How to go from 3,000 to 4,000 monthly visitors ( case study)

I am still progressing thanks to you… thank you Alexandre MAROTEL

This moving and very encouraging message is actually a comment that Céline Saez posted after she read my article on the technique of overbidding :

Commentaire encourageant et emouvant sur LinkedIn a l adresse de twaino

Such messages/comments, I have received several and I consider them as the best encouragement that make me want to continue with Twaino even more.

Other factors that also confirm the effectiveness of my efforts are the performance of my website.

I have had the opportunity to show you twice the results I have achieved with This time, I will continue this series of articles that allow me to share my strategies and the results I get

The goal doesn’t change Show you that with a good SEO strategy, you can get traction on the web. This is not an impossible ambition to achieve since I started from scratch.

However, as I tend to say It’s simple, but it’s not easy ?

Chapter 1. The numbers with at 8 months of launch

I mentioned it in my previous article on how to go from 1,000 to 2,000 visitorsbut I’ll mention it again as a reminder


  • I launched my website in April 2019 ;
  • I do not buy links and I do not use any Black Hat SEO techniques
  • I do not currently do SEA or paid advertising
  • I am in a hyper-competitive sector that is SEO.

To be precise, I created my website on March 25, 2019 and took about a 1 month period to get the website up and running. So, I am currently just under 9 months into my website creation

But technically, I consider that things really started a little less than 8 months ago now, as I spent almost a month creating the site and the branding for Twaino.

As usual, I’m currently proposing to show you the performance of my website through

1.1. what is my performance with Google Analytics after 8 months?

For this article, I find it interesting to show you the evolution of my traffic since I got my first 1,000 visitors. Don’t worry, it will be quite short ?

1.1.1. History of traffic evolution

I passed the 1,000 visitors mark on September 21, 2019, that is 5 months after the launch of my website

Twaino nombre de visiteurs en septembre 2019

To be precise, I had 1,002 visitors coming to my website each month as of the date listed.

On October 21, 2019, exactly 1 month, I passed the 2,000 monthly visitor mark with 2,019 monthly visitors.

Twaino nombre de visiteurs en octobre 2019

I find this number quite ironic for two reasons

  • The period is exactly 1 month (9/21 to 10/21);
  • The number of visitors corresponds exactly to the current year (2019).

This is anecdotal, but it’s only now that I realized the second point ?

Anyway, let’s continue!

This time, it took me a little less than a month to reach 3,000 monthly visitors

To be more precise, it was November 18, 2019 with a figure of 3,064 visitors :

Twaino nombre de visiteurs en novembre 2019

This time, it took me much less time to get another 1,000 monthly visitors. On the past December 11, 2019, I had 4,024 visitors visiting my website monthly.

Twaino nombre de visiteurs en decembre 2019

The first notice is that it took me much less time to get another thousand visitors

From 21 of the month, I went to 18 and now to 11, with finally a reduction of 10 days. This shows without a doubt that the growth of my website is accelerating.

However, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that I could have passed the 4,000 mark before the 11th

You will notice that there was a small dip:

Twaino nombre de visiteurs en decembre 2019 bis

Indeed, my website is a little less visited on weekends than on weekdays:

Il n y a pas trop d affluence sur twaino dans les weekends


Il n y a pas trop d affluence sur twaino dans les weekends bis

This can be explained by the fact that I address to professionals who are likely to rest on weekends

But it must be admitted that this drop was a little more important than the others

That’s probably because the holiday season is just around the corner. The weekends are the ideal time to buy gifts and make the necessary purchases to bid farewell to the current year.

In short, a drop in traffic on weekends that I have had the opportunity to notice on many occasions for my site

1.1.2. How do visitors arrive on my website?

Search engines are my main source of traffic

Les sources de trafic de twaino

Over the period of one month, search engines generate 74.5% of all traffic to my website, which is very significant.

But the most interesting is the proportion of direct traffic which is now 16.7%

Whereas it was 12.2% when my website was going to 2,000 monthly visitors:

Les sources de trafic de twaino en octobre 2019

This means that more and more people know my website and do not hesitate to go directly to it without necessarily going through the search engines.

The two other types of traffic, social and referral, have also increased slightly

It should be noted that I am quite active on LinkedIn, which we will see in the next sections.

1.1.3. Where are the visitors of my website located?

My visitors come from all over the world

Localisation geographique des visiteurs de twaino

There has been some evolution compared to October:

Locoalisation geographique des visiteurs de twaino en octobre 2019

Nevertheless, France remains the country that allows me to have the most traffic and the most surprising is the United States which occupies the second place

Les pays des visiteurs de twaino

Without any pretension, it’s nice to know that more and more Internet users from different countries are interested in the contents I publish on my website.

1.1.4. What is the behavior of the visitors on my website?

My main objective, which is to create an audience, has not changed yet.

As I already had to mention, I have not yet put in place strategies for

  • Reducing the bounce rate
  • The implementation of a conversion strategy

Over a period of 3 months, you can see in the following image the slightly upward trend in

  • The number of page views
  • The number of unique views

And a stagnation

  • Of the Bounce Rate
  • Percentage of exits
  • Average time spent on the page.
Vue d ensemble du comportement des utilisateurs de twaino

Indeed, you will notice that the bounce rate and the time spent on the pages vary considerably from one page to another:

Statistiques sur les performances des pages qui attirent le plus de trafic sur twaino

There are clearly several aspects that I still need to work on.

In addition to the home pagethe word counter and the Blog are the most visited pages on my website.

Still for the last three months, you can see that the popular pages where users spend the most time are

Let’s try to see which page holds the record in terms of time:

Classement des pages selon le temps passe par les utilisateurs

The article on google’s ranking criteria seems to have 24 minutes 23 seconds, which is the highest

But it would be biased to consider it since there is only one person who viewed the page

It would be reasonable to consider the page with the video on creating and synchronizing Google Search Console

It was viewed by 9 visitors with an average of 15 minutes 42 seconds for the last three months.

Also, note that Twaino now has traffic over a longer period. becomes active from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. :

A quel moment les utilisateurs visitent ils votre site

1.1.4. What electronic media do my visitors use?

This statistic has not changed from one period to the next, and the computer remains the most used electronic medium for accessing Twaino:

L ordinateur reste le support le plus utilise pour acceder a twaino

Smartphones are also not outdone as 1 in 4 people use them to access my website.

Now let’s move on to the analysis of the numbers on Google Search Console.

1.2. my numbers with Google Search Console

Les performances de twaino avec GSC ont evolue

Not surprisingly, Search Console and Google Analytics show almost the same trends regarding the statistics of my website

1.2.1. Overview of my performance on Google Search Console

We can clearly see an improvement if we compare the information over 3 months and over 6 months

  • The total number of clicks which has doubled
  • The total number of impressions which is not far from the double
  • The CTR click rate which has increased by 0.3%;
  • Average position which improved from 31.6 to 26.
Les performances de twaino avec GSC en octobre

“Twaino” remains the most used term in search engines to find my website:

Les requetes les plus utilisees dans les moteurs de recherche pour acceder a twaino

Thus, most people who access my website via search engines use my website name directly.

From a branding point of view, this is an excellent sign that Twaino is becoming more and more known.

Furthermore, the pages that received the most clicks in the search engines are

Les pages ayant connues le plus de clics sur twaino

The other parameters such as countries or devices are not much different from those of Google Analytics. So I will spare you the repetitions.

1.2.2. Technical performance of Twaino

There are no errors on my website regarding the Coverage :

Pas d erreur de couverture sur twaino

That said, Google’s experimental page load speed feature tells me that there are 15 URLs on my website that are slow

Les améliorations a effectuer sur twaino

I will be taking steps to address these issues that have been detected. I also have a problem with AMP to solve that I will take care of quickly.

Everything seems to be working fine in terms of site security and I have not received any manual action:

Twaino n a pas d action manuelle

As far as external links are concerned, Search Console tells me that I have 719 backlinks and the destination pages are as follows

Nombre de backlinks sur twaino

It should be noted that my site was subject to a NSEO attack that I described in my guide on negative SEO. You should know that a good part of the links were disavowed and it would be difficult to give an accurate figure on the number of real backlinks that my website holds.

1.3. my results with Google My Business

My performance in Google My Business is still shy since I have only 5 more reviews since the last time

Avis des clients de twaino sur Google my business

For the moment, I have only 5 stars and I hope to continue on the same path:

Avis des clients de twaino sur Google My Business bis

The reviews are very encouraging as you can see.

1.4. How do I perform in the SERPs?

The playground of SEO is nothing else than the SERPs and it would be unwise not to show you the results I got there.

My article on creating a sales funnel was in the featured snippet until a few weeks ago

Article de twaino dans le featured snippet

But I noticed that Google no longer shows featured snippet for this query:

Plus de featured snippet pour la requete funnel de vente

That said, my content is now in the first position, which is already a good compromise in terms of performance

It is almost the only query for which I occupy the first position in the SERPs, as shown by Moz :

Analyse de mots-cles sur lesquels se positionne twaino avec Moz

In total, my website ranks for 53 keywords according to Moz pro :

Twaino se positionne sur 53 mots-cles selon Moz

And here is their distribution:

Distribution des mots-cles de twaino

In total, my website ranks in the top 10 positions for 10 different keywords.

Another interesting detail is that there is an improvement compared to the past performances:

L'autorite de twaino a evolue selon Moz

I was ranking for 42 keywords and I was in the top 10 results for only 5 keywords

Moreover, you will notice that the authority of my home page has evolved, it is now 13 instead of 9.

Moreover, the domain authority has increased to 16, what a relief because I was afraid that the NSEO attack would have a strong impact on the authority of my site!

Chapter 2: What strategy did I use to go from 0 to 4,000 visitors?

2.1. My strategy remains the same

If you wanted to discover a new strategy I use to grow my site’s visibility, I’m sorry to disappoint you. My strategy has not changed since I went from 0 à 1 000from 1 000 à 2 000from 2000 to 3000, etc…

If you look at these two articles, you will know exactly what process I used to get these numbers. So nothing new under the sun.

My strategy is still based on the same three pillars

Until then, I don’t use advertising campaigns and I don’t have any conversion objectives in place. I’ll spare you the red tape on this level as well by inviting you to read or reread my article that explains why How to go from 1,000 to 2,000 visitors?

Nevertheless, you can see the statistics of Google Analytics :

Pas de campagne publicitaire sur twaino


Pas d objectif de conversion sur twaino

There is absolutely no campaign or conversion goal for the moment ?

Before ending this article, I propose you to see some feedback on LinkedIn.

2.2. Fascinating feedback on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, my publications have more and more visibility. The one that holds the record in terms of views is this one

As I write this article, the number of views is 62,034 with 186 comments and 896 reactions.

(I can’t see the number of views for this post) you’re going to have to do the capture at your level.

It is important to note that this post, as well as many others, have generated some very nice exchanges like this one with Geneviève Demarseille Capon :

Echanges par rapport a mes publications sur LinkedIn

This is just one of dozens of very interesting exchanges that encourage me to always continue my posts.

Here is another post that is much more about creating illustrations

This post already has over 10,000 views, 77 comments and 278 reactions, which is a small achievement in itself.

To finish this section, here is a selection of 10 very motivating comments that only increase my efforts to offer better content on all my channels

  1. Retours sur LinkedIn 1
  2. Retours sur LinkedIn 2
  3. Retours sur LinkedIn 3

4.Retours sur LinkedIn 4

5.Retours sur LinkedIn 5

  1. Retours sur LinkedIn 6

7.Retours sur LinkedIn 7

8.Retours sur LinkedIn 8

9.Retours sur LinkedIn 9

10.Retours sur LinkedIn 10

Conclusion. SEO a very important lever for web marketing

This quote from William A. Feather is the basis of all the actions I lead with my agency Twaino

Indeed, my goal is to help as many people as possible to succeed in a world where digital has become a must for any business

It is in this logic that I started this series of articles to present you my strategies and the results I get. I am convinced that if you put into practice all the elements that I give through my contents, you will get results too.

I have applied them personally in a rather competitive sector (where there are only search engine experts ?) and I manage to get results. So in my opinion, there is no reason why you should not perform well in your field as well.

If you have difficulties and if you wish to be accompanied, do not hesitate to contact me via the contact page of this site or on LinkedInwhere I follow you very regularly.

See you soon!

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