Title tag

Title tag

A meta title tag is a short phrase placed in the HTML header to indicate to users and search engines the title of a page. Since it is the first

organic traffic

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic represents all users who visit your website from a non-paid organic search result. 53% of a website’s traffic comes from organic search results with a total of more

paying traffic

Paid Traffic

As its name indicates, paid traffic is the set of visits obtained in return for the payment of a cost. This means investing money in paid advertising sites and platforms

social traffic

Social Traffic

Social traffic is defined as all visitors who arrive on a website through social networking platforms. These are users who click on posts they are interested in on a social

technical SEO

Technical SEO

TechnicalSEO is theprocess of making sure that a website meets the technical requirements for search engines.It covers all the technical aspects that influence the presence and position of your website



The word traffic in SEO refers to all visitors who consult a website. There are several types of traffic that are : Direct, Organic, Paid, Referral, Social, Mail. To track

trafic potential

Potential Traffic

Potential traffic can be defined as the potential amount of organic visits that a page or website can receive from the search engine results pages (SERPs), according to its niche

trafic referral

Referral Traffic

The referral traffic represents all the visitors who arrive on your website through a page or another website. It is essentially users who click on a link found on a

mail traffic

Mail traffic

traffic in digital marketing represents all the users that come from your email marketing campaigns. These are simply people who clicked on your site’s link from an email you sent

Trafic direct

Direct traffic

Direct traffic is traditionally defined as all visitors who manually enter the URL of a website or who click on a link added to bookmarks to access a site. But

thin content

Thin Content

In the field of SEO, thin content is considered as content of a web page that does not meet the needs of users or does not provide any value. We


Term frequency*Inverse document frequency (TF*IDF)

TF*IDF or Term frequency*Inverse document frequency is a ranking factor that Google uses to analyze the content of websites. Translated into French as “Term frequency and inverse document frequency”, this


Top Heavy

The term ”Top heavy” refers to the update of the layout algorithm adopted by Google. It was primarily aimed at penalizing the ranking of sites that displayed a lot of



Tagging can be defined as the action of tagging or marking something. To be clearer, it is a practice that consists in labeling or marking with freely chosen keywords the

Trust flow

Trust Flow & Trust Flow Topical

Trust Flow is a score ranging from 0 to 100 that is used to measure how trustworthy a page or website is from the pages that link to it. Initial