable amount of quality content. 

If you are comfortable with the language of Shakespeare, these blogs offer invaluable resources.

Blog 1: Backlinko
Blog Backlinko
  • Founder: Brian Dean
  • Blog Type: Single Author
  • Alexa Rank: 32,224
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 62
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): Approx. 850,520
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 1,845   
  • Visit the blog: Backlinko

Brian’s blog is one of the most famous in the SEO industry. Its contents are of very high quality and for me it is a reference, with an optimal user experience.

I’m sure a lot of SEOs check out the tips, techniques, and case studies that Brian Dean posts. 

So if you want to deepen your knowledge, this is the perfect place to find an accurate and detailed resource. Be aware that the publications are quite rare, but they are all worth the detour every time, with an average length of around 3000 words. 

Blog 2: Ahrefs
Blog Ahrefs
  • Alexa Rank: 5,120
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 74
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): Approx. 4,700,000
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 1,202   
  • Visit the blog: Ahrefs

If you’ve been in the SEO business for a while, you’ve probably heard of the famous “Ahrefs” tool. This is one of my favourites. In addition, they have a blog on which they publish a lot of content based on studies they have been able to do.

The frequency of publication is around 10 publications per month! Just like Backlinko, they focus their efforts on providing quality content. 

I particularly appreciate the many studies they publish on the SEO industry. This is another invaluable resource that top SEO experts use.

Blog 3: Moz
Blog Moz
  • Founder: Rand Fishkin
  • Blog Type: Multiple Authors
  • Alexa Rank: 5,656
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 89
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): Approx. 3,100,000
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 4,690   
  • Visit the blog: Moz

This blog is one of my favorites among all types of SEO blog combined. Indeed, Moz has a huge amount of very high quality articles. 

I admit that for me, it is a blog that I appreciate enormously. In addition, the team has a high publication frequency with nearly fifteen articles per month.

Blog 4: Search Engine Watch
Blog Search Engine Watch
  • Alexa Rank: 37,561
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 79
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): Approx. 356,800
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 6,158   
  • Visit the blog: Search Engine Watch

This blog is one of the oldest in the SEO industry since it was launched in 1996. It is a source of high quality to keep you informed of news at the level of search engines. 

Note that there is a mix of press article and SEO guide. Moreover, you will find there a great quantity of information insofar as they have a frequency of publication of approximately thirty articles monthly.

Blog 5: Matthew Woodward
  • Alexa Rank: 47,878
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 52
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): Approx. 240,600
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 1,107   
  • Visit the blog: Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward launched his blog in 2012 on an experimental basis. In less than a year the site has been a huge success and includes articles dealing in depth with various subjects. He sometimes publishes about ten articles per month, which is an impressive amount of content on his blog. 

Keep in mind that Matthew isn’t totally into White Hat SEO and you’ll need to be careful about which strategies you want to replicate.

Blog 6: Search Engine Land
Blog Search Engine land
  • Founder: Danny Sullivan
  • Blog Type: Multiple Authors
  • Alexa Rank: 24,128
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 90
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): Approx. 1,400,000
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 9,336   
  • Visit the blog: Search Engine Land

In 2006, Danny Sullivan launched another blog whose name is similar to the first. This time it focuses only on SEO with a very high frequency of publication. About 4-5 articles are published per day and if you want to be aware of any trends in SEO, you can check it regularly. 

Blog 7: Search Engine Journal
Blog Search Engine journal
  • Founder: Loren Baker
  • Blog Type: Multiple Authors
  • Alexa Rank: 13,890
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 86
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): Approx. 2,000,000
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa):   
  • Visit the blog: 16,104

Search Engine Journal was founded in 2003 and is one of the most popular SEO blogs in the industry. Like Search Engine Land, they have a fairly high publication frequency with 4 to 5 articles per day.

Nevertheless, they stand out for offering very large content from time to time. If you are just starting out and want to become an SEO expert, you will have all the information you need on the blog.

Blog 8: Yoast
Blog Yoast
  • Founder: Joost de Valk
  • Blog Type: Multiple Authors
  • Alexa Rank: 8,552
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 79
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): Approx. 2,100,000
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 1,729   
  • Visit the blog: Yoast

Do you have a website on the most popular WordPress CMS? If so, you must have heard of Yoast. Yoast is currently considered the most popular SEO plugin and it is, in my opinion, a great tool! 

The company maintains a blog that focuses on SEO in general. The articles cover topics related to: 

  • SEO content; 
  • Technical SEO; 
  • At WordPress SEO. 

In addition, they regularly publish articles that are a little long and detailed enough to provide effective added value to readers.

Blog 9: HubSpot
Blog Hubspot
  • Founder: Brian Halligan & Dharmesh Shah
  • Blog Type: Multiple Authors
  • Alexa Rank: 615
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 91
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): Approx. 24,600,000
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 11,686   
  • Visit the blog: HubSpot

With more than 24 million visitors per month, HubSpot confirms its authority in the web marketing sector. The company mainly offers marketing tools, which are among the best on the market. 

The company generally uses its blog to publish its numerous studies and research. I definitely recommend adding it to your favorites list since HubSpot offers a huge range of content. 

Apart from blog posts, the team designs and offers free ebooks that allow marketers to optimize their performance. Most interestingly, HubSpot launched its blog completely in French

Although the quantity of articles is not the same as on the English blog, their quality is well worth the detour.

Blog 10: GotchSEO
Blog Gotcsh SEO
  • Founder: Nathan Gotch
  • Blog Type: Single Author
  • Alexa Rank: 60,723
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 40
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (Similarweb): Approx. 80 100
  • Number of referring domains (Alexa): 80  
  • Visit the blog: GotchSEO

Nathan is a highly regarded Expert in the world of SEO. In 2013, he founded his blog which includes many in-depth guides on various SEO topics. With a fairly low posting frequency, he always reserves exceptional content for his audience. 

It nevertheless offers original topics with superb SEO strategies to know absolutely.  

Blog 11: Buzzstream
Blog Buzzstream
  • Founder: Paul May
  • Blog Type: Multiple Authors
  • Alexa Rank: 44,854
  • Domain Authority (Moz): 56
  • Estimated Monthly Traffic (SimilarWeb): Approx. 286,500
  • Number of referring domains: 708
  • Visit the blog: Buzzstream

If you are familiar with netlinking campaigns, you probably know Buzzstream. 

The team publishes quality content on their blog mainly addressing linkbuilding and promotion campaigns. 

It therefore deserves to be followed, especially if you want to deepen your knowledge of this aspect of SEO.

And here is the list of all the blogs that I advise you to keep an eye on to refine your SEO skills.

4.2. The best books to read to train in SEO

4.2.1. The best French-speaking SEO books 

Book 1: Successful web referencing – Edition 2018-2019: SEO strategies and techniques

Author: Olivier Andrieu

Livre Reussir son referencement web

The author of this book is one of the greatest SEO specialists in the French community. He is the founder of the Abundance blog which I mentioned in the blogs section. 

This book is considered the French-speaking “SEO Bible”. Indeed, it offers all the keys to understand and master natural referencing. 

Whatever your level in SEO, this book will introduce you to everything you need to know about search engines and website optimization. Better, Olivier regularly releases new editions enriched with the latest SEO trends.

You can buy most of his books for around thirty euros. Visit his Amazon author page to find his books. Or go directly to this book:  Successful web referencing

Book 2: Web referencing techniques: SEO audit and monitoring
Livre techniques de referencement web

This book is written by two SEO experts and its content goes further than most books since you have concrete SEO techniques. 

Of course, there is a reminder of the fundamentals of SEO at the start, in order to allow neophytes to be able to understand the rest of the book calmly. Indeed, this book mainly deals with technical subjects and that is why it is particularly wise to master the basics before reading this book. 

As the title suggests, you will learn how to conduct an SEO audit and follow-up. The reader will also be able to master:   

  • Sitemap creation;
  • Site security management; 
  • SEO on app stores; 
  • Local SEO; 
  • Etc…

Find the book here: Web referencing techniques: SEO audit and monitoring

Book 3: What Google Wants… 
Livre Ce que Google veut

The authors of the book are two professionals with more than ten years of experience in SEO. This very high quality book will allow you to have an exact understanding of how Google works. 

In my opinion, this book is aimed more at an audience of beginners, insofar as it explains the fundamentals and the main techniques of SEO. 

Find the book here: What Google Wants…

Book 4: Optimize your WordPress SEO: Natural SEO (SEO)
Livre Optimiser son referencement sur wordpress

Daniel has developed his expertise in natural referencing, particularly with the WordPress CMS. He has been a consultant since 2008 and runs the SeoMix blog where he shares his knowledge.

With this book, you will discover how to optimize a WordPress site to gain visibility in the SERPs. 

Note, however, that the concepts covered are quite technical and relate to:

  • SEO plugins; 
  • Optimization of content, pages and themes;
  • Etc… As 

you will have understood, it is important to master the fundamentals of SEO before tackling this book.

Find Daniel Roch’s book here: Optimize your WordPress SEO: Natural SEO (SEO)

Book 5: Use your blog well: Creation, visibility, influence and performance
Livre Bien utiliser son blog

To guarantee their success, most businesses in line should animate a blog with the aim of increasing their visibility and their authorities. 

It is therefore essential to know the good practices in order to use this weapon which can be formidable when it is well used. Keep in mind that the book goes beyond SEO and covers digital marketing as a whole. 

Stéphane Briot and Laurent Bourrelly transmit to you through this book, all the secrets to build a successful blog.

The book is here: Using your blog well: Creation, visibility, influence and performance

Book 6: Writing well for the Web: Content strategy to improve your SEO
Livre Bien rediger pour le web

If you are already familiar with natural referencing, you know that the content is one of its most important pillars. It is therefore crucial to understand and master content creation from an SEO point of view. 

This book gives you all the keys you need to achieve this. The author has more than twenty years of experience in the web and masters his subject perfectly.

His book is aimed in particular at web content managers, as well as SEOs and marketing managers. 

Find the book here: Writing well for the Web: Content strategy to improve SEO

4.2.2. The best books in English on SEO 

Book 1: The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization 
Livre the art of SEO

This is one of the essentials of the SEO industry. Whether you’re an SEO beginner or a seasoned expert, The Art of SEO is a great book to get started or to take stock of your SEO skills.

You will have the opportunity to go through: 

  • The basics of search engines: Their history, how they evaluate content…
  • SEO strategies: The stages of implementation, planning, keyword research, content marketing; 
  • Social networks and their role in SEO; 
  • Engine algorithm updates; 
  • Etc…

For months, it is clearly one of the best in-depth educational books on natural referencing. 

You can find the book here: The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization

Book 2: SEO for Dummies
Livre SEO for dummies

SEO for Dummies is a solid book that covers the most relevant SEO topics. The author presents the site as a whole, as well as web pages and codes.

To my knowledge, the last edition dates from 2016 and is therefore a bit outdated. 

Other than that, this is a great book for people who want to learn SEO at a beginner or intermediate level.

Find it here: SEO for Dummies (SEO for Dummies)

Book 3: SEO 2018: Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies
Livre SEO 2019 Learn Search Engine with smart internet strategies

With this very famous book, you will understand: How 

  • Google works; 
  • SEO techniques that don’t work; 
  • Keyword research; 
  • Link building; 
  • Local SEO; 
  • Social networks and their role in SEO;
  • Website analysis and SEO problem troubleshooting; 
  • Etc…

This guide is definitely complete for anyone who wants to get started in SEO.

Book link here: SEO 2018: Learn Search Engine Optimization With Smart Internet Marketing Strategies

Book 4: Marketing in the Age of Google

Author: Vanessa Fox

Livre Marketing in the age of google

With a simple and clear approach, Vanessa Fox takes us through 10 chapters, in which she shares her SEO and above all marketing knowledge with us.

The book is here: Marketing in the Age of Google

Book 5: Ultimate Guide to Link Building 

Eric Ward is a pioneer, you could say he is the one of the first to lay the foundations of modern link building. As one of the great SEO experts, it makes sense that he writes a book full of good advice.

In this book, Ward details his processes for finding effective links. The following notions are also covered: 

  • Analysis of linking opportunities for your niche; 
  • How to manually qualify link leads; 
  • Effective link acquisition strategies;
  • The design of a netlinking campaign from scratch;
  • Etc…

Book: Ultimate Guide to Link Building

Book 6: Content Machine: Use Content Marketing to Build a 7-Figure Business With Zero Advertising
Livre Content machine

If you want to get started with content marketing, I think this book is the choice perfect.

Dan gives you all the keys to: 

  • Get noticed with your content; 
  • Establish a relationship with your audience; 
  • Build your authority using content marketing; 
  • Etc…

You will have a full definition and understanding of high quality content. If you want to get into the intricacies of content marketing, buy this book.

Book: Use Content Marketing to Build a 7-Figure Business With Zero Advertising

Book 7: The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users
Livre the art of social media

Guy Kawasaki is one of the most influential social media marketers .

His book covers almost every aspect from social platforms to blogging. You will have practical tips to increase your audience on social platforms.

To master how to optimize your presence on social networks in order to increase the SEO performance of your site, do not hesitate to read and dissect this book. 

Book: The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users

That’s it, I’m done with this almost exhaustive list of the best books that can help you perfect your SEO learning. That said, please contact me if you find that I have overlooked any books that deserve their place in this list. 

4.3. The best SEO events and conferences you can attend 

Each year, several events and conferences are organized for SEO professionals to meet and share their knowledge. 

These are unique opportunities to learn directly from the best experts in the industry as well as to develop a solid network, especially if you want to evolve in the sector over the long term.

4.3.1. The best SEO events in France

Event 1: SEO Camp
Evenements SEO Camp

It is one of the largest SEO associations in France, which organizes several events and meetings in France and abroad. 

Among the missions of this association, we find the promotion and defense of the interests of SEM or Search Engine Marketing. In this context, several meetings are organized in particular: 

  • The SEO Campus : An annual event held in Paris; 
  • The SEO Camp Day : Unlike the SEO Campus, these are several events organized all over France; 
  • Apéro, Barcamp…: These are informal events organized by the association.

Apart from these meetings, SEO Camp is a partner of other events such as: 

  • SMX; 
  • TeknSEO; 
  • Etc…

I invite you to consult the calendar of the association which gives all the past and future events in the world of webmarketing. Once on the site, you can take the opportunity to make your membership in order to take advantage of the privileges reserved for those who become members.  

Event 2: SMX France
Evenement SMX Paris

SMX is an event which has been organized in Paris since 2010 and which is dedicated to an audience with advanced skills. 

In fact, if you wish to participate in such an event, you must be: 

  • An Expert or Professional in SEO, SEA or SMO; 
  • A marketing director; 
  • A webmaster or website administrators.

This event is definitely high level, especially since for the 2019 edition, Googler John Mueller will be present. 

Visit their website to get an overview of the steering committee and register if you wish.

Event 3: We Love SEO
Evenement We love SEO

As the name suggests, this is an event devoted exclusively to SEO which takes place every year in Paris. We Love SEO brings together French and international SEO specialists who discuss the latest SEO techniques and themes.

The event is organized by OneCrawl and Myposeo which are references in the field of SEO in France. 

Visit the WeLoveSEO website for precise information on the next dates and prices.

Event 4: WebIsland
Evenement Webisland

In partnership with SEO Camp, WebIsland offers a great opportunity to discuss various topics, namely: 

  • SEO; 
  • Social media; 
  • Online advertisements; 
  • Etc… 

The objective of this webmarketing conference is to allow spectators to obtain tips that they can apply at the end of the conference.

Event 5: NextLevel
Evenement next level

Event NextLevel is both a competition and an SEO event. If you wish, you can participate in the competition with the aim of winning the grand prize. 

However, be aware that the rules of the game are sometimes strict and you must follow them to avoid being disqualified. Typically, a keyword is provided for competitors to try to rank for. 

At the end of a deadline, the SEO who occupies the best place in the Google ranking wins the prize. 

The event features several quality sponsors such as: 

  • SemRush; 
  • Quantum SEO; 
  • Etc…

Regularly take a look at the website so as not to miss the next event.

Event 6: MobileOne
Evenement Mobile one

MobileOne is one of the biggest events dedicated to mobile marketing and mobile applications. It is held in Paris over a period of two days and has several experts as speakers.

Major brands are sponsors of this conference, which shows the quality of the content you will get when you go there. These include: 

  • Snapchat; 
  • Amazon Alexa; 
  • Microsoft; 
  • Etc…

Consult the website for more information on the programs and the cost of this event.

Event 7: WordPress France
Evenement WPFR

The Francophone WordPress community organizes events every year: WordCamps. It’s sort of the SEO Camp association, but this time for WordPress. 

If you have a perfect command of this CMS, I think you will be able to optimize the performance of your SEO strategies. For this reason, you can attend WordCamps especially since it will be a very good opportunity to insert yourself into the sphere of the WordPress community. 

Event 8: NDDCAMP
Evenement NDDCamp

The NDDCamp is an event that brings together all those interested in domain names, especially webmasters. By attending this meeting, you will learn about good practices, opportunities and threats related to domain names. 

NDDCamp partners include SEO Camp and Wix.

Event 9: LENGOW Day
Evenement Lengow day

In Paris, this major European e-commerce event dedicated to marketplaces is held. This is an opportunity to get in touch with the biggest e-commerce platforms such as; 

  • Amazon;
  • eBay;  
  • Ali Baba ;
  • Etc…
Event 10: E-marketing Paris
Evenement emarketing paris

This is one of the biggest marketing fairs in Paris. Indeed, the 2019 edition brought together 16,130 visitors and 285 exhibitors. 

This is a great opportunity to get an overview of marketing in general. 

Event 11: Les Sommets du Digital
Evement les sommets du digital

Les Sommets du Digital offers three days in the Alps in the middle of winter. If you feel like shaking up your work setting, this is a great option. As you can imagine, you won’t just be talking about SEO. 

In fact, it is the ideal setting to meet the decision-makers and influencers of the Digital universe.

Event 12: Salon des Entrepreneurs
Evenement salon des entrepreneurs

The Salon des Entrepreneurs is about 11,000 spectators and 500 experts mobilized. This is one of the biggest gatherings, which is why it’s on my list. 

You will also have the opportunity to meet people from other spheres of activity than SEO.

4.3.2. The best English SEO events 

Event 1: SMX: Search Marketing Expo
  • Visit the site: SMX
Evenement SMX

Search Marketing Expo or SMX, is considered one of the best conferences on SEO. The event is organized by Third Door Media, the company that manages the Search Engine Land site. 

SMX is programmed by the best Search Marketing professionals and many very big brands attend: 

You will be entitled to SEO and SEM sessions rich in tactics and new techniques. 

Event 2: Engage Conference
Evenement Engage

Engage is a two-day webmarketing conference. You will have the opportunity to have multiple sessions designed to provide insight into the latest strategies and technological advances in web marketing. This therefore takes into account: 

  • SEO;
  • Social networks ; 
  • content marketing; 
  • UX / design; 
  • Online advertisements; 
  • Etc…

With Engage, learn the secrets of Google, and this, with SEO experts. 

Event 3: Searchlove Conference by Distilled
Evenement Distilled

Improve your skills over two days with web marketing experts. Participants will have the opportunity to learn: 

  • How to generate better quality traffic to their site; 
  • Page conversion strategies;
  • Practical advice on the latest advances in search engines; 
  • Etc…

Note that this conference is ideal for: 

  • Marketing professionals; 
  • SEO agencies; 
  • Marketing managers; 
  • Business owners; 
  • Etc…

The level of the conferences is rather advanced and it would be rather misguided to participate in them if you are a beginner. 

Event 4: MozCon 2020
Evenement Moz

MozCon is known for its dynamic and advanced content with the brightest minds in:

  • SEO; 
  • Local SEO;
  • Mobile; 
  • Social networks; 
  • social marketing; 
  • Conversion optimization; 
  • Etc…

You will come into contact with an incredible community of experts and discover the best SEO strategies to optimize your visibility on the web. 

Event 5: Advanced Search Summit
Evenement Advanced Search Summit

Looking for an event that offers advanced SEO/SEM tactics? Industry experts will share their latest successes and tactics to let you know the most effective techniques and strategies. 

You will spend a lot of time connecting with other professionals since the networking opportunities here are unparalleled. 

Event 6: Brighton SEO
Evenement Brighton SEO

Brighton SEO is a space for meetings and training between professionals from the world of SEO. The event takes place twice a year with real search marketing experts.

Now that I have completed the various events, I will now introduce you to the best Youtube SEO channels.

4.4. The best YouTube SEO channels to follow! 

If you are not a big fan of textual content, you can opt for YouTube channels which allow you to have almost the same information thanks to videos.

4.4.1. The best YouTube SEO channels in the French-speaking 

world Channel 1: Twaino 
Chaine Youtube Twaino

Like my blog, which includes a fairly large amount of content, I have already published nearly a hundred videos on my SEO agency’s YouTube channel. I approach SEO but also other themes such as: 

  • Digital marketing; 
  • Business creation; 
  • Website creation; 
  • Graphics, especially with Adobe Illustrator software.
Chaine Youtube Twaino Accueil

On my Youtube channel, I really tried to present you step by step the launch of an online business, taking the example of my agency Twaino.

In addition, I try to publish regularly, with a rate of 2 to 3 videos per week.

Chaine Youtube Twaino Videos

Even if you are a novice and want to know the world of SEO, I bring you simple but precise explanations that will undoubtedly be of great help to you.

Channel 2: Abundance
Chaine Youtube Abondance

If you have read the chapter on SEO blogs to follow, you already know Olivier who is considered one of the best French SEOs. Like his blog, his YouTube channel is a gold mine with hyper qualitative publications. 

If you prefer video content to textual content, this is definitely a great channel option to add to your favorites ASAP.

Channel 3: SEO CAMP: The association of SEO
Chaine Youtube SEO Camp

The chain of the largest French SEO association is one of the best places if you want to capitalize on the experiences of digital marketing experts. And yes, the interventions go beyond natural referencing and concern web marketing in general.

Many experts speak at the various SEOCamp conferences and the videos can be aimed at novices as well as professionals.

You will find interesting publications more or less old with an average duration of about 30 minutes. So you will get a considerable amount of information by going to this channel.

Channel 4: Webrankinfo
Chaine Youtube Webranking info

If you are familiar with SEO, you certainly know Oliver’s site which is a benchmark in the SEO industry. Although his channel is not regularly updated, you will find valuable videos on different themes. 

The oldest video was published more than 7 years ago and it is likely to be the oldest channel on my French YouTube channel list.

Channel 5: Alexandre Poulet SEO
Chaine Youtube Alexandre Poulet

On his YouTube channel, Alexandre shares his knowledge on various topics related to natural referencing. His first videos date back more than 2 years and he addresses fairly technical topics such as: 

  • How to analyze and optimize an internal link; 
  • PBN SEO: Do not put the cart before the horse; 
  • Etc…

Take a tour to discover strategies and valuable advice to improve your SEO knowledge.  

Channel 6: Thomas Cubel
Chaine Youtube Thomas Cubel

‘s channel is aimed more at an informed public. In fact, he mainly publishes Podcasts made with other experts. 

These include, for example:

  • Laurent Bourrelly; 
  • Olivier Andrieu; 
  • Virginie Follet; 
  • Etc…

The topics covered during these podcasts are often deepened and are ideal for an SEO professional. If you master the basics of SEO and want to have more advanced notions in SEO, follow Thomas’s channel. 

Channel 7: Brioude Internet: SEO/SEA Agency
Chaine Youtube Brioude internet

Most of the videos on the Brioude agency channel are webinars. The contents are long and last on average about forty minutes. 

You have at your disposal a huge amount of information on various SEO topics as well as paid search engine marketing (SEA).

Channel 8: SemRush France
Chaine Youtube SemRush

If you are looking for a YouTube channel with lots of quality content, SemRush France is one of the best options. Since its creation, there has been a large amount of videos of several types, namely: 

  • “Face to face” with SEO experts;
  • Podcasts with several SEO specialists at once; 
  • The experts speak: Where professionals who have participated in the SEO Camp answer specific questions;
  • How-to videos on various topics related to digital marketing; 
  • Etc…

This is a real resource of quality information that I recommend you follow. However, note that there is also the English channel of SEMRush which contains much more video content. To consult absolutely!

Channel 9: Frédéric Plisson
Chaine Youtube Frederic Plisson

‘s channel does not only address SEO, nor only digital marketing. It also discusses: 

  • Crypto-currencies; 
  • real estate;
  • The trip ; 
  • Good plans ; 
  • Etc…

If I recommend his channel to you, it is mainly because of his “Live”. For example, there is one of his “Lives” whose purpose was to show live how to perform a website audit. 

The idea is that viewers offer him a website and then he does the audit live and also responds to the various concerns. 

His pedagogical approach is very interesting, so add him to your list of channels to follow. 

By the way, my YouTube channel was mentioned in one of his videos: Top SEO Channels

4.4.2. The best English-language YouTube channels

Channel 1: Backlinko
Chaine Youtube Backlinko

If you’ve read the section on SEO blogs to follow, you already know that this is one of the best in its class. His channel is also a reference in this ranking and focuses particularly on SEO. 

You’ll be treated to how-to videos on SEO strategies specific to search engine optimization. 

To help companies gain visibility in search engines and gain visibility, Brian discusses several types of tactics including: 

  • Netlinking or link building; 
  • Content marketing. 

Also, there is an emphasis on White Hat SEO practices, so you won’t have to worry about possible penalties from Google. In addition, Brian gives in his content: 

  • Concrete examples drawn from real facts; 
  • Study results; 
  • Practical tips; 
  • Etc…
Channel 2: Search Engine Journal
Chaine Youtube SEJ

This is one of the richest channels for quality video when it comes to SEO. Additionally, Search Engine Journal videos have an average length of about fifty minutes. 

If you are comfortable with the English language, you will discover many experts in the world of SEO. In fact, most of the videos are interviews and podcasts where several SEO specialists speak on very relevant topics.

Channel 3: Moz HQ
Chaine Youtube Moz

If the last video on the channel wasn’t seven months old by today’s date, I would have put it in first place. Moz is one of the SEO ambassadors who have made it their mission to popularize SEO to as many people 

. In addition to their blog, which is a very good resource for beginners in SEO, the channel contains a large quantity of quality videos. . You will have: 

  • Practical cases and study results;
  • Strategies and tips; 
  • What works and doesn’t work in SEO; 
  • Etc.

Note that Moz has a whole team of brilliant SEOs who aren’t shy about using the camera and are always putting out innovative videos.  

For this reason, they have over 60.1k subscribers and are therefore among the top 5 most popular channels on my list.

Channel 4: Google Webmaster Help
Chaine Youtube Google Webmaster

There are plenty of Google-sponsored YouTube channels, but this is one every SEO professional should keep an eye out for. This channel is best known for the videos featured by Matt Cutts and John Mueller in which they answer questions from the Google Webmaster Support Forum. 

Channel 5: Neil Patel
Chaine Youtube Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a very famous specialist in the webmarketing sector. He is the co-founder; 

  • From Crazy Egg; 
  • From Hello Bar; 
  • From Kissmetrics.

He also owns Ubersuggest, a free SEO tool that offers an invaluable amount of information. 

His YouTube channel deals with many subjects including: 

  • SEO; 
  • Email marketing; 
  • Marketing on Instagram; 
  • The creation of online business; 
  • Etc…

Neil has a fairly heavy video library that he continues to add to. Take a look, you will be delighted like its more than 400,000 subscribers. 

Channel: 6: HubSpot 
Chaine Youtube Hubspot

HubSpot gives your business the tools it needs to grow. The firm is a reference in the marketing sector and as SEO is part of it, you will come across qualitative content on this subject.

When it comes to content, there is no equal in terms of quality or quantity. I definitely advise you to check it out to get a global marketing perspective. 

Channel 7: Ahrefs
Chaine Youtube Ahrefs TV

It’s almost impossible to talk about SEO without mentioning Ahrefs. Like their blog, which is one of the first in the SEO sector, Ahrefs is also a reference on YouTube.

Although a lot of their content revolves around their tool, which I consider to be the best in SEO, they offer plenty of tips and strategies. Ahrefs has succeeded in federating a community of more than 70,000 subscribers. 

Whether you are a novice or an expert, I recommend adding this channel to your list. 

Channel 8: Eric Enge
Chaine Youtube Eric Enge

He is a well-known SEO expert in the English-speaking SEO community. Eric makes great videos with quality guests discussing relevant topics. Interventions can sometimes be quite technical and without knowledge of the fundamentals, you will sometimes find it difficult to assimilate the information.

Channel 9: Nathan Gotch
Chaine Youtube Gotch

I already had the opportunity to talk about Nathan’s blog in the chapter on blogs to follow. He is an excellent professional in the field and I recommend that you check his channel regularly.

In fact, you will be able to discover tips and strategies explained using: 

  • Real facts; 
  • Studies; 
  • Industry data; 
  • Etc…

With almost 9.16k subscribers and a regular post, I think you have a good channel to watch.

Channel 10: Gary Vaynerchuk
Chaine Youtube Gary Vee

Gary is considered one of the most passionate people in marketing and SEO. It therefore does not only address topics related to SEO and covers marketing on a much broader scope.

You will certainly learn a considerable amount of things from these videos about our industry. Also expect to know a lot of things that you don’t even expect.  

His channel is the one with the most subscribers in my list with more than 2 million people! 

Here is an almost exhaustive list of the channels that I find the most interesting to follow to complete your SEO training. If you think it is missing, please contact me.

4.5. The best Facebook SEO groups on natural referencing 

Facebook groups are great opportunities to learn from members of the SEO community. You can ask all kinds of questions and get answers from different people who usually have more experience than you.

This is a space that greatly promotes exchanges and can also be considered as a lever to make yourself known as professionals. 

That said, it should be noted that almost all groups prohibit self-promotion or spamming. In other words, the groups I give you now should not be abused if you do not want to be banned by the administrators. 

So I’m starting with the groups in the francophone community.

4.5.1. French-speaking SEO Facebook groups

Group 1: SEO France
Page Facebook SEO France

Whether you are a novice or an expert, SEO France is a space where you can intervene freely to request information or to make contributions. 

The group makes it possible to discuss both White Hat, Gray and Black Hat SEO practices. 

Group 2: Francophone Community on SEO
Page Facebook Communaute francaise sur le SEO

This group is one of the first Facebook groups in France on SEO. Its creator built it with the aim of creating links and partnerships between SEO professionals. 

Note that additions are by invitation only and you are required to go through the Administrator to join the group.

Group 3: SEO – Backlinks – Guest Articles
Page Facebook SEO Backlinks

This group is dedicated to backlink opportunities through: 

  • Partnership proposals SEO; 
  • guest blogging;
  • Etc…

The rules are quite strict and I recommend that you read them before intervening in the group.  

Group 4: SEO Backlink France
Page Facebook SEO FRANCE
  • Join group: SEO Backlink France
  • Date created: November 30, 2017
  • Created by: “Jaune Jaune”
  • Number of Members: 2,118

This is another group in which you are likely to have backlink opportunities.

On the other hand, there is not much information on the group and you will have to approach the administrator to find out how the group works. I mention it in my list in particular because of the number of members which seems important.

Group 5: SEO support. Netlinking. #auxioma
Page Facebook Entraide SEO

As its name suggests, this is a group dedicated exclusively to professional SEO support. You can use it to receive help or to provide solutions to those in need. 

However, please note that this is not a link marketing group.

Group 6: SEO Ultimate Let’s grow your traffic together
Page Facebook SEO Ultimate
  • the group: Let
  • Ultimate
  • Join ‘s
  • grow

SEOand traffic acquisition for the Francophone community. The rules applied are quite strict and it would be wise to know them before asking to join the group.

4.5.2. The best English-speaking Facebook SEO groups

Group 1: NicheHacks Private Mastermind Group
Page Facebook Niche Hacks

53,338 The NicheHacks group does not only address SEO, various topics usually its processed. I mention it because of the commitment of its community since the group is very active.

If you have problems in SEO or if you want to make yourself known in the sphere, make your membership.

Like the other groups, the rules are very strict and it would be useful to know the conditions so as not to face a sudden banishment.

Group 2: SEO Generation Network
Page Facebook Global SEO network
  • Join the group: SEO Generation Network
  • Date of creation: July 28, 2007
  • Created by: Jerry Okorie
  • Number of Members: 30,323

The objective of this group is to allow SEO professionals and marketers to deepen their knowledge. The members are very active and the interventions are very instructive.

Group 3: Local Client Takeover
Page Facebook local client takeover

This group is one of the best on this list with a very active community and committed administrators. In addition to discussions, members of the group are entitled to videos that allow them to learn tactics to generate traffic effectively and lots of tips on other topics.

Better, there are contests which are sometimes organized and which allow participants to win prizes.

Group 4: Lion Zeal Mastermind
Page Facebook Lion Zeal
  • Join the group: Lion Zeal Mastermind
  • Creation date: January 20, 2014
  • Created by: Daryl Rosser
  • Number of Members: 21,068

This group is very open to different topics and allows discussions concerning Black Hat SEO practices. So you can talk about techniques that don’t follow Google’s guidelines without being judged by White Hat SEO advocates. 

To keep the group active, there are regular interviews with SEO experts. The community is also very active and you will have no trouble integrating.

Group 5: White Hat SEO
Page Facebook White hat SEO
  • Join the group: White Hat SEO
  • Creation date: February 29, 2016
  • Created by: Stoyanov
  • Number of Members: 29,139

Nikolayusers to solve their problems”. Because of this, he ended up creating his own band himself.

The group’s focus hasn’t changed, but it’s important to note that it’s all about White Hat SEO strategies. In other words, most members are active advocates of practices in this category of SEO.

I think you already know what to do to not get banned from the group.

Group 6: The Proper SEO Group
Page Facebook The proper SEO
  • Join the group: The Proper SEO Group
  • Creation date: September 4, 2014
  • Created by: Charles Floate  
  • Number of

You are free to talk about all types of strategy in this Facebook group. The group is very active and the administrators regularly hold contests with prizes to be won and lots of other interesting activities.

4.6. The best LinkedIn SEO groups 

If you are more present on LinkedIn than on Facebook, this list of groups is ideal for being part of a community.

4.6.1. The best French-speaking LinkedIn SEO groups 

Group 1: SEO Camp – L’Association de la Communauté du Référencement
Page Linkedin SEO Camp
  • Join the group: SEO Camp
  • Number of members: 2,920

If you are in the SEO sphere, you are probably familiar with this association that I have already mentioned several times. 

It is the largest association of SEOs in France, which allows you to rub shoulders with SEO experts from the French community. 

Group 2: SEO France
Page Linkedin SEO France

This is a group that I created whose objective is to facilitate exchanges on natural referencing. You can also use this channel to make you particular with quality interventions or find solutions to your problems. 

You are welcome in this group which is still very young compared to the others on this list. 

Group 3: Content Marketing 
Page Linkedin Marketing par contenu

Content marketing cannot be separated from SEO and for this reason, it is useful to be part of a community that discusses the subject. Keep in mind that this group is exclusively for content marketing! 

If you want to set up a content marketing strategy and you have difficulties, join the group, the other members will help you find the right solution.

Group 4: Brand Content / Branded Content
Page Linkedin Brand content

Like the previous group, this one is oriented in content marketing and more specifically in Brand content.

To brand your brand, create certain types of content that are most appropriate to: 

  • Promote and communicate; 
  • Sell ​​and build loyalty.

Want to know more ? Join the group for tips and advice.

Group 5: Agence Media France
Page Linkedin Agence media france

This community can help you with everything related to web marketing. Moreover, you are not just limited to exchanges, you also have job opportunities. 

Group 6: Webmarketing France –SEO – SEM
Page LinkedinWebmarketing France

Aymen’s group addresses many topics related to webmarketing. These include, for example: 

  • SEO; 
  • SEM; 
  • Membership; 
  • Competitive intelligence; 
  • Community marketing; 
  • Sponsored links; 
  • Etc…

You are free to intervene on SEO or any other subject related to web marketing. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that the rules of the group are respected so as not to be banned.

Group 7: Social Media Club France
Page Linkedin Social media

Social networks and search engines are complementary. When you master how these two pillars work, you will be able to perform very well on the web. 

The objective of the group is to allow the exchange between professionals, which allows you to have very interesting tips and advice.

4.6.2. The best Anglophone LinkedIn SEO groups

Group 1: SEO for WordPress 
Page Linkedin SEO for WordPress

Markus’ group will give you access to many tips and advice relating to SEO for websites on the most used CMS on the planet. 

Discussions revolve around SEO optimization with WordPress and the rules boil down to this sentence: Do not spam!

Group 2: Social Media & SEO – Digital marketing community
Page Linkedin Social Media

SEO and social networks are the two main topics covered by this group. That said, the other aspects of web marketing are also covered, which allows you to have plenty of tips and advice on the different aspects of web marketing. 

Group 3: SEO Tips and Digital Marketing Updates
Page Linkedin SEO Tips and digital

Malick’s group is primarily dedicated to SEO. It allows SEO professionals to discuss tips and news in the world of SEO. 

This is a great place to get strategies to start implementing SEO into your marketing efforts. Having a thorough understanding of SEO will definitely make your marketing more effective. 

This group is a great place to start if you’re new to the world of SEO and digital marketing.

Group 4: Digital Marketing
Page Linkedin Digital marketing

With over a million members, Digital Marketing is inevitably a great resource. Join this group and find relevant conversations with industry professionals on various topics including:

  • Social Media Marketing;
  • SEO; 
  • Email marketing; 
  • Online advertisements;
  • Metrics and Web Analytics; 
  • Etc…
Group 5: B2B Content Marketing
Page Linkedin B2B content marketing

This group is for B2B content marketing professionals only. If you are involved in creating content to educate your customers, this group is for you.

There are some pretty popular content marketers in this group and you can expect some valuable insights!

Group 6: Content Marketing Institute
Page Linkedin Content marketing institut

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is a trusted source for many content marketers, and their LinkedIn group does not none the less. 

This group is the perfect place to have respected content marketing professionals answer all your questions. Although the group is run by CMI, and promotional content and events are published, it primarily acts as a forum for marketers looking to: 

  • Improve the quality of their content; 
  • Know how to effectively promote their content;
  • Learn how to analyze their content marketing programs; 
  • Etc…

This group is a great place for both content marketing beginners and those who want to improve.

Group 7: SEO Expert
Page Linkedin SEO Expert

The purpose of this group is to help SEO experts and marketing professionals to: “drive businesses to success through to decent and affordable SEO services”. 

4.7. The best SEO forums to complete your SEO training 

Les meilleurs forums SEO

Despite the popularity of social networks, forums remain very active in most topics. Here is a list of platforms that address topics related to natural referencing.

4.7.1. The Best French SEO Forums 

Forum 1: Google Webmaster Help Community
Forum Google webmaster

It’s no surprise that this forum is first on our list. Google Webmaster Help Community is owned by Google and generates hundreds of discussions per month.

In this forum, you can ask questions and discuss anything related to Google products and services, including SEO.

From the main page, you can jump directly into some categories such as: 

  • Crawl, Indexing and Ranking; 
  • Security, malware and hacked sites; 
  • Structured data; 
  • SearchConsole. 

Also, you can just type your problem in the search bar or go to all posts and do a more advanced query. This will save you time if there are already answers to your questions.

If you want to share your knowledge, you can join their product expert program.

The forum is in multiple languages ​​and is the best resource I can recommend. 

Forum 2: WebRankInfo
Forum Webranking info

I think you already recognize this site that I am mentioning for the third time. This is, in my opinion, the largest French forum that discusses SEO. The community is very active with new discussions every day.

Forum 3: ScriptSEO
Forum Script SEO

Some believe that ScriptSEO is the best French SEO forum. That said, since my list is not necessarily a ranking based on strict criteria, I put it in third place given the statistics. 

However, ScriptSEO is an excellent forum to consult regularly since it is active and its topics are well categorized, which allows you to quickly find yourself.

Forum 4: Webmaster Hub
Forum Webmaster Hub

As its name suggests, webmaster is not exclusively dedicated to SEO. Several types of subjects are covered, but everything revolves around digital. The subjects range from the most technical aspects such as the languages ​​of the net to theoretical concepts such as copyright.

If you can’t find a discussion to post in, you can create one.

Forum 5: RankSEO
Forum Rank SEO
  • Founder: Jimmy Jarry
  • Visit the forum: RankSEO
  • Discussions: 2,712 
  • Messages: 
  • Members: 650

A little less lively than the previous four, RankSEO is nevertheless a forum that has its share of discussions and messages. 

If you have any concerns or would like to participate in discussions about SEO, feel free to drop by. 

4.7.2. The best English SEO forums 

Forum 1: Warrior forum
Forum warrior forum

Warrior Forum is one of the largest marketing community forums. It presents many different categories that relate to web marketing. 

You can register for this forum for free using your email address or your Google account. It is also possible to become a Premium War Room member for only $8.08/month. 

This option allows you to have:

  • Access to digital marketing courses;
  • Access to Internet marketing tools.

When you choose a topic, you are taken to the most recent discussions by default. 

The SEO section, meanwhile, covers a lot of topics. But like any forum, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions if you cannot find discussions that have already dealt with them.  

Forum 2: V7N webmaster Forum
Forum V7N

This is a community that covers many topics ranging from web development to marketing. The page to which the link to the site sends you is called “SEO forum”. 

This is a subcategory of forum marketing and as you can see there are already hundreds of discussion pages. 

You can join this forum for free and once registered, create a new thread or participate in existing discussions on SEO. 

Forum 3: Wicked Fire
Forum Wicked Fire
  • Visit Forum: Wicked Fire 
  • Threads: 147,337 
  • Posts: 2,113,616
  • Members: 215,160 

Wicked Fire is one of the best forums for marketing and SEO!

It is created for: 

  • Internet marketers; 
  • Webmasters; 
  • Developers.

You will find discussions related to SEO, but it does not have a specific category and you may tend to get lost in the threads.

Note that the site has a commercial space where you have to be careful when making financial transactions.

Forum 4: Digital Point
Forum Digital point
  • Visit Forum: Digital Point
  • Threads: 2,339,373 
  • Posts: 17,569,935
  • Members: 853,036

This is one of the largest forums in the list with over 800,000 members and 2 million talks. Signing up is free, but you will only be able to use a Facebook account to do so.

Unlike Wicked Fire, the Digital Point forum puts search engines at the top of the list. You can easily choose from subcategories such as: 

  • Google; 
  • Yahoo; 
  • Bing; 
  • Directories; 
  • Other search engines.

Moreover, they even have subcategories for Google like: 

  • Adsense; 
  • Analytics; 
  • Etc…

This way you can easily jump into specific topics that are important to your project. 

Forum 5: The SEO section of Reddit
Forum Reddit SEO

You are probably already familiar with Reddit with its discussion threads called sub-reddits. The “r/SEO” is one of those discussion threads that is exclusively devoted to SEO. 

This SEO section has over 109,000 members who discuss SEO-related topics. Once registered, you can create a post or contribute to existing discussions. 

Forum 6: Quora
Forum Quora SEO

People come to Quora to ask questions and to share their knowledge. Quora is actually one of the largest Q&A sites with over 200 million monthly visitors.

You can join Quora using your email, Google or Facebook account. Once registered, you can choose your interests and start asking or answering questions.

By typing a query in the search bar, you will be able to find specific threads.

If there are any unanswered questions, you can try to answer them or relaunch the topic with the same question, but with a new thread. 

The discussions are not exclusively in English, you will find discussions in French. This allows you to benefit from the knowledge of the French-speaking community on the website.

Forum 7: Yahoo Questions/Answers
Forum Yahoo SEO

Like Quora, Yahoo Questions/Answers is a platform used by millions of users. You can use the French section or go to the English one if the subject you are looking for is not covered there.

But not being exclusively reserved for SEO, the threads of this category are few and not very active.

Conclusion: SEO is crucial for your marketing 

Occupying the top positions in search engines is absolutely essential to allow Internet users to find you.

So I agree with the 61% of marketers who believe that optimizing a website’s search engine presence should be the top priority

In fact, 93% of online experiences begin with search engines, which implies that 9 out of 10 people go through them before taking any action on the web.  

In this case, there is no doubt that the implementation of adequate strategies to optimize your visibility on these pillars of the web is the best option in terms of marketing. 

For this, you have the choice of using professionals or simply training yourself in SEO in order to apply the concepts you have learned. From my point of view, the second option is the most effective and I had the opportunity to give you the 8 reasons why it is relevant to train in SEO. 

That said, I do not advise you to limit yourself only to the knowledge that the training will have allowed you to acquire. Indeed, SEO is a very dynamic sector and it is essential to continually improve in order to refine your strategies and follow the trend of search engines. 

In addition, not everything can be learned in training and you may have to face SEO problems that you will not be able to solve on your own. It is for this reason that I have selected the best resources that will allow you to: 

  • Deepen your knowledge;
  • To learn new strategies; 
  • To be part of a community and to interact with professionals who have more experience than you; 
  • Etc…

I hope my guide will be of great use to you and don’t forget to contact if you think I can add interesting resources.

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