How to go from 1,000 to 2,000 visitors in 1 month ? (Case study with Twaino)

I don’t think there is any quality more essential to success than perseverance.

This thought of David Rockefeller illustrates well the journey of the entrepreneur, and in particular that of my SEO Agency Twaino that I launched about 6 months ago

Indeed, I had the opportunity to present my results 1 month and 5 months after the effective start of my website. Only 30 days later, I’m back to show you my statistics since I went from 1 000 to 2 000 monthly visitors.

De 1000 a 2000 visiteurs GA

Far from considering these results as a finality, or as a great success, I rather consider them as the “quivering” of a nascent activity on the web.

So, I’m continuing on the same path by showing you, in all transparency, the performances I obtain with Twaino

Les meilleurs forums SEO

So, you will see in this article the results I managed to achieve only through SEO, as well as the strategies I used to get there

With that, let’s get started!

Chapter 1: Statistics obtained 6 months after the launch of

As a reminder:

  • I don’t do blackhat, so I don’t buy links
  • I don’t do paid advertising (SEA)
  • My site is in a hyper competitive sector, namely SEO

The website of my SEO Agency Twaino was launched about 6 months ago.

To be sure about the date, you can use BulkSEOTool

Entrer URL site web BULK

Just enter the domain name and click on “Submit”. This free tool allows you to check the age of 500 domains simultaneously!

For my domain, the creation date is March 25, 2019 with currently 7 months of age :

Age de mon site web

Considering I took about 1 month to build the design and make the necessary adjustments, I can validly say that my site was actually launched about 6 months ago.

As in the previous article, I will now present the results I currently have with the following three tools:

You will also have the performance of my content in search engines.

1.1. my current figures with Google Analytics

1.1.1. Traffic overview

After the 1,002 monthly visitors on September 21, 2019, I ironically passed the 2,000 monthly visitors mark on October 21, 2019. That is exactly 1 month later:

Nombre de visiteurs 1014

Nombre de visiteurs 2019

To be more precise, I had 2,019 monthly visitors as you can see on the previous image.

Figures that are changing since at the time of writing this article, we are 25 October and I count 2 093 monthly visitors:

Moreover, my website is currently experiencing an average of 90 active users per day:

Nombre utilisateur actif

It is important to note that there is generally a decrease in the number of users on weekends since my sector of activity is B2B

Therefore, my audience is composed of professionals who are likely not to work on weekends and therefore visit my Twaino agency site less.

You will see in the following 3 screenshots that Saturdays are the days when I have the least number of visitors:




Regarding the time slots where my audience is most active, Google Analytics allows me to have the following statistics:

Heures et jours de visites de mon site

Thus, my website is most active on Monday 8 am and 7 pm. This is an interesting statistic because it will allow me to adjust the timing of my publications in the future.

So, when we take a step back, we can say (without pretension) that my Twaino website has had an interesting traction over the last 6 months

1.1.2 The source of my traffic

The main source of my traffic has not changed, it is mainly from search engines.

The dark blue represents the proportion of organic traffic which is much more important than the others

  • Direct traffic ;
  • Traffic from social networks
  • Referral sites
  • Etc..

Here is an overview of the last 90 days:

Traction de mon site Twaino sur 90 jours

Les canaux de trafic sur 90 jours

To be more precise, Google estimates that 82.9% of my traffic comes from search engines:

Le trafic organique est majeur dans la visibilite de mon site

The second most important source of traffic for my website is Direct with 16.1%.

This shows that there is a significant number of people whovisit my website using my website URL directly without necessarily going through the search engines

Then, there is the traffic from social networks which comes mainly from LinkedIn with a proportion of 4.1%. Indeed, I am more and more active on this platform since it is really relevant for my activity

There is also the “referral traffic” that comes from some guest articles that I had the opportunity to publish on different blogs. It should be noted that I have not yet really focused on netlinking campaigns and I must have about 5 guest articles published

Regarding the geographical location of my audience, France is obviously the first country:

Synthese geographique

More precisely :

Les pays qui visitent le plus mon site

These numbers show that my Twaino agency’s content is likely to be of interest, even abroad. France represents 43.97% of my traffic source.

1.1.3. The behavior of visitors to my site

First of all, it is important to note that my main goal at the moment is to build my audience, and to get more organic traffic

For this reason, I have not yet taken the time to work carefully to improve

  • The bounce rate
  • Conversion.

As for the number of Page Views and Unique Views, they follow the same logic of growth as my traffic

Vue ensemble pages vues

The average time spent on the page, as well as the bounce rate and exits are quite random depending on the pages

Certains articles sont consultes longtemps

These are aspects on which I will take the time to implement adequate strategies, which I will be sure to tell you about.

Having said that, it is important to note that the statistics regarding the average time spent on my pages are encouraging

As you can see, my record is 22 minutes 24 seconds

Inrelation to my most popular pages, there is my article on how to create a website model on which visitors spend an average of 7 minutes 51 seconds.

Les articles qui attirent le plus de trafic

The one after that is my article on SEO key figures and then sales funnel on which visitors spend about 6 minutes.

On the other hand, some pages have quite low visit times, so I will have to improve them if I want to get (or not) better results for some queries.

As for my bounce rate , it’s still high for the moment and it will be a subject to deal with in the future

Un taux de rebond a ameliorer

So what about my conversion rate? I’ll come back to that in the next sections of this article

1.1.3. The electronic medium most used by my visitors

As I mentioned, my audience is composed of professionals. Therefore, I will have more visitors using their computer than their cell phone.

Synthese GA

I am now done with my Google Analytics data, let’s move on to Google Search Console.

1.2. my current statistics with Google Search Console

Obviously, the statistics of both Google tools follow the same trends.

1.2.1. Traffic overview

The performance of my website over a period of 3 months is quite encouraging:

Nombre total de clic en constante amelioration

Indeed, 1 month after reaching 1,000 visitors, my number of clicks and impressions have almost tripled:

1000 visiteurs GSC

Vs Des impressions qui augmentent

While my click-through rate has not improved much, the average position of my website has improved slightly.

Amelioration de la position moyenne

As far as the queries that get my website to appear in the search results and be clicked on are concerned, the top 3 are

  • Twaino
  • Sales Funnel
  • Google My Business.

Les mots cles importants

So, the query with my agency’s name is the first traffic generator coming from Google, which is quite interesting from a “Branding” point of view.

As for the pages that allow me to have the most traffic in search engines, there are as top 3

Les pages qui recoivent le plus de trafic

For appearance in search results, unenriched AMP results are in the majority compared to videos and web light results :

Apparence dans les resultats de recherche

Country and device data are similar to those found on Google Analytics

1.2.2. Data concerning the technical part of Twaino

Regarding the technical SEO aspect of my website, the Search Console allows me to know the state of my website.

For the moment, I have no error in the Coverage:

Couverture aucun probleme

My sitemap has been submitted correctly

Sitemap envoye correctement

Apart from some small improvements to be made, I have no major action to take

Action manuelle aucun probleme detecte

Also, no alerts concerning security problems have been sent to me

Probleme de securite aucun probleme detecte

1.3. The results at the level of Google My Business

At the level of Google My Business, the data did not show a huge evolution since only one customer review was added to the previous 8

Recevoir des avis positif sur Google Maps

Let’s now take a look at my performance in the SERPs.

1.4. My performance in the search results

As you would expect, my content is starting to show good results in the SERPs

When I use a tool such as Moz, my website ranks for 42 keywords including

  • 1 keyword in the top 3
  • 4 keywords between position 4 and 10.

Top position MOZ

This means that I currently have 5 keywords that allow me to be displayed in the top 10 of Google

Top ranking keyword MOZ

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