Serveur web

Web Server

A web server is a software or hardware program that stores, processes and distributes web files (pages, text, images, etc.) to users as soon as they make a request. Before

Soft 404

Soft 404

Soft 404 is an error that occurs when the web page searched by an Internet user is deleted or not found, but for which the server, failing to indicate to

Search engine

Search engine

Commonly called in the English language Search enginea search engine is a tool that allows you to obtain useful information online through the use of keywords and search terms. All

seo image

SEO Image

Image SEO refers to all the methods of search engine optimization, but which concern exclusively image files. The idea is to improve the visibility and ranking of a content by

Donnees structurees1

Structured Data Tags

The Structured Data also known as Rich Snippet or Schema Markup, is often referred to as the “language of search engines”. It is an authoritative vocabulary that allows search engines



Siri is an assistance software that performs tasks under voice instruction. It is available only on Apple devices such as iPhones, Ipads, Macs, etc. Its services are very diversified and

SEO Off page


Still called ” SEO off-site“ or “off-page SEO “ in French, the “SEO off-page “ represents all the efforts and techniques deployed outside a website to optimize its positioning in


SEO international

International SEO refers to all optimization practices aimed at generating traffic for a website from foreign countries. It can include traditional SEO techniques followed by some adjustments to improve the

scrap (1)


In the field of SEO, the term Scraping refers to a strategy employed by SEOs or digital marketers to collect and use content or data from other websites. Web scraping

SILO (1)


The Silo concept refers to SEO a form of organization of content that consists of grouping the pages of a website by theme. The idea is to form blocks of

sidebar (1)


A sidebar is a vertical column placed to the right or left of the main content area of a web page. It is responsible for collecting secondary information from the



Spamco refers to any form of unwanted or irrelevant comment placed on a blog with the sole purpose of providing a link to the author’s site. This type of comment

scooter (1)


Scooter is the name of Alta Vista’s crawler, the world’s first search engine that allowed people to search the Internet in natural language. This means that Scooter was the best


Spam Report

Literally, the expression “spam report” means spam report. It refers to the fact that a person reports to Google those who do not respect the good practices of SEO. That